Alpine Passions

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The mountain hike wasn’t supposed to be so hard, neither of us had been anywhere near 9000 feet in over a year, and we had agreed to take it easy. Lucky for us, there was nobody else on the trail. We had started casually enough, but soon it had become an intense game. Scrambling around trails hugging sheer rock faces; plunging through glorious, waste deep grass in alpine meadows; leaping across streams like gazelle. When we finally collapse in the middle of the last meadow, we veer off into the tall grass and lay there panting. After a moment’s pause, you nestle yourself in the crook of my arm. With gentle purring sounds, and soft tongue-probing of my ear, you make it clear to me that our race was far from over.

Nibbling on my earlobe and still panting your hot breath into my ear, you reach across and slip your hand up beneath my shirt in to stroke my chest and play with a nipple. Not to be outdone, I roll toward you, capturing your tongue with my own and cupping your right breast in my hand, rubbing gently with my palm and stroking with my thumb. The little gasp that escapes you when my thumb first finds your nipple makes it clear just how horny our exertions had made you.

You slip a supple, sweaty thigh over my flank and begin . . . slowly … to rub your pussy into my leg in gentle, but increasingly insistent circles as we continue kissing, nibbling, and caressing. I grind my hard cock into you, and our undulating hips draw figure-eights against, and along with, each other. With one mind, we both reach our free hands down to the other’s shorts – popping free the clasps, and driving the zippers downward by sheer force of will. Another gasp as my fingers find your very wet labia and clit, plunging in between the lips to draw out moisture, then spreading the tender fluids around, swirling and teasing. Your hand slides in and wraps itself around my cock, trailing my precum down from the head. Your fingers play around my balls before sliding effortlessly back up the shaft, the palm of your hand cupped around my glans, moving again in gentle circles.

We free one another momentarily and scramble to release ourselves from our clothes. Shirts sail off, and shorts and underwear tugged down and off. You reach down to remove your hiking boots, flash me an wicked lust-dripping grin, and leave them on. Nearly as nature made us, I lay you back into the grass, sliding and whispering out of your way as your body makes a bed of it. My lips glide down your body, starting at the tender areas of your neck and ears, then diving for your labia, pausing at your breasts to lavish attention on your nipples as my hands massage your breasts, leaving no place neglected.

From your nipples, I kiss my way down to your trimmed bush. Just as I feel you lifting your ass to present my tongue with your clit and labia, I slide further down, nuzzling, and kissing at your inner thighs, feeling each tremor in response to my kisses. Only then when your anticipation is ripe, do I depart your thighs with a gentle nip on either side, then I bury my tongue fully between your labia, stroking from the source of your woman-nectar upward bursa escort to your clit. My fingers trace along your pink, impassioned labia as my tongue coaxes your clit from hiding. Each gentle flick of my tongue brings a trembling twitch to your legs, pinning my ears to my head, as though I might even consider leaving the tender nest.

My tongue consorts with your clit, and traces tenderly along the inside of your labia, then I dive in and with gentle suction surround your clit with my lips, softly nursing at your pulsing clit until I feel your body lurching, rocking back and forth in the tall grass, hands massaging my scalp downward into your body. Part groan, part laughter, the thick, throaty sound of passion bubbles up from your center. The rocking diminishes, save for the occasional gratuitous tongue-probe which sends you into spasms, then I rest my head, feeling your body rise and fall with your breath. We rest together … until your hands, once stroking my hair, begin to insist that I roll to my back, and your body once again slides down to face mine …


When our faces are once again together, you grab my face in both hands and leave no doubt as to your intentions. Your tongue parts my lips and seeks out my own as your lips play about mine – I know what you want – all the lovely juices I received from you were only on loan. Now you come in force to retrieve them. You draw back and your teeth graze my lips – the power of passion has been surrendered to you. I am now your toy. You straddle me and grind your hips over my unflagging erection, feeling it slip toward, then away from your portal. Voraciously, you start down from my face, attacking my earlobes and neck with unusual urgency. Your hands reach my chest, and your thumbs insistently flick my nipples, and with each flick, my cock twitches, and with each twitch, you look into my eyes and laugh. You slide down further, now tonguing my nipples and stroking my sides, reaching around and pulling my back into you. My cock now slides effortlessly along the soft skin of your belly, aided by the ample precum oozing from it. With a sudden movement, you descend and envelop the head of my cock in your mouth, tongue swirling, lips just hanging on to the edge of the glans. One hand snakes down to roll my balls and stroke my sack. Having no doubt of my attention, you leave the glans and go directly to the base of my cock, angling your head in to reach my balls with your tongue, then working upward, kissing lightly and breathing on my cock, the heat from your tongue being countered by the cool of the evaporating moisture from your breath. You continue the gentle kissing up the shaft until, at the very top you bare your teeth again and draw them across the head, licking at the source of my copious precum.

You engulf me in your mouth, taking me to the very back while stroking the rest of my cock, then glide upward, your cheeks and tongue undulating, trying to milk out the juices within. You pause and sit upright, then with a mischievous grin, dabble a finger in my precum and reach with the other hand to your pussy, both sources dripping fluid. You join bursa escort bayan the hands – and the juices – apply a dab to your tongue, then smear the rest on my chest. Laying fully upon me know, you smear around the juices just laid down, tainting us both with their pungent aroma, then lean in and give me a deep tongue-sucking kiss sharing the trace you had placed on your tongue.

After that brief cooling-off interlude (though I didn’t so much cool down as not come), you again return to my cock, rolling my balls in one hand while stroking my shaft with the other and nibbling gently on the sensitive glans. When you reach up with one slender finger and insert it in my mouth, I know what is coming and I eagerly make certain it is well-lubricated.

The finger makes a faint trace down my body, causing trembling as it crosses my belly, then sails down out of my sight. No question of its destination, however, as I feel a gentle pressure at my anus, a wriggling insistence, and your finger slowly enters. You work it in to the last knuckle and then curve slightly inward to locate my prostate, which you begin massaging in slow circles. Equally slow are your mouth’s passages up and down my cock. The whole movement becomes an intimate massage, the finger in my ass both increasing the sexual energy and spreading it out so the danger of coming before you are ready is diminished.

When you are ready for the next step, you slip the finger from my ass, and reverse your earlier journey, this time kissing from my cock back up my body, moving low, sliding your body full-contact up mine. I feel your hot, hard nipples etching a path from my thighs to my own chest. You nuzzle my neck and begin sucking on my earlobe, squirming your body against mine until in a remarkably smooth motion, you throw a leg across my torso and, lifting up, slide my cock deep inside your pussy. You loop your arms under my armpits, hands at my shoulders and begin a strong, steady pumping, pulling all the way up, then sliding all the way back down, still maintaining as much contact between our bodies as possible. You undulate your body against mine, and I can even feel your vaginal muscles seeming to twist and throb, flexing against my erection. And now, for the first time, since we left the trail and fell in the long grass, one of us speaks.

“Do you love my CUNT?” you ask, using the word for your use, and at the same time make a tight fist of your vaginal muscles. My only reply is the thick, tremulous grunt of someone no longer in control. “Am I the best FUCK?” Again, you punctuate the last word with a flex of your muscles, and again, I can do nothing more than gasp in reply. “Will you always be MINE?” Squeeze! “Aaahnnnggg!” And now, as my hands fall limply from your back, and all I can feel is the sensation of being fucked in freefall, the edgy, sweaty leer washes slowly from your face, and the world begins spinning more slowly. Having gradually raised yourself, you lower yourself again and your lips meet mine in the softest, most real kiss I have ever felt. You slide your body slowly up and down along my length, gently now, with no belonging escort bursa or being left to prove, the spinning world begins to slow, but never quite rests. With each downstroke, your lips trace across mine, or land on a cheek, or find momentary pause on my temples or eyelids. I am so swept up in the joining, the taking and the holding you have initiated, that I miss for a moment the drops running down the side of my face. I realize I am gently weeping, not in sorrow, but in the sheer intensity of our loving among the wild grasses and columbines. As the tears run coolly down my face, they catch your notice, and are joined by the gentle warm rain of your own tears. Among all the bodily fluids to join, these are some of the most sacred. You continue rocking yourself back and forth, and I regain the strength in my arms, wrapping them about you. Little bursts of deeply contented laughter escape our lips, and we see into each other without the need for eye contact.

Only with your collapse upon me do I realize how spent you are – astride me for an unimaginable duration. Holding you to me, I roll us over and spread the grasses out even further. Your knees fan out and your hiking-boot laden feet fall heavily, assertively, on my ass. As if knowing we might need them to spur us on to completion, the boots provide just the required stimulus, to drive me forward. With long strokes, my hips flex and sheathe my cock completely in you, then draw it out to the head. As my breathing builds, you reach your tired arms up and, almost absent-mindedly, play with my nipples and then your own. The grass around us begins to sway in time with my thrusts, whispering little songs of the passionate earth, singing of spring and lust. My strokes shorten and grow more intense and your play grows more attentive too. Soon, we’re driving into each other, moving our hips once again in tight circles on each stroke, our breaths coming louder and more insistent, setting up a powerful rhythm, grunting, gasping, grunting, gasping.

Your legs begin to twitch, jerking the boots across my ass, and I can feel your pussy tightening, pulsing, and my balls begin their rise to deliver their load. We continue, matching hard thrust with hard thrust until suddenly, your legs take on a life of their own, locking me into a little death grip, and your whole orgasming body underneath flexes and tries to curl itself into one smaller orgasm. As your fingers lock onto my chest, you pull me over the edge into my own orgasm! Your pussy squeezes and milks and trembles while at the same time my cock is shooting and trembling, and twitching. Aside from occasional spasms, all movement has stopped and I hover, dripping sweat upon you until you pull me down to your face with both hands, brush the hair from my eyes, and say, “God, I love nature.”

Now exhausted myself, I slide my resting cock from your pussy, and roll to my back again. I begin to close my eyes in fatigue when I see you prop yourself on one elbow, and reach between your legs with the other hand. You bring one wet finger, dripping with our combined juices, to your mouth, deposit its treasure on your tongue and give me one last playful tongue kiss before returning to where we started.

I lay in the cool grass, with you nestled in the crook of my arm, and the wind flowing through the grass is the only motion, the only sound.

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