All for Me


I let you take control of both me and my fantasy. This all emerged from a simple chat. Our favorite topic has always been sex, so it never seemed strange to discuss our most secret fantasies and desires. Yours involved a shopping excursion, a short skirt, and complete anonymity.

Congratulations to the gentlemen who were lucky enough to be drug along to the mall on that day. Your inner exhibitionist would enjoy the chance to show off your pet and how well she behaves. The tantalizing glimpses offered to the random passerby also provoked your voyeuristic tendencies. The trailing eyes of those who know follow as you turn me to go. My question is how far are you willing to go? What is the limit?

Knowing you as I feel I do I am quite certain that you would not protest a touch here or there from some hapless victim of chance. While I would never imagine you as allowing me to be put in any danger, other than possibly from yourself, you would allow a stranger to caress me. You would want to see my reaction as much as for you. From there what? Do you allow one touch or caress? Or do you allow them to grow bolder? Do you allow them to take your pet? How much would you enjoy knowing that you had artfully initiated a random fuck between your pet and your new ‘closest’ pals?

In a way that brings us back around to mine. I was embarrassed to tell you because mine is so mundane in this day and age. I simply want to be the center of attention. I want to have two men at one time. Not scandalous but not common place either. The slightly sinful connotation brings to mind the image of a large bed and two good cocks. Both taking me and sending me into an outer orbit. When we talked about fantasies, I told you that I would never be brave enough to ever try it. In too many ways I am still the small town ‘good’ girl. I have no gumption to try to set up such a situation, even had I had the nerve. So you did.

As we became better friends you slowly discovered my little secret. My submissive will. Always a force to be reckoned with in my career and everyday life, I submit easily in the face of stern masculinity to Kuşadası Escort a sexual submissiveness that many never believe. You revel in this discovery. After lunch one Friday afternoon you tell me you have a surprise for me. You know me Clay, I am like an overexcited puppy when it come to presents and surprises. You tell me to be at your hotel at 17.00 and not to be late. All afternoon I am fidgety and uncertain. What could you possibly have for me? We are good friends, but I can’t imagine what it could be. I do know one thing though. You intrigue me. We have shifted on the friendship tract to somewhere past friends but not into lovers either. You are married and I am committed to someone else, but of late you seem to attract an overt amount of my sexual thoughts.

I now find myself wondering about you in ways I never did before. How your mouth might feel. How your hands would glide over my skin. The feel of your fingers as they pinch my nipple hard or the touch of your finger in my hot cunt. I masturbated to the mental image of your mouth on me. I could feel your tongue lapping at me, the pressure as you sucked on my clit and brought me off. I awoke wet, hot and alone wondering where you were and if that is what you might be like.

You are very frank in your admittance of sexual attraction for me. I say that not as a boast but because you have expressed that sentiment to me it changed our relationship. I now picture you as a sexual being because I know that you see me as one. I wonder how it would feel to ride your cock hard or to have you master over me. I try to imagine punishment from you if I disobey your orders. Again I have found myself drifting away from the story at hand. You will have to excuse me, I am otherwise mentally occupied. ;>

That Friday I came to meet you at your hotel. I can’t tell if I was more excited at the mere prospect of you and a room with a bed that close or for my surprise. The moment you opened the door I could sense a change in your demeanor. You were cold, slightly stern. You quickly informed me that I was 3 minutes past my designated arrival Kuşadası Escort Bayan time. I tried to laugh it off with a silly joke but you took control. In that one instance you watched my eyes widen and you wondered if you had gone to far. Instead I immediately responded to your words.

I step into the room and you knew you had me. After you shut the door, you walked over to give me our customary greeting hug, but this is different. The feel of it is not quite so innocent. I can feel you hard and pressing against me as I hug you to me tight. Your hands move down my back and I feel you slowly massaging my back. Then, you touch me, really touch me. Your hand has strayed down my back and thigh to the bottom of the short little denim skirt I had on. I can feel your fingers grazing the cheek of my ass. You slowly lean down and kiss me. To your complete surprise, I let you. I am slightly scared. I only imagined wanting you and touching you but never in ‘real’ life.

You take my hand and rub it against your hard crotch. I instinctively draw back, but you won’t release my hand. You tell me that you like the feel of me on you. Slowly you begin rubbing my hand up and down over your crotch. Your hand flexes and tightens on mine every time I try to pull away. Your smooth voice whispers for me to unzip you, to take you out. Again I hesitate. You tell me that you guess you are going to have to show me how I should be behaving because it seems no one has ever taught me. With that warning ringing clear you instruct me one final time to unzip you. I still hesitate, it is only the authority in your voice that convinces me that I must. Slowly I unzip you and reach my hand into your open fly. Even though I have wanted to all along I am slow to pull it out after I finish unzipping your jeans.

The jolt to my knees surprises me when you quickly push me down. I want to look up at you but your hand on my ponytail prevents that. As you push my head toward your crotch I can only think if this is what I meant to happen when I first came in. Slowly I try to lick at you. Inexpertly I slide Escort Kuşadası you into my mouth, my tongue moves over you. I can feel your hands holding tight to my hair guiding my mouth on you. You are feeding yourself to me, making me suck you. I am slowly getting more into this. My head is moving of its own accord, no longer being solely directed by your hand in my hair.

Your next command barely registers while I am concentrating on you in my mouth.

I can feel you holding tighter to my hair, thrusting harder at my mouth as you slowly repeat to me, “Pull my pants all the way down and suck my balls. Touch them.” My hands instinctively follow your commands. My right hand travels up the back of your leg. I capture your balls in my hand and begin to slowly massage them.

You never seem to stop your quick assault on my mouth. I am gagging slightly from your rough treatment of my mouth but you are enjoying yourself to much to care. You begin to move us toward the bed so that you can lay back and relax to enjoy yourself. The feeling of being half dragged across the floor only elevates my arousal. I begin to suck harder, while applying both of my hands to massaging your shaft and balls. Tentatively I let one finger graze your anus. That is my first move in any way aggressive. I misinterpret your moan and quickly bring my hands back to your legs. You tell me to do it again. So I do as you say.

I slowly rub across your anus again, this time with a little more pressure. You are still deep in my throat with my hands now alternately massaging your balls and rubbing against your anus and all in between the two. Your hand continues tight in my hair, guiding my movements. I love the feeling of you holding me. You are thrusting faster. I can barely contain it. It is only your hand that keeps my mouth firmly on you.

You again tighten your grip on my hair but this time you pull me slightly away from you. You look me in the eye and tell me that you want to watch me when you cum in my mouth. With that you thrust into my awaiting mouth again. With four or five strokes I felt the first jet of your cum in my mouth. I was forced to swallow it by the sheer volume you release into me. I know that you would be to happy to know that you are the only man who has ever had the pleasure of cumming in my mouth, so I refuse to tell you. As you sit back, you look and me and smile. Now it is time for my surprise!