Amanda’s Dilemma

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Amanda Walters hung around the lobby of the gym, waiting on her son to leave the locker room so they could head to dinner. It was a routine she and Billy had happened into now that he was home from college and she was working-out regularly again. It became easy for them to ride to the gym together after work, and then ride home together.

It had also become the routine for them to have dinner on Thursdays after working-out. Amanda’s husband, Bill, thought it was good for Amanda and Billy to spend the time together. Amanda and Billy had been close when Billy was growing-up, but ever since Billy had gone away to college, Amanda felt he was more aloof, and she worried about him.

“How was your work-out?” Billy asked her as he entered the lobby.

“Good, thanks. And your’s?” She smiled in reply.

“Let’s put it this way—my favorite part today was showering,” he joked as they headed to the car.

When they got to the car, Billy opened her door for her.

“Well, aren’t you the gentleman, today,” she said to him as he got in.

“Just helping out the elders is all,” he laughed, as she slapped at his shoulder for teasing her.

“Hey, watch it, you. What do you mean, ‘elders?’ I can keep up with the best of them.”

“Right,” he teased some more, “I keep forgetting. Like Friday night.”

“You are a brat,” she said back to him, remembering that he was talking about last Friday when she’d been so tired from the week, she’d fallen asleep on the couch.

Billy drove them to a neighborhood Mexican restaurant he knew she liked and they went inside. They were both hungry, and glad the waiter was soon around, and taking their order.

Amanda surprised him and ordered a Margarita, which for her during the week was rare.

“Alright then,” he smiled, looking to the waiter, “make that two.”

“What’s gotten into you?” he asked her.

“Oh, just ready for the weekend, I guess.”

“Yeah, me too,” he said noticing her playful attitude, and realizing that he didn’t see her like that that much.

“I like this weekend attitude setting in early,” he told her, “how do I get that?”

“Now, Billy, I thought you usually had that,” she grinned, acknowledging his partying ways that had been the norm this summer.

“Well, I like it coming from you.”

“Even your old mom can relax now and then.”

The margaritas were cold and potent, and Billy had only had a couple of drinks of his when he noticed her’s was half gone.

“So what are you and Sandra up to this weekend?” Amanda asked him.

“Actually, Sandra and I aren’t getting together this weekend.”

“Really?” Amanda said, taken back.

“Yeah, we’re backing off for a while, I think,” he replied.

“Is that a good thing?” she asked, concerned.

“Yeah. It is,” he answered, and tried to change the subject.

“What about you and dad. What are you up to this weekend?”

“Oh we’re backing off for a while, too,” she said, and they both burst out laughing at this.

“No plans really,” she answered when they stopped laughing. “But if we were to back off I’d probably have to let him know it was happening.” She smiled half-jokingly.

“Aw, I’m sure he’d notice,” Billy said, feeling a little awkward that she was sharing this feeling with him.

She looked straight at him and held his look for a moment.

“He’d notice if his golfing buddies bursa yabancı escort were backing off, Billy, but me? I just don’t know.”

He tried to console her, and he said the usual things about people and relationships and how things can sometimes seem.

“Hey, try something different. Try something that’ll surprise him,” he added, hoping to help her think of something that’d get them out of their rut.

“Hmmm, that’s a thought,” she said. “Any suggestions?”

“Well, let’s see… .” Billy came up with a couple of ideas that he realized were lame even as he said them.

“You mean, that would spice things up for you?” she said back to him.

“No, but it wouldn’t take much for me, I think,” and as he said this he was immediately embarrassed at the way it sounded, and she giggled.

” I mean, I… I,” he grinned embarrassingly.”

“Why wouldn’t it take much for you?” she said, putting him on the spot.

“Well, I just meant I haven’t had that happen much where things got… I don’t know… .”

“Boring?” she used the word he wouldn’t say.

“Well, low key, or something.”

“We still haven’t come up with a solution,” she said, as the second Margarita and dinner got there.

Over dinner, they talked about school and her work. As they were finishing dinner, she paused and put him on the spot again.

“So I guess you’re not gonna help me with my problem?”

“Huh?” he answered.

“You know, getting things livelier at home?”

“Well, take him out somewhere you haven’t been before?”

“Uh,” she frowned, “that doesn’t sound that exciting. I thought you were gonna suggest something wilder.” She smiled at him.

“Well,” he smiled back at her and thought about it some more, feeling like she was challenging him, “there is something Sandra did for me lately.”

Amanda sat up and forward, eager to hear what it was.

“Yeah?” she asked.

“Well, during the night, she woke me up by her being under the covers and… well… taking care of me, so to speak.”

“Billy!” She exlaimed, blushing and grinning.

“You can’t tell me that,” she kiddingly scolded and shook her head looking at him and smiling. “But, now that you have… . Did it work?”

“Oh yeah,” Billy nodded vigorously, emphasizing that it worked, and causing them both to laugh harder.

“Okay, then I’ll try that tonight!” She said, as if letting him in on a secret.

“Since I suggested it, you have to tell me how it works,” he told her, knowing that it was mischieveous for him to say that.

“Okay,” she went along, “I guess it’s only fair.”

And with that, they soon left for home. Billy was beside himself the rest of the night feeling like he was in on something very secretive and wild with his mother, of all people.

As he tried to sleep that night, Billy tossed and turned and wasn’t really sleeping soundly, when he was surprised by his shoulder being shaken.

He opened his eyes and tried to focus in the darkness.

“Hey,” it was his mom sitting on his bed next to him and whispering to him. “It didn’t work, Billy.”

Billy realized she may’ve still been buzzed by the drinks at dinner and maybe another she’d had at home and now she was at his side, sitting on his bed while he was lying next to her.

“Huh?” he said as he tried to make sense of her being there.

“I bursa sınırsız escort said it didn’t work. You said it would, you,” she nudged at his shoulder with her hand and left it there.

“Well, are you sure you’re doing it right,” he joked and they both had to keep from laughing out loud.

When she had stopped her quiet laughing, she gave him a long look and leaned closer to him to whisper softly.

“Maybe you’re right. I might not be.” She said this slowly as she pulled down his covers.

Billy was absolutely still.

“What are you saying?” he asked, unable to believe her left hand was moving the covers completely off him now. He laid there bare-chested and in his boxers, and she looked to him and spoke again slowly as she moved onto the bed.

“Why don’t you tell me if I’m doing it right, Billy.”

He felt her warm face press against his stomach and she kissed him there, softly at first and then with slight suckles at the flesh under his navel.

His boxers tented with his excitement, and he moved his hands closer to her head but still not touching her. He then felt her hands on his chest and realized she was moving her face over the front of his boxers and letting his hardness under the cloth rub all over her face. She seemed to take her time moving her mouth on the cloth and tracing his bulge through his boxers, finally fitting her mouth firmly over where the head of his cock was pressing on the fabric, trying to free itself to her.

She raised her face up and looked at him, waiting to say anything till she knew he was looking at her.

“How am I doing now?” she asked and smiled wickedly.

“You’re doing fine so far,” he murmurred and watched as her face looked back to his crotch.

She brought her hands down and slipped them into the waistband at his hips. He moved up, lifting his pelvis off the mattress and she slipped the boxers over him, letting them come to rest at his thighs.

He looked down to watch her and he saw her face hovering over his crotch. As if she sensed his stare, she tilted her face just slightly so that they looked into each other’s eyes but her face was still at his cock.

He looked into her eyes, and he watched as her tongue slowly emerged from her mouth until it looked like she was sticking her tongue out as far as she could. She lingered there letting him look and letting him think. Then, looking in to his eyes, she moved her tongue the fraction it needed to go to press against the base of his shaft.

He felt the wet smooth tongue on his dick and savored its feel as she slowly let it move up his shaft in one tantalizing lick along his hard skin. She held it in place when she got to the head of his cock and she ever so slightly twirled her tongue at the head.

Then, without moving her eyes from his, she moved her lips to the head of his penis. She kissed him there letting her full lips rest against the crown of his cockhead. He throbbed at her lips and she let him.

She looked at him and watched his eyes widen and his breathing get heavier, and she let her mouth open. Her lips were still at the head and she moved them so that her lips completely covered his hole there and his crown and she sucked at his head once it was within her lips. He grunted hard at this.

His head was in her mouth and she still looked at him. She ever so gently inched her mouth görükle escort down his shaft letting him fill her mouth more and more. When her mouth was on him and his head was at her throat she made herself relax her mouth and breath through her nose.

Once she felt comfortable and felt her breath easily through her nose, she moved him into her throat and she swallowed. He let out a low groan that she liked as she sucked on him. She then moved her mouth slowly back up his shaft, till her tongue licked under his head.

When she started her mouth back down his shaft, he moved his hips forward unable to stand her slower pace, and she realized he would not last long. The thrust of his hips filled her mouth again with his cock and she readily sucked on him.

He started moving back and forth in a gentle but firm fucking motion into her mouth and she matched his pace, savoring his hard warm flesh. When she noticed his breathing become heavier and his thrusting get a little faster, she put her right hand on the base of his shaft.

She let her hand massage his shaft more and her mouth stayed to only a portion of him and covering his head as she sensed him about to release. She felt him tense and she tightened her lips against him and waited the short moment it would take.

With her hand at his shaft pumping him and her mouth sucking him, he shot his first spurt into her mouth, and in one smooth and quick motion she moved herself to his face with her hand still stroking his cock. With his cock still coming, she pressed her mouth to his and forced a french kiss.

Billy kissed her back and loved the feel of her soft sensual lips and mouth. She pushed her tongue on into his mouth and he then realized the salty taste of the fluid she was intentionally passing to him, and he continued to come into her fist, as she continued to kiss him and work her tongue around his mouth. It was very erotic and very weird to Billy, as he tried to just grasp what had just happened.

She slowed her hand to where she stopped once he’d finished coming and she brought her kiss of him to a slow and sensual end. She eased herself off the bed without saying a word, and she stroked his cheek with her hand as she paused beside the bed, looking down on him.

As she stood there beside the bed, she reached to Billy’s hand with her’s. She moved her left foot a little further apart from her right so that her legs were more open. Then she slipped Billy’s hand inside the silky fold of her robe and brought it along the inside of her thigh.

With her guiding his hand and through no effort on Billy’s part, she brought his fingers to her bare pussy underneath the robe. Billy felt her warm and very wet between her legs as she rubbed his fingers against her lips there.

Billy moved two fingers into her and she gasped aloud, moving her hips forward to sink his fingers further into her.

“Yeah… ,” she cooed quietly to him.

He moved his fingers inside her, stroking her and she humped at his hand, unabashedly fucking herself against her son’s fingers as he watched her face.

She half-closed her eyes and let her mouth open as she let out a throaty moan and came on his hand. She felt the wave of orgasms rush through her body and trembled slightly, holding Billy’s hand to her wet crotch. She finally stopped moving at all, and she eased Billy’s hand back from her robe.

She stood silently for a moment after she had come, and she and Billy looked at each other.

Still without a word, she turned and made her way slowly to the door. Before she opened it she looked back over her shoulder at him, and he was still looking at her. She just smiled a knowing smile and then left his room.

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