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“Alex In The Park”
“The Ride of a Lifetime”

Part 4



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Now for the usual disclaimers: 1. This story is about love and sexual relations between adults and minors. If it is illegal to read these stories where you live, or if you are under the age of 18, close the site now. 2. This story is MOSTLY FICTION. Some parts are real, the others are in my head. The reason for a site like this is to get our rocks off without participating in illegal activity.

“What do you mean, `Big Brother knows all!”” My heart my panicking. What DID my brother know? Would it end up with me behind bars?

“Dude, you”re my brother. I know your moods and you”ve been happier in the past two days than I”ve seen you since before you and what”s-his-name broke up. I just have one question, is it mutual? Are you and Alex BOTH okay with what”s going on?”

“Yes. The first night, Alex kneed me in the balls and wanted to rub them to make them better. I had a hardon and HE asked if he wanted me to take care of it. He blew me and…he was FANTASTIC. In fact, he had initiated or been receptive to everything we”ve done.”

Alex quipped up, “That”s right. He”s never forced me to do anything and ALWAYS asks if I”m enjoying it or if I”m okay. Please don”t tell on him.” By this time, Alex had tears streaming down his face, thinking that the person who makes him happy is going away.

My brother walked over to Alex, put his finger under his chin and raised his head to meet eye to eye. He leaned over and kissed Alex gently on the forehead and said, “Why would to tell on something so obviously beautiful and loving? I”m jealous as all hell. I can tell you are both happy with each other. I just want you two to be careful so that nothing bad happens.”

Alex jumped in my brother”s arm and hugged him. “Thank you! I AM very happy. I thought I was interested in Clarissa, but when she turned me down, I found I found I was really interested in someone else.” He looked at me when he said that and my heart burst.

“I wish I could find a cute young thing like you to help me out as well. My wife hasn”t put out since before the baby was born and I”m tired of taking care of myself. That”s why I was downtown. I was cruising gay bars looking for some action. I thought they”d be opened kocaeli escort her earlier, but most don”t open till two.”

Let me stop and tell you about my brother. He”s an inch taller than me at 5″11″ and weighs about 15 pounds heavier. Whereas I”m hairy all over, he has hardly any body hair and what little he does have, he shaves. None under his arms, around his dick, NO WHERE. I”m jealous of his full head of dark hair that he pulls into a ponytail and reaches his shoulders. He”s also a bit bigger in the dick department, about 7.5 inches. I”ve never been sexual with him, but I”ve seen him in action at orgies he”s thrown over the years. He”ll take a dick up his ass with ease while fucking a woman into multiple orgasms and all with a mouth full of dick or pussy. So I know he”s no prude. I”ve never, though, heard him say he wishes he had a “cute young thing” to help him get off.

When he said that, I looked at Alex. He looked at me and winked. I knew what he had in mind.

“Hey, bro. I know we”re not at the parks today, but how would you like to go on a ride anyway?” My eyes darted to Alex, still in my brother”s arms.

“Oh, no.” He shook his head, “That”s your `ride” and I wouldn”t want to interfere.

Alex said, “His `ride” can speak for himself. I”m still horny and would love some double play.”

“Double play? What have you been teaching him, Bro?”

“He already knows of double play from his brother and cousins. In fact, he taught me a thing or two. He LOVES to fist fuck!”

My brother”s eyes flew open. He”s always been a big old bottom when it comes to guys with big dicks, and Alex”s `monster hand dick” was as big, if not bigger than most dicks. My brother had a bulge growing in his shorts, so I told him to go get a shower and meet us in our room.

By the time my brother arrived, Alex and I were both naked and ready for more fun. One thing my brother and I have in common is we both sign. Neither of us are deaf, but we have deaf friends.

Keeping Alex in the dark, I signed to him, “Want to drive him crazy first?”

“What do you want to do?”

“Suck him and rim him at the same time.”

“Good plan. Let”s do it.”

I pulled Alex to the edge of the bed and my brother knelt down. He started eating ass like a man possessed, causing squeaks and moans to escape Alex”s mouth. I laid next to him and sucked his dick into my mouth. Wanting to drive Alex crazy, I kicked in the high powered Hoover and went to town. 10 minutes into it, Alex had his first body convulsing orgasm. “SWITCH,” I called darıca escort out.

Bro and I switched places and we repeated the process causing another mind blowing orgasm in only 5 minutes. I looked up at my brother, mouth still around Alex”s dink and asked, “Ready for a fucking you”ll not soon forget?”

His head nodded eagerly. He was on the bed, ass at the edge and legs up I record time. I grabbed the lube and sat on the floor in front of my bro”s ass and told Alex to come here. I lubed up my cock and had Alex sink onto it. Then lubed up his hand and arm. I reminded him how to stimulate a man from the inside and he proceeded to slowly enter my brother”s anus.

I”m on the floor with a horny 10 year old riding my cock while he”s elbow deep inside my brother”s ass. I wish I had a picture to remember for all time.

I whispered in Alex”s ear, “He can take it harder and faster than I can. He”ll love it. In fact, lube up your other hand and double fist fuck him.”

Alex giggled and he held up his other hand for me to lube up. As he entered Bro”s ass with another invader, Bro started cussing and bucking like a cowboy. “HOLY SHIT, FUCK, GOD DAMN IT, FUCK THAT ASS!”

I taught Alex how to double piston his ass, pulling one hand out while the other went in. The entire time, Alex was riding my cock and squeezing his muscles to get the most of the fuck I was giving him.

When I thought my Bro was about to pass out from the sheer pleasure, I told Alex to find his nut and massage it. I”d seen my bro in many orgies. I”ve seen him take dicks and dildos that would make me run for the hills. But I”d never, ever, EVER seen him nut without touching his cock before. Alex was rubbing his prostate with one hand while fucking him with his other hand and suddenly my brother”s body went ridged, his mouth wide open, eyes rolled back into his skull and then…a tsunami of cum rushed from my brother”s dick. His body was flopping around like a fish out of water and his dick was gyrating all over the place. There was cum in my brother”s hair, face and chest as well all over Alex and myself. I held back as long as I could and flooded Alex”s ass with a pint of cum, or more.

One thing I know is my brother”s balls are HIGHLY sensitive after an orgasm, especially one that powerful. He”d slumped on the bed looking like he”d passed out and I told Alex to lick his balls. He licked balls and brother started shuddering and moaning. “SWEET FUCKING MARY”S BABY BOY JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!” He called out and another orgasm hit him. Not as powerful, but a few dribbles oozed gölcük escort from his piss slit.

We managed to get brother”s head up to the pillows and Alex flopped down beside him. I was on the other side of Alex and brother and I both nuzzled Alex neck, hair, underarms, nipples, navel until we each had a foot lodged in our mouths. I stroked Alex”s dick while brother rubbed his taint. In less than 60 seconds, Alex had a shuddering boygazm leaving him spent.

He was fast asleep when brother and I left the room to get nourishment. After some juice, brother said, “FUCK Dude. How”d you get so lucky?”

“After Clarissa was such a bitch to him, he just needed some loving. Holding him led to kissing which led to stroking and so forth and so on. I found out most of what he knows is from his older brother, cousins and uncle. One perverted family. I need to thank them. Ha Ha.”

“Does his dad and May know about this?”

“I know his dad knows, and I can”t be sure, but I THINK they set this up. It just struck me that his dad is nursing a broken foot, so working construction for while is out and May”s job has never sent her on a business trip before. I bet they”re either just getting rid of Alex for a while so they can have fun together, or offering me a good time.”

I picked up my phone and called a friend who lived near May. I asked him to drive by the house and let me know if someone was home. Sure `nuff, 10 minutes later my phone rang. Jamie (Alex”s dad) was on the lawnmower while May was planting flowers.

I don”t know if I should be angry with them or buy them flowers.

Alex walked into the living area, naked. “I”m hungry!” We all laughed and realized that it was almost time for my sis-in-law and the two girls would be home soon. We got showered and dressed and decided to go to a local steak house for dinner.

When we got back to the hotel, Alex was very tired. I stripped him to his undies and put him under the covers. I have a few drinks with my bro and decided to turn in for the night. As I slipped into bed, Alex rolled over and put his arm over my chest.

“Thank you. I had so much fun today.”

“Well, I hope you have fun tomorrow also. We”re going to Animal Kingdom. Knowing how much you love animals, and you”re going to LOVE the Lion King show!”

He didn”t hear the end. He was fast asleep!


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My absolute fty//gay/adult-youth/halloween-boy.html

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