All You Can Feet

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Cock Worship

David was in Chengdu for business. He had arrived 3 days earlier, visited the suppliers of the automotive manufacturing company he worked for, and had another 3 days.

Today was Sunday and he had the day to explore the city. He wanted to see the downtown area where locals usually shopped. That is where usually the authentic food could be found. He loved the spicy food of Szechuan. It was just past noontime but he was not hungry yet. He had a late breakfast, the fried Chinese donuts with soy milk. Felt great.

The weather was good too, a sunny late spring day. He wandered around window shopping, looking at clothing and souvenir stores. It was fun to act like the locals. Since he did not have any ties to the city, he felt free to do whatever he wanted.

The prices were so good that he did not worry about being gauged. Worst case he would end up with some low-quality trousers. Better than nothing. Actually, all the brands looked pretty high-quality. The paved pedestrian street was full of high buildings with their first floors dedicated to stores. The higher floors were most likely offices, afterschool programs, etc. This was quite different than California where he came from. It was not like a shopping strip or a mall.

People were everywhere, walking busily, most shopping but some also in work suits apparently working. He stopped in front of a toy store gaze at some toys. Very cute stuffed animals, he thought..

As he was absorbed in the storefront, he heard chuckles to his right. He turned his head to see three beautiful local girls about 12 feet from him, looking at the storefront on the other side of the entrance. They were all about 24-26, quite tall, skinny but not much, with long black hair and lovely Asian eyes. They were talking and chuckling whilst watching him. David blushed and smiled shily. He was 35 but three pretty girls laughing at him still made him shy.

The girls whispered something to each other, maybe commenting on his eyes or that he is shy or so. They chuckled again, but it was getting a little awkward as David couldn’t come up with something to say. He was always like that, not very good with openers.

The girls laughter subsided to whispers in the next few seconds and they stopped staring at him like a moment earlier. The playfullooks subsided into quick peeks and more formal smiles. “I guess that is it.” said David to himself and turned back to the storefront. On one side he wanted to meet them, on the other he felt a forced chivalry for staying a gentleman, although he did not quite believe it.

He watched the storefront another minute and felt that the girls were not leaving. “So, they did not think I am a boring person yet.” he told himself. He turned his head slightly again and saw that the girls were not looking in his direction now. He noticed that one was wearing tennis shoes, one converse, and the one facing the window, flats.

He was about to turn around and leave when something happened. One of the girls, the one with flats popped out her right heel. She was barefoot. All of a sudden David’s heart sped up. The girl slow took her foot outside of her shoe and flexed her toes. Her foot was very pretty, with natural nails and a soft, smooth, now pinkish sole. Then she lifted her foot to her knee and held it with her left hand. Amazing how she could balance herself like that. But David’s mind was more on the beauty of her sole. Ohh, so smooth. And must be so damp now.

David was getting aroused. The girl started rubbing her sole with her fingers. David started to get lightheaded. Just then he heard chuckles and realized that the girls had been actually watching him for the last minute! He did not know what to do. His face was crimson with embarassment. He smiled awkwardly. The girls laughed harder.

Back in California, he would have panicked and left the place immediately. He always kept his fetish a secret. What would his coworkers say, what would his friends say? And what tandoğan escort would his girlfriend and family say!! But here he was away from all the social danger. He still felt embarrassed but somehow he did not run away, only blushed and smiled stupidly as the girls were pointing and laughing at him.

After a minute their laughters turned into silent grins. One of them, the one with tennis shoes, stepped forward towards him. She looked confident and sincere. She came to stop 3 feet from him. She said “Hi, how are you?”. David said, “Good thank you”. The girl was so friendly that David immediately felt less intimidated. She asked “Are you new in Chengdu?”. He said “Yes, I came for business.”.

The girl’s English was decent, although not very fluent and had heavy accent. The other girls were watching with grins and sometimes whispering to each other. The tennis shoe girl said “We notice you looked at my friend’s feet. Do you think her feet pretty?”. That qestion got David all excited. He had never been indicated his fetish so openly. His heart beat fast at the prospect of what was coming. Wow, they had figured him out so fast? And they were okay with it? He felt butterflies in his stomach.

He said with cold sweats “Yes, very pretty”. The question the girl asked next blew his mind: “Do you think they would smell nice?”. OMG thought David. That is what he was thinking too, with those flats. Ohhh how nice they must be smelling. This girl was making it very comfortable to talk about it. He said “Yes, I think they smell very nice.”. “Would you like to smell them for $5?”, is what the girl asked next.David had a confusion. Five dollars was like peanuts. Wow, so cheap for such a deed.

Of course he would take the offer. “Yes, definitely.” he said. The girl said, “Okay, come with us, we can go somewhere where you can sniff her feet.”. With that she took him to the other ones. The others gave a questioning look at her. Apparently, they did not understand English. David actually understood some Chinese and when the tennis shoe girl told the other something like “Keyi la”, he understood that they were wondering if he answered yes. Suddenly he felt in fairy land.

The girl in tennis shoes told him that one of the other two girls was working in a clothing store, that they could go to a dressing room there. They walked for ten minutes and then entered a clothing store on the first floor. It was a medium-sized one. There were no customers inside when they came in. There was one sales associate girl that talked to the converse-shoes girl when she saw her. They had a brief exchange, which David could not understand, and then they headed to the nearest dressing room. As they entered through the doors David took a look back. The sales associate was watching them with a grin and met his eyes for a moment before she was attracted to an incoming customer. She said “Nihao” and walked towards the entrance as David and the other girls entered the room.

The dressing room was big. Apparently, this was a luxury store. There were two benches on either side. Four people could easily sit. Once inside, the girl in tennis shoes opened up her hand and said “Five dollars please”. David took out his wallet, found $5 and handed to her. She put it in her pocket. Then she said “Kneel down in the middle”. He did. The girls sat at the benches and chuckled. Tennis shoe girl said “Now you can take off Erica’s shoes”.

David figured Erica was the girl with flats. He turned to her as she crossed her leg, lifting her foot up the floor. He brought his hands close to her shoe. His hands were trembling. He had never had the chance to sniff stinky feet before. This was a very exciting moment for him. He slowly pulled the heel of the shoe, popping Erica’s heel out. The girls were watching him carefully. He moved her flat up to take it off her toes, revealing toes that were pink from heat and sweat. The smell of her foot immediately hit his face. tunalı escort It was wonderful, a vinegary mix of leather and sweat.

The tennis shoe girl said “Sniff her shoe first”. David held the inside of the shoe to his nose, took a deep sniff. Ohhh, it was wonderful, very strong odor.On that sight, the girls also made an inhaling sound, like they were aroused. Tennis shoe girl said “Give the shoe to me”, she took the flat from his hand and pressed it on his face. Meanwhile, the converse girl, who was behind him, pushed his head towards the shoe. David was getting dizzy from excitement. The smell of the shoe was intense. Apparently, she had walked in these several hours today. Tennis shoe girl then said “Now smell her foot”.

He brought his face ten inches to her sole, took deep breathes from his nose. Meanwhile he looked at her foot. There were gunk on the soles of her foot. And then..And then he noticed her toes.. omg they had toejam! He loved to see toejam, it was like finding gold for him. He brought his nose close to the toes and took deep breathes. Ohhh the smell was intoxicatingly intense! His nose felt burning from the intensity and he loved it. The girls whispered something briefly and Erica pressed her sole on his face while others held his head in place. She rubbed and rubbed her foot on his face, nose, mouth, eyes..

David was about to faint. Then Erica took off the other shoe and started rubbing him with both feet. After Erica rubbed him for 10 mins, tennis shoe girl said, “Now it is my turn”. She extended her foot to him. He looked up and got the message. He untied her shoe, took it off, sniff it, and then sniffed her white socks. The socks were damp and smelly too. There was a rubber smell in addition to leather and sweat. Then he peeled off her socks and rubbed his nose against her sole and in between her toes. He then noticed that the girl was making some sounds. He looked up and was surprised to see her eyes closed, her hand inside her pants and masturbating. He continued to sniff, and turned to the next shoe.

After he had sniffed all over her feet, the tennis shoe girl wore her shoes back, without socks, and asked him to do the same to the converse shoe girl, who greeted him with a naughty smile. He did the same to her, only her feet were stinkier because of the converses. His nose now had some toejams on it. Once he was done, in about 10 mins each, the tennis shoe girl asked him, “Would you like some appetizer for $10?”. David did not have to think much, “Yes”, he said, then reached into his pocket, took out his wallet and handed her a $10 bill.

The tennis shoe girl said “Now turn to her and open your mouth”. He turned to Erica and did as told. Erica took out her feet from the flats again and started rubbing on David’s mouth. “Open wider” said tennis shoe girl and he did. The converse girl took out her right foot and put it on the back of his head while Erica shoved her left foot into David’s mouth. “Suck on it” said tennis shoe girl with a wet voice. He sucked the toejams off from Erica’s toes. His mouth became sour and salty with the taste. He ran his tongue between her toes. Erica was also masturbating now. All the girls seemed very aroused.

After he finished licking Erica’s left foot, tennis shoe girl handed him a pack of wet wipes. “Clean her foot” she ordered and David wiped Erica’s left foot clean. Then Erica shoved her right foot into his mouth. After repeating the procedure for another 15 mins each, the tennis shoe girl said “One second”. She got up, went outside the dressing room, opening the door carefully. David heard her open the other rooms’ doors. In three minutes she came back with a bunch of clothes. She told something in Chinese to the other ones. They all worked together to cover the perimeter of the dressing room floor with clothes, thereby masking the interior from outside vision. She told him “Sit here”. She pointed the middle. He sat there on one jacket she had ankara türbanlı escort prepared. “Now put your legs up here” she told showing him the wall of the room without a bench. He did. Now he lay on his back with his legs up the wall. His torso covered half of the dressing room floor.

The three girls, without saying anything, took off their shoes and stepped on him, all standing on him. Then they walked back and forth on his torso. Sometimes they stood on his face until it was all red. Sometimes one of them would sit down to masturbate because she got too aroused. That lasted for ten minutes. Tennis shoe girl said “Get up”. Once he did she said “That we wanted to do. I am sure you were okay with it.” David nodded his head with a smile in approval. Then she said “Let’s go to dinner!”.

They had been in there for almost two hours. As they came out, the sales associate girl looked at David and licked her lips, blinking at him. They walked outside in the flood of people, making nothing obvious of what had just transpired. It was around 2 pm. Early for dinner but oh well. Tennis shoe girl took them to a fancy restaurant. “You treat. I think you would not mind”. No, David would not mind. What he had experienced was the best time of his life.

The four of them got a seat, ordered some tasty Schezuan food. As the food came, waiters put the food in the middle one by one: spicy pork ear, spicy chicken thighs, spicy catfish, lot of steamed rice, hot tea. It was delicious. Tennis shoe girl said: “I will help you get food”. She put a couple pieces on his plate.The other girls took tons of food on their plates. Tennis shoe girl said “Eat”, and with a smile and took a lot of food on her plate. The girls all ate like beasts. David had only few pieces, puzzled at the situation but taking his time eating them. Another dish came, beef stomach, and again the girls devoured it all, leaving David a little piece. Another dish, same way. Again another one, same thing. In the end, the girls had devoured everything on the table. David had enough but not enough for dinner. The girls all sat back with big bellies, having hard time breathing, while the waiter brought the check.

After David took care of the bill, which was around $100, they all got up and walked lazily outside again into the crowded street. It was almost five o’clock now. They walked aimlessly without talking for half an hour. Then the tennis shoe girl said “David, would you like to have some drinks?”. Sure said David. The girl said, “okay, let’s go to our apartment”. The three girls were actually roommates. Their home was half an hour away by subway. They went to the subway and from the station, walked to their home for ten minutes. It was a tall apartment building and they were on the fifth floor.

Once the tennis shoe girl opened the door, she said “Okay David, get on your knees”. David puzzled and a little scared did as he was told. The other girls got in, took off their shoes and went to sit at the sofa in the living room, exhausted. Tennis shoe girl said, as she took off her shoes as well, “Walk on all legs and follow me”. He followed her to the living room. She led him to the middle of the living room. She said “It is $20 for the drinks” and David handed it to her.

After taking the money the tennis shoe girl nodded to the others. Converse girl started taking off her skirts while the other two took off their pants. Then they sat around the L-shaped sofa and tennis shoe girl said “Come to me first”. She took off her panties and opened her legs. “Lick” she said. David started lapping her. She was very wet. As he lapped, she moaned. He licked faster and faster while she held and pressed his head.

She came with a loud moan and a stream of cum came rushing out into his mouth, which was pressed hard against her vagina by her via the back of his head. He swallowed it all, gulping, and gasping for air for few times. Then he moved on to the other girls. They all had good time. Then they made him put old newspapers on the floor in front of the sofa and had him masturbate in front of them. He came loads as well. Finally tennis shoe girl said “Let’s play video games”. There was a big tv in front of the sofa and for the next 3 hours they played video games.

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