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**The following is a story that contains unclean themes. Gross stuff like mud, general unwashedness, piss, watersports etc. etc. If that’s what you like, keep on going. If its not? Stop now. Cause its coming ahead.**

Sherry and Evan were a couple in distress. About a year and a half in their marriage was in a rough spot. The honeymoon was over, and the love was gone. Well… Mostly gone. Now and again they’d have a moment. The last one they both remembered was going out for ice-cream and Evan had spilled some on sherry, down her shirt. Then, in ‘revenge’ she had spilled some down his pants. After some playful fun, that had lead to a final romantic night two months ago, but ever since that messy session they had had more trouble.

Marriage counseling was a yes, a few months ago they had tried one, then another, then another, then another. Things weren’t turning up.

One night at a small event with some friends Sherry and Evan were chatting with a couple that had gotten married a few months before them. The duo were a bit slobbish, the wife and husband both somewhat smelly, the house a bit of a mess, the two of them barefoot in their muddy backyard. Evan spoke to the husband while he worked on the barbeque. “I see you and the missus are getting along great.” He said as he watched the man cook, spilling pits of grime on himself.

“Yeah. We found a marriage counselor. It took a month or two, but we’ve gotten waaaay better together now. Ya know? More open n’all that.”

Sherry was having a similar conversation as she watched TV in the somewhat dirty living room. “You and your husband are getting along amazingly. Me and Evan are…” She sighed.

“That bad?” She asked.

“I feel like I’m between one and three month from divorce papers.”

“We found a great marriage counselor about eight months ago. It took a bit, but if he works you’ll be fucking your hubby plenty more before you serve the papers, at least at the longer date.”

Evan blinked. “Really? That quick. I feel like… We barely have that much time left.”

The husband laughed as he put the food on the plate, before starting to walk inside, not wiping his feet as he tracked mud through the doorway. “You got the beans ready?” He asked.

“Yes dear!” His wife let out, she got up, walked passed, gave her husbands rear a quick grope, while her bare feet teased his muddy toes, and she walked to the beans, Sherry following the wife.

“The mess doesn’t bother you?” Sherry asked quiet-ish.

“Dear, no. We’re going to have a little gassy contest later.” The wife laughed. “But yes, after counseling we got together a lot better. We have issues, certainly, but we’ve haven’t had any hiccups since the couseling, aside from his mothers china. But that’s honestly it.”

The husband sighed. “I do miss Mom’s china.” He told Evan, “But its water under the bridge. I’ll dig up the therapists contact info, and send it as soon as I find it.” He said to him.


Two weeks later they had an appointment. The counselor was in a house, or a residential building rather. They had done a small pre-questionnaire to get things started. One in unison, and after one each. The second was a bit of a surprise, but the doctor had explained as much.

As they entered the building, using the ‘work’ entrance as recommended they noticed a dirt path through some mud to another door. Neither paid it much mind as they entered.

The house was a bit messy, and a faint odor hit their noses. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t outright offensive. Through a door a younger looking woman sat behind a laptop, typing away before looking at paper. She looked up as the door closed. “Oh! hello!” She said with a smile. “Sherry? Evan? Lovely to meet you, I’m Doctor Rosenthall.” She said getting up, “Rose for short. Come in, come in.” She said as she motioned for the other two to enter. She was a bit messy, but cute, red-haired, dressed formal and quite warm.

There were two chairs, opposite one for Rose. “Come, take a seat.” She said as she motioned to the seats letting them sit down before she herself sat down. “So. You two are in dire straits? You both filled out the same number of counselors, at six. Which is a good sign in one way, and bad in others. I should start by saying that no marriage counselor is 100% successful. And if one says they are, they are either very new, very extreme liars, or possibly both. You both don’t seem to be in that category of auto reject, but I may be very wrong. With that said, my success rate in terms of one year after counseling is 75%, and while numbers further out are harder to track, they hover around two thirds overall.” She said with a pause. “And güvenilir bahis with that, I will have to warn, we will likely of course do strange things. Including rather… Unconventional treatments. Especially with you two. However, lets get started on the basics first.”

Rose began the treatment with the sheets, and reading off a few things. Marriage goals, issues, speaking. About two hours later, and with some frustration on all side, but small amounts of relief, she gently put her hands on Evan and Sherry’s shoulders. “Alright. Relax you two.” She said voice calm. “This will not be a painless process, as I said, phase one is weekly meetings. You both work from home, so we’re going to assume this time is good. And… For now we’ll have week two be two hours. My schedule is open.” She paused. “Now then. Homework. One week only, very easy.” She laughed. “I will ask you both to not do something.” She paused. “For one week. I will ask you both to not have sex, not shower, and not change your underwear. For the no sex, I recommend sleeping in separate beds. You mentioned the guest bedroom, I will let that happen between you.”

“Wait… What?” Evan asked a bit confused.

“That… Is… Quite different.” Sherry said also turned off.

“I know its odd, but trust me. It is one of the core tenets to my work. And even more in your case. Since… Well… You both know how you answered your questionnaire. I won’t reveal that. Certain things only come out when requested. However. Well, look I am asking, one week. You know your friends who recommended you to me? I promise they did the same. Trust me. There was a phase a while ago where they became a bit isolated? If you want to know more, ask them, I will recommend the same general therapy for you. Maybe change some details, based on progress, but, they went through this step. I will not force you too, but… If you want call and ask? Just know that if you don’t follow at least reasonably close, you will have slower, worse, or possibly no progress. For it all? I want no cleaning besides hand-washing, and no underwear changing, as well as no sex. Masturbation is ok. You can masturbate as much as you both wish, I do recommend in separate rooms. As a small condolence, I promise the no-sex part won’t last forever.”

There was more than a little disbelief, but the gentle Rose had gotten a bit strict with her tone. Sherry and Evan both left feeling a little beaten. Once outside Sherry quickly texted their couple friends.

On the way back they got their reply. ‘Yeah. It was weird. But try it. At least two weeks. You both work from home so it should be fine’.

“So…” Sherry said as she flashed the phone at Evan at a red light.

“I’m driving you know.”

“R-right. She says that they did the same thing… At least two weeks. We do both work from home so at least we don’t have that. But… Um…” She shrunk into her seat some, her phone buzzing. Another text saying, more or less, the same from the other part of the couple. “He said the same, basically, he said up to two three months. But other than that. Not much.”

“They have been a bit dirtier since that time they went away.” Evan muttered. “Well… We can try one week, like Rose said. If its too much… We stop.”

Sherry paused and nodded. “Y-yeah ok.” She said. Her and Evan couldn’t look at each other. “I… I can take the guest bedroom. If you don’t mind I’d like to move my toys there.” They had some openness in the relationship. Both of them had some toys to aid self-pleasure. Not a ton, but it was for times of extreme duress.

At home they settled things. They had dinner together and took to their separate rooms. Evan and Sherry both struggled a bit to sleep. The only times they didn’t share a bed, even at their worse, was when one was sick. And things felt a bit off. Thus, despite their plans, both ended up masturbating to help pass the time, both of their rooms a ways apart, so they couldn’t hear each other.

Sherry had a dildo which she worked in and out of herself. “Mmm. F-fuck!” She said dripping with sweat. It was the middle of the heated summer, and she was a bit sweaty from a little time outside. Not to mention her stress from this all was making it harder on herself. “I’m jealous. He always cums so quickly.” She let out. “Fucking lazy bum. Never goddamn thinks of me. I want him to cum closer to me!” She huffed as she worked herself up, feeling the sweat. Some part of her realized that she would be stuck with this… And kinda liked it. She wasn’t in love with it, but well, if she was gonna be like this for up to, god, three months, she would make Evan suffer with her stink.

Evan was thinking similar thoughts. güvenilir bahis siteleri Much simpler he was jerking himself off with one hand, reaching an orgasm a fair bit easier than Sherry. He reached his climax with less work than Sherry, cumming all over himself without realizing it. He looked down at his crotch. “I should wa-” He paused and took a moment as he looked at himself. “Fuck… Well… Fuck it. She can deal with my man scent. I’ve wasted some time like that before.” He sighed as he got up to use the toilet and pass out.

The next day the both awoke smelling just a bit funky. Neither particularly minded or noticed. Both of them, as mentioned, worked from home. Sherry in business, trading stocks from home, and Evan in computer science, virtual networking things mainly. So they stayed home, sticking around.

At a point Evan got bored and, in his workstation, somewhat isolated from Sherry, he quietly opened up some porn and began to jerk it. There was some consensus between the couple that masturbation was ok. And… Right now, with the ‘permission’ of Rose Evan was feeling like doing a little extra… Work. He made sure that when he came he came all over himself, not his things. And realized that he was gonna stink of cum come one week.

Dinner was a touch awkward, Evan smelling a fair bit more of sex. Not too much, but a bit more. Still they both slept, Sherry masturbating once more herself.

Day three was when things really started to smell. Sherry masturbating once a day every day, and Evan doing at least two a day. Cum stained his abdomen, and he and her both smelled a fair bit as they had well, not washed in a few days. “I was thinking.” Sherry started. “I wasn’t gonna shave if we’re not going to shower for a while.”

Evan coughed a bit mid-drink, spilling some orange juice down his shirt. He paused and took a moment.

“Is that a no?” Sherry asked blinking in surprise.

When Evan could breathe again he paused. “I… I mean wh-whatever. It just seemed sudden. Any reason?”

“W-well… if we’re not going to wash for a few weeks, why worry about how hairy I am? A-after all we aren’t sleeping together for a while. You wouldn’t be too bothered would you?”

“Its fine… Do whatever you like.” Evan said a bit surprised. “I won’t stop you… Nothing wrong there. I’m gonna keep shaving my face… Moustaches suck.” Some side effects of shaving, but with no washing were hairs on his skin. He was allowed a damp paper towel to scrape that off, but only on his shoulders. Some trimmed hair ran down his chest, mild irritation.

“Fine. You do you, and I’ll do me.” She glanced at Evan, noticing the juice soaking into his bare chest. He had gone shirtless this morning, so she got a nice view of his chest. Not the most sculpted or manliest, but with the juice dribbling down, heading below the table to his waist… She liked it, her groin a little damp. She had been noticing some increase in arousal, her scent turning her on a fair bit as time passed. She had a feeling she was going to masturbate more often as time passed.

That morning passed by without much worry. They both were getting more comfortable in their smells. Smelling a bit worse as time went by. Evan masturbated once at his desk, a fairly sticky mess around his loins, while Sherry masturbated twice. Both of them were getting quite sticky, and… That only seemed get them more excited.

With them both breaking for lunch around noon the couple felt rather good. Sherry was closer to her afterglow than Evan, but both were enjoying a fading high. Not much was said at lunch as they both got something light. The afternoon passed roughly the same, with John masturbating once more, and Sherry doing the same.

Days three through six had very much the same life schedule. The smelly couple found themselves more and more aroused, and the temptation for sex grew, but they were able to keep it down for now. Each day though, they smelled a fair bit worse. Evan could get out three orgasms a day, his crotch sticky and splattered in cum, while Sherry reach up to five. And even if they hadn’t, since they had been wearing the same underwear for six days stains and smears were spreading on their underwear. Both of them smelled, but it turned them on almost painfully. Both of them masturbated in their beds before even having breakfast, let alone during the day. And both were quietly loving this. more and more.

Day seven, the next appointment. They both awoke, each in their own bedroom. Horny as ever, masturbating and cumming. John had a rather sticky splatter on his groin fairly permanently affixed. Sherry had a similar sticky mess around her loins, although iddaa siteleri not quite as tangible as Johns.

After breakfast they watched TV and spoke, breaking apart for one more masturbation time, covering it up with talking about ‘being hungry’ and ‘having to use the toilet’ before it was time for the appointment.

The drive was a bit awkward. The scent of sex and sweat potent in the car. Both of them were turned on by it, but they managed for the modest drive over. When there they walked in and met with the councilor.

Rosenthall met them, her nose going wild. Nobody had come in before them today it seemed. “Hello. I can tell you both have been following my instructions. Now then how did things go this week?”

What followed was a faithful recount of the week from both of them. While not 100% of the truth, broadly both admitted to frequent masturbation, although how much was played down, and they admitted, to different degrees, somewhat liking their body odors.

After a while Rosenthall nodded. “Good… You both may make it through my trial a bit quicker than normal. I’m going to ask that you both skip washing and changing your underwear as long as possible. However… After this week if you wish too you may call me if you cannot tolerate it. Having said that you both are tracking like some of my best cases, so I believe you will both do well. And… I do have some good news. Next week, sex is back on. You both may fuck as much as you like.” She hummed.

Evan and Sherry both rather like that news. Masturbation was good, but sex… Well did more need to be said?

“But, as mentioned you both will still smell. And… If things work out. Get used to your underwear.” She said with a slight hint of personal delight. “And as mentioned, no showers. I’m sure you’re a bit sticky, but a little stick for love is fine.” She said with a smile. “Having said that, the ban on sex fades once you get home… Really its once you leave my office, but well, public fornication isn’t legal.” She chuckled. “Does that sound reasonable.”

“I’m ok with that.” Sherry said.

“I can wait till I get home.” Evan said a bit faster.

“Good. You two go ahead. Have fun. Make a mess of things. Part of the process of all this is getting reacquainted with smells. So maybe don’t be afraid to re-wear clothes. As mentioned you both work from home, and seem to be ok so far. So don’t be afraid to make messes. Its only natural.” She hummed.

While they both weren’t exactly thrilled about this mess making thing. Well both Sherry and Evan were excited at the prospect of sex again. “Anything else doc?” Evan asked.

“Well… I will ask if you can keep as many clothes on as possible. Your scents of sex being in them is key to the counseling process. However just keeping it on after you work things out will be decent. The more of yourself in your clothes the better though.”

Sherry and Evan nodded, far too eager to begin their normal sex sessions once more, this sweaty smelly living having driven their libido’s wild.

When they were finished Rosenthall wished them well as she sent the duo along. Evan drove a bit fast for his normal habits. And when they got home both of them walked with purpose.

Putting their keys and phones aside, Evan and Sherry started to strip. However Sherry spoke up. “She wanted us to try and stay as clothed as possible. Do we want to try that?” She asked.

Evan paused. “Yeah. Less stripping to do so.” He said as he undid his belt and unzipped his pants only, Sherry doing the same with hers.

Sherry noticed the dried cum on his waist. “You mentioned having masturbated plenty. But… Well.” She chuckled. “You were quite something.”

John blushed before putting his hand to Sherry’s pussy lips. “I mean. You aren’t that clean either are you?” His fingers wormed around. “Not as visible, but almost as sticky.”

Sherry moaned. She had been moist from just their combined smell to be honest. “Just stop teasing me and fuck already!” She huffed.

John didn’t need to be asked twice. His cock was semi-hard already. Going to their normal bedroom, currently Sherry’s bedroom, and right into the bed.

It took naught but a few moments, making sure the lights were on, before John slipped right into Sherry and both of them shivered in a moment of pleasure. It had been just a week, but if felt like forever. Their scents mingling. There wasn’t anything too crazy in their act, but it felt so refreshing. Sweat running down their bodies as John made three climaxes, a personal record. Sherry hit five herself. It was physically exhausting. Both of them, and their clothes drenched in sweat. Their loins smeared in sex juices from both of them. After pulling out John and Sherry both passed out pretty quickly, falling asleep in the sweaty sheets. Content with their marriage, imagining the week ahead, without another shower, and lots more sex between them both.

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