All in the Familia Ch. 2


After that fuck we were just totally spent so we decided to hit the sack, we never even made it to the bedroom until now. I slept naked as always and cuddled up with my baby sister who just happened to be my newest and best lover. While in the middle of a sweet dream a few hours later I woke up to a strange feeling. What is that, I thought as I laid on my stomach half asleep. I lifted my head to see my sister sucking on my asshole like it was a pussy.

Damn she knows how to wake a brother up doesn’t she? She got my cock rock hard again and made me jump when she slid her finger in my ass and started moving it around real slowly, I turned over onto my back being careful not to let her finger come out, but exposing my monster hard on to her and she took advantage of it immediately by placing her tongue on the edge of my dick head and licking in circles teasing me and I loved it. She began to show off her skills again on my dick and worked it up and down and up and down again. I kept thinking, why did I wait so long to get some of this while it’s been in my house all these years.

Fuck it I got it now and it is sweet so let me stop thinking and start cumming. With that I couldn’t stand her on my dick and in my ass at the same time any longer so I filled her with my juice and watched her drink me up. I couldn’t leave her hangin like that so I called her up to me to sit on my face and smother me with her love and she slid up my stomach and chest leaving a trail of juice across my body as she did. Before she mounted my face she slapped me hard and told me to eat her like till she comes or else.

How can I deny a forceful woman like that so I obeyed her and ate that pussy like she told me to. Finally, after a few intense orgasms we fell to the bed and slept it off till late afternoon. We woke up about one o’clock the next afternoon, hungry and reenergized to plan our day. After some lunch, we went to my old buddy’s house and picked up a few hits of exxxstacy. We would need that a little later tonight.

So we made it back to the crib and talked about what we were gonna do that night and little sis told me she was mine and would fulfill any fantasy I had. I thought about it for a moment and said you know the way you ate my ass out, bursa eskort bayan I think you would eat a great pussy too. She told me that although she had never tried it before she did have a hot ass friend that she would like to try it with. I have always wanted to be with two chicks at once so I had no hesitation in telling her to give her friend a call.

Later that night Jessica showed up, not knowing that she was gonna get fucked by me and my sister. She was the perfect fit for my fantasy to play out with. My sister told the truth when she described her and told me how hot she was. She had a nice tan complexion with curly black hair past her shoulders with a perfect ass and great tits as well. The best thing I noticed was her perfect full lips and I couldn’t help but picture them on my sister’s bald pussy.

Well I hope this works out for us I thought as we got right to the point after introductions and sparked up a fat joint and passed it around to get loose and sure enough she asked me for some x and we all popped ours and sat back and chilled, soon enough the effects started to kick in and we all started smiling and feeling good. She asked me to give her a shotgun (when you breath the smoke from your mouth directly into someone else’s) so I did and noticed that she slipped me a little tongue with it as well. Cool, I thought, things were looking good. Then my sister asked for one too and sat on my lap and took it from me and began to make out with me passionately as I grabbed her ass and breasts. Then she looked up at Jessica who was sitting there staring in disbelief at what she just saw. “Lori”, she said “isn’t he your brother? “ “Step brother“,

she replied “and I meant to tell you how close we are, I must’ve forgotten somehow, sorry”. Wow she replied can I get some of that extra action she asked and I said sure. Jessica came and sat on my other leg and started kissing me. Lori joined back in as well; soon it was all three tongues meshed together in a wild kiss.

After a few minutes the girls pulled away and began kissing each other like lovers as I sat there feeling the effects of my pill and not believing that I had two hot bitches on my lap making out like this. I placed a hand on each one bursa merkez escort of their breasts and began rubbing them slowly but firmly. I then urged them to touch each other’s breasts, and they began exploring each others great tits. I pulled off my shirt and grabbed them both by the hand and led them to the bedroom so we could have the room we would need to do what we were about to do.

I laid down in the bed and urged them to join me and they started feeling my hard chest and licking and biting my nipples. I told them both to undress and they did. What a site before my eyes there was my sister on one side, light skinned with long straight brown hair and full c cup breasts and a chunky bald pussy with a nice handful of ass to go with it and on the other hand there was Jessica who had a little darker complexion and smaller breasts but the ass on this girl had me wanting to bury my face in her pussy along with my kid sister and make her scream like crazy.

I’m sure we’ll get to that soon enough. But for now the girls helped each other in removing my pants and quickly began sharing my cock with Lori mouthing my dick and Jesse licking my balls and near my asshole. They took turns sucking on my cock and both licking it along its sides and kissing each other in between. I told them I was gonna come so they both put their mouths near the tip of my cock sharing my juices as I covered both of their faces with it and watched them share them like good little girls. I then pulled my sister up to me and kissed her for a while and showed her how much I loved her by going down on her first while her pussy was still untouched. I started licking her slowly and then built up a rhythm as I noticed Jesse climb up and mount her face and ride it like a dick.

As I ate her on the other end she was slowly moving up and down on her face while playing with her nipples and moaning eat me you slut. I removed my face from my sisters pussy and told Jesse to take over for me and she leaned forward and they were quickly in a 69 position I sat back and watched this lovely display for a few minutes while trying to decide which pussy to enter first when Lori came up for air and said you’ve gotta taste her bursa sınırsız escort bayan pussy I know its my first one but it tastes incredible so at that we began to share our new lovers pussy like good siblings should.

Then sis told me to fuck our friend real good so I flipped her over and took that pussy like a dog and began working it like a man on a mission the x still had me going good and there was no way I was gonna cum soon so I held nothing back and slapped her on the ass as I banged her hole. I asked her who she thought she was eating my sisters pussy like that, as my sister pulled her hair jerking her head back telling her she was our new toy and we were gonna work her out all night and she slapped her face hard. Jesse screamed yes I’m your slave and I’ve been bad please punish me, please.

At that point Lori stuck two fingers into her asshole while I was still in her pussy and I could feel them touching my cock through her layer of skin, it was so hot. I then decided that my little sis really needed some of my hard cock right about now, so I pulled out of Jesse and laid back for my sis to ride my cock hard as I found out she likes to and had Jesse sit on my face and I was now being ridden on both ends and Jesse reached forward and found my sisters clit right above my cock and she came instantly when touched there.

We remained that way for a while till both girls had cum again and again. I then ordered our little slave to eat my sisters pussy while I fuck her asshole and we formed a chain with my dick in Jesse’s ass and her mouth on Lori’s pussy we stayed this way till Lori jumped up and said her asshole wanted some as well so I had her lay on top of Jesse both of them face down with both tight little assholes right on top of each other and I took turns banging them both repeatedly I asked them who wanted my hot cum and of course Lori demanded it so I pulled out and let her spin around and put my dick in her mouth as I filled her throat with my juice, being the nice girl she is she allowed Jesse to kiss her and taste it on her lips.

We knew we had picked the right girl for our ménage a trois when she asked for more. So I told her to lay back and play with herself for us with my sister’s vibrator.

Jesse put on a show after that and amazed us all. And I got hard quick enough and began fuckin my sister from behind again while she went down on Jesse’s sweet pussy. And she told me how much she liked it this way and asked what were we gonna try next. Well I asked have you ever been with two guys at once?

To Be Continued…