Alli’s Story Ch. 01


Part 1: Date Night

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I silently fumed as I watched Jason speed away down the street, turning too fast at the corner and almost hitting a motorbike. Typical, I thought. I looked down at myself as I stood outlined in the light from my front porch. I can’t believe I bought a new outfit for a date with that loser that only lasted an hour.

Quietly, I entered the front door, kicking off my heels and running a hand through my hair. I felt myself starting to calm down now that I was home, but I was still mad as hell at Jason. We had only gone out a few times, but he had seemed nice at first. As time went on, however, his immature habits and the way he increasingly treated me like shit – a nice piece of arm-candy to make out with when his jock friends weren’t around – kept bubbling up to the surface of my mind; and tonight, when he’d been more interested in talking to a high school friend he met at the club he took me to than in spending time with me, I’d demanded he take me home, and now. He had driven me the entire way in angry silence, and that was fine with me. I had to use small words around Jason anyway, to be sure he followed the conversation.

I turned on the light in the stairway – remarking to myself for a brief moment that it was strange to find most of the lights out at 9 PM – and made my way upstairs. I stopped halfway and considered myself in the full length mirror hanging there – a pretty 18 year old in a dark green knee-length skirt, black tailored short-sleeved blouse and matching pantyhose, my long black hair framing my tastefully made-up face, my woman’s body obvious in the cute new outfit, 36D breasts perfectly constrained by the silky blouse, a hint of teasing cleavage, my heart locket (a sweet 16 gift from Daddy) hanging down perfectly, and my full lips a glossy red. I had to admit, I looked damn good tonight. Not too shabby, Alli, I thought to myself, running my hands softly over my hips, my breasts, my tight ass. Too good for that immature asshole, anyhow. I carried on upstairs.

The second strange thing hit me once I got upstairs; no light except for a crack from the master bedroom. I knew Mom was in Cleveland on business till early next week, but usually when I got home, Daddy was watching TV or a movie in the family room downstairs, even when it was late, and sometimes I’d sit with him for a bit, snuggling with his arm around me, telling him about my night. Could he have gone to bed already? I thought, feeling a little sad I wouldn’t be able to sit with my Daddy, feeling him holding me close, protecting me.

As I got closer to the door, however, I could hear quiet noises. Maybe he’s enjoying a movie in bed, I thought, and smiled, thinking maybe I’d scare him, throw open the door and see if I could get him to scream; he’d get a kick out of that, we were always playing little games with each other. I crept closer, tongue touching my upper lip and a smile on my face, stopping when I approached the crack and saw Daddy’s computer screen on his desk.

Filling the screen was the face of a young brunette, and for a moment I thought it was me, and Daddy was watching some home movies, but aside from a passing resemblance, this girl couldn’t be me – a fact which was confirmed when the camera pulled out to reveal she was topless, playing with her big, round tits as a man stood before her, naked, holding his cock in his hand, stroking it up and down.

I stood stock-still, a hand over my lips as I took in the whole scene; my Daddy, sitting before the computer, his fly open and his own dick in his hand as he watched this movie on his laptop. He was turned at an angle to the screen, and the flickering light from the porn showed me exactly what he was doing. I knew I should get away, fast, before he knew I was watching, but couldn’t move; I found herself torn between being too scared to leave, and too entranced by the forbidden nature of what I was watching, to back away just yet.

On the screen, things were heating up as the busty brunette began licking all over the older man’s cock, covering it with kisses and catlike licks, holding the base firmly. Another girl entered the scene from the side, a blonde who, if anything, had even bigger tits than the dark-haired girl (so Daddy’s a tit man, I guess, I found myself thinking abstractedly), and the blonde held onto the massive cock before her, feeding it to the brunette. They both made appreciative sounds, licking, sucking and moaning, sometimes breaking off to kiss passionately over the head of the older man’s cock, then taking turns sucking it deeper, noisily slurping it.

Up to this point, I had taken some secretive looks at porn on my own computer late at night, had even been turned on enough to play with myself a little while watching a particularly hot scene, but this was different, very different. I was seeing my beloved Daddy in a whole new light in many ways; why was he doing this? Was Mom not giving him what he escort bursa needed? Was her being away so much leaving him lonely? And – this dark thought creeping in on top of these others – why hadn’t I ever noticed that Daddy had such a big cock?

I found my eyes straying from the threesome on the laptop screen to my Daddy sitting before it, and to the massive organ in his hand. It had to be at least seven inches long, and it was uncut – I knew enough to know that was unusual, and my eyes were glued to it as he stroked, pulling the foreskin back, the swollen dark head of his dick emerging. It looked nice and thick too, and a flush crept over my cheeks and down my chest as I began to entertain the taboo thoughts skittering over the surface of my mind. I felt I had stepped through a looking-glass and anything was now possible, and I found herself inching closer, silently pushing the door open another inch to see more.

Daddy’s porno movie was getting even more exciting; now the man had the brunette bent over the foot of a bed, working his dick into her pussy from behind as the blonde knelt on the bed, letting the young brunette suck on her full tits. I felt a growing heat in the pit of my stomach which was spreading through my lower body, working insistent fingers of lust into my pussy. I found my fingers pulling my skirt up, inching closer to the heat between my legs while my other hand, unbeknownst to me, was cupping my breast, squeezing gently, feeling the pressing urgency of my stiff nipple against my palm. I began to softly rub myself through my pantyhose and panties, feeling a growing wet spot, turned on in a way I never had been before by this sex scene – and more, much more, by my Daddy, by seeing him like this, as a man to desire, to want. I looked from the fucking onscreen to his cock, throbbing and stiff, and I wanted it, utterly. My head was swimming, a gray wave pulsing on the outskirts of my vision as I thought about Daddy touching me, kissing me, about all the things he could do, his strength and wisdom, so unlike the childish boys I had dated, and I slipped my hand into my panties, finding my shaved pussy soaked at the thought of it.

And yet how could it ever be? I was Alli, Daddy’s little girl, becoming a woman but still aware of the way he looked at me, a doting father, eager to protect me, to cherish me. Why would he ever want this, this dark fantasy which was filling my head with new, naughty thoughts?

My question was answered, it seemed, when I saw Daddy lean his head back, his cock in his hand pumping up and down in his clenched fist, and heard him moan, “Oh god… oh Alli, baby… ”

I gasped aloud, feeling a fresh gush of wetness coat my fingers, and I jerked involuntarily, my elbow bumping the bedroom door, making it push wide. Suddenly everything happened at once. Daddy let out an explosive ‘Shit!’ and half-closed the laptop, standing up hurriedly and shoving his pulsing cock back into his pants, and I stumbled into the room, pulling my hand away from the wet pussy between my legs.

“Daddy, wait, don’t –”

“Alli, baby, I’m sorry, I –”

Speaking over each other in a rush, we each stopped, looking at each other from across the room; me flushed and breathing hard, skirt rumpled, and my Daddy with his pants zipped but belt unbuckled, his hardon making a swollen tent at his crotch. My gaze kept flicking to it, and I bit my full lower lip to stop from moaning out loud, from blurting out all of my new, nasty thoughts. The laptop was half-closed but the movie still played, and I could hear the brunette and blonde being thoroughly serviced onscreen, with cries of “Oh, god, fuck me harder!” and “That’s right, eat that pussy you little slut,” coming from the thin computer. Daddy reached out and closed it, and the sound abruptly stopped.

I don’t know how long we stood that way, Daddy with his huge awkward hardon and me with my pussy starting to drip down my thighs, but I broke the silence, surprising even myself.

“D-don’t stop, Daddy,” I said, my eyes on his, burning deep.

His face was a mask of confusion. “What, baby?” was all he could say. I stepped closer, bold now, deciding to take a change and see what came of it. I put my hand on his chest, my other cupping the heat of his erection. He gasped, and I could feel his cock pulse and twitch at the pressure from my palm.

“Don’t stop,” I said again, more sure of myself now – I needed this so badly. “I want to see you.”

Before he could voice his confusion further, I knelt down, keeping eye contact with him constantly. Both hands were brushing his hardon now, feeling the heat caged within, and I began to unbutton and unzip his pants, pushing them down over his hips with his boxers.

“Alli, baby, I – ” Daddy began.

“Shhhh,” I said, wrapping my hand around the base of the cock which sprung free, bobbing in my face, a little precum forming at the head. God, it was so big, and so hot! “Let me show you.”

Amazed at how natural, how bursa merkez eskort right, this felt to me, I leaned in, taking Daddy’s hot, pulsating cockhead in my mouth and clamping my lips over it, making a seal. I moaned, savoring the heat, the salty, male taste of him, like nothing I’d experienced before. Slowly, gently at first, I suckled, as if on a sweet lollipop, cheeks hollowing, eyes closing in bliss then gazing up at Daddy as I relished the feel of his round cockhead between my lips. I broke off, my lips making a wet smacking noise.

“Oh Daddy… my Daddy, you taste so good… your cock’s so big, I love it…” I said, amazed at the filthy words pouring from my lips.

“Alli.. Baby,” Daddy said, stroking my hair, smiling. “You have no idea how I’ve thought about this… about you…”

“Oh, I have some idea,” I replied, smiling as I licked his wonderful cock from base to tip. “Now… show me all the things you’ve been thinking about.”

Daddy’s strong fingers tangled in my long hair as he rubbed his cockhead on my lips, smearing it with lipstick. He gazed down on me with a mixture of love and lust as his cock slid into my mouth once more; I opened wide and let him set the pace, my lips forming a seal around the shaft for him to fuck. My hands slid up to his ass, squeezing as Daddy let himself god, holding my head and pumping my wet, parted lips with his raging cock.

“Oh Alli … my sweet babygirl… I love your mouth… so hot, so sweet…” he moaned, sliding every inch in and out as I relaxed my throat, breathing through my nose, taking everything he had to give. Warmth was spreading through my body; my Daddy was loving me, owning me, protecting me completely, and I was pleasing him, being such a good girl.

“You like Daddy’s cock, baby?” he sighed. “You like Daddy fucking your sweet mouth?”

My response was a deep, soulful moan, and I nodded as best I could, gripping his firm asscheeks, wordlessly urging more cock into my mouth. I suckled and slurped, wet and noisy, spit dripping down between my tits as Daddy took control, fucking my throat with all of his fat thick cock.

I broke off for a moment, breathing deep, panting, gripping the base of Daddy’s dick and jerking as I kissed the head. “Oh god Daddy, I know we shouldn’t do this but it feels so fucking good,” I said, flickering my tongue wildly over his cockhead. I reached down, grasping my blouse and ripping it open, a few buttons flying, exposing my braless tits, nipples so stiff they ached with need. I rolled my ripe breasts in my hands as I coated Daddy’s perfect cock with licks and kisses, wanting nothing more than to worship this magnificent tool that would surely be in every one of my holes soon. It’s hard to describe the feeling of abandon that had taken over my body; I wanted this man, who had protected me all my life, to be the kind of sex-hungry maniac he had been protecting me from. I knew he would never hurt me, but I ached to have him spanking my ass, pulling my hair, biting my tits, stretching my pussy. It felt perfectly right to feel so wrong, and I wanted to experience it all.

“God baby, your tits, they’re incredible,” Daddy said, reaching down to squeeze and caress. I cupped them, offering them to his hands, smiling as he kneaded and played, toying with my nipples, rolling them between his big fingers, making me gasp at the sheer sensation lightening my head.

“Put your big cock between them, Daddy,” I said, spitting on his dick then between my boobs, rubbing them together to create a slick valley for fucking. I felt split down the middle of my mind; like a wanton slut who needed to be screwed hard and rough, and like Daddy’s sweet baby girl, waiting for him to love her.

Daddy smiled, grasping his cock and sliding it into the smooth tunnel of ripe, hot flesh I had created. He sucked air through his teeth and moaned as he slid up and down.

“Jesus, babygirl, I’ve never fucked tits this sweet,” he said, holding my globes of flesh as he fucked, the head sliding free, foreskin pulled roughly back, my tongue flickering over the head whenever it came near.

“Not even mom’s?” I asked, looking up at him, a naughty smile on my face.

“Fuck, no,” he said, pumping with longer strokes, giving me more dick to taste. “These are bigger, sweeter, baby. Besides, that bitch hasn’t let me near any part of her in months.”

I smiled up at my Daddy. “Now you can have every part of me,” I purred, lapping at his rock-hard cock. “Whenever you want it.” I suddenly grabbed his prick by the base and sank my lips down on it, sucking it deep, bobbing up and down rapidly on the length, slurping wildly, my hair flying and my mouth making wet, sloppy noises to rival his porno movie. I gobbled and moaned, alternating between closing my eyes to enjoy the sensation of Daddy’s thick, velvety prick in my slutty mouth, and looking up at him, enjoying the look of sheer lustful pleasure on his handsome face.

After bursa sınırsız escort a while of this deep dick-sucking, Daddy pulled me off his cock by the hair, but gently. He smiled down at me indulgently. “I don’t ever want you to stop doing that, Alli baby,” he said, breathing hard, “but I don’t want to cum.” He pulled me to him, into a long, deep, passionate kiss, full of heat and shared breaths. “At least … not yet,” he said.

I was enjoying being in Daddy’s strong arms so much I didn’t notice that he was moving me toward the bed until I fell back onto it, giggling, my legs hanging off the edge, my blouse hanging open, nipples stiff in the cool evening air. I propped myself up on my elbows, showing off my tits at a pretty angle for Daddy, and smiled up at him, putting on my best innocent-little-schoolgirl voice.

“What are you gonna do to me, Daddy?” I asked, biting on my lower lip, my legs slightly parted, skirt pushed halfway up my thighs.

“Let me show you, baby,” Daddy said, kicking away his pants and boxers and pulling his shirt over his head, revealing his lightly muscled torso. I looked him up and down, wanting nothing more than to have this man own me, take me, make me his woman, teach me everything. Smiling at me, his cock still raging-hard and wet from my mouth, he dropped to his knees, running his hands up my thighs, making me shudder with pleasure.

The next thing I knew, I was being roughly dragged to the edge of the bed, as Daddy shoved my skirt around my waist, his big hands on my thighs through my pantyhose. I was panting hard, eager for whatever pleasure he was planning for me, thought I had an educated guess, and my pussy was pulsating in anticipation. I had masturbated before, with my own fingers and even stealing Mom’s vibrator a few times, and a couple of boyfriends had tried to get their fingers under my panties (I had shied them all away, politely but firmly) but never had I had a man’s mouth on my pussy, let alone his cock, and now it was happening, and so fast my head spun with lust.

I propped myself up again, my chest heaving, and watched, rapt, as Daddy kissed all up and down my inner thighs; I swear I could feel his lips burning against my skin even through the material. His eyes were on mind, burning, and wordlessly I could feel all the things he ached to say, all the dark thoughts finally bubbling up to the surface in both our minds. We were locked together now, in this connection of datk forbidden lust, and we would see it through to the end.

Now Daddy’s hands had inched up to cup my tits, play with them, as his head nestled between my legs, and the feeling of his hot breath on me through my clothes was indescribable. He panted harshly against me, his mouth close, so close to the burning fire of my pussy, and I wanted, needed, for him to take the next step. Just as I thought this, he did, his tongue lapping up and down at my pussy through my black lace panties and dark pantyhose – long, wet strokes of his tongue, and I knew that he could taste me; by now I had soaked through my clothes, he had me so turned on.

“Oh fuck Daddy,” I moaned, writhing on the bed, but trying to hold still for his ministrations. “lick my pussy… please … please eat me, I want your fucking tongue, kiss my pussy, please…”

This last was a long, drawn-out, pleading moan, and it did the trick; Daddy only smiled, and I could feel his fingers grabbing at the crotch of my pantyhose. Then – rrrrRRRIPPPP! – he had torn them open, leaving a huge gaping gash for him to have his way with me. I moaned, my breath coming faster now, and nodded as he grabbed for my panties too, pulling them aside hurriedly, a dark flame in his eyes. He nodded; smiled. “You’re shaved, baby. Daddy likes that,” he said, and that was all he said before he dipped his head and slid his tongue into my eager, burning pussy.

“Ohhh… Ohhh… Ohhhh FUCK!” I cried, falling back against the bed as my fingers tangled in his short, dark hair. “Ohh dadddyyyyyyyyyy…” was all I could say as his tongue worked inside me, licking, lapping, tasting me deep, his lips clamped tight to my pussy lips, sucking and kissing and driving me crazy with lust. Occasionally his tongue would slide out of me, but only so he could kiss and lick my throbbing clit, before diving back inside, his eyes closed, working on me with a passion and a determination that was sending wave after wave of sheerest pleasure through me.

“Oh sweet jesus Daddy if you keep that up I’m gonna… gonna cum…” I moaned, vision blurring from pleasure, head thrashing on the bed, Daddy’s tongue fucking my pussy and his talented hands groping my tits, slapping, squeezing, treating me rough but feeling so fucking good. He pulled on my nipples, driving his tongue into me in rhythm with his movements, and I pressed my head into the bed, lightning-strikes of pleasure shooting through me. I laid there and let this man, my big Daddy, tongue my pussy and maul my tits, feeling as if I could lay there forever at his mercy, and I felt the first rumblings of a killer orgasm build up in me. I returned my hands to Daddy’s head, bucking against him as he ate me fiercely, like a starving man in the desert. I angled my hips up, rubbing at my clit as he focused on dipping his tongue in and out of me, slippery and sweet and wriggling deep.