Alissa Seduces Her Dad And Becomes A Woman


Alissa was a sixteen-year-old girl with a full-grown woman’s body. From birth, she led a very sheltered life, including private schools. Her father, John, was a Senior VP in a well-known telecommunications company and her mother, June, was a stay-at-home borderline alcoholic. They lived in a large house and had several people who cared for the place. She went to a prestigious girls’ boarding school when she entered junior high school, so she was only home during the holidays. Her parents had never sat down and had “the talk” with her. She learned a lot about sex from the girls at school.One day, during her Christmas break from school, she asked her Mom to explain some things about sex. She already knew what her Mom would say.”Talking about sex is vulgar. Go talk to your Dad,” her mother replied.Alissa went to her father’s office and knocked before entering.”Come in, Alissa,” he responded to her knock.”How did you know it was me, Dad?” she asked.”Your mother never knocks. She just barges in here,” he explained.”That’s not very polite,” Alissa stated.”No, it’s not,” he replied, then asked, “What can I do for you, Sweetie?””Dad, the girls at school talk about sex all the time and I don’t know anything about it except what I’ve managed to glean from them,” she lied. “Mom says talking about sex is vulgar and won’t help me understand what it’s all about,” Alissa explained.”She would say something like that! We haven’t had sex in months!” he exclaimed. “I’m sorry, Sweetie. I shouldn’t have said anything about our marital problems to you,” he apologized.”Dad, I may not know much about sex, but months between sex seems like a lot,” Alissa stated.Perfect! He’s got to be horny as hell, Alissa thought.”Alissa, right now, I’m the wrong person to ask about sex. I suggest you plan on spending part of your spring break with Aunt Peggy and talk to her,” he stated.”But Dad, that’s months from now!” she exclaimed.”I know, Sweetie, but if I were to teach you now, I might get carried away,” her dad replied.”Dad, you may still think of me as your little girl, but I’m almost a full grown woman. I need to know these things,” she emphasized.”Sweetie, I know you’re almost full-grown; that’s the problem with me teaching you. I’ve been without sex for so long, I might do something we’ll both regret in the future,” he stated.I hope you do, she thought.”Dad, I don’t understand but I’ll accept your decision,” Alissa admitted.In bed that night, John couldn’t sleep. He finally admitted to himself that he lusted for Alissa. The more John thought about teaching Alissa about sex, the hornier he got. Two hours after June fell asleep, he was jacking off in the en-suite bathroom, imagining Alissa naked.After he came, he walked down the hall to Alissa’s bedroom. She had purposely left the door open far enough for him to see her sleeping naked on her back. He watched her for several minutes before returning to his bedroom. When he lay down, he couldn’t get the image of his naked daughter out of his head.Alissa came to the kitchen wearing a t-shirt, sans bra, and boy shorts at breakfast. Her nipples were erect and poking at the fabric of her t-shirt. John noticed immediately; June paid Alissa no attention.John turned to June and said, “I have several contracts to review today. I don’t want any interruptions once I go to my office.””I’m going to visit my mother and won’t be back until tomorrow night,” June replied.Perfect! Alissa and I will be alone, John thought.Alissa thought the same thing.When he finished eating, John got up and, while standing behind June, motioned to Alissa to follow him. When she finished eating, Alissa went to John’s office and knocked.”Come in Sweetie,” he said.She entered and sat down on the love seat.”Sweetie, I changed my mind. Once your mother leaves, I’ll answer all your questions about sex,” John told her.”Thank you, Dad!” Alissa exclaimed as she got up and wrapped her arms around his neck.”Don’t change and come see me when your mother leaves,” John directed.”Okay, Dad,” Alissa said as she turned to leave his office.”Sweetie, do you just want descriptions or practical experience?” he asked as she reached the door.”I want the experience, Dad. Descriptions are just words,” she replied.”Okay Sweetie, get ready for the experience of your life,” John exclaimed.John went to his office door and watched her hips sway as she walked to her room. Two hours later, June left to visit her mother, and Alissa went to John’s office and knocked.”Wait a minute, Sweetie and we’ll go to my bedroom for your lessons,” he requested.Alissa did as her father requested.John got up from his desk, went to the office door, and asked,” Sweetie, are you sure you want to experience sex and not just have me explain it?”As they entered his bedroom, Alisa said, “Dad, I told you, I’m not a little girl anymore. I want to experience it!””Okay Sweetie, get on the bed and take off your t-shirt!” he ordered.”Bu, but Dad, I’m not wearing a bra,” Alissa stuttered, feigning embarrassment.”Alissa, if you want to experience sex, you will do exactly as I tell you!” John demanded.As she got on the bed and lifted her t-shirt over her head, Alissa said, “Yes, Daddy.”John was surprised that she reverted to calling him Daddy. She hadn’t used that term since she was ten years old. He rapidly stripped and joined Alissa on the bed.”Now the shorts,” he ordered.Alissa complied and lay there naked.”You have a beautiful body, Alissa. Between now and when your mother comes home, you’re going to feel the pleasures of sex. You’ll also learn how to please a man,” John stated.John rolled over to her, massaged her tits, and pinched her nipples.As he did that, Alissa said, “That feels good, Daddy.”He replaced his hands with his mouth and sucked on each erect nipple before he sucked as much tit as he could into his mouth.”Oh Daddy,” she moaned.John stopped sucking on her tits and asked, “Do you rub your pussy at night to make yourself feel good?””Pussy???” she asked like she didn’t know.”Your vagina is commonly known as a pussy, twat, love tunnel, and a few other names, Sweetie,” he explained.”No Daddy, I don’t know how,” Alissa lied.John took Alissa’s hand and placed her finger on her exposed clit.”That’s your clit. Go ahead and lie down, wet your finger and run your finger around it,” John directed as he stroked his cock.Alissa complied and soon rubbed it directly.”Daddy, it’s sending shock waves through my body!” she exclaimed.”Keep doing that, Sweetie. I want to see you orgasm,” John stated.Soon, Alissa pinched her clit, triggering her orgasm.”AYEEEEEE!” she wailed as her body thrashed on the bed.Alissa’s orgasm triggered John’s, and he came all over her tits and belly.When her orgasm faded, Alissa looked and her tits and belly, then said, “That must be cum. The girls at school talk about it all the time.””Yes Alissa, I just came on you. A lot of guys like to do that. Why don’t you give it a taste? You might like it,” John suggested.Alissa scooped some onto a finger, stuck her tongue out, and tasted it.”A little salty, but not bad,” she stated as she continued to consume John’s cum.”Not all guys taste the same. Some have a stronger taste than others,” John instructed, then continued, “There’s another way for you to have an orgasm, Sweetie, but it takes a guy or girl to do it. Spread your legs!”Yes Daddy, eat my cunt! She thought.Alissa complied, and John got between her legs, mouth at her pussy.After he swiped his tongue through her tight slit, she said, “More, Daddy.”John licked and sucked on her clit until she got close, then backed off, keeping her on the edge. When he thought it was enough teasing, John gently bit Alissa’s clit, taking her over the edge.”Holy Shit,” she screamed as she came again, hard.When her second orgasm faded, John stated, “Don’t use that kind of language around Mom! It’s okay when it’s just the two of us, though.””Yes Daddy, I’ll remember,” Alissa answered.I’ll have to see just how submissive she is, John thought.”Time for a break. Get me a beer and something for yourself,” he stated.Happily, Alissa said, “Okay, Daddy,” before running to the kitchen, then she brought back the drinks.As she handed John his beer, she said, “I saw some of the girls at school doing what you did to me but I didn’t know it could feel so good.””Now it’s time you started learning how to please a guy. Start moving your hand up and down my cock, Sweetie. When it gets hard, put it in your mouth and move your mouth just like you did with your hand. Be careful not to scrape it with your teeth!” John directed.Alissa caught on quickly and, before long, was taking over half of John’s cock in her mouth.”Now suck on it while moving your mouth. You can also use your tongue on the underside of my cock,” John directed.Alissa did as directed, and soon, John felt his balls draw up.”Sweetie, I’m going to start cumming soon. When I do, just keep swallowing until I stop,” he informed her.Alissa worked harder to make her Daddy cum, gagging when his cock reached the back of her throat. The thought of Alissa being able to swallow his cock in the future set him off.”Cumming Sweetie, keep swallowing,” he yelled.Alissa swallowed his complete load, smiling happily. When he finished, she took as much of his cock as she could, tightened her lips, and milked the last of his cum from his cock.”Daddy, it’s better straight from the source,” she stated.While she said that, John thought, “She’s a natural cocksucker. June never gives me head, and rarely any sex at all.””Daddy, some of the girls talk about fucking. Teach me how!” Alissa demanded.”Are you sure, Sweetie? The first time always hurts the girl,” John stated.Alissa recalled, “Cheryl popped my cherry at school, so no worries.””Daddy, I already answered that several times!” she exclaimed.”Okay Sweetie, I won’t ask again. Now, spread your legs and I’ll get you ready to fuck,” he replied.At this point, John assumed that his wife had put Alissa on birth control, which was incorrect.Alissa lay on her back and spread her legs. John got between her legs and ate her pussy until she came, then slid up her body. As she came, he slid his cock into her. Surprised that she had no hymen, he slowly pushed into her love tunnel.When John was halfway into her, Alissa said, “Stop, Daddy, you’re so big.”John stopped to give her time to adjust to having his cock in her pussy.”Okay Daddy, give me some more,” she stated after a few minutes.John pushed into her until he bottomed out, then said, “You have it all, Sweetie.”