Alice Pt. 03


Alice…part 3…House of the sun.

Alice and her Mother, Patricia, woke early. Looking outside, Alice could see it was going to be a beautiful day as the sun burnt the early morning dew from their balcony railing.

Patricia moved behind her daughter and the 2 women cuddled on the balcony enjoying the early morning sun on their bodies. Alice’s skin tingled as Patricia held her tight and nuzzled her ear, turning to kiss her mothers she felt warm and content.

Moving her daughters hand as it crept down her lower belly.

“Not now, we are going to need all our energy later,” she giggled.

Over breakfast Patricia started to explain the basic rules of the house and what Alice should expect over the next few days.

“The complex Is made up of several sections and accommodates most tastes and preferences. The most important rule is no, means no and applies to everyone. Respect is the keyword, a women can behave as she wants to, without fear of being called or treated like a cheap whore.

Alice listened carefully as her mother continued, it sounded perfect. Finishing their breakfast they headed back to the room. Laid out on their bed were 2 sets of clothes, skirt, blouse and a blazer.

“These are our uniform’s, to be worn at all times on the complex, you will find several more hanging in your wardrobe. These are the basic one’s for everyday use, others include specialist underwear etc.”

Undressing Alice wondered if she should leave her panties on, seeing her questioning look, Patricia laughed,

“Your choice, whatever you feel comfortable with.”

Standing nude, Alice looked in the full length mirror to assure herself she looked her best. She was pleased with her reflection and her self confidence grew as she studied her body. Her new waterproof makeup was flawless, accenting her high cheekbones and grey eyes to perfection.

Alice fluffed her long straw blonde hair, wishing she had kept her appointment at the hair salon last week. Slowly working her way down her long neck to her pert tits she smiled as a slight breeze stiffened her nipples. Running her hand over her flat stomach and round to the swell of her hips she parted her legs slightly.

At school Alice had always dreaded the showers after PT as the other girls always teased her about her small tits, lack of pubic hair and if she forgot to tuck them in, her long full sex lips. Looking at her pubes now she loved the way she looked. Her brothers handy work had trimmed it to a strip of light brown hair that stopped just above the slot of her sex.

It seemed to Alice that her clit had grown, become a lot more prominent and definitely a lot more sensitive over the last few weeks. Continuing down her long legs completed the journey of her 5′ 7″ frame. Her Mothers arm around her waist jolted her back to reality.

“Like what you see honey?”

“Yes, how my body looks is important to me, is that wrong?”

“Of course not, but remember you are much more than a just a body”

Looking at her Mothers reflection, Alice felt total love and more than a little horny!

“Anyway lets get dressed, I will show you around the complex.”

Getting dressed Alice luxuriated in the feel of the expensive, exotic feeling materials of the skirt and blouse against her bare skin. Her nipples stiffened and pushed against the sheer material of her blouse as she completed the look with the surprisingly light linen blazer.

Noticing that the sun on her breast pocket was like the early morning sun, only showing around a quarter as it rose over the horizon.

“Why is the sun on my blazer so different from yours?”

“It so as other members can see you are a novice, its not a rank, just a caution for other members.”

As they walked across the immaculate lawns towards the main building, Alice noticed a young couple walking in the opposite direction. As she watched the man she thought he was around 25 and about 6’6″ as he got closer she could see his muscles on his arms and rippling his tight t shirt.

Recognising Patricia the couple stopped to chat. Studying the young women Alice thought they were about the same age. Patricia introduced them to Alice.

This is my daughter, Alice. Shaking hands Alice was mesmerised by his piercing blue eyes and friendly smile.

“Hi Alice, I’m Mark, this is my sister Mary.”

Alice was stunned, as they walked on, she whispered,

“Wow, I take it they are like us”

“Yes they are lovers, if that’s what you meant. The house welcomes all, incest is not frowned upon in the house of the sun.”

“Mark is so hot, do you think Mary would mind?”

“No honey I don’t and judging by the way Mark looked at you, he wouldn’t either!”

Erupting in a fit of giggles they entered the main building. The 1st door they walked through was labelled “stations”. Patricia explained that these rooms were all named after stations because this is where trains were performed. Seeing her daughters confused look, Patricia görükle escort explained that a Train, was where men and women would queue up to take turns with a single women.”

As they walked through the various rooms Alice was amazed at the choice, the house seemed to cater for every taste. Although it was still early some of the room were in use. Alice watched with fascination as a women arse fucked a man with a huge strap on dildo as he tongued a young women to orgasm.

In another a young women was suspended 2′ off the floor by her ankles and wrists. Alice’s eyes were drawn between the girls legs, her pussy was swollen and her lipless pussy gaped open as her juice ran freely from her hole.

Looking around the room Alice could see several other people, 5 men and 3 women asleep on the floor. Moving towards the women, Alice could smell the heady scent of sex. Carefully taking her blazer off, Alice lowered her head between the women’s legs and lapped at the nectar from the girls pussy.

As Alice’s tongue lapped at her delicate flesh the women stirred and moaned in ecstasy. Alice loved the taste of sperm and girl juice as she hungrily licked and sucked at the girls hole. Moving up to the girls clit, Alice stopped and took her blouse and skirt off. The way the girl was tied and suspended allowed total access to her body. Alice could see where the girl had been whipped. Her tits were marked from her nipples to her ribs and as Alice looked around she could see a whip and various clamps laying on the floor.

“Put that dildo inside me and lick my clit.” The girl pleaded, picking up the huge dildo laying on the floor, Alice worked it into her soaking pussy. Alice was in awe as she watched the girls pussy stretch as it accommodated the huge girth of the dildo.

“Oh fuck, ram it in me hard.” The girl moaned.

Alice increased the pressure and soon had more than 8″ of the monster in. The girl shook and shrieked as Alice rammed in and out of her. Feeling the dildo hit the girls pelvic bone, Alice leaned forward and licked her swollen clit. The girls reaction was violent, she thrashed around in orgasmic bliss her cunt contracted and pushed the huge dildo from her steaming pussy.

As Alice started to get up she felt a strong pair of hands push her down as other hands parted her legs a tongue started to lick her arsehole. Alice had been so engrossed with the young girl she hadn’t noticed how turned on she had become. As the tongue moved to her pussy Alice realised she was soaking wet. Looking up she saw the young girls eyes flutter open as she watched Alice being pleasured.

Soon Alice felt the man behind her move in between her legs and start to push his cock into her. Although Alice was soaking wet she cried out as he pushed into her, he was enormous. Backing off slightly he pushed into her again and again, Alice felt incredibly full and thought he was using the dildo on her, reaching between her legs to diddle her clit a little she felt the veiny shaft of a cock.

With one last thrust he was balls deep into her and she reached to feel his heavy ball sac. As he started to thrust in and out of her the fire started in her pussy, soon bursting into her lower belly as she cried and whimpered in her orgasm.

Withdrawing he flipped her over and she saw it was Mark, looking to her left she could see her Mother, her head between Marys thighs and an unknown man banging her cunt. Alice felt pangs of jealousy as she watched her mother eating Marys cunt. Her attention snapped back to Mark as he leaned in for a lingering kiss as his bell end pressed against her sex. Opening her legs wider she managed to get her legs around Marks waist, crossing her ankles she rammed her cunt up to meet Marks cock.

As Marks ball slapped against her arse, her cunt felt stretched to its limit. Soon she was cumming again, as her cunt flexed, she felt Marks cock expand as it shot ropes of thick white spunk deep into her body. The guy fucking Mary withdrew and shot his load all over her back. Grabbing Alice’s hand they went over to her mother and Mary.

Marks cock was raging hard again and with one stroke he was buried deep in his sisters cunt, Alice lowered her cunt onto her Mothers face and gasped as Patricias tongue probed her delicate flesh. Patricia loved the taste of her daughters pussy, combined with Marks spunk it was pure nectar as she greedily sucked his load out of her daughters cunt.

Mary was the 1st to come, her scream muffled by Patricia’s pussy as her body shook. As Mary came she nipped Patricia’s clit with her teeth causing Patricia to writhe and gasp as her body shook. Unable to lick her daughters cunt she pulled Alice down to cuddle into her. Mark continued to Bang his sisters tight pussy, giving her several more orgasms before his spunk jetted into her.

Patricia woke 30 minutes later to find Mark cuddled into her back. Feeling his semi hard cock pressing into her back she untangled herself from Alice. Wrapping her hand around his veiny eskort bayan cock, Patricia was amazed as it started to harden in her hand. He was huge, the head of his cock turned a deeper red as his cock fully hardened and snapped to attention. As Mark opened his eye’s Patricia straddled his hips and pushed the biggest cock she had ever seen inside her.

As she rode him she gradually forced more of his man meat inside her. Allowing herself a few seconds to adjust to his girth she slowly rode him, raising up until just his tip was in her she slammed down. The pain was exquisite as he bumped into the top of her cunt

The groans of pleasure woke Mary, reaching between her legs she scooped up her girl cum with her finger. Pushing her lubed finger into Patricia’s arse, she could feel Marks cock through the thin wall separating arse and cunt. Patricia instantly started to cum, she had never felt so full as Mark hammered into her pussy and Mary forced her finger deep into her arse.

Alice watched fascinated, seeing 2 men watching she motioned for them to come to her. Expecting one to fuck her, whilst she sucked the other. She was surprised when the older man sat in a chair and asked her to “sit on him, reverse cowgirl.” As she turned to back on him he pushed his well lubricated fingers into her arse hole and guided his straining cock to her puckered little hole.

His cock felt enormous in her arse and she slowly sank onto his stiff cock. The other man knelt between her legs and guided his cock to her pussy. Alice had seen this in porn films, she had always thought it was faked so was amazed as her pussy stretched to accept his cock.

Her body felt amazing as he worked his cock balls deep into her pussy. The man in her arse remained still whilst his friend hammered her cunt. Her orgasm washed over her as sparks erupted deep in her cunt and arse. The man buried in her arse groaned and shot his load deep into her arse, as he softened his friend doubled his efforts in her cunt.

Reaching between her legs, Alice scrabbled at her clit and soon launched into another glorious orgasm. As she crested, she felt his cock jerk and expand as he shot a heavy load into her grasping pussy.

Standing up, her legs felt wobbly and her arse was a little sore. Walking to the bathroom with her Mother and Mary she relished the feeling as spunk ran from both her holes.

Chapter 2.

Hearing a familiar sound Alice looked around the shower stall to see her mother and Mary kissing. Alice watched as the 2 women fingered and stroked each other to a simultaneous orgasm. Smiling to herself, Alice got back under the hot water amazed at her Mothers stamina.

When the 3 women had dried themselves they walked back to the room, Alice was amazed as she saw Mark stretched out, stroking a massive hard on. Smiling Mary turned to Patricia and Alice kissing both women she went and sat on Marks straining cock.

Alice watched her sink onto Marks cock, when she had all his length he started to hammer in and out of her. Mary fell forward onto Marks chest giving them a great view of her swollen, stretched cunt. Alice watched intently as Marks cock hammered into his sisters pussy. Soon Mary was Cumming again, it fascinated Alice to watch as her cunt seemed to flare and her arse hole pressed out as she came.

After Mark had come, Alice and Patricia were amazed at the load he had dumped in his sister. Alice thought it was the 4th or 5th time he had come in less than 3 hours!

Getting dressed Patricia and Alice walked back to their room, Patricia smiled and put her arm around Alice as she excitedly chattered. Entering the room Alice was surprised to see another blazer on her bed, carefully hanging it up the 2 women fell into bed and drifted off to sleep.

Alice woke with a start, alone, nearly 2 hours later. Wondering where her mother had gone, she stumbled off for a shower. The hot water felt wonderful and rejuvenated her. Almost out of habit, her fingers fell between her legs and located the nub of her clit.

Moving her fingers between her full lips she plunged 2 fingers into her swollen pussy. With the familiar feelings of pleasure washing over her, she strummed her clitty with her thumb as she rubbed her g spot with 2 fingers. Her orgasm was immense and powerful as her girl juice squirted on the tiled floor.

Leaning against the wall, she became aware of some one watching her. Wiping the water from her eyes she saw a plump, middle aged women dressed in a maids outfit watching her.

“Oh I’m sorry, I thought the room was empty.”

“NO problem, did you like watching me cum?”

“Well I didn’t really see much, haven’t been here long.” The maid lied.

“What’s your name?”

“Jane, please don’t tell management I watched” she begged.

“Don’t worry I wont, have you ever been with another women?”

“No madam, got married at 17, by the time I was 23 I had 3 kids.”

Alice introduced herself and walked across the large altıparmak escort bathroom, kissing Jane full on the lips and probing with her tongue. Jane responded and their tongues danced in each other’s mouths. As their kiss continued Alice’s hands ran over the older women’s breasts and under the hem of her skirt and into the v between her legs. Jane parted her legs a little and Alice ran her fingers along her fast wetting pantie lined crotch.

Leading Jane back into the bedroom Alice pushed her onto the bed and removed her oversize panties. Jane’s pussy was very hairy and as she moved between the women’s legs, Alice could just see the pink lips of her pussy nestled into the thick pubic hair.

Licking from the bottom of her hole to the tip of her clit caused Jane to shudder.

“Oh please, we mustn’t I am not supposed to mix with the guests”

Alice’s answer was to tongue her clit before running it down to taste the juice freely running out of Janes pussy. Alice loved her scent, musky and sweet, ramming 2 fingers into her hole she nibbled and licked her clit. Jane started to writhe and buck her hips as her orgasm overtook her.

“Oh my god Alice, thank you so much, that was the best I have cum in years.” It gave Alice a great deal of pleasure to see the happy smile on her face as Jane explained that she had to make their bed, and clean the room as her supervisor would be wondering where she was. Nodding in agreement she watched Jane carefully wash her pussy, put her sodden knickers back on and proceed to tidy the room.

As Alice dressed, she picked up her new blazer and noticed that the motif on the breast pocket was now a full sun with cloud covering ½ of it. Jane finished tidying the room, placing a kiss on Alice’s lips, she murmured her thanks again before moving to the next room.

“I will be here till Tuesday” Alice said, please come back for some more fun!

As Jane left, Patricia came in, she had been for a run as was her habit most mornings. Seeing the maids happy smile and slightly flustered look, Patricia looked accusingly at her daughter.

“Just spreading a little love and happiness she sang out.”

Collapsing on the bed in a fit of giggles she propped herself up on her elbows and watched her mother shower. As Patricia dried herself, Alice felt totally happy, bursting with self confidence she reached for her Mother.

“No Alice it is 1pm and I am hungry.”

Thinking about it, Alice realised that they hadn’t eaten since yesterday afternoon. Playfully throwing her Mother a pout, she sat and waited for Patricia to dress. Alice loved watching her mother get ready at any time, but now it seemed special, intimate.

Shown to their table at the restaurant, they ordered a bottle of wine whilst choosing their meals from the extensive menu. Patricia settled for grilled fish with a salad garnish, looking on enviously as her daughter tucked into a double cheeseburger with large fries and onion rings, she tried to enjoy her fish.

Deciding she had, had enough sex for the time being, Patricia insisted they go into town to do some shopping. As they climbed into her little sports car, Mark and Mary parked next to them.

Admiring the sleek lines off the new Porsche Panamera, she felt knots in her stomach as her pussy tingled at the sight of Mark. Coming around from the drivers side Mary chatted to the 2 women, whilst Mark was on the car phone. Learning that they were going shopping Mary suggested that they should all go together

Thinking that was a brilliant idea, Alice looked at her Mother. Smiling at her daughters pleading eyes she agreed. Waiting for Mark to finish on the phone, the girls chatted happily. Alice watched Mary as she chatted and smiled, her graceful movements and stunning natural beauty left Alice a little envious.

Eventually Mark hung up and they all jumped in his car. During the drive Mark seemed irritated and Mary asked him’ “Every thing ok?”

“Not really, Rosemary is being a pain and some of the girls are threatening to quit.”

“Oh, well we are here for a few days, lets enjoy our vacation.”

“Ok, think we may have to go back to the house though. We worked way too hard to let Rosemary fuck it up.”

Hearing the change in Marks voice, Alice and Patricias blood ran cold as Mark seethed with anger. The moment passed and Mark turned to the 2 women in the back and apologised.

“Sorry about that, just business, my partner is a recovering addict. I thought she had recovered, it seems she is having a problem dealing with life.”

Marks easy smile and relaxed attitude, soon had the girls laughing and smiling again. Parking the car, they headed for the shops. The girls headed for an expensive looking Boutique. Mark walked over to a tailors as he felt the need for a fitted suit. Waiting for a fitting, Mark dialled his sister.

“Make sure that Patricia and Alice know that they can buy whatever they want…on me”

“Don’t think they will go for that”

“Tell them I insisted, Mark growled.”

Mary walked over to Patricia and Alice as they looked at various items. Looking at the price tags they soon put them back on the rail.

“Mark has just phoned, he says don’t worry about the cost. Buy yourself new wardrobes its all on him.”