Alex’s Gifts Ch. 03

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New author here, feedback is welcomed and appreciated.

This is the third chapter of a much longer story that will span multiple categories. The bulk of it will end up here under Incest/Taboo. This first chapter following that theme is just a taste; there is much more action to come.

If anyone would like to assist with editing, I’m more than willing to accept help.

Thanks & Enjoy.


In the Closet

It took Alex several minutes to gather his thoughts and clean up after his encounter with Fiona in the guest bathroom. His shorts were stained; the obvious next step was to head upstairs and get dressed properly. Maybe then he could begin his day, pending any further interruptions by his sister’s ambitious friends.

Alex crept out of the bathroom and turned up the hallway, a pair of used cotton panties in each hand. One was black and cold, the other white, warm, and wet. He could still taste Fiona on his lips as he bolted up the stairs and into his room. He shut and locked his door and collapsed on his bed. His mind raced: a buffet of panties, girls fingering each other, and a secret orgasm slurped up greedily. Then most sensual piss and pleasant intrusion, followed by a blur of wet white panties, oily tits, and plump lips holding him while he unleashed.

Alex failed again to comprehend his circumstances. He’d never received near this level of attention from the opposite sex. His analytical mind couldn’t process it; he had no idea what to do, it was an uncomfortably rare feeling.

Reverting to his baser instincts, Alex felt the panties clutched in his hands. He brought both pairs up to his face and inhaled their musky womanly scents. His restless prick reacted immediately. He removed his soiled shorts and spread out on his bed, softly stroking himself while slowly breathing through the black and white cotton draped across his face. As their twin scents filled his nose he reached another peak, splashing a few weak streams across his stomach.

Three times before lunch, Alex continued to set records. Exhausted from all the early excitement, he drifted off to sleep with panties still strewn over his head and cum drying on his belly.

Alex woke an hour later feeling reinvigorated. Naps weren’t normal, but neither was his day. Peeling the panties from his face, he reached under his bed and pulled out his secret shoebox containing Sam’s lacy red boy shorts. He deposited the black and white treasures in the box and shoved it back under his bed.

Alex stood, still naked, cleaned himself up as best he could. He got dressed and then checked his phone, it was near lunchtime and he still hadn’t heard from Ben. It wasn’t right, his friend was always there. Alex dialed and he picked up immediately.

“Yo,” Ben said in his best nonchalant voice.

“Dude, what the hell?” Alex barked, not buying his friend’s casual reception.

“Sorry man, something came up. Can you come over?”

“I’ll be right there.” Alex hung up and raced downstairs. He passed Casey and told her he was going over to Ben’s for lunch. She waved absently, absorbed in her own activities as he bolted into the garage.

Alex pulled on his riding jacket and pants, donned a helmet, and hopped on his motorcycle. He launched down his long twisting driveway and turned up the street. Fresh air rushed over his face and Alex grinned; he loved riding his bike, the freedom was exhilarating. Mostly he was glad to be out of the house, he needed to clear his mind. He rode around the block several times to stretch his tires then tore off towards his destination. Minutes later he rolled into his friend’s driveway, parking in his usual spot next to Ben’s rusty Subaru.

Ben’s sister answered Alex’s knock. Her long dark hair was pulled back in a ponytail revealing an angular and attractive face. She was short, just at five feet, but well proportioned. She reminded Alex of his younger sister Casey, they were the same age and build.

“Hi Meg. Looking for Ben.”

“Oh hey, he’s up in his room,” Alex entered and closed the door while Megan returned to the kitchen. Alex watched her saunter away in form-fitting gray leggings, sinewy legs flexing her tight shallow curves.

Alex shook his head and bolted upstairs to Ben’s room. He knocked when he reached the door and heard a muffled “Come in.”

“Hey man, what’s up?” Alex asked.

“Dude, you’ll never guess what happened to me yesterday,” Ben blurted out in excitement.

“If it was anything like my night then I bet you have some stories to tell,” Alex replied.

“Oh?” said Ben, eyebrows raised.

“You first,” Alex insisted. “You’re the reason all this went down.”

Ben acquiesced. “I got a call yesterday from a number I didn’t know and this girl named Becky answered. She said she knew your sister Lily and needed a favor. Some surprise they had planned for her birthday party. She wanted me to cancel our plans. I didn’t know what to make of it so I started asking questions. How fatih escort did she know we had plans? What did they want with you? I had a bad feeling about it man, I wasn’t going to throw you to the wolves.”

“What did you do?” Alex asked.

“She was persistent, but wouldn’t tell me anything. She wanted to meet at Jefferson Park, said she’d make it worth my time. She sounded hot on the phone, and I’ve met enough of Lily’s friends to know she probably was. So I went down there and we met behind the baseball bleachers.” Ben’s eyes grew wide. “She was gorgeous, man. Long blonde hair, huge cans, curves for miles.”

Alex grinned, more knowingly than Ben was aware. His friend continued, “I got nervous and asked what she had. She held out a paper bag, it was filled with porno mags from her dad. The real nasty kind you can’t even find in the store anymore. I wasn’t impressed, it’s not like we’re fourteen anymore.”

Alex nodded in approval of his friend’s porno negotiation skills. “So what happened?”

“I told her that wasn’t good enough. She looked pissed and said they weren’t going to do anything bad to you, but I held firm. Then she said: Fine, I’ll show you my tits. And if you keep your mouth shut about it I’ll get one of my freshman volleyball recruits to blow you next year at school.”

“Nice,” said Alex.

“Right? That was an offer I couldn’t turn down. I had to see those hangers.”

“So she did it?”

“Yeah man, she picked up her shirt, and hitched up her bra and those huge melons just popped right out. They were amazing! The best pair I’ve seen in person,” he exclaimed.

“You mean the only pair you’ve seen,” Alex laughed.

“Hey, I’ve seen my sister’s,” he said as he swung a fist at Alex’s shoulder.

Alex leaned back to avoid Ben’s half-hearted punch and laughed. “Sisters don’t count! Although I wouldn’t mind seeing Megan’s,” he grinned, trying to get a rise out of his friend.

Ben didn’t seem fazed by Alex’s comment. In fact, he leveled his gaze said, “Actually, I might be able to arrange that.”

“What?” Alex couldn’t believe Ben would let him look at his younger sister naked.

“I’ll show you in a minute. But you gotta tell me what happened at Lily’s party. I’ve been dying. Big Bongos Becky made me promise not to talk to you until this afternoon.”

Alex laughed at Ben’s alliterative naming of the busty blonde. “It’s not that long of a story,” he started, trying to downplay his ridiculous circumstances. “I avoided the party until dinner time. Then Carrie came and talked me into coming down, they were going to have pizza and watch Wonder Woman. You know how much we’ve been wanting to see that flick.”

“Oh yeah. Totally worth it, I bet,” Ben nodded.

“It definitely was, but not for the movie, I didn’t watch half of it.” Ben gave him a funny look as he continued. “I was up on the couch, Carrie was on the other end, and there were six other girls laying on the floor facing the TV. Their asses were pointed right at me. Bongo Becky was there, and her twin sister, who by the way has an even more impressive rack. Plus my sister, and three of her other volleyball friends from school, every one of them a knockout.”

“Holy shit,” Ben exclaimed. “What did you do?”

“What the hell could I do? I walked right into Carrie’s trap. There was no way I could leave, my dick was so hard I could have broken a two by four with it. I’d never hear the end of it from Lily if she caught me perving on her friends.”

“Tight spot,” Ben said.

“You don’t know the half of it. They started fidgeting around on the ground. I could see three or four of their half-naked asses at any point. This one girl Natalie even had a thong on. She slid around until I could see her whole ass, all the way between her legs.”

“Duuude,” Ben said slowly, drawing out the word in disbelief.

“Yeah, so here’s the crazy part. I noticed Carrie was checking them out as much as me. About halfway through the movie she slid down next to me and we shared a blanket,” Alex said.

“And then what?” Ben asked, on the edge of his seat.

“She started touching herself under the blanket. She was totally getting off watching the other girls! She didn’t even care that I knew. She actually leaned over and said I should join her.”

“Mother of god man, Carrie is going to be the death of you,” Ben exclaimed.

“I know! She was six inches from me trying to rub one out. I figured what the hell and pull my dick out under the blanket and do the deed. Carrie loved it. She was shaking and trying not to make too much noise. It was amazing.” Alex stopped, intentionally omitting the racier details, figuring his tale was enough to impress his friend.

“Holy shit!” exclaimed Ben.

“Then she leans in and tells me it was all a setup. Apparently, she wants to help find me a girlfriend. It was all a test to see what I’d do.”

“Fuck man, I think she skipped a couple steps if she wanted to help you find a female. One etiler escort doesn’t typically proceed directly to mutual masturbation as an icebreaker. You’ve always had it bad for her. I think you should make a move.”

“I know, I wanted to, but…” he trailed off. “It was too much, I couldn’t think straight. I just went to bed.” And jacked off a couple more times, he thought.

“Oh man,” Ben said. “Well, at least you got some good visuals out of it. Hell, we both did!

“Yeah, dude, no hard feelings. You have my permission to ditch me for a big pair of bongos anytime you want,” Alex said with a grin.

Ben laughed, “Speaking of which, check this out.” He stood and walked over to his closet. Alex thought it was oddly empty, except for a few old pairs of shoes. They stepped in together, Ben felt the wall and eventually pulled out a small plug of wood. A faint light showed through and Ben motioned for Alex to take a look.

Alex moved up to the peephole and whistled softly. It was Megan’s room, and she was in there, still wearing those tight leggings. He couldn’t help imagine what Ben must get up to in here, suddenly feeling a little dirty. “Dude, how long has this been going on? It’s kinda creepy.”

Ben replied in a low whisper, “A couple months. I was cleaning my closet and noticed there was a knot in the wood that was loose. Thin walls, I guess. Megan was lying there totally naked. I watched for a while, but she wasn’t doing anything and I couldn’t really see much. The best time is when she gets out of the shower. Full frontal every time.”

“Wow man, you’ve got your own personal peep show. Aren’t you worried she’ll find out?” He was in a moral grey area but didn’t want to impose on his best friend.

“Nah, it’s hard to see from her side, I checked.”

Alex continued to watch Megan. She was pacing around her room, not seeming to accomplish anything. She had a worried look on her face. Like there was something she wanted to do but didn’t know if she should. In a huff, she sat down on her bed, crossed her arms under her pert breasts and hung her head. Then suddenly she snapped out of it. Jumping off the bed, she went over to her dresser and pulled something out.

Megan was thinking about Alex. Something about him just pushed the right buttons. When she saw him show up dressed in his motorcycle gear she got a little wobbly in the knees. She wanted to ask him out, or maybe just give him a hug, but didn’t think he cared about her at all. He was older, and her brother’s best friend; her chances of getting anywhere were slim and it was quite frustrating.

Then she remembered. Sonya had given her a naughty present last week at school. It was a vibrator, about six inches long made of hard pink plastic. She hadn’t had a chance to play with it yet and figured this was the perfect opportunity to relieve some stress. It made her feel wicked, and she loved that. Megan was not shy about her svelte little body.

Alex watched as she withdrew the pink stick from her dresser and placed it on her bed. He knew immediately what was about to happen. “Uhh, dude, we might have a situation here,” he whispered to Ben, who took over the eyepiece.

“She’s taking off her clothes!” he said in hushed excitement. “Here, check this out.”

Alex resumed his position, peeping into Megan’s room. She was removing her bra; one strap, two straps, and down it went. She spun it around and unclasped it at her waist, then reached up to her perky cups and rubbed where the underwire dug into her skin. Her nipples were small and a light brown color. They were hard, Alex could see them poking out from her lithe frame as she stood in silhouette.

Megan reached her thumbs inside her gray yoga pants and pulled them down to reveal a pair of seamless bikini panties that nearly matched her skin tone. She practically looked naked already and Alex was thrilled. He followed the contours of the panties around her hips and noticed how they didn’t dig into her cheeks. They laid flat against her skin, perfectly following her curves. He yearned to add another pair to his collection.

“What’s going on?” Ben asked as he poked Alex with his elbow.

“She only has her underwear on and she’s getting into bed. Oh, she just picked up the vibrator,” Alex said with anticipation.

“Let me see!” Ben said, elbowing Alex out of the way and speaking louder than he should have. But if Megan had heard, she gave no indication.

“Dude this is so hot,” he said. “She’s rubbing that thing between her legs!” Ben watched a minute longer before he stood up. Alex could see from the condition of his pants that his sister’s actions had had an effect. “Uhh…I gotta go…uhh…take a shower,” he stammered before bolting out of the closet.

Sweet, Alex thought, now it’s just you and me Meg. He heard the door to the bathroom close and saw Megan startle. She sat on the edge of her bed momentarily to be sure the coast was clear. Once she heard the shower turn on she felt safe to beşiktaş escort continue her experimentation.

Megan leaned back into a pile of pillows propped against the headboard of her bed. She pulled her knees up to her chest and then spread her legs apart, folding herself open in the hopes she could watch what the toy did to her.

As Alex resumed his voyeurism, he was relieved to see she was still wearing her panties. He watched the fabric stretch to its limits, barely covering the narrow path between Megan’s legs. He could see the faint outline of her mound and the two slight bumps of her puffy lips pressed into the tightened fabric. There was an obvious wet spot over her center. Alex figured whatever caused that also sent her brother prematurely to the bathroom.

Megan took the vibrator and ran it along the length of tan fabric between her legs. Stopping once over her entrance and again when the pink tip hit her button. She rubbed the plastic shaft in circles around her clit and then dipped again to her damp spot. She pressed the vibrator firmly against her panties and Alex watched it enter her, stuffing fabric into her opening and causing her dark pink outer lips to pop free from the gusset. She held it there for several moments, enjoying the sensation.

Then Megan dropped the vibrator unceremoniously, lifted her butt, and pulled off her last piece of clothing. She tossed it on the floor, intent on finishing what she started. Assuming her previous position, Alex could now see every detail of his Ben’s sister’s cute little puss. There were some wisps of light curly hair above her sex, but nothing that kept Alex from seeing everything. Her inflamed outer lips were spread wide and her thin glistening inner folds rippled around the opening of her tunnel. Her legs were stretched so far up and apart that he could even see her pink puckered rosebud.

Returning to her pleasures, Megan switched on the vibrator. Alex could faintly hear it buzzing through the peephole. As soon as she touched her clit with the toy Megan jumped, not expecting such a strong sensation. She turned the power setting down and tried once more, promptly circling her clit, pausing only to slide the pink tube through her folds to gather more moisture.

Having built up enough confidence and wetness, Megan slid the magic wand into herself. First one inch, then two. She lifted her head and bowed her back so she could see what was happening between her legs. It wasn’t perfect, she’d have to try a mirror next, she thought. But at least she could see where the device entered her. She watched in fascination as her pink little petals gripped the plastic rod. In and out it went, shallow at first, her thin lips stretching and sliding along with the vibrator, folding in with each thrust and extending out as she pulled the vibrator free from her depths.

Alex was dumbfounded, he’d never seen a girl pleasure herself before. He watched as Megan slid the toy into herself forcefully and moaned. Her head rolled back in ecstasy. She suddenly threw her legs together and switched positions, clenching the toy tightly while she rolled over onto her knees. She buried her face in a pillow, supporting herself with one elbow while reaching between her legs with her other arm. She spread her knees and stuck her ass in the air, continuing to slide the pink shaft in and out of her tight little cunny. Alex could just barely make out her muffled squeaks and squeals of pleasure.

Megan clenched the toy with her powerful core muscles, causing her puckering rosebud to wink at Alex with each contraction. He marveled at how her lips stretched and slid to accommodate the invading object. It was all too much for him. He reached into his shorts and quietly pulled out his throbbing cock. She had to be close to release, her hips bucked and thrashed with each infiltration. Alex quickly stroked his shaft, minimizing his movement so his eye could stay in line with the peephole.

Megan’s entire body suddenly seized up and then convulsed. Even the pillow couldn’t suppress the moan of euphoria that escaped her lips. Spasms wracked her body and she shoved the vibrator as far into her opening as she could and clamped her legs closed. Her body shook while she rode wave after wave of the powerful orgasm.

When Alex heard Megan’s moan he was driven over the edge. He quickly grabbed one of Ben’s old tennis shoes and aimed into it. He twitched and shivered, sending multiple ropes of cum deep into the worn-out shoe.

The water shut off in the bathroom and Megan panicked, extracting and shoving the toy under a pillow. She quickly pulled a short floral summer dress over her flushed naked body and tried to straighten her hair.

Ben entered his room as Alex stepped from the closet. “Uhh, sorry about that, it was an emergency,” he said sheepishly.

“No problem man,” Alex said chuckling and shaking his head.

“So what did I miss?”

“Uhh, well, I have a feeling you’ll find out soon enough. Let’s just say I think she really likes that toy,” Alex responded with a smirk.

“Oh man, I may never leave that closet,” he said excitedly. “I should rig up a camera.”

“Whatever dude, it’s your sister, you’ll pay the price if she finds out,” Alex said.

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