Amanda’s Massage

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Her butt was gorgeous. For a young woman who was recovering from pregnancy she sure was fine looking. As I pumped my cock in and out of her pussy she arched her hips to take me into her deeper and deeper and moaned repeatedly as my thrusts brought incredible pleasure to her beautiful body.

Amanda was the daughter-in-law of one of my regular clients, one of those who didn’t partake of the “deep massage” that my large cock could deliver. My client, Gina, said that her son could be a “putz” occasionally, and he had not stepped up to taking care of their newborn as much as her daughter-in-law Amanda had hoped. Their newborn had been a large baby girl and yet Amanda had worked hard to get herself into tip-top shape, even regularly using a special lotion to eliminate her stretch marks.

As I had viewed her naked body over the last couple of sessions she looked fine to me. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was a tall 5’8″ with a slender waist, curvy hips, a firm rounded butt, shapely legs, and the firmest roundest pair of 38D breasts I had seen in a long time. Oddly enough her breasts were very similar to Gina’s breasts. I thought it a humorous coincidence that Gina’s son chose a woman whose breasts looked the same as his mother’s even to the shape and color of her breasts and the shape and color of her nipples. His infant memory over his mother’s mammaries must have stuck with him at some level. Amanda’s skin was a creamy light tan; she told me that during her pregnancy she had taken up sunning au naturel in the privacy of their backyard deck. She had also chosen to remove all of her pubic hair. She was like that 60% of young women in their twenties who enjoyed the hairless feel and look. She said, “I shave my legs and I shave my armpits. Why not shave my kulu. I think it’s sexy. Don’t you?” I had to agree that I loved the bald look too.

Gina had offered to pay for a series of relaxing massages for Amanda. She thought her daughter-in-law needed some time to herself, and Gina wanted to force her son to take care of his newborn little girl. Gina loved how refreshed she felt after an hour with me and wanted that for her daughter-in-law.

So Amanda had shown up several weeks ago for the first of a series of weekly visits. She was comfortable right away with being completely nude on the massage table unless she got chilly. She loved to be rubbed down with lotion. Her skin was a little dry after the pregnancy so the moisturizer I used helped a great deal.

When she turned over that first time I was pleasantly surprised to see a beautiful bald pussy with the firm rounded pair of outer labia and a hint of her clit peeking through those folds. Even after pregnancy her pussy had recovered quite well and wasn’t distended in any way by birthing her 11-pound daughter, Cecilia.

Not only was Amanda comfortable with showing me her whole body, she was also comfortable with talking about the details of her life. It was like I was not only her masseuse but, like the local bartender, I was also her non-judgmental counselor. I think it was the fourth or fifth session that she asked me, “Am I an attractive woman, Mark?”

I was thinking, “What prompted this?” Here was a statuesque blond beauty with deep blue eyes, a still firm pair of large breasts, a narrow waist, hips that flared out just perfectly, a slightly rounded belly that was shaved of all pubic hair so her feminine curves and folds were a beauty to behold, and the rounded, firm bottom of a twenty-something woman. On any beach, dressed even in a modest swimsuit, Amanda would be visually stripped naked by every man who would see her passing by. It baffled me why she would even be asking this question.

Rather than answer right away that she most certainly was, I fished for what was behind a beautiful woman like Amanda asking such a question. “Amanda, what makes you ask such a question?”

“I don’t know. John doesn’t seem to be interested in me like he was before Cecilia was born. He even told me he doesn’t like how I look down here,” she Kastamonu Escort pointed a finger down between her legs.

“What do you mean, he doesn’t like the way you look down there,” I made sure to touch her right at the top of the groove between her labia. To this point I had avoided touching Amanda’s genitals although I had been sorely tempted to do so. But something this day had told me she wanted or needed more.

Amanda responded, “No, it’s not just that. When I wear something sexy or nothing at all,” she opened up her arms as if displaying her nude self, ‘he couldn’t be interested. And I haven’t seen him naked in a long time. I miss the lust and passion of being naked and all aroused.”

I don’t know why I said it but I did, “Well, would you prefer me to get undressed for our massage sessions. Then you can feast your eyes on my physique while I admire yours.” I ran my fingers across her belly just north of her pubic mound. She shivered, got an impish gleam in her eyes and said, “That would be marvelous.” I turned away from her slipped off my t-shirt, my shorts and finally my briefs. Then I turned around.

“Oh my,” remarked Amanda as her eyes locked on my partially erect member. Eight inches long already and an easy 2 inches or more thick. My uncircumcised glans was fully engorged already; the shaft was catching up quickly as the sexual tension in this room skyrocketed.

“Do you use that during massage? I’ve heard some girlfriends talk about how their masseuses give them a deep massage. Yeah, that’s what they called it.”

I thought to myself, “So others have caught on to what pleasure a good masseuse, especially one endowed with more than what women were used to from their husbands or boyfriends, can give his client. “I can,” I responded.

Almost like a little girl who has just found out she can have all the candy she wants Amanda breathily said, “Show me.” And just like that we had crossed the line. Now mind you I had not in any way played with Amanda’s genitals during the prior several sessions, despite her being totally nude. I think the fact that I hadn’t touched her sexually had reinforced that sense that she had become unattractive, like her husband treated her. To see me with a growing erection made her feel that she could turn on a man after all.

I rubbed oil into her bald pussy lips and immediately she became flushed with erotic passion. Her chest began heaving and her breath quickened. “Do you want me to wear a condom? For full energy to pass between us I recommend that I join with you without a condom.”

Impatiently Amanda answered, “Yes, yes, just put it in me. No condom. I want to feel your skin inside my skin.”

I pushed the head of my penis against her vaginal opening separating the engorged nymphae until with a little pop an inch of me entered Amanda. I kept up my massage of her chest, her torso, her arms, her thighs, and even down to her feet, drawing her legs up so that I slid in easier deeper and deeper inside Amanda. Once I was buried in her vagina I stopped moving and let the sensation of something large, hot and manly lodged deep in Amanda’s vagina fill her with energy and radiate outward from the soft, fleshed tunnel inside of her belly.

Amanda looked at me in surprise realizing how long and how thick I was. My manhood stretched and filled her like she had not been before. But I didn’t move except with slight in and out movements. Instead I focused my energy on massaging her body. For ten minutes the energy built up in Amanda as her body felt wonderful under my hands but could not escape the incredible sensation of my large penis deep inside of her send little vibrations and shocks through the walls of her vagina deep into her body.

And then she orgasmed. It was almost spontaneous coming on so suddenly that Amanda’s face was at first puzzled and then lost in the pleasure of a rolling orgasm that radiated out from her belly to every inch of her nude body. She quivered and shook all over, and my penis snug against Kastamonu Escort Bayan the walls of her vagina felt the spasms and ripples of vaginal muscle as she squeezed and released. Her orgasm went on for minutes. She began to utter guttural, uncontrolled noises from her mouth and little fart noises from her pussy as her vagina rapidly opened and closed around my penis. She was totally out of control and by the ecstatic look on her face she loved every second of it.

As I said her orgasm went on for minutes and I extended it expertly with a touch here and a caress there. As I looked down I noticed that her clitoris standing out so cute and naked was literally vibrating side to side so I placed a warm thumb against it and this produced a loud cry, almost a scream, from Amanda’s mouth. Her torso twisted to her left involuntarily as she tried to curl in on herself, a normal reaction of many women reaching an intense climax. She couldn’t move, however, since my large penis was still buried deep in her belly and my hands held her quivering hips in place. This forced the orgasm to push into her brain and she passed out.

I did not pull out of her. Instead I remained hard and erect and fully inserted inside that warm, liquid cocoon of her pussy. I wanted her to wake up feeling a man’s penis filling her belly and to see a man watching over her as she regained consciousness.

“Welcome to your first “deep massage”, Amanda,” I said to her as she revived and a big smile came over her face and her hands reached down to feel the hardness of my penis still deep inside of her. She pressed her belly and I felt the pressure on the tip of my penis. I smiled.

“But you never moved,” she queried. “And yet I had the most incredible orgasm I have ever had. In fact this beat the hell out of what John did for me on our wedding night. My goodness, but that was wonderful. “Almost guiltily she asked, “Is there more?”

I answered by resuming my massage of her but now I ran strokes across that hard little clitoris of hers and my strokes in and out of her vagina moved a couple of inches tugging at her inner labia and then dragging them back in as I thrust into her. Amanda was soon lost in a dreamy reverie of incredible sensual and sexual pleasure. Her hips moved against my thrusting penis and I knew that soon she would want to be fucked. We would move beyond this deep massage technique to her demanding that I fuck her forcefully. Like so many women before she would want to be possessed and feel a man’s lust pounding between her beautiful thighs and sliding deep within that divine vagina that was so much a part of her psychology during sex.

But before that I wanted Amanda to experience each step gradually. She was so horny, however, that she soon orgasmed a second time and yet a second time she overheated so much that she passed out again.

It was when she awoke that she said it. “Mark, I want you to fuck me. Really fuck me hard. I want to feel your cock just pounding into my pussy hard. I am so fucking horny after these past few months of neglect and abstinence that I need you badly.” Clearly Amanda was determined to have me take her in the worst possible way.

At first I surprised her and slowly slid my large penis out of her vagina. My penis was covered with the shiny and white lubrication and orgasmic fluids of her vagina. I looked down and marveled at how beautiful Amanda’s body was. Her thick pouty outer labia and the pink inner labia framed the beautiful pink hole of her vagina which at the moment was leaking a little female lubrication. Her skin was shiny with perspiration and her breathing was strong and steady with the expectation that hopefully I would engage her in intercourse which would pleasure her like she hadn’t been in a long time.

But as I pulled out she looked concerned and disappointed and ready to apologize like she had crossed some line by so strongly demanding that I take care of her sexual needs. I ran my hands up her body until my hands cupped her face, Escort Kastamonu leaned over at the same time and planted a soft kiss just north of her clitoris on the smooth, hairless skin of her pubic mound. I then trailed a series of kisses up past her navel between her breasts and onto her partially opened mouth. I slid my tongue into her mouth and explored her tongue and mouth. At the same time I caressed her skin all over. There was an urgency to the way she leaned into me and kissed me back.

I then grabbed a small pillow and guided Amanda to turn over on her stomach with the pillow underneath her hips. This lifted her butt into the air and opened up her beautiful pussy. I centered my still erect penis on her opening which was easily visible in her aroused state and then as I ran kisses up the crack of her butt, up her back and over the back of her neck and ears I pushed into her. She moaned loudly and quivered all over as she felt my cock slide deep inside of her. Now, instead of the slow almost motionless way I had penetrated and stayed inside of Amanda’s warm, liquid vagina the first time, I began fucking her. With rapid strong thrusts I made her whole body jump. As I stood back and thrust into her strongly I loved watching the twin globes of her butt cheeks jiggle and quiver as I pounded into her repeatedly.

Soon Amanda’s moans became cries and then she cried out, “Ohmigod, I’m going to cum.” Instantly her vagina became even wetter; I stopped and felt the spasms roll up and down the walls of her vagina. I looked down where my cock was rooted inside of her and watched as her nymphae and labia rapidly spasmed in and out. It was so beautiful to watch Amanda’s gorgeous body just let go so erotically.

I resumed fucking her and she cried out, ‘No, Mark, I don’t think I can stand this anymore. OOOOOOOOHOHHHHHHH.” She screamed and orgasmed again. Her vagina grabbed at my long, thick cock buried inside of her. I felt it squeeze and release rapidly as wave after wave of Amanda’s climax controlled her body. A sheen of perspiration covered her skin all over. Little goosebumps dimpled her butt and her back where the cool air met her damp skin.

Now I grabbed her hips and began thrusting as deeply as I could literally crushing her pussy lips with my hairless groin. I moved in ways so that my penis slid differently each time I thrust into her. My thrusting quickened. I felt my own orgasm cresting. I heard Amanda cry out that I couldn’t, that I shouldn’t, she wasn’t using birth control, but it was too late. As the first hot jet shot deep inside of her vagina she came again and ground her hips as firmly against my groin as she could. I know I filled her fertile cervix and womb with millions of sperm and huge jets of semen. I had been holding back so long that I released at least ten times into that wet, slippery tunnel of her vagina.

Amanda kept her hips pushed back against my huge cock. She clearly didn’t want the incredible feelings I could give her to end. But nature took its path and soon I began to soften. I stayed inside of her for another fifteen minutes and continued to place caresses and kisses over her skin. I treated her tenderly and with attention. But finally we had to separate and I sat her on the edge of the massage table and hugged her from behind and placed kisses on her shoulders.

“If you don’t stop, Mark, I’m going to have to demand an extra session. Oh my goodness do I feel alive.” She grabbed my arms wrapped around her and squeezed tight.

“It’s not over, Amanda, you still must shower. ” With this I lifted her off the table and carried her to the shower room where I lovingly scrubbed up her body all over and patted her dry. I then blow dried her hair and brushed it out so it was radiant. She slipped her clothes back on.

As she departed and as I prepared for my next client, an elderly man, Amanda leaned into me and gave me a peck and said, “If I’m pregnant by what you left in me, you can bet on two things. One I’m going to name it Mark or Marcy. And two, I’m going to expect regular servicing at a discount. I am so glad my mother-in-law found you. But don’t tell her and I won’t spoil what we have by telling her either.”

She did not get pregnant but she did come back many times over the years, now at her husband’s expense, for regular servicing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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