Alex’s New Life: Part 2


Alex’s New Life Part 2

Alex got in his car and groaned as his cock had refused to go down. He looked around and noticed no one was around and it was the dead of night. Letting out a groan Alex unzipped his pants and pulled out his throbbing member and sighed in relief. Alex started his car and started driving, his dick throbbing and exposed .

As Alex drove he couldn’t help but reach his free hand down and start stroking himself slowly. He bit his lip and sighed out as he pleasured himself, knowing that if his arousal decreased he might have second thoughts about what he was intending to do. After edging 4 times over the 30 minute drive Alex finally pulled up to the address programmed into his phone.

Nervously Adam pulled up to the house of the man that was going to change his life. He shifted in his seat causing the buttplug deep inside him wiggle inside of him which almost sent him over the edge. He sat there concentrating on preventing his pent up load from erupting all over himself.

After about a minute he was sure that he had himself under control. Alex tried to put his throbbing dick back into his pants but found that he couldnt as he was sitting down and he was just too hard. Blushing some Alex got out of his car and and made sure that he faced the car. With a grunt of discomfort he pushed his twitching member to the side and did his pants up.

Though the rest of the houses on the street seemed to be aging badly from disrepair the house he stood in front of was freshly painted and well maintained. His bulge made it very obvious he was very excited so he took a deep breath and walked towards the door, not wanting anyone else ot see his boner.

Alex looked at the door and bit his lip as he tried to gather his courage to go through with what he wanted to do. Finally Alex lifted his hand and knocked on the door 3 times. He tried ot stop himself from shaking from a mixture of anxiety and excitement.

After what felt like hours but was less then a minute, the door opened and there stood a heavy set middle aged man. He wasn’t exactly buff but he couldn’t really be described as fat wither. He had a blank but stern look on his face as he looked the young man in front of him up and down. The man smiled a bit when he saw Alex’s dick poking out from inside his jeans. Alex blushed hard as he saw that the man was only wearing a jock strap and the massive bulge that resided in the pouch.

“Well, are you going to stand there all day?” The man said as he turned and started walking into the house. Alex swallowed and followed his host and shut the door behind him.

“A-are you PozzingSLC?” Alex said as he followed the man, his eyes locked onto the mans hairy ass.

The man laughed as he turned around to face Alex. Alex was so distracted he almost ran into the large man in front of him. He could smell the mans natural odor as he stopped himself only an inch or two away from the man.

“Haha. Do you think I just let random guys in my house if I hadn’t invited them.” PozzingSLC grinned. “But yes I am PozzingSLC, and your the little slut that I’m going to pump my seed into. But to make things easier, call me Shane”

Alex’s heart raced and he felt light headed from his excitement and the musky scent of Shane. He nodded and stammered out. “Ok Shane..” Alex bit his lip. “I’m Alex..”

Shane put his hand surprisingly gently on Alex’s shoulder making the young man jump in surprise. “Hello Alex, Im glad to meet you.”

Shane then pulled Alex closer and pushes his lips to the young mans. Alex was shocked as he was forced into the kiss but relaxed some as he started kissing the handsome man in front of him. Shane held Alex in place with one hand and reached down to rub the young mans dick with his other hand.

Alex let out a deep moan into Shane’s mouth and ground himself into the older mans hand. Shanes tongue pushed into Alex mouth and started exploring the young mans mouth. Alex responded by playing with Shane’s tongue with his own.

Alex was a shaking as Shane pulled away, a smile on his face. “Mmmm, lets take this to the bedroom.”

Letting out a laugh Shane turned around and gaziantep escort started going upstairs. Alex bit his lip and groaned as he followed the big man. As he got to the top of the stairs he saw that Shane had entered a room so he followed.

Alex looked into the room and was surprised at the decor of the room. He couldn’t put his finger on it but this didnt look like the other guys rooms he had been too. Alex then noticed a photo on the nightstand and understood. In the photo he could see Shane smiling with a beautiful women and a little girl.

“A-are you married?” Alex asked nervously and pointing at the photo. He didn’t know how he felt about sleeping with a married man.

Shane let out a sad sigh and turned to look at the young man. “I used to be.”

For a second Alex thought he saw grief in the man face, but it was too quickly replaced by a stern glare. “Now are you going to get your cloths off, or am I going to have to undress you like a child?”

Alex blushed and nodded as he started pulling his cloths off. Looking down to undo his pants he saw that pre strained the front of his jeans. Shane chuckled as he too noticed the wet spot. “Looks like your might just still be a child. It looks like you pissed your pants.”

As Shane laughed Alex blushed harder and undid his pants letting his throbbing dick free. Alex kicked his shoes off and finally dropped his pants and stepped out of them so he stood in front of the older man in all of his glory.

“Turn around boy.” Shane commanded.

Alex nodded as he started slowly turning around. He could hear Shane moan in approval as he saw the buttplug still firmly in Alex’s ass.

“Oh you are a good slut aren’t you?” Shane said with a chuckle.

This made Alex throb a little harder and he was too embarrassed to turn to look at the man. “T-thank you…. Eeeek!!!”

Alex was surprised as he felt one of Shanes arms wrap around his chest and the other hand pulled the plug out of him so suddenly. Alex was thankful he had used silicone lube as the buttplug was still slick and pulled out fairly easily.

Shane pushed his chest to the young mans back and without warning he pushed his tip towards the young mans slightly gaping hole. Alex breathed in deeply as he hadnt expected things to start so suddenly.

“Ohhh your going to be a fun one.” Shane said right into Alex’s ear as he starts to burry his thick meaty dick into Alex’s wet hole.

Alex’s surprise was replaced with pleasure as he felt the older mans cock spread him wider and wider. Though Shane was so big, he seemed to be taking his time spreading Alex’s hole open.

Alex head spun as Shane pushed his jock strap into his face. The musky scent was almost intoxicating and almost distracted him from Shanes slow thrusts. This changed however as Shane shoved the last 2 inched in suddenly and his tip slammed right into the young mans prostate.

Oh you love my scent dont you slut?” Shane asked as he pushed his hips up so so that he lifts Alex up wit his dick.

Alex moaned out suddenly and and his dick started spurting from being overwhelmed from so much stimulation. His insides throbbed and pulsated around Shane’s dick as he orgasmed so quickly.

Shane groaned out but growled, “Did I give you permission to cum, you slut?” Shane wrapped his hand painfully around the base of Alex’s dick stopping any more seed from spurting out. “Your going to need to be punished for this.”

Alex whimpered and squirmed as his seed was blocked and had no where to go but back. He breaded deeply as the orgasm passed but yelped in surprise as Shane pulled out suddenly and pushed him onto the bed.

Alex looked up at Shane as he moved towards the bed. “I-Im sorry…” he said with a blush as he cowered in front of the big man. He was filled with fear and excitement as Shane stopped right in front of him…..

Authors notes:

I’m working on the third part of this story, but Id like to see some suggestions of what you as the readers would like to see in part three. Please leave a message bellow and Ill look through them to see if there is anything I like.

Thanks again for reading.