Alana Ch. 02

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“My little girl likes that, being on display,” Denis asked as soon as they got back to the car. He tossed the package containing the enema gear into the back of the convertible as Alana looked down at the ground. Her heart was beating fast and the blush was just starting to fade from her chest.

“Cross your wrists and then put your hands in back of your head.”

“Please, Denis, not here in the street. Let’s get in the car first. Then you can put up the top and we can do whatever you want.” Alana hoped that she would be finger fucked to a shuttering orgasm once they were in the privacy of the car.

“Do it, right now!” Denis ordered. “Or I’ll turn your around and spank you, bent over the bonnet of the car, with your skirt up, so that everyone can see your naked bum and the butt plug stuck in your big sexy ass.”

That thought was too, too terrifying. So a defeated Alana did what her lover asked. Quickly, Denis grasped her wrists, held behind her head, with his left hand. At the same time he pressed his right hand against the V at the tops of her thighs, rubbing her bare pussy though the thin fabric of her skirt.

“Your pussy is wet, you fat little slut. You arouse so easily, my horny little girl. I can feel you right though your skirt.”

Then Denis took a step forward, close enough to kiss Alana on the lips. His first kisses were gentle. Then he was more insistent. She opened her mouth to receive him, to receive his probing tongue, and to feel him bite her lips as he kissed her in the street, pressing her against the car. All the while he continued to rub her wet cunt though her skirt.

(Afterwards, when she saw the stain on the front of her skirt, she hoped it would dry before the reached the sheep farm.) Finally, Denis broke off the kiss. His lover was sopping wet, as aroused as she had ever been in her young life. So far, this had been one heck of a morning.

After the kiss, they got settled in the car, but Denis didn’t start the engine.

“I think you’re very warm right now, and your chest still has a pretty blush to it,” Denis said with a smile. “It’s going to be a very warm day, and I think you’ll be more comfortable if your remove your bra.”

Alana was a very busty girl, and the bra in question was a 40-D. “It’s not going to be THAT warm,” she replied, wary of where this conversation was headed.

“Do I have to squeeze your nipples to get you to cooperate? Or put the clips on your nipples again this evening? Perhaps we should pass on the enema – and settle for another session of even more pain breast discipline.”

Her nipples were still a bit sore from the workout with the clips, and she did so want to experience an enema from her new lover. But Alana was hesitant. She was so busty. At times she felt that people were talking to her tits, not to her, that she didn’t exist as a person. But in a way, the idea was exciting, being on display, having a boyfriend who wanted to show her, to show her big firm tits, to the world.

“Please, Denis. Put up the top and I’ll slip off my bra.” She was starting to feel very horny just then. But she didn’t want him, in spite of everything that had happened, to think she was too easy.

“Please, Denis,” she whined.

“Do it now, with the top down. I’m sure you know how to do it without even have to take off your blouse. I want you to do it, and you know you will, to make me happy. And if your keep this up, I’ll put the clips on your nipples right now, as soon as you strip off the bra, and make your wear them all day, as punishment for your disobedience.”

Alana didn’t think she could bear it – the clips on her nipples AND the butt plug up her ass. And she did know how to take off her bra without removing her blouse. With the front clasp bra she was wearing it was even easier.

“Yes, Sir,” said as the busty young submissive, as she unbuttoned her blouse and reached her hand in to slide the strap off one shoulder.

When she was done undressing, it was a relief to be free of her bra. The air was cool, and the soft fabric of her blouse caressed her sensitive nipples.

“You feel better now, don’t you?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And kaçak iddaa no more arguments?”

“Yes, Sir.”

Each time Alana said it, “yes, Sir,” she felt she was losing just a little bit more of her free will. At the same time, it was a relief to give herself over to her older lover.

Soon they arrived at the sheep farm. Alana had seen it all before, but Denis was fascinated by the rural life.

“I’m a city kid at heart,” he told her. “I spent a summer working with a farmers’ co-op when I was a grad. student, but that was years ago.”

They took the tour, saw sheep sheared, and visited the petting zoo with its baby lambs. Most of the time Denis managed to stay behind her, copping a feel when no one was looking, and touching her ass whenever the mood suited him. She liked the attention, but felt a little guilty that she was enjoying acting the willing slut.

“They’re so cute,” Alana told him as she bent over to play with one of the frisky babies.

Denis smacked her on the butt, driving the plug another half inch deeper into her rectum. “We’ll have one of their friends for lunch in 20 minutes,” was Denis’s only response.

Afterwards, it was back in the car for the drive back to the city. Denis drove faster than usual, and Alana could guess his reason.

“Kneel on the seat,” he told her, “and open your legs a little.”

In an instant his hand was between her legs, feeling the softness of her thigh, and then he was playing with her pussy, caressing her hairy labia, and then as her juices started to flow, alternating teasing her clit and fucking her with two fingers. Every time she seemed about to cum, he would pause for a minute or two, for Alana to regain her composure. Each time, he would make her lick his fingers, slick with the juice from her cunt.

(For some reason, Alana hated that, almost as much as she hated the taste of cum. It was something he would have to work on as part of her training when she visited him in the U.S. in a few months, learning to enjoying her own taste, but more important, whether she liked it or not, learning to swallow.)

By the time they reached the hotel, Alana was dripping wet, her juices running down her thighs. Quickly Denis collected the Pumpkin Man’s package from the boot of the car, and they raced to their hotel room.

Once inside the room, Denis kissed her passionately, squeezing her big tit with one hand, holding her ass, kneading her substantial butt with the other.

“Take off all your clothes, my pretty. I need to see you naked. Then we’ll fill the pumpkin and you’ll have your first true enema.”

‘Oh, my G-d, this is really, finally going to happen.’ Alana was consumed with fear of the unknown, but at the same time, crazy with desire.

Quickly Alana undressed and knelt on the bed, the butt plug lodged firmly in her ass. She loved to be in that position when she masturbated, her head down, ass high in the air, pretending she was getting fucked in the ass, or receiving an enema.

“Now, my horny little girl, what do you want me to do to you?”

“Please, Denis darling, take out the plug, and then give me my enema.”

“What were the words you just said?” he teased.

“Please, Sir? Can I have my enema?” She had known Denis for almost five years on the Internet, had confided her deepest secret, the desire for an enema, and it was finally going to happen. “Please, Denis, I’ve waited so long for this moment.”

And so the humiliation began.

Denis tapped on the butt plug, sending shivers through Alana’s rectum. She hoped it would come out easily.

“Relax and press back. Pretend you’re taking a shit.”

G-d, she felt so dirty, hearing that word, but she did what he said, and Denis pried the plug from her anus. It wasn’t clean so he put it on a tissue on the table next to the bed.

“And how much water do you think you can take? The pumpkin holds just over two liters.”

Was two liters a lot? Alana really didn’t have any idea. But she hoped she would be able to take that much now, hoped he wouldn’t make her hold it too long.

Then Denis told her she would be punished severely if she lost control. kaçak bahis Her rectum had been stretched by the butt plug and with the plug removed, it felt totally open. The though of dirtying herself was too embarrassing. No, she wouldn’t do that.

To reinforce her sense of embarrassment, Denis continued, “First get the bed ready. One large towel to lie on, and one small one in case you leak.” Denis hoped she wouldn’t need it. He didn’t want her dirtying the linen, didn’t want to make her do laundry all evening after they had finished.

“Now take the enema bag and bring it into the bathroom.”

Denis had place the package on a low table next in the sitting room, and Alana had to walk to it naked, and bend over, to get the equipment. In that position he could clearly see her pussy and her empty asshole. She moved slowly, as if she was in a trance.

He told her how much solution to mix, two and a half liters. She was a big girl. He was sure, given patience and perseverance; she could take the entire two and a half liters the large orange pumpkin-shaped bag would hold.

“Please, Sir, you said only one and a half or two …”

Truthfully, Denis really didn’t remember what he had said. And since it was her first time, anything more than a liter would be painful.

“Two liters, then, and be quick about it.”

She mixed the basic solution of warm water and Castile soap in the sink, and filled the enema bag – slowly – glass by glass.

They took the bag back to the bedroom, and Denis hung it on the back of a chair next to the bed. Just high enough for gravity to provide a slow steady flow.

“Now get on the bed, I think you know the position.”

Yes, Alana had never received enemas before, but from years of reading enema stories at, she did know the position, on her left side, her right leg up to her chest. In that position her vagina and rectum were both totally accessible.

Denis stood by the side of the bed, looking at her hairy pussy, looking at the way the position opened her up so that her labia and clitoris were just visible. When she came to visit him in the U.S. in a few months, the first thing he would have to do was get her to start shaving her cunt.

“Is my Alana starting to get wet, thinking what it will be like when I put the tube up your ass? Is she hoping that I’ll play with her pussy while I slowly fill her up?”

How did he know? How did he guess Alana wanted him to touch, to arouse her, as she took the warm soapy relaxing solution?

He first put a dab of KY on her anus, then a slight pressure in. Nice. His finger was smaller than the butt plug, but it went in as far. The enema tip was much larger, and Alana knew it would go in much deeper than either. With the tapered shape, she hoped she wouldn’t leak. G-d, right now she really did crave the tube up her ass.

Then he lubricated the entire length of the enema tip. Slowly, every so slowly, he pressed it against into her rectum. He didn’t rush it, didn’t just shove it up her ass. Instead, he made her take the entire length – teasing her as he did it – fucking her ass – the pleasurable in and out with the tube.

Alana squirmed a little, not from pain, but because she liked the feel of the thick enema tube up her ass.

“You’ve done well,” he told her. “Some little girls kick and cry and have to get a beating before they take a tube this size up their ass. But you take it willingly, more then willingly, I believe.”

That was the nicest thing he had said to her today.

He gave her a moment to rest, and then slowly opened the clamp. Alana wasn’t ready for the first surge, and he sensed it, slowed the flow. That was better, she would show him, that she would take it all. Maybe.

Alana could feel the liquid, could feel the pressure building inside of her, could almost see her stomach expanding. Then, he must have been psychic. He stopped the flow of liquid, then reached over and began to slowly rub her expanding stomach.

“Don’t want you to get a cramp and have to start all over.”

“Thank you … Sir.”

Then he smiled and kissed her on the lips. That was nice. Even illegal bahis nicer when he first caressed, and then leaned down to kiss the nipple of her right breast. A quick flick of his tongue and Alana felt her sensitive nipple begin to stiffen.

The sensations were confusing. Alana could feel the churning begin in her stomach and at the same time she could feel the beginning of sexual arousal. Her arousal increased when he reached between her legs, first to caress the soft skin of her upper thigh, and then his hand went between her legs. She opened to give him access and his knowing finger began to gently caress her clitoris.


He let Alana enjoy the sensation. Then he opened the clamp and she felt the sudden surge of water. At one point the pressure was coming too fast.

“Please, Sir, a little slower, Sir, so that I can take it all.” ‘Good girl,’ Denis thought to himself.

He tightened the clamp, slowed the flow to a slight trickle and continued to play with her very wet pussy.

Now it was starting to hurt. The pressure in her gut and the incessant churning. And finally, then, near the end, when she had taken almost the entire two liters, she said in a very soft voice, little girl voice.

“Please, Sir. Please let me have a minute to rest. Then I think I can take it all.”

He stopped the flow but kept the tube firmly lodged in her rectum. The churning didn’t stop – and he continued to tease her clitoris – maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. Finally he opened the clamp, and Alana could feel the last flow of water into her.

Alana was very full and knew she wouldn’t last long. But he kept the tube firmly in her rectum.

“Please, Sir, can I go to the bathroom?”


“Please, Sir?”

“Not yet.”

The churning wouldn’t stop, but the water wouldn’t come out with the tube still inside of her. And to add to her discomfort, he began to tease her clit again.


“Stop whining. You need to learn self-control.”

Alana was afraid that if she had an orgasm right now, she would lose control and dirty herself.

“I can’t hold it, Sir, please.”

“Two minutes more. “

“Oh, Lord, dear G-d, please. Please let me go to the bathroom now. I’ll suck your cock and swallow your cum, or you can fuck me in the ass as long and as hard as you want, but please, let me go to the bathroom now.”

“I already told you, two minutes more.” And then to make it worse, to prolong her torment, he slowly pushed two fingers into her wet pussy and began to slowly finger fuck her.

And then the two minutes were over and he helped her up, helped her up off the bed with the tube still in her rectum. Alana clinched her bottom as tightly as she could and he slowly walked her to the bathroom. He had the small towel against her behind, but warned her it had better still be clean when they got there.

Then the most humiliating part.

“Please, Sir, quickly Sir.”

“Patience, Alana. Toilet training is all about learning patience. Learning self control.”

So he took the tube out of her rectum, replaced it with his finger tip. He made her squat over the toilet seat, but wouldn’t let her sit.

In that awkward position he first kissed her on the lips, and then changed position so that he could put his other hand between her legs again to tease her.

It only took a few seconds, the churning in her stomach, his finger moving in and out of her tight wet cunt, and she started to climax.

“Please, dear G-d, don’t torture me like this. Please, I’ll do anything, but don’t make me lose control …”

Quickly he helped lower her onto the seat. Quickly he removed his finger.

The first gush of water! A loud “Ah!” Then more and more water. Alana sat there, knees clamped together, his hand still between her legs, still rubbing against her clitoris, still tormenting her. There was no sense trying to stop the flow, Alana already knew she couldn’t. Her orgasm became even more intense.

“Ahhhhh,” she wailed.

It was clear that he was very aroused by this. Alana could see the bulge in his trousers. She was sure that as soon as she took a shower and cleaned herself up, he would fuck her in the pussy, then her mnouth, and finally fuck her till he came in her ass.

But for now, the humiliation was that for now he just stood there and watched.

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