Alex and Emma Pt. 15





The room was bright with daylight when I pried my eyes open. Once again, I was alone in his bed. I dared a glimpse at the alarm clock and cringed. It was close to one in the afternoon.

He was surely at class. And I was definitely not making it into the office today.

My entire body ached when I tried to sit up. Every muscle. Every hair. Every fiber. I felt like I’d been hit by a semi. A semi named Alex.

I groaned and forced my legs out from under the covers. The distance between the bed and the door seemed like a mile. Maybe longer. Especially with nothing to hold onto in between. But I had to pee, and I definitely needed a shower by the sweet and somewhat pungent smell that wafted from the comforter when I flung it back.

The scent of sex was amazing when you were in the throes of it. Hours afterwards? Not so much.

Forty-five minutes later, I felt somewhat better with my skin scrubbed, hair washed, and some breakfast in me. I didn’t want to get him used to personal service—especially since I said I wasn’t going to be his maid. But I’d helped mess up the bed, so I changed the sheets.

It had been while I was getting my second cup of coffee that I’d noticed the folded note on the counter…under my phone.

— E, I didn’t want to wake you. You looked so beautiful and peaceful in my bed. I could easily get used to that sight. I have class all afternoon and then a poetry group meeting at the café up the street where we first met. Come by for a bite around 5:30 if you want. Hope to see you later. – A —

Something inside my chest swelled at his words. It had been a tumultuous two weeks. Although I’d been with Doms who were okay about being out together in public, most had been behind-bedroom-doors relationships. I’d not considered that Alex might be okay with more than that. Especially since I wasn’t even close to his generation.

I wasn’t sure if there was a laundry facility in the building or if he had to use a laundromat. So I grabbed the dirty sheets and headed to my place where I ran them through my washer while I checked my Email and tried to plan a rough work itinerary for the rest of the week.

I’d also collected the black-and-white shirt I’d grown fond of so quickly. My intent had been to wash it for him since I’d worn it quite a bit the past two weekends. But the moment my nose caught his scent on it, I bit my lower lip and moaned, my mind spinning. I threw the shirt into the dryer on the wrinkle-release cycle and hung it up while the sheets dried then went to pack a bag. Just in case.

Shortly after five o’clock, I parked my car at Alex’s apartment. Then I walked up the block to the café, my grin becoming roguish when I saw there was a back entrance.

I nodded at the two workers in the kitchen when I passed and stopped at the end of the wide but short hall that opened into the main space of the restaurant. He must have used it to sneak up on me that first night. Stopped where I had to watch me.

Now, Alex was seated with a group of five other students around a circle table, facing my direction. He was listening to a dark-haired girl on his left and didn’t seem to notice me at first.

I leaned my left shoulder against the doorway, my opposite hand in the back pocket of my jeans. The position of my right arm pushed my breasts forward so that they strained even more than usual against the buttons of his dress shirt that I’d left untucked. The coolness of the wall pressed against the bare skin below where I’d rolled the sleeves up to my elbows. A light breeze from the ceiling fan tousled my loose hair around my shoulders, tickling the exposed cleavage above the glimpse of my black, satin bra that was visible between the top three buttons I’d left undone.

The conversation continued between a couple of the students before a baldheaded guy on Alex’s right leaned forward. Alex turned towards him, and then his head snapped back, his eyes meeting mine over the head of a blonde who had her back to me.

I tipped my chin at him to continue.

He did, but he also sat up straighter. After at least five more minutes, he gathered together some papers that had been spread out between the group. Then he stood, and they followed suit. There was a short period of grasping hands and patting backs in one-armed hugs amongst them before the girls paired off with the other two guys. The bald-headed guy waved at Alex then brought up the rear while they departed out the front door.

The door hadn’t even shut yet before Alex was crossing the room. His eyes were ablaze with desire when he stopped only a few inches away from me. They scanned my chest then lifted to my face. But he didn’t give me a chance to stare into his stormy depths because his hands cupped my cheeks and held me still while his lips descended on mine.

Both of my hands moved at once to grasp his arms, squeezing gently when his tongue pressed and then invaded my mouth. Then I was panting, staring at Kartal Olgun Escort him as he took a step back, releasing me.

“I think it should be against the law for you to wear my shirt outside.” He passed the back of his hand across his mouth and groaned softly. “Where’s your car?”

“At your place. But I’m hungry.” I sauntered past him and chose a more intimate table for two in the back corner near the hall.

I sat in the chair against the wall and raised an eyebrow at him when he hesitated. Then he was joining me, relief on his face when he took the opposite chair that had him facing me…away from the rest of the room. Before he sat, I could see the reason why and smirked.

“Wipe that grin off your face, Little One,” he whispered, leaning across the table. “And do up at least two more buttons, please.”

“Since you said, ‘please,’ Sir…” I lowered my chin but kept my eyes on him while I slowly closed up the top of the shirt, leaving just the one around my neck open. “So, what’s good to eat here.”

There was a soft growl from him. “Wouldn’t you like to know?”

The waitress chose that moment to step up to our table.

Alex’s face was red while I ordered a sandwich and drink. He placed his order then laid his hand on the table, palm up.

“How were your classes?” I placed my hand in his before thinking about the connotation, sighing when his fingers closed around mine.

“Unbearable.” He stared at our joined hands, his thumb stroking my knuckles. “Do you have any idea how hard it is to sit through almost five hours of lectures when you know there’s a naked woman lying in your bed?”

“Nope.” I grinned at him when he glanced up at me. “Besides, I was only there until about one.”

His eye roll made me giggle. “You know exactly what I mean.”

“Yes, but it’s fun to tease you.”

“Oh, trust me. I know you do that very well.” He sat back as our drinks arrived. His hands wrapped around his cup, but he didn’t taste the contents. And he didn’t look at me.

I sipped my cold latte and watched him. How his shoulders hunched when he set his elbows on the table. How his fingers absently stroked through the condensation creating patterns then wiping them out. “Is something wrong?”

He sighed but smiled. “No. I’m just remembering.”

“Good things, I hope.”

His smile grew wider on one side, and he finally took a drink. “Yeah. Yeah. Good things.”

“That’s all that matters then.” I left him to soak up his memories while we waited for our food to arrive, my own mind traveling down its own track into the past.


I blinked and looked up at Alex. At his crooked grin. It was apparent by the sparkle in his eyes that it wasn’t the first time he’d called my name.


He tilted his chin at me then looked down. “Weren’t you hungry?”

I dropped my gaze to see a plate with a sandwich and a pile of homemade chips. I munched on one of the latter. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be. You’re adorable to watch when you’re lost in your thoughts.”

There went the temperature in my cheeks. I reached for my sandwich to hide my embarrassment.

“Did you get anything done today, or did you just lie around my place in your sexy body?”

I almost choked on the bite I’d just put in my mouth. I coughed, took a long sip of my drink, and blinked at him through watery eyes.

His chuckle did not help the situation.

I was feeling ornery and flipped him the bird since I still couldn’t speak.

“Mmm. My, my, Little One. Feisty tonight, aren’t we?”

“Asshole,” I managed under my breath and then gulped down another swig of the cold coffee.

“Now, that’s a territory we haven’t discussed much for you,” he grinned, taking a big bite of his food. “Hard or soft limit?”

I just rolled my eyes at him.

We ate the rest of our dinner discussing normal things. Like his poetry meeting, when I asked. Was I working on any good stories for clients? How his classes were going. Did I have plans for next weekend?

The sky was dusky and the temperature cooler when we left. He held the front door open for me, and we stepped into the foot traffic outside. His fingers brushed mine when he matched my pace. A few steps later, they were laced together.

It was surreal, walking hand-in-hand back to his apartment. Like we did this everyday…like two people dating did. Except for one, it hadn’t been that way with my other partners. Any time we had been in public together, it was…professional, for lack of a better word. No vanilla PDA, and definitely not any kinky. I’d always made it clear up front that I wasn’t an exhibitionist. And I didn’t want to be paraded around like a slave or doll being shown off. Which is why most of my time with them had been behind closed doors. The public outings had always been upscale events where we were wined and dined, and I was, basically, arm candy. Also the reason I wasn’t with those Doms anymore. Not my thing.

Back at Alex’s place, I retrieved his clean sheets from my Kartal Sarışın Escort car. He just cocked an eyebrow at me and then let me into the building and his place.

“I have some things I need to work on for a couple of hours, Emma. But you’re welcome to stick around. I’d love to fall asleep with you again tonight.”

I gave him a quick kiss on the lips. “That’s fine.”

“Don’t take my shirt off,” he mumbled, his hand behind my head for a moment, preventing me from stepping back. His teeth tugged on my lower lip before he kissed me hard and then released me.

We parted ways. Him going to his office. And me panting in the kitchen before I went to put the sheets away on shaky legs.

It was while browsing his toy drawer that I got an idea. He was bent over his desk, music playing serenely from his laptop, when I snuck out and took a drive. An hour later, I was organizing his plethora of kinky accoutrements in shallow, plastic bins, storing the lids underneath each box. I wasn’t as nerdy to go as far a labeling them, but I had to say it would be much easier to find something on impulse now.

Alex was still hard at work when I stepped softly into the office. My breath caught at the pillow already there next to his chair. He’d been expecting me. He didn’t say a word when I knelt beside him or when I laid my head on his left thigh.

For the next hour or so, I basked in the tranquility of just being with him. Of his gentle touches when he stroked my hair or caressed my left cheek. Enough so that I must have dozed off.

I blinked up at him when I felt pressure on my chin. I echoed his smile, though mine was a little sleepy.

“I’m sorry, that took longer than expected. But I got a lot accomplished.” He stood and smiled down at me. “Thank you for your patience.”

“You’re welcome.” I took his hand when he offered, squeezing it as he pulled me to my feet.

That’s when he gasped.

“You said not to take the shirt off. You didn’t mention anything about pants,” I said cheekily.

His hand slipped around my backside, squeezing my ass through the fabric of his shirt. “Panties?”

“Thong,” I gasped before his lips claimed mine.

And then he hiked me up, allowing me to wrap my legs around his waist. I moaned when he deepened the kiss. When he walked me to his bedroom.

He moaned then, apparently noticing how I’d already pulled back the comforter and prepared a pile of pillows around the head of the bed.

Gently, he laid me down in the middle of all that softness. He didn’t take his eyes from mine the entire time he undressed. His cock rose tall and proud when he stood and approached the bed. When he climbed up and slowly parted my legs.

I licked my lips when he leaned down and kissed the inside of each knee. My breath quickening when he added a flick of his tongue. A caress of his fingertips.

Though his breath was hot against my skin, I shivered.

He started up my legs, alternating sides, until he met the hem of his shirt that hit my mid-thigh. There, he moved his entire body up until he was hovering over me. His hands gathered mine and held them on either side of my head, our fingers interlocked.

For a long moment, I just stared up at him. At the smoldering look staring down at me. And then I lifted my head, brushing my lips against his.

“Close your eyes,” he whispered, his return kiss pressing my head back to the pillows.

And for once, I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to stop looking at this man who made my blood race. My heart feel like it was pounding out of my chest. My body zing with every touch and move he made.

His thumb caressed my forehead. “Close your eyes, Little One. I want to worship you tonight. Just feel.”

I moaned softly and obeyed.

His mouth brushed my temple then. Warm and soft, he moved around with light pecks on my cheeks, nose, chin, and jaw. Settling on my lips as his body settled over me.

I squeezed his hands. Pressed my chest up against his. Opened my mouth to him. But it wasn’t enough. I rubbed my knee against his bare thigh, feeling the tremors begin already.

Alex moaned into my mouth, his tongue languidly stroking mine. His right hand released my left and suddenly caressed my left thigh. Gathering it beneath my knee and increasing the pressure against him, his thumb swept across my skin.

My free hand threaded into his hair for a moment, wanting to hold him in place while he made love to my mouth. But my arm fell back above my head when he moved his head down to torment my neck. So I tangled my hand in my hair and resigned to just lie there.

His breathing was heavier, his hand tighter on my leg. On my other hand. Yet he still kept a leisurely pace with his kisses.

I just whimpered and moaned under the onslaught, knowing the wonderful sensations coursing through me would only increase in spades as he continued.

He returned to kiss my mouth, tugging on my lower lip for a moment before abandoning it to descend to my throat. Tongue and Kartal Şişman Escort lips wet my skin, and I turned my head to give him more access.

My face buried in the crook of his left arm. Nuzzling him there when he nuzzled the space high on my chest between the only undone button.

His hand below stroked higher up my thigh, pushing under the hem of the shirt. Inching closer to my pussy but not fast enough for me. Teasing. Seducing me.

There was a brief tugging sensation before the shirt opened further up top. Then it repeated. At the wetness of his tongue licking my cleavage, I realized he’d used his teeth to undo the buttons.

Warm breath caressed my skin now, making my nipples pucker against the satin of my bra. My moans became mewls. And my back arched. I tried to relax my legs to give him more access, but he held tight and brought my left knee up to his hip again where he rubbed my skin against his.

He shifted slightly, and between us, I could feel his cock hard and throbbing against my other leg. I tugged on his hand above my head, but it only made him moan against my right breast. When I wiggled my hips, he bit lightly. So I whimpered.

“Shh, Little One. Don’t rush it.” He lifted up and rubbed his cock against my groin.

Maybe he was trying to appease me a little. Or maybe it was to further tease me. All I know, it just made me whimper more.

He abandoned my breast for a moment, there was more tugging, and then cooler air met my chest and belly when his nose nudged the shirt aside. Wet heat covered the valley between my breasts. He dropped my leg, not stopping me when I wrapped it around his. A second later, he released the front clasp that held my bra together and cupped my left breast in his hand as the material fell free.

I cried out the moment his mouth descended. Beneath my sounds, I heard and felt his moan. My entire body shuddered repeatedly when he sucked my nipple between his teeth and manipulated it with his tongue. When he squeezed and held my breast high before he bit harder.

His hand moved to slip around my back between my skin and the shirt, lifting me toward him. Though he no longer supported my breast underneath, his teeth now held it in place. Like a nipple clamp tethered by a chain or rope.

Gripping the pillow above me, I gritted my teeth at the increasingly sharp sting. Loving and hating it.

He held me to him, his fingers splaying out across my upper back. His saliva dripping down my breast. Eventually, his teeth let up, and his lips and tongue wrapped around my nipple, soothing it.

I just moaned into his arm.

He laid me back down, his hand behind my back easing its way around front to my stomach. Caressing. Coaxing more moans out of me. More shudders. Back up to fondle my breast. To rub his thumb over my battered nipple. Then he supported my neck again, lifting while tilting my head back.

My eyes fluttered open just before his lips met mine, and a tear trickled down my cheek.

“Oh, Little One. Don’t cry.” He kissed the teardrop, tracing its path back up before lightly pressing his lips to the corner of my eye.

My hands unclenched above. And my leg dropped free from where I’d hooked my foot over the back of his thigh, though I kept it mostly upright with my knee bent. Feeling the heat of his body against the inside of my leg. I blinked at him and sighed when he kissed me again ever so sweetly.

Alex shifted his weight to my right side, pinning my leg to the bed. He continued his languid kisses after setting my head back on the pillow. His left arm curled with my right—hands still intertwined—over the top of my hair, creating a crescent moon to nestle in. His free hand moved aside both the shirt and the cup of my bra before stroking his fingers all over the delicate skin that had been hidden there. Underneath, on the sides, on top, down into the valley. Easing between us to capture my right breast and show it equal treatment.

I closed my eyes and rolled my face back into his arm when he kissed his way down to my breasts once more. This time, he ran the flat of his tongue over my skin. Lapping at my nipples. Flicking tip against tip. Caressing the skin under my swells then lifting them up to swirl his tongue around my puckered points.

The longer he did it, the more I could feel my pussy pulsing. My breaths quickening. Then my left leg dropped open.

As though he’d felt the movement, his hand released my breast and slid down my belly. It paused at my hip to stroke across the narrow band of my panties. Then he continued down the desired path, his fingertips brushing the flesh of my thigh.

I whimpered again, my right hand squeezing his above. Though I wanted to touch him, I didn’t have the energy to lift my right hand or arm now. I was just like he wanted me. Aroused and yet relaxed.

“I know, honey. I know.”

And then he was stroking up and down my inner thigh. Making my breath catch each time he got closer to my pussy.

He nuzzled at my chin until I managed to turn my head enough that his lips could reach mine. Then he pushed my knee up, spreading my leg wider.

“Look at me, Little One.”

It was a struggle, but I did. And then my eyes flew open wider, choking slightly at the feel of his knuckles stroking my pussy over the material of my thong.