All the Devils are Here Pt. 02

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So in case you missed it, this is the unofficial sequel to Spector_Dugan’s three-part, dark masterpiece “LIKE THE DEVIL WITH A DEAL”. If you haven’t read that first I suggest you do, as well as Part 1 of this story, as it will make everything in this part make a lot more sense

As such the characters in this story are extensions of the characters created by Spector_Dugan and this is a completely unofficial follow-up un-endorsed by Spector_Dugan himself, so if you don’t like this story and feel it ruins the original then it’s all my fault.

Also I would like to thank Spector for his superb assistance and support in making this story possible, without his encouragement I would not have been able to finish this as soon as I have. All active participants in this story are over 18 years of age and as they are fictional most of them know what they are getting into.

This part however features non-human sex and also reluctance/non-consensual sex that some readers may find upsetting. If you do not wish to read further I completely understand, but if you would prefer to avoid this part of the story if you leave the story at the second flashback at…

Three years EARLIER

and then rejoin at


Then you should be fine.

Also a big thanks to everyone who enjoyed part 1 and is eager for part 2. Enjoy.

* * * * * *

Part 2 – “What happened to us?”

“Why can’t we get past this?” I would ask.

“You let my sister give you a blowjob!” she would spit back.

“Whilst you sucked off strangers, how is that better?” Kate would continue.

“You fucked Tara, you got her pregnant!” Kate would fire back.

“AND YOU FUCKED EVERYONE! YOU LET JESSE FUCK YOU AND CUM INSIDE YOU!” is where it would finish. Kate would go upstairs and cry and I would stay downstairs and do the same. And that’s how our marriage, our successful ten year marriage crashed down like a load of bricks. By the end when we looked at each other we couldn’t see the people we were in the past but just regret, recrimination and a terrible sense of loss.

Like all guys I had brushed it off as being for the best at the time but fell to bits later on. It was six months after the split before I even started to date again. I saw a few different people and then settled on Nikki, and that was the worst thing, that I’d settled for Nikki, when Nikki was not the kind of woman you settled for. She was way too good for settling, but I would have, had I not seen Kate looking like her usual amazing self at Chez Jacques restaurant that night, had Kate not pushed me into the disabled bathroom and given me a blow-job with more passion and fire than she did any time during our marriage I could have grown at least older with Nikki, if not old.

Now, after Brian and Vanesa’s party cost me my marriage three years ago, it looked like I was on another collision course now with Brian and Vanessa’s Halloween costume party. Nikki was determined to go as a sexy Frankenstein’s Monster while I was certain about what I was wearing, with my Vampire outfit a dead-cert after my nightmare, but I did have a stop to make my costume perfect and for that I would have to make a very special online purchase.

All that could be heard as my nude self walked through the room were animalistic grunts as I passed my way through the bodies. I strode over rutting creatures that used to be human but were now entirely beast, werewolves, to be exact.

The creatures fucked and grunted and snarled in beastly delight, those facing each other would entwine their tongues as they thrust with raw abandon. Sometimes three or four would gather and work together in unison, I watched as two of the Lycans thrust into the pussy and mouth of one of their kind, hungry slaver drooling from her mouth as she lovingly worshipped the cock in front of her as the other battered her hips from behind.

I carried on walking and saw two wolves stood with another sandwiched between them as they both fucked her, cocks meeting and merging in her stretched pussy, as she was held aloft with feet off the floor whilst she howled and mewled and groaned.

More steps forward and three female beasts were led down licking at each other’s snatches like they were drinking from a lake, their heads moving from side to side in pleasure as they bucked and gurgled in delight, the drool falling from their mouths all over their fur, combining with the juices coming out of their hot, wet pussies. Everywhere I looked, furry beasts combined and configured into rampant, sweaty, slobbering masses, their oversized cocks and breasts being devoured and used for endless pleasure as they moaned and barked and groaned and growled in bliss at their wild, base desires.

I made my way through more bodies to a flat stone plinth, but here there was no werewolf, just a naked human form I knew all too well. It was Kate and she was being slowly fucked, but not by Jesse or by Troy…but by me.

I was watching me fuck my wife.

“Oh, ungh! Oh, Andy. I need MORE!” moaned Kate.

“More?” I asked as I pushed myself inside her.

“More!” Kate esmer gaziantep escort demanded with a smile.

“Ngh! Ngh! NGGGH!” I grunted as my muscles disjointed and twisted and contorted, sandy fur sprouting from my body as Kate also transformed beneath me. I watched fascinated as we went from humans to beasts, my hips plowing her with boundless animal ferocity as I leant forward and let my tongue loll out and meet hers as she grunted and snarled with pleasure, but rather than being part of the noise she was leading it.

As my tail lashed out I roared out to the room while still pummelling Kate’s snatch. Shapes moved out from the shadows towards us at my beckoning. From behind me I could see a female wolf with a huge shock of frizzy hair come behind me and lift my tail before planting her snout there and unrolling her tongue into my hairy ass.

At the front a blonde lycan came forward and started sucking on Kate’s matted breasts, while a shorty stockier wolf fucked the blonde from behind.

Two more wolves appeared to tend to Kate’s remaining breast and mouth, Kate reaching out her paws and tugging on the cocks of two more monsters that emerged, every part of her being ravaged as we all grunted in delight together, pawing at Kate’s body as she moved against the table and my cock in pleasure before we all started to howl in joy as the finish overtook us all and we howled at the moon in ecstasy.

I woke up, sweating again, but this time when I looked down my partner in crime had finished all over my stomach.

“Fuck!” I whispered to myself. “I should have bought a werewolf costume,” I went back to sleep determined to find that dream again but sadly it eluded me.

October 31st

I drove out to Brian and Vanessa’s with Nikki beside me who was fidgeting in her seat for the entire journey. I’d managed to avoid seeing her for most of this week to make sure I was as full as I could possibly be for tonight’s festivities. Nikki did attempt to pull me in for a quickie but I side-stepped her advances by telling her that we would do so later. Remembering the last party this was definitely not a lie.

As I drove up the avenue and saw the big house I was even more amazed than previously. The street they lived on was full of expensive houses and I could see that they had extended into their rear garden taking their long rectangular house and turning it into a right angle.

More rooms, more people.

I found a place to park, some distance away and we walked down the street to the house, stopping at the bottom of the drive, me in my cape, my glued-in incisors that would last till sun-up and a pair of silver contact lenses. If you willingly decide to walk into Hell, you might as well look like a demon. Next to me Nikki was wearing green face paint, had glued on neck-bolts and make-up to mimic scars, with a green crop top and grey jacket that stopped above her midriff, short skirt and block boots, which were her attempt at being the female version of what the creature wore.

That feeling in my stomach I had known before came all the way back in, the fear. The building was only a house, bricks and mortar and cement, but it seemed to have a presence of its own, or at least dominion over me, something akin to the Overlook hotel in Stephen King’s “The Shining”.

“Heeeeere’s Andy!” I commented as I looked at the building.

“Here’s Andy?” Nikki queried looking at me like I was crazy. Maybe I was. Only a fool would risk coming back here. We headed up the drive towards the house, going past sexy Mummy’s, dirty Zombies, slutty cops and filthy nurses standing outside. I stomped up to the house as if about to do battle with it, my hand tightly squeezing Nikki’s hand as I purposefully strode up to the vast architecture but this time, rather than meekly stand at the door, I headed straight in.

The music was starting as I entered and it was an unnerving, uneasy track that I knew immediately. Its jangly chords and chimes rattled me as soon as I was inside. It was The Unforgettable Fire, the heavy laboured breathing beneath the music being the perfect pulsing soundtrack for an orgy, but the music wasn’t the only change. Last time I was here the staircase was in the hallway with the bar and huge dining room where many people gathered to meet offset. It looked like the stairs were now elsewhere and they’d extended the dining room so when you entered the house it was into a room that felt more like a ballroom.

“Wow! This place is amazing!” enthused Nikki as she jumped up and down. How her bolts managed to stay in I really didn’t know. I was looking around for Brian and Vanessa so I could confront them about the last time we were here when I heard a voice behind me.

“Oh my God, what are you guys doing here?!” a male voice asked in delight. I immediately knew that voice, that charm, that easy-going nature and was nearly sick right there in the ballroom.

“Hey, Troy!” I said as I turned around seeing a wolf’s head staring back at me, making me feel even worse.

“Andy! What are gaziantep esmer escort you doing here?” Kate asked as she appeared as the sexiest Little Red Riding Hood I had ever seen, making my night even worse.

“I could ask you the same question!” I retorted, feeling myself getting instinctively dragged into previous behaviours. Kate looked at me as if to say “Really? This? Again?” What was I doing? I came here to see Kate as much as anything else, but as much as I wanted to be honest I couldn’t be with her beau next to her. “Sorry, that was short of me. We came because Nikki wanted to come and I wanted to have a few words with Brian and Vanessa. You?”

“Same,” she nodded.

“Nice outfit,” I said as I looked over Kate. She looked amazing in her red hood, white shirt with red polka dots and red dress showing off plenty of leg.

“Kate’s red-riding hood and I’m a werewolf!” Troy yelled before finishing his sentence with a ridiculous growl.

“The big bad wolf!” Kate and I replied together, before looking right at each other and saying…”Jinx.”

“Obviously, I’m Frankenstein!” Nikki stated, holding out her arms to do a Boris Karloff impersonation.

“Frankenstein’s monster,” we both replied in unison again. This was getting weird now.

“You look good too. You’ve put on weight, in a REALLY good way. You look…muscly,” Kate complimented me. I wanted to say more but felt like it wasn’t appropriate, and I had other worries. I could see Nikki and Troy looking around the place. This time I had a plan for such an eventuality. “Listen, guys, I think we should stick together, you know, till we know where everything is.”

“Darlings. You came!” a lust-filled voice echoed behind me that was practically dripping with sex.

“Yes. We did. I don’t know about anyone else but I wanted to…have a chat with you,” I stated as politely and yet aggressively as I could to the sexiest witch I had even seen. Vanessa was wearing a tiny witches hat, a see-through black bustier top, and a mesh skirt that was covering little before being finished off with stockings and some fuck-me boots. I might have been angry with her, but there was no denying she was one highly sexually-charged woman.

“And we will, but before then I want you to meet some people. Actually before then, who are you two? We’ve not been introduced,” Vanessa lilted in mock embarrassment at the faux pas.

“I’m Troy.” said Troy before leaning in for an over-friendly hug and kiss from Vanessa that I noticed pricked at Kate and made her face flush with anger.

“And I’m Nikki,” Nikki replied, going in for a hug but being surprised by the passionate kiss that followed the hug.

“Well aren’t you adorable. I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun tonight, but first let me introduce you to these two delightful youngsters,” Vanessa cooed. “Youngsters?” I thought. What the Hell did she mean by that? We went through various costumed people before we came across two people who couldn’t have been older than twenty-four, twenty-five, tops. He was wearing a morning suit and the woman was wearing a wedding dress, her long blonde hair tied back in a pony-tail making her look even younger. “Meet, Mary and Joseph Fletcher. They got married today but decided to come to our party tonight. Isn’t that great?”

“Hey, pleased to meet you,” I said as I looked at the bride and groom who were looking around, wide-eyed at the costumed freaks around them. “Will your family not be wondering where you are?”

“Oh, it’s okay. I came here with my Aunt Bernadette,” the Groom replied, pointing to a woman with short dark hair who was wearing a formal, matching blazer and skirt combo. She was talking to a guy who was dressed as Jack the Ripper.

“And my step-brother is over there,” replied the bubbly, blonde bride.

I looked around and could see a man who looked like a male version of the bride walk through the crowd with two drinks.

“There you go, sis,” he said, handing her one.

“Thanks, Chest,” she replied, giddily. “It’s short for Chester.”

“You guys sure look alike,” Kate replied as we weighed up their similarities.

“Oh we’re not actually related,” the bride chipped in with a chuckle. “MY Dad married HIS Mom after Chest and I were born, so it’s just a coincidence.”

“Isn’t that an amazing coincidence?” Vanessa asked before leaning in to talk to the newlyweds and moving them along. Kate grabbed my arm and pulled me to one side.

“There’s no way they are not NOT related!” Kate said in outrage.

“I know that! But what can we do? Keep an eye on them all night?” I asked as I put a hand to my head. “Christ, looks like we now have to baby-sit Mary and Joseph and Sister Bernadette at a fucking orgy!”

“We can’t let any of THAT get out of hand!” Kate whispered as loud as she could. “If any of those guys fuck it’s incest! And not like the kind where you fucked my sister-in-law and got her pregnant””

“Oh we’re going down that route are we?” I asked before feeling my stomach fall away from me as though I was on a gaziantep esmer escort bayan roller-coaster. “Wait?…Oh shit, where’s Nikki?”

“Where’s Troy?!” Kate yelled as we jumped up and down in the crowd. Although the party was full of weirdos, a wolf’s head and Nikki’s haphazard mane would be easy to spot but neither were visible.

“Fucking Hell, I am so stupid. Fucking Vanessa!” I spat in outrage.

“Maybe later, sweetie.” she replied as she appeared from out of the crowd dragging her stocky other half with her who was dressed like a horny, body-building Harry Potter.

“Hey! You both came!” he chuckled in a dry way before being taken aback by my silver contact lenses. “Wow! Love the eyes, Andy!”

“Yeah, we had unfinished business before we expelliarmus out of here!” I replied.

“Hmmm. Someone’s got fire in their belly. I like it!” Brian replied with a pat on my arm which turned into a bicep squeeze. “And…are you working out? Wow! Good arms! Well, you did need to, let’s face it.”

I turned to Vanessa in her black, see-through outfit that hid nothing and exposed everything and pointed to the bar.

“Bar, now, please?” I asked in the firmest way I could. I knew that Vanessa never did anything without it being her decision. She smiled, raised an eyebrow and headed over there with me walking behind her, my cape billowing out from me like Darth fucking Vader. Thinking of that made me wonder if I would be seeing any fucking by Darth Vader tonight. Knowing the people and knowing the house, I didn’t think it was beyond the realms of possibility.

I sat down across from Vanessa who left her legs open as she leant on the bar. I could see her black see-through panties and her trimmed vulva peering through the material. “What did you want to talk to me about?”

“I wanted to talk to you about how you ruined my marriage and my life, and I know Kate here feels the same way I do!” I blurted out. Vanessa leaned back and let out a villainous cackle that matched her erotic witch outfit.

“First of all, there’s only you talking to me now, Honey,” Vanessa began and I looked around to see I was back on my own…again. How stupid was I gonna be tonight? I got up and felt like I was about to have a panic attack when I made out the prettiest Red Riding Hood in the crowd talking to Brian. I felt relieved that I hadn’t lost sight of her and started to walk over when Vanessa barked “Sit down!”

There was something in that voice of hers, something hypnotic that made me, against all reason, retake my seat. Vanessa wasn’t that much older than me but it felt like my Mom was telling me off. She started again.

“And secondly, how DARE you suggest that I was to blame for your marriage falling apart!” Vanessa replied, almost comically with her legs open and her pussy on display. “There was a villain here that night, Andy…and it was you!”

“What?” I asked, dumb-founded at the accusation. How dare this witch suggest I was somehow to blame for this. The accusation was absurd.

“Let me guess, after the two of you left you both tried to pretend that none of it happened and go back to being boring Kate and Andy, right?” Vanessa asked, managing to describe the last two years of our entire marriage down to a tee.

“How could we not?” I queried.

“Did you even ask her what happened whilst you were out like a light?” Vanessa probed. As she asked more questions it was like she was finding a bullet-hole and digging in her thumb, over and over again.

“No. I couldn’t…I couldn’t bear it,” I replied. Looking over to see that Brian and Kate were still engaged deep in conversation.

“I don’t care if you don’t want to hear it, because you’re going to, you’re gonna take it and like it,” Vanessa countered and with that she took me back to that night as the room spun around and I was transported to a time three years prior where the one thing I cared about more than anything else in this world was taken from me.

Three Years prior

Kate looked over to Andy as Mason fucked her. She could feel the strange new cock inside her, pleasuring her, sending waves of delight over her, as he pushed ever onwards. Kate bounced on Mason’s rod and watched as Tara whispered into Andy’s ear so intimately as she bounced on his massive cock, a cock that should have been hers only, and then, just when the night could get no worse, Andy came inside Kate’s little sister. He came inside his unprotected sister with a look of sheer delight, his eyes locking with Kate’s and an expression that told her he didn’t care.

Around them she watched as Lil and Vanessa moved onto the deck and engaged in a 69, their mouths hungrily feasting on each others sex whilst Carlos and Brian moved behind the two of them and created a single four-person beast, all touching and combining and sweating and then there was Tara, she stepped off Andy who had passed out on the deck, his cock, comically deflating, whilst Mason removed his cock.

“No…No, please. More,” Kate found herself saying involuntarily as Mason switched positions and then pulled Kate’s ass down so that he was now plowing her, but with her on top in reverse cowgirl so she could still see the spoils of Tara’s victory. Tara turned to her younger sister, stuck her fingers inside her pussy and then put them to her mouth to savor her spoils. Kate wondered what was going on as Tara kneeled in front of her Jesse and started sucking on his cock, after taking her Andy and making him hers.

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