All She Really Wanted was Cum

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When Rob walked up to the Police Chief’s front door he wasn’t expecting it to be slightly ajar, nor was he expecting to be assaulted with a hefty odor of weed. Police Chief Adams and his wife were out of town and only their daughter Rebecca was supposed to be home. He rested his hand on his gun and pushed the door open with the tip of his foot. Cautiously he stepped inside and walked through the foyer.

He saw Rebecca standing in the middle of the living room, wearing nothing but a pair of pink panties and a small halter top. She was smoking a joint, talking on her phone, and dancing to the beat of some hip hop number that was playing through the speakers. Rob cleared his throat and relaxed the hold he had on his gun. When Rebecca didn’t turn around, he walked over to the stereo and pressed the power button. Instantly the sound was killed and the young girl was spinning around. “Oh fuck,” she said into the phone. “I gotta go Shelly. I’ll call you back later.”

Rob stood there openly admiring the ripe figure of his boss’s daughter. The Chief had told all the new recruits that Rebecca was off limits. It didn’t matter that she was 21 and single. She was his daughter and that meant she was to be left alone. Rob wondered if the Chief knew of his daughter’s little habit. He cocked his head and looked at the joint in her hand and at the others that were on the table, waiting to be smoked. “Expecting company?” Rob asked before walking over and picking up one of the tightly wrapped joints.

“Um, no. I sure the hell wasn’t expecting one of daddy’s lackeys to come by either,” Rebecca hissed before pulling the joint out of Rob’s hands.

“Well, one of ‘daddy’s lackeys’ had some papers that needed dropped off. Your dad wanted them here before he got home Sunday night.”

“Well, do your thing and go.”

Rob shook his head. “And what? Ignore this?”

“Uh, duh.”

“Do all of ‘daddy’s lackeys’ ignore you Rebecca?”

“If they know what’s good for them,” she said before heading over to the stereo and turning it back on. Once again the music was blaring and she was dancing. This time though she openly sucked on the joint and blew smoke toward the young police officer.

Rob saw the same condescending attitude that he was forced to endure from the Chief roll of his daughter. His fingers curled into tight fists as he watched her smoke her weed and dance provocatively in front of him. “You still here?” she said, before turning around and presenting him her backside.

All the warnings that the Chief had given him and several of his friends disappeared. He walked over, grabbed Rebecca’s right wrist and twisted her arm behind her back. He pulled out a pair of cuffs and slapped them on her and brought her other arm around to secure it to.

“What the fuck!” she shouted.

“You’re under arrest Ms. Adams.”

“To hell I am. You fuckin’ ass. My dad’s gonna nail your ass to the wall!”

Rob shrugged his shoulders. “You’re probably right. But it’ll be nice seeing the old Chief’s reputation tarnished just a bit.” He pushed her toward the door and for a moment he thought she was going to go willingly.

“Wait!” she shouted. “I can’t get arrested. Daddy’ll kick my fuckin’ ass and mom, oh my god, mom will be so embarrassed she may just shoot herself.”

“Now you’re exaggerating.”

“Well, just a bit, but seriously I can’t get busted.”

Rob rolled his eyes. “You’re the Chief’s daughter. All of this will be swept under the rug.”

“Exactly, so why do it?”

“Because even if it’s swept under the rug, the rest of us will know about it.”

“How about I suck your cock and we call it even?”

This time it was Rob’s turn to be shocked and surprised. He looked at her with an expression that showed the doubt and disbelief her offer had projected. “Huh?”

“You heard me. Undo the cuffs, kaynarca escort let me suck you off and we’ll let this slide.”

Rob stared down into Rebecca’s eyes and read her expression. She was serious about the offer and he was seriously considering it. “So you get me off and what — you’re still a cocky bitch like your dad and your dad’s still a cocky bastard.”

“Yeah, but you’ll secretly know your boss’s daughter sucked your cock and drank your cum.”

He smirked. “Nah, that’s not enough. I want to rub it in his face. Show him that his little world isn’t nearly as perfect as he thinks it is.”

“Then take a picture, show it to just him and blackmail him. Come on. You’re a rookie, but your not new to life in general,” Rebecca was saying. “At least take off these cuffs and let me finish my joint while you think about it.”

Rob laughed, but he let her go and watched her take a hit while he mulled over her offer. “I’ll tell you want Rebecca, you go ahead and suck my dick, swallow my cum and we’ll call it even.”

“Cool,” she said and reached out to undo his belt.

“Hold on babe. I’m on the clock, so I’ll have to come back later. You will deliver, won’t you?”

Rebecca yawned and rolled her shoulders. “Yeah, what time will you be here.”

“Around eight tonight.”

“Cool. I’ll be ready.”

“So will I.”

Rob left Rebecca to her own vices and went back to work. All day he thought of how to sweeten the deal and how to use Rebecca to promote his career. He knew a picture would only go so far, but a video, as well as something more perverse than a blow job — that would take him to the top a lot faster.

By the time he got back to the Chief’s house Rob had a plan and he had enlisted some of the other rookies. He knocked on the door and Rebecca greeted him wearing nothing but a robe and a smile. “Hey stud,” she said, before pulling him in and shutting the door behind him. “You’re as cute as I remembered.”

“So you weren’t too high when I walked in this morning?”

“Nah, not really. I’d just gotten started on my second joint when you strolled in. Now that I’m sober, I’m glad my mind was too clouded. I thought you were cute and glad to see I was right,” she took him into the living room. Rebecca sat on the edge of the couch and reached for Rob’s waistband. “Let’s get this started. I brought my camera so you can take a photo of this monumental moment.”

Rob chuckled. “You’re pretty agreeable to all of this.”

She shrugged her shoulders. “It’s just a blow job and some cum. I’d rather suck your cock than deal with Dad and Mom’s shit.”

Rob let her release his pants and pull his dick from his trousers. He watched her take him in and he groaned in appreciation as she began to suck and massage his rod with her tongue and hand. As she went to work on his cock, he picked up her camera and snapped a couple of shots, he then pulled out his phone and pressed a button.

Rebecca glanced up, popped off his dick and asked, “A souvenir for your phone?” She licked the sides of his shaft like an ice cream cone and waited for him to answer.

“Sure babe,” he said. He then dipped his hand back in his front pocket and waited for her to get back to her job.

Rebecca shrugged her shoulders and lowered her mouth onto his dick, swallowing each inch with the ease of a pro. Rob watched and felt his shaft harden and thicken even more as she expertly began to suckle and draw the fluids from his balls. He erupted into her mouth and when she was done, she bobbed off and wiped her lips. “So we’re good, right?”


She smiled stood up and turned to leave. “Hold up a minute,” Rob said. “I have another proposition for you.”


“Yeah. I figure if you’ll suck my cock to keep from going to jail, you’ll give the other boys a free blow job küçükyalı escort too.”

Rebecca’s eyes widen. “You’re kidding right?” There was a knock on the door, which made her eyes grow even more wide. “You son of a bitch.”

“You’re dad’s a real asshole and well, I think you could make all of us feel a little better about working under him, if we all get a chance to have you work under us,” Rob told her before pushing past her and opening the door.

He shook the hands of his co-workers and once all four men were inside he closed and locked the door. All four men were dressed casually, their shifts were over and their evening free. He had arranged everything. He just needed Rebecca to do her part. Rob turned back and smiled at the young girl. “So Rebecca, ready to be our personal cum slut?”

Rebecca’s jaw slacked as she looked at each man. She recognized some of the faces, but not all. The notion of sucking all their cocks should have turned her off, but sucking Rob had been more enjoyable than she had imagined. “One turn each?” she said.

“If that’s all you want. If you want more though, we’re here to please,” one officer said.

“Well, introduce yourselves,” she ordered in a slightly annoyed voice.

Rob laughed, moved into the living room and picked up Rebecca’s camera. He played with the buttons while listening to the men introduce themselves.

“I’m Pete.”




After the introductions were made the five of them joined Rob in the living room. He had discovered how to set Rebecca’s camera to record video and had placed it on a table near the fireplace. “Well now that we all know each other, let’s turn on some music. Real tunes Becky, not that shit you were playing this morning. Is it okay to call you Becky?” Rob asked after turning on the stereo and choosing a station that he enjoyed.

“Whatever. You won’t be saying much but ‘oh baby’ and ‘fuck yeah’,” she answered.

The men laughed and began to disrobe.

“I’m only sucking your cocks, why get all the way undressed?” Rebecca asked.

Greg grinned. “I’m pretty sure the deal was that if you wanted more, we’d give you more too. We’re just making sure we’re ready at a drop of a hat. Besides you’re only wearing a robe, right. So maybe you were already eager for something besides cock sucking.”

Rebecca shrugged her shoulders, but refused to deny or admit to his findings.

When all the men were undressed, she shook her head and rolled her eyes. Her robe soon joined the pile of clothes and she eyed each cock appreciatively. “Well, since Greg’s standing closest to me, I’ll suck him first and I guess, since your willing, you can play with my pussy,” she then looked around, “Tim first and then we’ll switch things up.”

Rob laughed. “I bet your daddy has no idea what a whore his little girl is. If I didn’t know better I’d say you had this planned from the start.”

Rebecca lifted a brow, but chose again to keep her thoughts to herself. “Again, let’s get started. Tim you lay on the floor and I’ll put my pussy on your face, Greg stand in front of me and feed me that cock of yours. The rest of you, well don’t stroke so much you lose yourself,” Rebecca said, adding a laugh to the end of her instructions.

It did not take long for the men to get into position. Tim lay on the carpeted floor and rubbed Rebecca’s thighs before lifting his head and dipping his tongue into her pussy. Greg placed one hand on her chin, pressed it a little with his fingers and fed her his dick. When she closed her mouth over his shaft he moaned and chuckled softly. “Jesus, that feels good.”

Rebecca moaned around his rod and gyrated against the mouth that was working her clit. While she was being eaten out, she worked to milk the seeds from Greg’s balls. Out of the corner of her eyes sancaktepe escort she could see the other men stroking their cocks and her excitement at drinking their cum added to the electrifying sensations that were rocking through her system. Her tempo increased on her bumping and grinding against Tim’s face and her sucking became more frenzied and haphazard. Greg took control of her head and for that she was thankful. It allowed her time to concentrate on the exquisite feeling of Tim eating her out.

It didn’t take long for Greg to come. She wasn’t surprised. She knew the men were overly excited to fuck their boss’s daughter. She didn’t blame them and knew that they’d be up and ready again for her in just a few minutes. In the mean time, she bent her head down and began to suck on Tim’s dick, while he continued to tease her pussy with his fingers and mouth.

Greg stepped away, shaking his head in amazement. His fellow police officers made jokes about him being too quick, but he waved it off. “Her mouth’s amazing,” he said as Brad took his place in front of Rebecca.

“Come on Becky, here’s another cock for you,” Brad said before pulling her by the hair and forcing her to drop Tim’s dick from her mouth. She growled low, opened her lips and swallowed Brad’s dick down her throat. He cursed and wasted no time in using her mouth as his personal fuck toy.

By this time Rebecca was close to coming. She squeezed her pussy muscles and felt her body tighten in response to Tim’s probing. Just as she was about to come, she felt someone’s finger sliding into her ass. “Oh fuck yeah,” she said around Brad’s dick. She popped off his rod, looked back and grinned at Pete who was finger fucking her tight hole. “I like that baby,” she said before returning her attentions to Brad’s thick member.

Tim’s tongue bathed her. Brad filled her throat and Pete toyed with her ass. She couldn’t wait to come and when she finally showered Tim with honey she grunted low and long around Brad’s member. When she was done, he pulled his dick from her mouth, pumped himself a few times and coated her smiling face with his semen.

As much as she wanted to bask in the warm milky fluids there was still Tim’s raging hard on that she felt obligated to take care of. She grabbed his shaft, shoved him into her mouth and began to bob up and down, urging the blood to flow and the cum to explode. As he showered the back of her throat with seed, he brought her to climax again with the help of Pete’s ass teasing.

With Brad’s cum dripping down her face and the taste of all three men’s semen rolling around on her tongue, Rebecca slid off Tim, spread her legs and waited for someone to fill her pussy with their cock. She watched Pete walk over. He got on his knees, grabbed her hips, and lifted her up, so her back and shoulders supported most of her weight. He shoved his dick into her hole while Rob got down on his knees and began to jerk off.

She laughed and giggled as she watched Greg walk over. He too stroked his cock, but while Rob did so over her face, he did so over her exposed pussy that was being rammed by Pete’s dick. A pair of hands grabbed her tits and began to twist her nipples with a force that made her skin ache. She begged for more, then was forced to swallow her words when Rob shoved his dick into her mouth.

Rebecca was in heaven as cocks were stroked and beat to a tune each man set forth. Her pussy was plunged and her tits squeezed. One man rubbed her clit, and she swore that someone was sucking her pussy while Pete was fucking it, but she wasn’t sure. There was so much going on that she became lost to every sensation that was being tossed about. When she came she did so screaming “fuck”, “oh fuck yes” and “don’t you fuckin’ stop”.

By the time the fuck fest was over Rebecca lay drenched in cum and the men were panting and stroking their cocks, still eager for another go at their boss’s baby girl. They kept her busy all weekend and by the time Sunday night arrived and her mom and dad were home, the house looked like it had when they left, and their little girl was up in her room watching a very naught homemade video.