Allen , Ashlyn: Spring Break Ch. 1

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Ashley Danielle

The late winter months passed and boredom grew at home as Ashlyn was so far away at college. As I reminisced about the wild Valentines weekend I shared with her I became aroused until I had a flaming erection. I needed to see Ashlyn again and I just couldn’t take my mind off of her. Here I was, a father to a beautiful daughter and all I could do was think of the different ways I wanted to fuck her.

Here I was, laying in bed rock hard when an idea hit me right square in the face. I knew Ashlyn was going to Florida for spring break an another week. “Why can’t I go” I asked myself? I rolled over and grabbed the phone. I dialed my daughter’s number and waited intently as her phone rang and rang. “Hmmm” I thought as her phone rang over and over. Finally on the eleventh ring her roommate Michelle answered the phone. “Hello” she said in a soft raspy voice. “Is Ashlyn there” I said. “No, she went to Justin’s to study, can I take a message?”

“This is her father Allen” I said. “Well hello daddy” she said in a more cheerful voice once she realized who she was talking to.

“I was just calling to see if Ashlyn wanted me to join her on spring break in Florida next week.” I said. “MMMMMMMM baby, why don’t you just surprise her” Michelle said. “What do you mean” I asked. “Come to Florida and come to our hotel room and you can stay there and I promise I wont tell her your coming so it will be a surprise.”

“God Michelle” I said, “That is an awesome idea.”

“I have no objections to having you sleep between me and Ashlyn.”

“As long as I can get a little over the week, I’ll love it. “And you haven’t told anyone have you” I asked? “My lips are sealed” she said, “except when it is for your cock daddy and then both sets of lips are open!” I nearly came when she said that. We proceeded to exchange information so I would know where to go when I flew to Daytona.

After I hung up the phone I grabbed my cock and started pumping furiously as I remembered how hard I fucked Michelle on Valentines Day. Within minutes I was pumping a load all over my stomach. I cleaned up the mess and rolled over and fell asleep.

(Ashlyn) As winter became spring, Justin and I were quickly getting more comfortable around each other and had been spending a lot of time together. March was unseasonably warm, but I wasn’t complaining because it gave me an opportunity to work on my tan. I wanted to be so dark when Michelle and I headed for Florida for Spring Break. I was so excited to be going, all the guys that would be there…

One day, I guess it was mid March, we were out by the pool – just sunbathing and Michelle suggested untying my top so I wouldn’t have lines, so she reached over and untied it for me, then rubbed oil on my back. That felt so nice, a little moan came from me and she giggled, “That feel good, Ashlyn?” I moaned, “yes.” She leaned down to my ear and whispered, “You’re so hot.” I turn slightly and looked at her, “You too, you know?”

She repositioned herself on her lounge chair and we had been laying out for about an hour when she reached over and stroked my arm, “I think we better go in. We probably have had enough for today. As soon as we walked back into our apartment, Michelle took my hand and lead me to the bathroom.

She untied my top and let it fall to the floor. “Look at those hard nipples,” as she spoke, her mouth drew closer and finally touched them, kissing them. “Oh god Michelle, “I moaned. She took one in her mouth and gently sucked and then pulled it with her teeth. I reached around and untied her top, letting it drop as well.

I looked down and noticed her nipples were as hard as mine, I played with both of them with my fingers and she sucked and nibbled on mine. Then, she stopped and walked over to the shower, turning the water on. “Come on baby girl, let’s clean all of that oil off of you.”

I walked over to the shower and she pulled my bottoms down, spanking my bottom once and I chuckled.

She pulled hers down and we both stepped in. Michelle reached for the soap and wash cloth – lathering it and then rubbing it over my back. Next she ran the cloth across my ass, turned me around and rubbed it over my tits. Then, she went further down over my belly and finally to my pussy. Michelle could tell she was making me hot. With all of the oil off of us, she turned the water off and stepped out. I just looked at her and said, “What are you doing?” She said, “I don’t wanna make you cum yet.”

After we dried ourselves off, she said, “Get dressed and let’s go out tonight.” That night, we did go out and we danced until 4:00 in the morning. We were both drunk off our asses, too drunk to drive so I called Justin and he picked us up and took us home. On the way he said, “I wish I could stay with ya’ll tonight, to make sure you’re all right, but I have an interview in the morning.”

Michelle looked at me and said to Justin, “I think we can handle it.

(Allen) As the days passed all I could think about was my daughter’s Spring Break in Florida. Giresun Escort I was so excited about surprising her and acting like a young college guy again. I knew that once she saw me that her vacation would be much more memorable.

There was about two weeks left before spring brake started. I stopped by a tanning salon close to my house to get a head start on my tan so I wouldn’t look too out of place when I hit the fun in the sun. Also, I didn’t want to burn during my first day there.

I stopped by this quaint little tanning boutique and was met by Alicia. Alicia was this stunning 23 year old blond who was built like Pamela Anderson. She showed me the facilities as she led me through the corridor of hallways to the tanning beds. As I followed her though, I was more interested in checking her out as her sexy ass wiggled right in front of me.

After the short tour I agreed to sign up for one month of service. She walked me back to a bed and told me I could do a quick ten minutes right now. I knew I didn’t have any swim trunks with me so I figured that I would just lay in my briefs.

I stripped down to nothing and crawled into the bed after I turned it on. I closed the top and made sure the goggles were securely over my eyes. As I laid in the tanning bed I began to wonder how many naked women have laid in here. Those thoughts produced a raging boner in no time and I knew I didn’t have time to take care of it in here.

I managed to take my mind off of sex and I quickly softened. Just in time too, because the timer went off and I had to get out of the tanning bed. I opened the top and stepped out and quickly dressed. I drove home and the whole time I was thinking exclusively about my daughter and how I couldn’t wait to fuck her in the ocean.

I pulled into my driveway and walked into the house. There was a message on the answering machine from Michelle. I dialed their number and on the second ring Michelle answered the phone.

“Hi Michelle” I said. “Oh hi daddy, I just wanted to tell you that Ashlyn is looking foreword to spring break and she has no idea that you will be surprising her there.”

“Plus daddy, I can’t wait to see you there too!”

“I can’t wait to see you either, to undress you and to do all the nasty things to you that your mind can cum up with” I said. “Oh daddy it is gonna be so fun.”

“I have to go, I hear Ashlyn walking down the hallway.” With that we both hung up the phone.

(Ashlyn) The week before Spring Break, Justin and I went to the movies and then, he invited me back to his place. As soon as I walked in, I was amazed. His place was so nice and clean, everything looked like it was from one of those import stores. We had been seeing each other for awhile and he had come over to my place and we had gone out but I had never been to his place, a two bedroom condo that he shared with no one.

“Have a seat, Ashlyn. Would you care for a drink?” I sat on the sofa and said, “Sure, a glass of water would be nice.” Justin went to the refrigerator and retrieved a bottle of water for me and one for him.

He walked back over to the couch and sat beside me as he handed me the bottle. “Ashlyn,” he began stroking my hair, “have I told you how beautiful I think you are?” I smiled and said, “I don’t believe you have.” He sat his bottle on the coffee table and took mine to set it down as well. “I think you are the most beautiful girl on campus. Your skin is so supple. Your hair is so soft. Your eyes are so deep.” He brushed my arm, touched my hair and felt my cheek as he spoke. “Your lips are so kissable,” he leaned forward and we kissed lightly. “Your breasts are so perfect,” he began to touch me with both hands. My nipples were beginning to harden as he fondled me. A soft moan escaped my mouth, I had not had sex with a man since daddy pounded me for Valentine’s Day and I was so horny. “Justin,” I moaned. “Yes, beautiful Ashlyn?” He began unbuttoning my shirt as I moaned, “I want you.” He slid the shirt from my shoulders and then my bra straps. He unfastened it in the front and released my swollen, perky tits. “God baby, look at those.” His mouth covered one nipple and began to suck gently. I reached down between his legs, he was so hard. He picked me up and took me to his room, laying me on his bed. He unzipped my skirt and removed it, only leaving me in my panties. He rubbed me through the crotch of them and they became so soaked, I could hear my wetness. “You are horny, aren’t you?” He asked. “Yes”, I said. He slid his shirt off and stood up, removing his shoes and pants. He was wearing no underwear, so his cock just popped out, sticking straight out. It was bigger than I imagined.

Justin crawled back on the bed and snapped my panties off of me. That was the most aggressive thing I think I had ever seen him do and it excited me. “Ashlyn, are you ready for me?” I shook my head yes. With that he lowered his cock into me and I was so tight. His cock was so big. “God baby, you feel so good to me.” I looked Giresun Escort Bayan up at him, “You feel good also Justin.” He slid his cock out, almost to the tip and slammed it back into me, making me scream. He smiled, “Oh you liked that, didn’t you?” I shook my head yes again. He kept slamming it into me, making me scream. Then he stopped, slid it all the way in me and grinded it in me. My nipples stood so erect and he hit my g spot, I cried out and he said, “Yes baby, let it out, scream, tell me how good it feels.”

“It feels so good Justin.” My pussy began to contract around him and he moaned, “Oh God baby, you gonna cum for me already?”

“Yes, yes Justin.”

“Cum, Ashlyn” Just then, I exploded with him inside me and he said, “Oh fuck yeah baby.” He began pounding it in me until he came and as soon as I felt his cum, I came again, milking his cock for every little drop.

“God, baby, you are so hot and sexy.” He lowered himself on me and began cleaning my pussy with his mouth, tonguing my hole and flicking my clit. I was on the verge of cumming when he begin licking my ass and I squirted my juices all over his face.

The next day, I laid out with Michelle again.

(Allen) Two days before I was to secretly fly to Florida to surprise my daughter on Spring Break I had my bags packed. Ashlyn called me that evening to tell me about her flight. Little did she know that I was going to be there already when her flight landed. We made small talk and then Ashlyn said something that made my cock lurch skyward. “Daddy, I need you so bad.”

“I want you real bad too sweetie.”

“You don’t understand daddy” Ashlyn said. “Younger guys just cant satisfy me like you can.”

Since I was already naked I grabbed my rock hard cock and began pounding it. “Daddy, I was with Justin the other night… and it just wasn’t as good as you.”

“You know how to touch me the right way, you know how to kiss me the right way, and most importantly, you put me first when you make love to me and that makes me feel special.”

“Baby, you are special and I love you so much.”

“You will always be my little girl no matter how old you get.”

“Our special bond is shared by very few people and that is what brings us so close together.”

“Oh daddy I wish I was there right now, I am so turned on from talking to you.”

“Same here sweetie, daddy is stroking himself right now.”

“Oh my god daddy, I have my fingers in my pussy too.”

Several minutes went by and all that was heard on the phone was heavy breathing. Suddenly I heard Ashlyn begin to pant heavier and then she started to moan. I knew her orgasm was near and my balls began to tingle also. “Oh daddy” Ashlyn moaned. That was followed by extremely heavy panting along with the word “daddy” being repeated over and over. Just then I shot a rope of cum high into the air landing on my chest and belly. After a few minutes Ashlyn said “whewwwwwww daddy, that was awesome.”

“Same here baby” I said. “OK daddy, I have to get going” Ashlyn said. “Have a good trip baby” I said as we hung up the phone.

After cleaning up I went to sleep, counting down the hours and minutes until I would see my daughter for real. To be in Florida where I could rub hot sun tan oil over her body. To run my tongue from her toes to her cunt. Just thinking of that caused my cock to rise again. I decided against touching myself for a second time. I needed to save my energy for Spring Break.

(Ashlyn) Time passed so slowly as it drew closer to leaving for Florida. The day before, I went to the salon to have highlights put in my hair. The girl that was foiling my hair had gone to Florida the year before and said that she had a wonderful time and that all of the guys were so horny and some were a lot older. She said she had met a man who wanted her to be his sub. We kinda laughed about it.

When I got home, Justin was there waiting for me. He wanted to take me out to dinner but I still needed to finish packing. He kinda got irritated since I was going to Florida without him. Anyway, he left to catch up with a few friends for dinner and Michelle walked into my room. She sat on my bed, “Hey, I was thinking, don’t you think Justin is becoming a little possessive of you?” I tried to dismiss her, “I don’t think so, he just wanted to spend a little time with me before I go to Florida and if I had not procrastinated, I could have.”

She shook her head and changed the subject, “Is there anything I can do to help you?” I placed my half packed suitcase on the bed and said,. “My night clothes are in the bottom drawer of the dresser.” she walked over and opened the drawer, pulling out a pure white teddy, “I think you need to take this.” I laughed and said, “You think I am gonna sleep with someone?” She busted out laughing, “Well, girlie, I would say chances are very high.”

She packed a few more nighties and I finished up in time for us to grab a bite at a burger place. We had to get up early the next Escort Giresun morning for our flight. The flight was relaxing and a few of the men on board kept staring at Michelle and I.

The hotel that we had made reservations at was very nice and included a free drinks every night which was cool. We figured we’d be drunk the whole time we were there. The suite was more like a mini apt with 2 bedrooms and a living area with kitchenette. This week, I could tell already, was gonna be very interesting.

(Allen) The day to leave for Florida finally arrived. I finished packing the rest of my stuff and headed out to my car to place my bag into the trunk. I returned to the house and made sure every thing was locked. I made one final check before walking back to my car. I started the engine and pulled away, heading to the airport.

Thoughts of how I had hoped this week would go filled my head during the drive to the airport. Thoughts of having both my daughter and her roommate in bed together drove me nuts. It didn’t take long to have a flaming erection in my pants. I pulled into the air port and parked my car. The long walk to the concourse gave me ample time to calm my bulging erection. Finally I made it inside and I headed to where my plane was to depart from. They were already boarding so I walked onto my plane. I found my seat and sat down next to a window.

It wasn’t long before the plane began to taxi down the run way. My heart began to pound as the plane slowly lifted from the ground. There was one particular flight attendant who was totally hot. She came to my seat eventually and asked if everything was all right. I told her I had a hard time moving the seat handle down. She reached down to pull the handle and as she did I was treated to a nice view of her breasts. Her uniform hung down in front and I could see her soft breasts as they sat nestled in her white lace bra. She must have caught me peeking because a warm flushed smile came across her face as she stood up.

She turned and went to the row behind us and I was a little bit disappointed that she wasn’t sitting next to me. An hour and a half later I saw the plane begin to descend. Soon the wheels were on the ground and the plane began to slow down. My heart began pumping as I realized that a week full of the best sex was right before me. The plane stopped and soon we began to exit. I walked down the tarmac to the luggage area and waited for my bag. Finally after what seemed like an eternity my bag arrived. I took it and walked to the car rental booth. I rented a Grand AM and began to drive towards the hotel. “If only Ashlyn knew about this surprise” I thought.

(Ashlyn) I was so excited to get the week off to a grand start, but as I plopped on my bed to feel how comfy it was, Michelle came in and said, “Yeah girl, you better rest up, God knows you’ll need that energy later.” I looked at her and we both giggled. Walking over to my bed, she touched my shoulder and sat down.

“You wanna lie down with me?” I asked her. “Sure,” she said. As she laid down, she stretched out her arms and held me. There we were, cuddling and a thought raced through my mind, ‘Daddy would love to walk in and catch us in this position.’ I kinda laughed and Michelle asked what I was laughing at and I told her my thought. Then, we both chuckled.

Michelle reached down and nibbled on my ear and a soft moan escaped my throat from deep down. She whispered, “you horny, Ashlyn?” I nodded my head yes and she slid her hand from my stomach to my breast. My nipple was jutting out. “You are such a hot little slut, you know that?”

“Yeah,” I said, “but daddy loves it.”

“So do I,” she mentioned.

She slid down on the bed and lifted my skirt, pulling down my panties. She gently spread my legs and lapped at my pussy until I was on the verge of cumming on her face, then she penetrated my body with two fingers and ground them into my pussy hard. Then, she inserted another. Her mouth went back down to my clit and it was no time before I was cumming. As soon as she had gotten me off, there was a knock at the door.

Michelle got up and said, “Well, I wonder who that could be?”

“Why don’t you answer the door Ashlyn” I got up and kicked my panties under the bed and straitened out my skirt. I walked to the door wondering who it could possibly be. I reached for the door, turning the knob. Pulling the door open I almost came when I saw who it was.

(Allen) “Hey baby” I said as Ashlyn opened the hotel room door. She was speechless as she just stood there with a smile on her face. “Oh my god daddy, what are you doing here?”

“Surprise baby” I said as I looked at Michelle and smiled. Ashlyn turned and looked at the sly smile that Michelle still had on her face. Ashlyn stepped back so I could walk past her with my luggage. I set my bags on the small table in the room and saw the pair of panties on the floor. Reaching down I picked them up and asked Ashlyn and Michelle if they started without me.

“Daddy, I warmed your little girl up for you already” Michelle said. Michelle walked over and stood behind Ashlyn. She slowly lifted Ashlyn’s skirt, showing me how wet she already made her. Michelle slowly let Ashlyn’s skirt fall to its proper length and walked slowly and seductively towards me.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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