Alexa and The Three Wise Men


Alexa woke up with a splitting headache. She turned onto her stomach and buried her head into the soft pillow. The bright sunlight had woken her up. She lay there listening to the sounds coming at her like sledgehammers. There were birds singing in the garden and somewhere close by, someone was using a jackhammer. She could hear her parents talking down stairs, through her open bedroom door. She liked sleeping with it open, it let fresh air come through at night. She sighed and rolled over on her back. Slowly opening her eyes she reached for a pair of sunglasses that should be on the bedside table, but weren’t. She lifted her head a little and surveyed her room. There was a lot of pink colors and on a shelf sat several teddy bears her father had given her over the years. Christmas decorations hang around the window and the door. Still, after ten years in Spain she wasn’t used to not having snow on Christmas. Finally, she spotted them on her desk. She rolled out of bed and when she stood her head spun. Holding on to the bed with one hand, she managed to grab the sunglasses and then crawled back to bed.

The previous day she had turned eighteen and her parents had let her drink champagne with her friends by the pool. Just the thought of the bubbly liquid made her moan and almost throw up. The sunglasses gave her some relief from the bright winter sun shining in.

“Alexa, breakfast is ready,” her mother called.


She made an inhuman effort and managed to get up without barfing. She put on her slippers because the stone floor was cold and then made her way downstairs.

“Good morning, honey. How are you feeling today?” asked her father.

“Uh, not too well, dad. I think I over did it last night.”

“Let that be a lesson to you young lady. Now you know what it feels like when you drink too much, and remember it the next time one of your friends asks if you want to go to a bar,” said her mom and placed a bowl of fresh fruit in front of her.

Holly patted her daughter’s cheek and gave her a kiss on the head. “Eat up while I get you a couple of aspirins.”

She stabbed into the fruit and got a kiwi on the fork. She chewed it slowly and then said to her dad. “When are my brothers coming?”

Gordy looked at his watch. “They should be here around two. Their plane arrives at midday but it will take them two hours to drive here.”

Alexa felt better and ate the rest of the fruit salad and when she put down the fork Holly came back with two pills. Alexa swallowed them, and drank some water from a glass her mother gave her. “I’m going to the pool for a while,” she said.

“OK, just be showered and dressed before they come,” said her dad and went back to his newspaper.

Alexa changed into a bikini and grabbed a towel from the bathroom. When she walked out on the flagstones leading to the pool the sun warmed her bare skin and she almost felt normal. She moved a sun bed so it was at the right angle to the sun and lay down. Her thoughts went to her brother. She hadn’t seen them in ten years and didn’t even know if she would have recognized them. Zack and Ralf had been twenty three and twenty seven at the time and in collage. Jeff was already married at thirty five. She had often asked her parents why they had left Oregon to move to a villa in the Sierra Nevada mountain range in Spain, and why her brothers hadn’t come with them. The answer was always the same. Holly and Gordy wanted their one and only daughter to grow up away from big cities full of crime and drugs. Gordy had sold his company and wouldn’t have to work for the rest of his life. He bought the villa, paid the outstanding tuitions for his son’s so they could finish collage and moved his wife and daughter to Spain. There Alexa was enrolled in a Catholic Girls school with hard core nuns who never smiled. She had lived a very privileged life, expensive vacations to exotic parts of the world, the nicest clothes and all the toys she wanted when she was small. The only problem was that her parents were over protective. She wasn’t allowed to go out alone, all her friends had to come to her house and she had never been allowed a boyfriend or even go on a date. Therefore, she was still a virgin. Many of her friends had told her wild stories about the sex they had or would have soon. She could only dream and fantasize how it was to kiss a boy.

Over the years Zack and Ralf had graduated and found jobs. Ralf got married and had a couple of kids. Then he got divorced and had to pay a ridiculous amount of alimony which made it impossible for him to visit his sister. Zack was a company man and worked hundred and twenty hour weeks. Jeff was married with four kids with the costs that it involved. What had changed was that Alexa had turned eighteen and her father had decided it was time she met her brothers, so he had paid for their flights and organized a villa for the four of them. They were to spend a weekend together and get to know each other. He and Holly would stay at home. Alexa suspected her dad felt guilty bursa escort bayanlar of not letting her grow up with her brothers and that was why he had gone on a spending spree.

Gordy stood on the balcony outside the master bedroom. He took a long drag on his cigarette and smiled to himself. He had done a good job. Below him, his beloved daughter was sunbathing alone. There was no one watching her, no one trying to get in her pants and no one trying to push drugs to her. He picked up a small theater binocular and pointed them at her. Through the lenses he followed her body’s curves from her feet up to her head. She was lying on her back and he could clearly see the mound between her legs. He frowned. Didn’t she shave herself, he wondered? He went inside and found his bird watching binoculars. He focused on his daughter’s pussy and sighed. Sure enough, there was some pubic hair sticking out from under her bikini. Maybe he should ask Holly to talk to her about it. She had a nice little cut. Just a strip above the clit. He heard his wife coming up the stairs and quickly flicked the cigarette over the balcony and walked back inside.

“Are we there yet?” asked Ralf.

“You were always the nagger and you still are,” said Jeff who was driving.

Zack took a long drink from his beer and chucked it out the window. “We should be there in half an hour.”

“Thank god for that, I am so tired.”

“You should be drinking now, and not on the plane, like me. I told you.”

Jeff took a quick look at his brother next to him. Nothing had changed since he was in college. Except that he was making six figures a year. He still liked to drink, and still fucked anything with two legs and a skirt, trannies included. If their parents only knew what a sexual deviant their youngest son was, they would cry. But who was he to tell them. “Has anyone bought a present for Alexa, except me? After all, she is now officially an adult,” said Jeff.

“Yep, I bought her a vibrator,” said Zack and roared with laughter. “Just kidding, I bought her a Gucci dress.”

“I got her a ladies Rolex,” said Ralf from the back seat.

“Wow, I’m impressed. I thought two cheap bastards like you two, would have collected enough money to buy her a Kinder egg. I got her a Toshiba laptop.”

“Nice,” said Zack.

They drove on in silence for a while, and then Jeff said. “So, what do you think she is like, our little sister?”

“Hopefully she is more fun than you,” said Ralf.

“Anyone is more fun than Jeff,” added Zack.

“Seriously guys, she could be some kind of freak. As far as we know mom and dad has had her held up in that villa for ten years. She could be a complete outcast.”

“In her letter mom told me Alex was doing great in school, so at least we know she gets out sometimes,” said Ralf.

“Doesn’t mean she is not a weirdo, maybe she is the girl who sits under a tree and plans how to kill everyone during math class while cutting her arms with a razor,” said Ralf.

Jeff sighed. He loved his brothers, but they didn’t take life too seriously. He knew why their parents had moved with Alexa, and he was worried it had left a mark on her. He glanced at the clock on the dashboard. They should be there any time now.

Alexa and her parents were in the living room having drinks when the door bell rang. “That must be them,” said Holly and got up.

Alex walked behind them not knowing how she would feel when she saw her brothers. Holly opened the door and said. “Welcome boys, please come in.”

The man who walked in first was thin with wild hair and a three day stubble. His eyes were kind and he had a smile on his face. When he saw Alex he walked up to her and dropped his backpack on the floor. “Hi, I’m your brother Zach.” He gave her a hug and a kiss on either cheek. The next one looked a lot older and had short brown hair and blue eyes. He was slightly taller than Zach and with a strong build. “I’m Jeff, and I am so happy to finally meet you, Alexa.” He didn’t hug her, but put his hand on her should and gave it a light squeeze.

“I guess you know by now who I am?” said the broad shouldered and bald man who came in last.

She smiled and said. “You are Ralf.” She put out her hand to shake his and when he took her’s, he pulled her close to him into a bear hug. “I have been waiting for this day a long time,” he said when he let go of her. Alexa had tears in her eyes, and wiped away a lonely drop that rolled down her cheek. “It is so nice of you to come. Tomorrow we will celebrate “Los Reyes” in memory of the three wise men who came to bear gifts to baby Jesus. I feel you are my three wise men, and the gift you bring me is being here.”

Holly wiped a tear from her eye and cleared her throat. “That was so nice, Alexa. Let’s go out on the terrace. Why don’t you fix us some drinks, Gordy?”

While Holly was asking his brothers about their lives Zach was watching his sister. She was leaning against a pillar holding up a thatched roof. Her black bayan sarisin escort bursa hair shone in the sunlight and her skin was golden brown from the sun. She was dressed in black slacks and a light blue polo shirt that showed her curves. He wondered where she had gotten her boobs from. Holly was small on top and he didn’t remember his grandmother being very big either. Alexa’s looked perfectly round and when she had walked ahead of him, he hadn’t seen any sign of a bra strap. Could they be that firm, he wondered? Then he caught himself and looked away. He shouldn’t be thinking about her that way.

Alexa had noticed him watching her and smiled at him. She walked over and put up her glass. “Cheers Zack. Thanks again for being here.”

“No problem, I am happy to be here. I needed a vacation, and when dad told me he had rented us a villa by the ocean there was no way I could say no.”

“Yeah, that will be so cool, just the four of us. I want to hear everything you have done since I left and moved here.”

“In my case, it’s not much really. Work, travel and more work.”

She gave him a sly grin. “No girlfriend?”

He drank some of his wine. “Nothing serious. What about you?”

She laughed. “You know dad, he keeps me locked up if I’m not in school. I haven’t been allowed to date anyone until now, and it’s only because I’m eighteen.”

Zack lowered his sunglasses and looked over the rim. “Are you serious? You have never dated a guy?”

“No,” she said, blushing.

“Hey, you two come over here,” called Gordy.

They walked over where the others were standing and Zack said. “What’s up?”

“I was just telling your brothers that you can leave now if you want to. I gave Jeff the key to the villa and the address. It’s about two hours drive from here. You could be there while it’s still daylight.”

“What are we waiting for?” said Ralf.

Alexa was so excited she almost jumped up and down on the spot. Her bag was by the door and she was so ready to go. Finally she would be allowed to get out of the house, albeit with her brothers, but at least it was some kind of freedom.

During the drive they sang along with the music on the car radio and Zack invited Alexa to some beers. Ralf gave her a hard time about drinking it too slow and wondered if she never went partying with her friends.

“No, I was never allowed to go out with them. I could invite them over, but there was never any alcohol. The first time I drank was yesterday and I over did it with champagne.”

Jeff laughed. “I remember my first time getting drunk on that crap. I had a headache for two days.”

“Fancy shit. I’m a beer and a whiskey man myself. I like a good wine with dinner, but that’s it,” added Zack.

“What about you Ralf?” asked Alexa who was in the back seat with him.

“I like about anything that will make me forget a shitty marriage and a huge alimony.”

“What about your kids?” she asked.

“Oh, I miss them, but I only get to see them once a month. The bitch said I’m not a responsible parent, and the judge believed her?”

Zack popped another beer. “He was right, you know. Just look at your bald head and the tattoos. You look like someone out of a motorcycle gang.”

Alexa put her hand on Ralf’s arm and touched his tattoos. “I think they look cool. I should get me one, don’t you think?”

“Dad would kill you,” said Jeff.

They all laughed and continued to chit chat.

The villa was a four bedroom with in suite bathrooms overlooking the Mediterranean from a hill. It was made of mostly glass and steel with some inset of stone and brick. Jeff parked the Ford and they got out. When he opened the door, he stopped and said. “Wow, look at that view.”

The others pushed past him and into a hall. Alexa’s mouth dropped open. Ahead was a large living room with big white leather sofas and armchairs. To the left was a fireplace set into a floor to ceiling bookcase. Opposite was a similar book case, but instead of the fireplace it had a fifty inch LED screen and audio system. Straight ahead were French windows that led out onto a flagstone terrace and beyond it an infinity pool sparkled in the late afternoon sun. On either side were sun beds and tables surrounded by flower pots and palm trees. Someone had hung Christmas decorations in the palm trees that surrounded the terrace. Alexa thought it looked ridiculous.

“This is amazing,” she said.

“Nice, place,” said Ralf.

“Where is the kitchen, I’m starving?” added Zack.

They left their bags on the floor and went looking for the kitchen. Ralf fund it and neither of them had been in one like it. It was all in stainless steel and black and white marble floor. Zack opened the double door fridge and let out a cheer. “We got all the food and wine we might want. Let’s BBQ tonight, I thought I saw a grill outside by the pool. They walked back to the hall and grabbed their bags. Upstairs they all picked a bedroom. Alexa’s was facing the ocean bayan esmer escort bursa and was the only one with a small balcony. She dumped her bag on the bed and walked out. The sea breeze brought the smell of seaweed and salt. She took a deep breath and almost giggled. What a weekend it would be.

They met down stairs and Zack took over in the kitchen. Ralf got Mojitos ready and he, Jeff and Alexa went out on the terrace.

“I wonder who owns this place,” said Jeff.

“Someone rich, I suppose,” said Alexa and took a drink from her glass. “Wow, this is nice, what did you call it?”

“A Mojito,” said Ralf.

Zack came out with a tray full of steaks and a bowl of salad. “Hey guys, guess what? We have two porn channels on the TV. The weekend is saved.”

“That’s all you think about, sex,” said Jeff helping his younger brother unload the tray onto a table next to the grill.

“At least I don’t jerk off twice a day,” he answered.

Ralf noticed Alexa blush. “You have to excuse us, we grew up together and kind of say what we think, without taking into account what company we are in.”

Alexa took a sip and then said thoughtfully. “Well, you are my brothers, and I have to accept the way you are. Don’t feel that you have to watch your language around me.”

“Great. While Alexa does the dishes later we can drink whiskey and watch porn,” said Zack with a grin.

The beer in the car and the Mojito had made her brave. “What about me watching porn and you guys do the dishes? After all, we are living in a modern society.”

The men looked at her as if she was crazy. Then Jeff said. “Do you usually watch porn?”

Alexa took a long drink, and kept eye contact with him over the rim of her glass. Her mind was racing and when she thought she had a good answer she said. “No, but it’s never too late to start.”

Ralf and Zack laughed. Jeff gave her a look that said more than words. “What? A girl can’t watch porn?” said Alexa waiving her empty glass in the air.

Ralf gave her a refill from the jug he had brought out. “Sure you can, it’s just that most women I know at least, are not into porn,” he said.

“Well, I’m not like them. I am your sister and if I want to watch porn with my bro’s then I do.”

Zach had turned on the grill while they were talking and after throwing on some steaks, he said. “I’m all into girls who like porn. As a matter of fact, I don’t like women who don’t at some point enjoy a good nude flick with me.”

Jeff shook his head and refilled his glass from the jug. “I used to watch it with Millie, but after we had our first kid, it just stopped. I did enjoy it, and I guess she did too.”

They spent the evening enjoying good food, and even better wine. As a cool wind came in from the sea, they moved inside and Jeff lit the fireplace. When he had a nice hot fire going he said. “Zack, what’s the whiskey like?”

He got up from the armchair he was sitting in and walked over to the liquor cabinet. “Let’s see, we have some J&B, Jack, Ballentines, Johnny Black Label, oh and a nice bottle of Mc Allen eighteen years old.”

“That’s the one, bring it over and four glasses, no ice,” said Ralf.

Alexa was feeling the Mojitos and wine in her head. She had to try hard to focus and her head spun if she closed her eyes. She decided she needed to sober up a bit before her brothers turned on the dirty movies. “I’ll just have a big cup of coffee. I’ll be right back,” she said and went upstairs.

“Wow, I had no idea she was such a naïve young woman,” said Ralf.

“She is a looker though. Did you see her boobs,” said Zack.

“C’mon guys, she is your sister. OK, she has been living with mom and dad for the last eight years. Give her a break.”

Zack went into the kitchen and loaded the coffee machine and then came back to the living room. Leaning against the wall, he said. “She can’t be that innocent. Surly she is making some of it up, to pretend to be a nice girl, you know.”

“I don’t know. She seems nice enough, but there is something off with her, that’s for sure,” said Ralf, trying his whiskey.

“Usually I don’t agree with you two misfits, but in this case I have to. It’s like she has lived in a different century. Remember when I asked her about the internet? She said dad never let her use it. Imagine ten years and never being online.”

Alexa washed her face with cold water. It cleared her mind, but she still felt a bit whimsy. She had to slow down on the alcohol she decided. Her brothers were cool and all, but they were much more experienced than her and she had to face the fact that she couldn’t keep up with them. She dipped her face into the cold water, she had drawn and then dried it. After adding some makeup from a purse in her room, she went downstairs.

“Here is your coffee, Alexa,” said Zack and gave her a big mug.

She took a careful sip and the hot strong liquid hit the spot. By the time she was seated between Ralf and Jeff in one of the white sofas she was feeling better. “So, what are we watching?” she asked.

“Hot Latinas, or Black on Blonde,” said Zack, who was in charge of the remote.

“Let Alexa chose,” said Ralf.

She had no idea what to say. Her experiences with Latin males or black males were the same, zero. “There are more of you guys here, you chose.”