All Because of a Halter Top


It all started because I wear halter tops. I’m 18 and have three months left before I graduate and I’ve always worn halter tops. They’re comfortable and I like them, but I admit I’m a late bloomer and in the last year they look WAY different on me! Everyone treated me like a little brother, or a tom boy, cause that was the way I was – but not anymore, not since I got breasts! Not like they’re huge or anything, but I know they have a really good shape. People notice my physical now and that included dad.

Anyway, what my dad started doing was this: When I was home and walking past him in the hall or standing in the kitchen he would reach up and pull the string on my halter. Never when mom was home. I could feel it right away, “Daaad!” I would yell and reach back, then I would have to run in my room and retie it. The thing was, yeah the little strings hang down the middle of my back – so its easy to untie – but it’s SO hard to tie it back up again with my long hair. Plus, I noticed how he was looking at me when he did it, at my body, he was sort of creeping me out. I didn’t tell any of my friends, but it bugged me.

THEN I totally noticed the way he would look at me on other days too, like in general, even when mom was around. I am thin and blonde. I like the way I look especially since I filled out. And so when I wear halter tops you can see the cleavage right down between my breasts plus my belly, and some of my halters are pretty narrow so from the side you can even see some of my breast especially since I’ve grown – and I like to wear low jeans too, way below my belly button.

For awhile I was thinking I needed to dress more conservative, but then was like – NO WAY – this is my house too! I want to wear what I want, no one has control of my life. Once when he was looking at me ‘that way’ I said, “cop a feel why don’t ya.” The look in his face was total embarrassment. Busted! He was gone, and was way more careful after that, since he noticed I noticed.

It was this one weekend. I was supposed to clean the kitchen and my room. Twice he untied me, and twice I had to grab my top, run into my room yelling, “Daad! Knock it off! I’m serious.” Then when I was in the kitchen doing my chores and cleaning he did it again! He snuck in reached over and pulled the string on my halter. I felt it, but something in me snapped. I was like Drrrrrr. I ignored it. My halter fell forward, and I let it drop down around my waist and I just kept on cleaning bare breasted. When I stood up right in front of him, totally nonchalant, he was looking right at my boobs and didn’t know what to do. He went bright red.

He said, “you better tie that up.”

I looked right at him, “Why? It’s what you wanted isn’t it?”

“I was just kidding around.” He was looking around now, I know he was wondering if anyone could see us. The patio window was right there. I didn’t care.

“Well I don’t think it’s funny. And I’m going to leave this AND let mom see.”

His eyes got wide. “Hon, it was kidding around. I’m sorry. Just tie it back up!” He was so lame and he was following me around the house now pleading with me while I kept cleaning, me topless and him like this busted child. I was firm. Nothing he did would bayan esmer escort bursa change my mind not this time. Mom was going to see, and he would know where his kidding would get him – I hope jail!

Anyway, I heard the door open – mom was home – but in the end I chickened out, ran for my room and tied my halter back up. Wow! My nipples were hard and pressed through the fabric. My dad was sweating and when I walked out he looked at me quick and I could see the sigh when he saw I had tied my halter back up. I smiled at him, sort of bratty like. He didn’t say another word. And he never untied my halter again.

But something changed between us after that day . . .


Ever since I was a little girl my daddy tucked me in. I love it. It is our own special time together. Even though he is a little lame. Like lately. Anyway, when I go to bed all I wear is a T shirt. I mean that is ALL I wear. It is more comfortable. But, ever since the halter top weekend . . . dad had gone totally weird with me. When dad would tuck me in at night and we had our time together, him just sitting there making small talk . . . ever since he had SEEN my bare breasts . . . I could tell he was always stealing peaks at my chest, at my body.

“Did you have a good day today sweet?” He would say, stealing a peak. (And the stupid thing is this: whenever I noticed him oogling me, my nipples would get hard by themselves. I didn’t want them too, and then there would be like this additional little show for dad of me totally nipping out. I hated it! But there was nothing I could do.)

“Yeah, Janelle and I finished our project. You got to see it, you could probably help with the design of it,” (he’s like an architect or something), ignoring the fact that he was looking up and down my body, staring at my tits. Me totally nipped out now.

Finally I said again, “Cop a feel why don’t ya,” and I will never forget what happened next!

He lay his big hand right on my breast over the thin fabric of my cotton T while looking at my body mesmerized. He said nothing, I did not move. I just stared up at him. I could barely breath, I know he could feel my heart beating, it was beating so hard! He massaged my breasts very slowly and softly for what seemed like no more than a minute and then got up and left.

“Night,” was all he said.

“Night Daddy,” and he turned out the light.

Next evening, same thing. But this time I said, “Dad, don’t. Stop it.” I would wriggle under the covers away from him. But eventually I accepted, it got so that we had just normal conversations while he stroked my breasts. I would even say things now like, “Oh, that tickles” or “Softer” or “Ouch” or You’re really nipping me out.” He would smile and react. It sort of became ‘normal.’

I was noticing though that his breast massages were drifting down a little lower too – first to my rib cage, then my tummy and then all the way down to my abdomen. And I was getting pretty worried. My breasts were one thing, but ‘down there?’ I still didn’t want to tell anybody about this, but what would I do? So I just kept my covers really tightly tucked. Finally, the day came, his hand wandered bursa ucuz eskort all the way down to the bottom of my T shirt, he even gruffly pulled the covers from underneath me exposing me totally to him. I lay there wide eyes, not moving, my T shirt up around my hips and my blonde pussy, just little whisps of hair between my legs exposed in the low light. His eyes glued to my crotch. Nobody had ever touched me there before (except me). I felt his fingers trace the edges of my thin bush, skin to skin. He stroked it lightly again mesmerized. Basically petting my little bush. Silent. I kept my legs tight together. I didn’t smile, I didn’t talk or move. And I have to admit it ‘felt’ really nice. His fingers were so soft and gentle. I was completely wet after he left that first night, though that time he didn’t know.

Next night, he came in and began to pull the covers away, I just said “Stop it.” And “You Pervert!” He laughed. But I let him anyway.

So each night he let his hands wander over my body until his fingers were sliding along my pussy, inside my thighs (I was opening my legs for him now), under my T, and now he knew how wet I got; and now our evening conversations included: “Slower” and “Up, yeah right there” and “Faster, yeah.” It got so his hand was clenched down between my legs as I rocked my hips into his hand and grabbed onto the sheets until I came in these wonderful little panting orgasms.

He would say, “That’s for my princess, you liked that?” I had glassy eyes and a breathless smile. Nodding my head, watching him as he went out the door with my red cheeks. “Night.”

Over time our secret little thing we did had this weird effect on ME, it just made me hungrier. It was like I was always aroused. I was masturbating every day, even though I let him do it every night. I tingled as the sun went down and I got ready for bed. Damn him I thought. He’s making me a pervert just like he is. . .


My mom was going to see grandma on a fairly regular basis because she was sick. And one of the weekends she was gone I went into my daddy’s room in the morning wearing my T shirt and I sat by his bed – like I had when I was a little girl. But this time I was pulling HIS covers back the same as he did with me.

He was waking up slowly and looked up at me, “What are you doing?”

“It’s my turn.”

“Honey, no, this isn’t . . .”

He was grabbing at the covers as I kept pulling. “Like anything YOU’VE done is ok. Let me see. Let . . . me . . .see!” I playfully kept pulling at the sheet.

And he let go, and there was daddy naked on the bed, and hard! I had never seen an erect penis before and it was pretty big I thought. I guess I had more a picture that they were the size of when they were soft. I had seen my dads penis accidentally – when it was soft. I think every girls first penis she sees is her dads, though probably not an erect one. This was my first time.

I just looked. And reached out my hand. Stroked it a little and he was dripping on the tip. He was staring at my body, at my breasts – I could feel my nipples harden and stretch the thin cotton. The bottom of my T was up so he could see my thighs and bursa anal yapan escort my butt. He could see all that – I knew it. So it was me with my hand wrapped round his cock, and him with his eyes on my body, and it made me so aroused. I was squirming in my seat and I could feel my pussy lips sliding together they were so wet. I couldn’t sit still – I was totally naked under my T. And I thought, hmmmmmm.

I got up on the bed and with my hands pressed down on his broad chest, straddled his belly, letting my pussy settle down so my bare bush brushed against his skin, and then slid lower lower until his cock was touching between my legs. His eyes got very wide – I was feeling pretty naughty. Mmmmmmm. I had this naughty smile.

He had done all this stuff with me and I was going to get ‘even.’

“No, princess. I can’t. . . We can’t.”

“This is what you want isn’t it?” I cooed to him lifting up my T shirt so he could see my blonde little muff and my narrow waist, the bones of my narrow hips. Oh, I was so wet.

I gave him no choice and he didn’t move a muscle. I kept pressing lower and felt his big cock slide right inside me. Oh, it went WAY up inside. I could feel it perfectly. I slid down completely filled, then lifted myself up again so it was just at my opening again.

“Do you want me to do that again?” I purred. He didn’t move a muscle, which I took that as a yes and just kept pumping my little puss on his erection never taking my eyes off of him. I didn’t have to ask any more. It was not too long before he let out these low moans, and turned his head side to side and started rocking his hips – back up into me. This wonderful rythem we had. We were fucking!

He had his big hands around my waist and began to tug at my T shirt. I lifted my arms and let him lift it off of me. We were naked now in his room and he had his hands on my breasts again, only now he was inside me too.

I let my hair fall down around his face and said, “I want you to kiss me like you kiss mom.”

He brought his lips to mine and I let his tongue in my mouth. I rocked on top of him as we kissed and tongued and fucked. (Another first for me!). We said hardly a word. I loved the way he wrapped his arms around my bottom and pulled me down so any move I made had this huge pressure on my pussy, on my clit and I could feel myself start to come. “I’m going to come,” I said and he really started to fuck me fast, pulling me tight against him, and I could feel him spray me inside – wave after wave after wave. And then it was me holding onto him tight as an amazing orgasm washed through me, exploding up my belly. It was like Oh My God! Pure pleasure. I could barely see. I started to moan and cry into his chest; going, “oh my God, oh God,” God I was so loud, it was WAY better than when my dad masturbated me in my bed. I fell on his chest, exhausted, filled. Tingling everywhere. He held my face in his hands and pulled me down so we were eye to eye and he kissed my softly, brushing my hair out of my eyes.

“Can I lay here awhile?” I whispered, knowing the answer.

He wrapped his arms around me and let me fall beside him, leaving his cock buried still inside.

He said, “Come here I’ll rock my baby back to sleep,” and we fell back asleep. That’s pretty much how we spent that WHOLE day! Fucking and sleeping.

All because of a halter top.


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