Alone For the Weekend

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Balls Caress

Whenever I come out to people, they always seem so surprised. I don’t act sissy, I’m flirty with guys and girls alike, plus at the age of 22, I’ve got the kind of body that girls apparently go crazy for – 5’10”, lightly tanned, toned body and light brown hair with a 7.5″ uncut cock, the pubic hair it trimmed right back. Yeah, everyone’s always surprised and the girls are disappointed whenever I say I’m just into guys. Everyone, that is, except my dad.

I knew I was gay by about my fifteenth birthday, when I started watching action movies purely to see the stars get sweaty, shirtless and usually wrestle with other muscly guys. The first few years of my sex life are pretty standard, so I’ll start where the first incredible thing began. You see, I never was brave enough to come out to my parents until last year. I sat them down on the living room couch in a very cliched fashion and broke the news. I guess I put it off for so long because I didn’t know how to tell them that their only kid was gay and therefore they wouldn’t be having any grandkids. My mother took it…surprisingly well, I guess. No tears, just a lot of “Are you sure”s and disbelief. Dad? Dad just nodded and that was it from him.

After I came out, very little changed around the house, except Dad seemed quite preoccupied and distend the entire week. The weekend after Idid, mum went to visit her sister, leaving me and Dad alone for the weekend. I thought it was the perfect opportunity to mend any bridges my coming out may have broken. …That, and I’d get to sneak a peek at him in the shower just like old times. If you could see my Dad, you’d understand why I was so obsessed with seeing him naked, even if he wasn’t aware of it. He’s a big man of 6 feet tall with his black hair cut into a conservative short cut, and you could tell he was quite well-built and muscly in his youth. He still looks impressive with his arms, but he’s developed a bit of a beer belly as he’s aged. From what I could tell in the shower, his cock would be bigger than mine when hard, but I’d only ever seen it soft. He was a man of his generation – cut and hairy. And I just fucking loved it. I’d spent a lot of my adult life searching for a man just like him, but always came up disappointed. No older guy was quite like my Dad, no matter how much I would call him “Daddy.”

Not even 10 minutes after mum left, Dad called me into the living room. Before he even spoke, I knew he wanted to talk about my sexuality.

“You know, I wasn’t surprised in the least when you came out to your mother and me. I’d always had my suspicions about you.” He paused, and at the time I wondered why. Now I know he was getting the confidence to say, “I knew from the first time I saw you looking at me showering.” I was in shock. I’d always been so careful. I would never stay long, and I always made sure that he was looking away before peeking in to the window the shower faced. At first I acted as if I had no idea what he was talking about, but stopped when Dad told me to stop being so stupid.

“Look, I’m not angry or anything. I just want fatih escort you to know I’ve seen you peeking at me, and that’s why I wasn’t surprised.” Before I could speak, Dad had changed the subject. Kind of.

“I just want to know why you would look at me, when God knows how much gay porn is on the internet.”

I made up some lame excuse about how I wanted to see another man in the flesh, and that the internet was just pictures and movies. Of course, good old Dad didn’t buy that excuse, either.

“So you’re not attracted to me? If I took my pants off and told you to suck my cock, you wouldn’t have any trouble saying no? Even though we’re in the house all alone for the rest of the weekend?”

That was it, there was no way I could lie anymore. I was speaking before I even realised what I was saying. “I…No. Dad, there’s no way I could resist. God, I’ve been turned on by you and your body before I even fully realised I was gay. If you did that, I would be sucking you off before you knew I’d even moved.”

As you’re reading this now, the next part should not be any surprise to you. But holy shit, I still have trouble believing what happened next. Dad said “Well, what are you waiting for? Let’s head upstairs.” He then left the room and headed up the stairs, on the way to his and mum’s bedroom. I stood there for what felt like hours, just trying to process the last thing Dad had said. I couldn’t have been there too long, though, as I ran into Dad just as he reached the top of the stairs. He’d thrown his jeans and boxers off and down the stairs, and was in the middle of taking off his nice polo shirt.

“Whoa! Slow down, boy. Here,” he took my hand, “let me take you the rest of the way so you don’t hurt yourself…or me, for that matter.” He grabbed my slightly shaking hand in his warm, surprisingly smooth hand, and walked me to the bed he’d shared with my mother for over 25 years. “Now, it’s been a LONG time since I’ve done anything like this, so you won’t be entering me. This time, anyway,” he admitted.

“Oh Dad, I’d be happy to just lie in bed with you, I don’t care what we do or don’t do.” It was the truth. Here was the moment I’d always fantasised about; I wasn’t going to do anything to fuck it up.

“Good boy.” He grabbed my belt and unbuckled it without losing eye contact with me. Then he unbuttoned my jeans and slid them and my briefs off. My cock bounced out, hard, eager and with a reasonable amount of pre-cum oozing out the top. Resisting temptation to touch it, Dad then took my t-shirt off and threw it across the room before kissing me deeply, passionately on the mouth. It didn’t take long for my mouth to open and accept his warm, probing tongue. My tongue and his danced in each other’s mouth as our breathing quickened and we started grasping each other, pulling ourselves close and never wanting to let go.

I was shocked when I felt Dad’s cock press into my stomach. Not only was it as hard as mine, but it was massive! I realised that, all the way up the stairs and into the bedroom, I was too in shock to etiler escort realise he’d had that boner since the living room and I never even looked at it! From the size of it being held tight against my naked body, I guessed it was about 8 inches. I so wanted to touch it, just grab it and suck it and guide it into my asshole…but I’m a little submissive and was content to follow Dad’s orders for now. We continued kissing for a few more minutes, before Dad broke it to utter the words I’d been wanting to hear since I was 14.

“Now be a good boy and get on your knees and start sucking Daddy’s cock.”

I fell to my knees in a hurry, eager to taste that massive cock. The very cock responsible for my own existence! I certainly owed it a lot of thanks. With one hand, I held it still and with the other, I held tightly onto one of Dad’s toned ass cheeks. I licked from the top of my hand to the purple tip of his cock, which by now was well-lubricated with delicious, salty pre-cum. I’ve always loved that stuff more than cum itself. I gathered it all with my tongue and swallowed all the pre-cum Dad’s cock had to offer. Then I started licking up and down the shaft slowly, seductively, looking lovingly (and lustfully) into Dad’s eyes. He let out a soft, sexy moan. As I wrapped my mouth around his cock, I felt his hand press gently onto my head, rubbing my hair a little. I let go of his cock and moved that hand to his other ass cheek, and allowed him to guide my head down his cock which was definitely at least 8 inches long. I was able to get at least 6 inches of it until I started to gag. He guided me back up, making me go down faster this time, but not to the point of gagging. Again, he quickened the pace I swallowed his cock. He was soon fucking my face almost as hard as he could before he abruptly pulled my head away.

“Sorry, but I’m not cumming just yet. Good things come to boys who wait,” he said, helping me to my feet. He then guided me to the bed, where he gently pushed me onto my back. I couldn’t help but notice Dad had placed me on mum’s “side” of the bed. Dad climbed on top of me, ready for more deep kissing that again lasted a few minutes. Dad kissed his way down my body slowly. First, my neck and then down my chest where his tongue played with my nipples for a time, then down to my stomach where he began a trail with his tongue that traced from my belly button to my cock which felt ready to burst.

Dad’s lips against my cock felt simply amazing. He sucked up all the pre-cum that had oozed out of my foreskin, which he played with for a bit…teasing me by sucking on it, pulling it gently to and fro with his mouth. He then pulled it back with the experience of a man who’s done this to many other men, and started sucking my cock, slowly up and down. I could feel his tongue play with my head while his warm mouth welcomed my hard cock. I could tell Dad had practice, an idea which turned me on even more than I already was…the thought of Dad being a man slut in his youth was definitely one I’d fantasised about alone in my bed. He started deepthroating beşiktaş escort me, taking in all 7 inches without gagging. After making sure he could do it, Dad quickened his pace, bobbing his head up and down on his cock.

“Mmmmmmm, oh fuck yeah, Dad…” I moaned louder than intended. Hearing his son cry out in such pleasure encouraged his sucking even more. “Daddy…I’m gonna cum if you keep that up…”

Just what he wanted to hear. Dad moaned as his sexy warm mouth brought me closer and closer to orgasm. It didn’t take much longer. I moaned loudly as my whole body spasmed. I shot wad after wad of cum into Dad’s accepting mouth in the longest, most intense orgasm I’d ever had. After I finished, I was exhausted. Dad just smiled and opened his mouth, which was completely empty. I couldn’t believe he swallowed all that cum! “I’m so…so glad you’re my Dad,” I said. He responded to this with another round of intense kissing, which I took to mean “Me too.”

But we weren’t done, and neither of us had forgotten Dad’s massive cock full of cum waiting to get out. As we made out, I grabbed it and started stroking it. “Think you’re ready to take it?” Dad asked.

“I’ve been ready for 7 years, Dad.”

“That’s my boy.” Dad lifted my legs up so my ass was high in the air. Rather than fucking me Doggy Style, Dad wanted me to see his face as he came, apparently. Or maybe he wanted to see his son’s face as he entered my asshole. Either way, I was more than happy.

He licked my ass in preparation for his nice, thick cock. Again, his tongue felt great as it probed my asshole. I moaned as he stuck it in as far as he could reach, flicking his tongue up and down over my hole as he took it out. His cock was covered in pre-cum again. Lucky I have an extensive collection of toys and ex-boyfriends, or else he wouldn’t have fit in. His big, hard cock slid into my hole easily, and felt fucking incredible. Dad moaned with each thrust. I screamed with pleasure. He grabbed onto my legs for support as his pace quickened. I must have said “Oh fuck yes, Dad” at least twenty times. He called me Baby and his sexy son. For someone who needed to cum after a minute or two of oral, he fucked me for a surprising amount of time.

But eventually, his pace reached a peak and his body tensed up as he screamed out and came inside me. His hands tightened against my legs and I could feel every drop of cum being shot deep into my asshole. If I hadn’t cum so soon myself, I would have beencumming then. Dad kept fucking my ass until he was sure every drop of cum was inside me and then withdrew before collapsing next to me on the bed. I told him that, without a doubt, that was the best sex I had ever had.

“It was for me too. But…”

“What is it, Dad?”

“Well, we’ve got the rest of the weekend at the very least. I don’t know about you, but I sure want to try and top that.”

So that was last year. Since our first encounter on his and mum’s bed, Dad and I have fucked countless times. It took a long time to stretch Dad’s asshole wide enough to take me, and as a result, he’s usually content fucking my ass and not getting his ass fucked by me, which suits me just fine. But there are rare, special occasions when he lets me inside him and those situations are definitely something to write about!

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