All Hallow’s Eve Party

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Ding-dong, the doorbell rings, signaling the first of the trick-or-treaters on this Friday evening. I open the door of my rented condo to see and hear goblins, a ghost and even a ghoulish zombie yell, “Tricker treat.”

As I hold out the candy dish for them I look out to the yard to see the mothers looking at my yard sign advertising my after trick-or-treat party. The sign says:

Single moms. You are invited to drop your kid (s) at Unit 11573 for a sleepover party.

There will be certified caregivers, games and fun until 10 AM tomorrow.

You are invited here for games, fun, alcohol for your own sleepover party.

Adult costume with mask required.

Swimwear optional, open mind required.

I will be glad to answer any questions.

I see a couple of the cute MILFs pointing at the sign and whispering.

One forty something blonde in a devil costume with red dress and tights, horns and a pitchfork approaches me and asks, “I’m a grandma, not a mom. Can I come?”

“Before you were promoted to grandma, you were a mom, right?”

“Well, if you put it that way. Why the party?”

“I have found that single parents are often overlooked and don’t have many chances to spend quality adult time due to childcare issues. I see this condo complex has many single parent families who love to spend family time together. This is important, but so is adult time.” I watch to see if she takes the bait, as I just want some time with younger, single (and hopefully horny) MILFs and even a GILF who looks like this one. I look past the sexy devil grandma to see a cute, petite brunette who is dressed as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and a blonde Amazon still whispering, but nodding at each other.

“Do I have three on the hook?” rushes through my mind.

“Here’s my personal info and the name of the company supplying the sitters for the little ones. By the way, I’m Chuck.” And I hand her a preprinted card. “Feel free to check us out.”

“I’ll think about it and talk to my friends. How many are you expecting?” the devil asks.

“It doesn’t matter to me. I have plenty of wine, beer and stuff for mixed drinks and some snacks. There’s a magnum of champagne on ice and a liquor store that delivers on speed dial, if we need restocked. The hot tub has room for twelve if you don’t mind getting up close and personal.”

“It’s been a long time since my husband left me; and I haven’t been up close and personal since, if you get my drift. How many guys are coming?”

“Just me. I haven’t met anybody since I moved in, but I noticed that there’s not a lot of single males living here” I tell her.

“I’ve noticed the same problem, unfortunately. Do you mind if several ladies come by?”

“The more the merrier. No expectations and the only requirements are a costume, a mask and that you enjoy. Hope to see you in a little while” and I step back inside. I close the door and lean onto the wall and slowly exhale. “This may be better than I thought” I decide, thinking of her comment.

A few more trick-or-treaters stop by and a few of the mothers are with their kids, but most don’t seem to approve of my invitation. A couple of teen girls that are with their younger siblings are looking at my sign and I disappoint them by saying, “Sorry, ladies, adults only.”

The doorbell rings slow to a trickle about an hour after dark, so I clean up the candy but stay in my Civil War uniform. I end up sitting, but not for long; I’m just too nervous, waiting to see if my party idea will be a treat or a trick.

The doorbell rings again and I breathlessly open to find a couple of teenage boys still trying to get some treats. “Trick or Treat.”

“Sorry guys, the candy’s gone.”

“We wanna come to your party.”

“Sorry again, you fall right between the age to trick or treat and the age to attend an adult party.”

“What if we trick you?”

“The trick will be on you. See the cameras?” and I point up to one of the well hidden little video recorders.

They turn and walk away, grumbling about how unfair life is.

I head back in to grab a beer, and then step outside to bring my sign in. I see the three ladies from earlier standing across the way, so I walk over and ask them if they want to come in for a drink.

“We researched you and the sitters.”

“Did we pass the scrutiny?” I ask.

“Well, you’re not a sex offender and the company you hired is one of the best” Grandma says.

“I wanted everything to be just right, in case anyone wanted to enjoy this lovely evening. It’s all up to you. I see you got a little cold when the sun set,” noticing the long jackets.

“Not really, we changed costumes and didn’t want anyone to see us before we join you.”

“I’m glad to hear you’ll be joining me. Will any other friends be stopping by?”

“Maybe, your party is definitely the talk of the complex.”

“Is that a good thing?”

“That’s hard to say. Shall we go in and start to unwind?”

“Sure. Are you interested in seeing the cameras at the sitter?”

“We can see our kids?”

“If you want to. The sitters also have almanbahis adresi instructions to call if there is a problem. Did you complete the questionnaire, so they can call you? If not, they will call me if there’s a problem. I’m sure they told you I won’t get your info from them.”

I hold open the screen door for the three ladies and follow them into my lair. I offer to take Grandma’s leather coat and I hang it in the closet. The blonde removes her coat and I definitely appreciate her genie costume. She spins to give me the whole picture, showing her thong under the sheer poufy pants and she stops to see my reaction to the pasties under the sheer midriff top. The star pasties cover her nipples, but her large areolas show between the star’s arms. The big grin on her face tells me she enjoys my reaction. I gulp and turn to the petite brunette to take her coat, but she has clasped the top tightly together with both hands.

“No worries. Stay covered as long as you like. Would you like a drink, to help you relax?” She just nods, so I ask “Champagne, or something else?”

“Champagne, please” she squeaks out.

“What would you ladies like? What should I call you?”

The tall blonde steps close and whispers in my ear, “I want to fuck, Chuck,” grabs my crotch and says out loud, “Just call me Jeannie and I will grant you three wishes” and she squeezes my growing member.

“Well, Jeannie, I wish the three of you get what you want tonight” and I step back to pour the Champagne.

I turn around and see the more aggressive ladies have come between me and the little brunette, and when they turn back around I see she is no longer covered from neck to knees with her coat. The short plaid skirt doesn’t come close to reaching the lace-topped white stockings and garters, the sheer midriff top and short tie make for one definitely hot schoolgirl costume. She too has pasties covering her nipples, but unlike the blonde, hers are very covered by the big red pursed lips that are on her petite breasts. She doesn’t look at me until I hand her the Champagne glass which is just over half full and I watch her drain it and shudder.

“May I have another, sir?” and she bows slightly.

“Missy, you can have whatever you would like. Jeannie and … what should I call you?” looking at Grandma.

“Call me Horny, you like my new devil costume?”

“I liked the short, tight red dress from earlier, but this one shows you off much better” I tell her as I eye the red spandex halter dress that is cut clear to her navel, barely covering her D-cups and obviously hard nipples. The hem doesn’t hide her garter and red lace-topped stockings which end in a red pair of CFM stilettos. I get the refill for the schoolgirl and ask her, “Is Missy a good nickname for you tonight?”

She is obviously embarrassed, being a little red in the cheeks and just nods. I turn and quickly pour more Champagne for the other ladies and say, “I see you missed the mask requirement, please choose a mask for the evening” and I put on my Zorro-style mask.

Horny asks, “Why the masks?”

“Adding a mask allows us to pretend for a little while; to lose some of our inhibitions; to allow our true desires to surface, for at least a little while.”

The first lady to choose her mask and put it on is the little schoolgirl. When the mask goes on, her whole demeanor and body language changes and she walks up to me and asks, “May I have more Champagne, sir?”

“Yes, Missy, all you need to do tonight is to ask and your wish will be granted, Jeannie has guaranteed this; haven’t you Jeannie?” It’s Jeannie’s turn to be surprised at her friend and she just nods before donning her mask.

“Would you ladies like something to eat; would you like to sit and talk, watch a movie? I figure after a few more drinks we can hop into the hot tub.”

Horny looks at her friends and then me and asks, “Do you have any porn?”

“Of course, what kind do you prefer?” and I open the cabinet hiding the big screen TV and some of my movies.

Jeannie chimes in with, “Whatever you have that’s hardcore.”

Missy asks, “You have any girl on girl?” and her cheeks turn bright red under her mask as she looks at the floor.

Her friends look at each other and then her and then me and chime in, “Do you?”

“Of course, every straight guy likes to watch women have sex with each other” and I pop in a DVD that has three girlfriends that live together.

I start the movie and grab myself a beer before settling on the couch between Missy and Jeannie. Horny sits at my feet and turns to watch the show. The movie gets down to the action pretty quickly and I notice the ladies are drinking a lot, so I get up, and help Horny get off the floor and take my place between the younger ladies. I bring the Champagne bottle for refills and follow with a tray of veggies, cheese and little sausages. The lady are quiet; but Horny lives up to her nickname and grabs the hands of each of her friends and places them on her sheer red panties which have shown since her hem rode up when she moved to the couch. The ladies leave their hands in her vee and keep almanbahis adres watching the porn with the three lesbians and their fuck toys. I lean over the back of the couch and slip my hands into the tops of the ladies on the ends and lean over to kiss first one and then the other when they look up at me. I decide it might be time to turn up the heat.

“I’m sorry to interrupt ladies, but do you mind if I take some photos?”

“Why would you want to take pictures?” asks Jeannie.

“Well, it looks like tonight is going to get very interesting and I would like something to help me remember the hottest night of my life.”

“Will you give us a minute alone to discuss your request?”

“Of course, as I have said a couple of times, no pressure.”

I go to use the restroom and wonder if I’ve pushed too far. Shortly after I finish emptying my bladder I hear, “You can come back.”

I look at the three now naked, but still masked ladies on my couch and grab my camera from the drawer. I get down on the floor next to the TV and start snapping pictures of the ladies who are getting very touchy-feely with each other.

Missy looks up from sucking on Horny’s chest and says, “You’d better not let us run out of booze” before returning to her suckling and slipping her finger in and out of Grandma’s neatly trimmed bush.

I stop my photographer duties and return to bartending. This isn’t a problem for me since I have several little spy cameras that have been filming since the ladies stopped in. I end up opening a bottle of wine, since the champagne bottle is empty and I bring the wine glasses to action central.

Suddenly, Horny removes the hands from her box, sits up, and asks “What about the hot tub?”

“Sure, anything you ladies want. Follow me. Did you bring swimsuits?”

“Do we need them?”

“I would like to get some pics with you ladies in bikinis, before you get them wet.”

“That might be a problem” Jeannie says and puts my hand on her shaved beaver.

“You’re right. The suits will be wet as soon as you put them on, but I still want some pics of you in them. I would also like some pics in your costumes before you leave.”

“If you insist. Where’s the suits?” asks Horny.

I pull out a few extra small string bikinis from the pantry next to the patio door and tell the ladies, “Take your pick. I like the lime green.”

Jeannie says, “This is an extra small. It won’t fit these magnificent tits.”

I reach out and caress the closest tit to me and tell her, “These are extra small string bikinis for a reason. They cover the least and we can add some string if they won’t fit around your most magnificent tits and ass. Please try one on. I think it’ll fit just right.”

Horny says, “I’m a grandma, I won’t wear a bikini.”

“Okay,” I reply as I reach back into the pantry where the next shelf down has a sheer white one piece and a string one piece that is as small as the bikinis, but it is technically a one piece with the strings tying it all together.

The younger ladies quickly choose their suits and I watch as they tie them on. Horny has picked the full coverage, but sheer one piece. The suit is tight and she needs to wiggle her hips to slide it up. When she gets it over those luscious hips, she rolls the top half over her magnificent breasts. She wiggles around to get the high cut sides into a comfortable position and runs her fingers across her trimmed bush to emphasize her cameltoe. She turns away from me and pulls the back coverage up into her ass crack and wiggles it at me.

She looks over her shoulder and asks, “Well? … You like?” and spins back around to show me her full womanhood.

The kitty definitely has my tongue and all I can do is stare and nod. The younger ladies grab each of my arms and lead me out onto the patio, while asking Horny to bring the cooler.

“Do we need to get you out of this costume? Or are you going to keep pretending to be an officer and a gentleman?” asks Missy.

I quickly help them shed my boots, jacket, shirt, belt with holster and pants, leaving me standing there in my satiny boxers. The ladies are running their hands over my chest keeping all hands well above where I want them to explore.

Horny has the cooler and asks, “Do we need an ice bucket challenge to cool all of you down?” as she sets the cooler on the deck next to the in-ground hot tub. When the other ladies stop teasing, we all hop into the hot, bubbling water. I quickly pop back up to the deck, as the water is a little warm for me to just drop into.

The ladies don’t waste a second to start teasing me about being a pussy about the hot water, but Horny wades over and plants her face in my lap and tells me, “I see my suit isn’t the only see-thru one.”

I spread my legs to allow her better access and reply, “If you notice the other ladies’ suits are also sheer when wet. I’m a firm believer in equal rights; if I can look at your goodies, you can certainly look at mine if you want.”

“I’m gonna definitely do more than look,” she says as her hand slides up the leg of my underwear.

I look at the almanbahis adresi other two lovely lasses and ask, “Will one of you get my camera and bring me a beer?”

They both hop out and dash into the condo, but quickly return with their wine glasses, my beer and the camera. They hand me my beer, refill their wine glasses and ask about the canning jar in the cooler.

As they start snapping photos of each other, I answer “That’s just a little moonshine I picked up.”

“Can we try?”

“Of course, but take it easy. It’s got quite a kick.”

“What’s floating in there?”

“Well, it’s cherry flavored and those are the cherries they put in there to give it a little flavor and mellow the bite. Try a sip.”

“You first” and they hand the jar to me before sitting on the spa edge on each side of me.

I unscrew the lid and take a big sip and quickly grab a swig of my beer to chase it. It’s my turn to shudder and Missy laughs at me, but takes the jar for her taste. She takes too big a sip and coughs and gags, almost losing it into the spa’s water. She shudders and passes it to Jeannie.

“Wow,” is all Missy can say as her hand reaches out to stroke Horny’s head which is still lying in my lap. Horny looks up at me with an evil grin and reaches into the fly of my boxers. She fondles me and starts to lick her lips, but jumps when Jeannie starts to gag from her sip of the moonshine. Jeannie hands the bottle to Horny and looks at me, sticking a cherry out between her teeth. She had tied the cherry stem with her tongue and teeth and then passes it from her lips to mine.

She leans in and whispers in my ear, “You want me to show you what else my tongue can do?”

“I’m ready for whatever you ladies are ready for. If you look in the deck box, you will find some interesting items.”

Missy pulls the small box over and pulls out a couple of dildos, a waterproof vibrator and a double-ended dong. “Toys are nice, but I haven’t had a real one in a long time. You seem to have thought of almost everything, but didn’t you forget something?”

“No, I’m pretty sure I have everything we need.”

Jeannie says, “If you want your wish to come true, there better be some rubbers in that box. You’re not getting into any of us without protection.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you saw the pumpkin shaped candy jars in the living room and kitchen. Look in the one next to the cooler.” She grins as she pulls out a string of ribbed for her pleasure condoms.

Horny is now playing with my camera and asks, “Is this waterproof?”

“Waterproof, shock resistant and on and on. Just point and shoot. You want to take some pics?”

“Maybe, but you wanted some pics before we lose our bathing suits and I’m ready to get into my birthday suit.”

“I’ll be glad to take the pics, or you’re welcome to, if you want.”

Jeannie tells Horny, “Start snapping. He’s gonna be too busy to worry about focusing on anything but what I’m doing to him” and she pulls the front of my boxers down before burying my cock between her lips.

I barely notice the flash going off since her tongue has much more talent than just tying cherry stems. Suddenly little Missy pushes us down into the spa’s seat and crawls into my lap, shoving Jeannie aside. Missy doesn’t say a word, but stands in front of me and unties her bikini bottom, letting it float away. She is not tall enough to let me see much of what her hand is doing under the water, but she leans her head back, reaches out for my hand with her free hand and puts it on her lovely, itty-bitty titty. I quickly undo her top and set it free to join the bottom half somewhere in the water while I start massaging her lovely melons and tweaking her nipples. Horny is still snapping pictures, but I don’t know where Jeannie’s gotten to until I feel her lips on me under the water. I reach down to untie the bra of her bikini and look up to see Horny shimmying her suit off. Jeannie pops up out the water and plants her lips on mine, shoving that talented tongue into my mouth. I feel my boxers being dragged down, so I ease my ass up and step out of one leg and then the other before Jeannie is pushed to the side and another pair of lips is on my dick, so I stand to allow this new cock sucker to breathe. Suddenly I’m pushed back onto the hard concrete outside the hot tub and I feel a rubber being wrapped on my raging hard-on. Again I’m shoved and end up on my back on the concrete. Horny had started out being more aggressive than the others, but I don’t who’s the most aggressive at this point. They’re like sharks in a feeding frenzy. All I know is there’s a dripping pussy being planted on my face and someone’s mouth bobbing up and down on my swollen dick. Before I lose my load into the rubber I feel someone’s hands on my chest as she impales herself on me. I can’t see the flash anymore, but I can hear the camera’s shutter clicking. Suddenly, I hear a splash and my dick is in the cool air. The pussy that had been grinding my head into the concrete deck leaves and jumps onto my swaying cock. A hand lifts my head and places a pool mat under it and my shoulders. This kindness is greatly appreciated since it’s only seconds before another pussy is on my tongue, forcing my head into the mat. Whoever was pushed off my dick into the water is now licking my balls and cock as it exits from the fuck-hole of whoever is riding me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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