All Wound Up Ch. 01

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****Hey all! This is my first piece ever so I am still keen to learn! Comments, feedback and suggestions would be appreciated.

This is also only the first chapter, a taste/build up, if you will. So please let me know if you’d like more!

For those of you who are interested, this is story is based on truth 😉


I stood there, captivated by the tingling energy I had felt when we made eye contact. I began dropping my gaze from her lips and noticed that she was breathing huskily too… Her shoulders were rising and falling and the constant smooth expanding and contracting of her chest was making her nipples push up against the sheer blue satin shirt she was wearing. I moaned quietly, biting my lip and closing my eyes; fighting the magnetism between us and denying my every instinct to walk to her and run my hands along the sides of her body.

Rooted to the spot, I kept my eyes closed for a few moments, trying to contain my rasping breath and will away the throbbing in my ears. When I opened my eyes again, she was standing in front of me. She slowly reached out and took my hand, and at the moment I felt the contact between our skin it was like my entire body imploded into this tugging of lust. She looked at me shyly and ran her hand up my arm until it settled down on the nape of my neck.

I can’t even remember how long I’d been fantasizing about this experience, my first time with a woman. I’ve always been straight, Anadolu Yakası Escort I know that much. But there is something about the sensitivity and sensation that can only exist between two women that had always been my secret that I had been longing to try. I met her, this goddess that was standing in front of me three weeks ago. I didn’t even remember how we ended up organising that but I no longer cared. All I wanted was her.

“Hi,” she whispered. I didn’t trust myself to look at her. I was yearning, trying desperately to maintain my grasp on all my logical thoughts which were turning to liquid and pooling into a place deep inside of me with every second that passed.

“Just tell me to stop if you need to” her voice was sultry, flirtatious and somehow every word that passed through her lips turned me on even more. Then, she began to inch her lips closer to mine in a cruelly slow manner that almost had me begging, her lips stopped so close to mine that with every breath we took, our lips would rub against one another’s.

“Please…” the word escaped my lips sounding like a whimper, it seemed that was all the motivation she needed and she ran her hands shockingly quickly up my sides and resting on my breasts, stopping sharply with her fingers lightly pinching my nipples.

A smile spread across her face, and there was a glint in her eye that I couldn’t quite understand.

“Please what?” she asked, suddenly Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan commanding and in control. Her change in stance into the clear dominant role made me wet, I could feel my clit throbbing and aching, badly wanting her touch; her fingers, lips and tongue. I shivered, pangs of desire running through me burning hot and primal. All the answers to that question began running through my mind and I descended into a whirlpool of fantasies, leaving the words stuck in my throat.

“Come with me” she said, once again disorienting all my thoughts, taking my hand and leading me to the bedroom. My excitement was mounting and my desire reaching heights I never knew existed, but rather than throwing me down onto the bed, she stopped and turned, gesturing that I sit down on the edge of the bed as she turned away from me. When she turned to face me again, she was holding two glasses of chilled champagne that glinted and sparkled in the subtle ambient light filling the room. She handed me my glass and process to take a sip from hers. Watching her lips part and then close on the glass dripping with condensation made my burn up inside.

“Try it,” she purred, “it’s quite the sensation.”

And so I averted my gaze and slowly took a sip, the cool liquid lubricating the inside of my mouth and the alcohol making my head spin a little. It was as if I had been electrocuted when her lips, all cold and soft Escort Anadolu Yakası from the chilled glass, found their way onto the side of my neck. A gentle moan escaped my lips and my back arched slightly as I lost myself in the feeling of her lips trailing down my neck and onto my chest. I felt her gracefully take the champagne out my hand whilst easing me to lie on my back on the bed.

She straddled me and kissed me deeply and it’s as if a switched had been flicked as the passion shot through us both. Our kisses became rough and she had her hands entangled in my long hair and my nails were digging slightly into the arch other back as our hips ground subtly against one another. She started moving down along my body and I felt her fingers hooking into the top of my cut off denim shorts. She glanced up at me quickly, as if seeking my approval and upon seeing the expression on my face, hastily unbuttons my shorts and slipped them off, along with my underwear; leaving me spread eagled and exposed on the bed.

She kneeled between my legs, admiring my wet, shaven pussy. The anticipation was killing me, I just wanted her to reach out and touch me. My hips were grinding slightly at just the thought.

“Fuck. That is so fucking hot” she panted, and slowly reached out her hand. She tentatively ran one finger over my clit, and the contact made me hips buck up to her hand and had me moaning and dripping onto the bed. She caringly hushed me, and looked at me as she slid two fingers deep inside me.

I was so wet, and already so tight that the pressure of her fingers pushing up against me from inside almost sent me immediately over the edge. With that, I collapsed and gave into the sensations, sinking into a wonderful place knowing that this was going to be one of the best experiences of my life.

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