Amber’s Perverted Samaritan Ch. 02


Author’s note:

Dreamers Come Play is an alternate universe. Stories set in it may incorporate touches of magical realism, blurred dreams, and other unexplained phenomenon.

This story could have been in Bondage or Exhibitionist.

Alcohol and cannabis use.

These are fictitious events, by fictitious characters, in a very fictitious universe.

All events depicted are by characters of legal age.

Please consider that fair warning.

This is intended to function as a standalone story. It is also the first posted story in a planned, longer series.


Oh crap. Think before you speak. Amber admonished herself. “You could run me down and tackle me, anyway.” She ignored his question about clothes. “Fine. You can tie my ankles together.” She was wearing her narrow, matching ankle and wrist cuffs even though she hadn’t used either of them in her current setup. “There is some twine inside the barn. Do it loosely. I won’t be able to run, but I need to be able to go down the ladder and walk up the stairs.”

Despite her directions, it took him awhile to find it. This gave Amber more time to reflect. She hadn’t resisted when he slowly pushed his fingers into her mouth. Although she sniffed her fingers – while masturbating – more often than she tasted them, tasting was something she occasionally did. She liked how she tasted better than any of the blowjobs she had ever given. And tasting herself felt dirtier than just masturbating. If any of the boys who had finger fucked her had stuck their finger in her mouth, she most likely would have found it exciting. But Billy’s casual familiarity with her body was different.

He was popular, good looking, and a tall, studly athlete. His sexual promiscuousness was no mystery. But she didn’t like his sense of entitlement. Actually, she hated it. And being discovered helpless and compromised by Billy of all people, was a fantasy come to gut-wrenching real life.

Why did it have to be somebody who was such a self-assured prick? She sighed. Beggars can’t be choosers. She reasoned with herself and also tried to remind herself there were worse candidates out there. You knew this could happen. You can get through this. Just keep him reasonably happy and get free.

Keep smiling and let it bounce off of you. She sighed again. Something about that which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Amber was excited and annoyed. Excited from her predicament. Excited to be found so exposed and vulnerable. Excited from his physical attention, but annoyed by his familiarity. Annoyed that he had toyed with her naked body while he was still fully clothed. Annoyed she was so wet and ready for him. Annoyed she wanted so badly to come but wasn’t free to do anything about it. Annoyed she wasn’t free. And she was really annoyed how obvious it was that she so badly wanted to come. But annoyed didn’t even begin to describe how she felt about having to beg him to use her body.

With her legs now dangling straight, all the wetness that had oozed out of her had spilled over the blue straps and was now trickling down her inner thighs and making the top of her socks wet.

She was also annoyed to still be suspended and, despite the distraction of her arousal, her body ached. She was now hanging from just her padded wrist cuffs. While it was a relief to finally be in a new position, her shoulders didn’t like the extra strain. Having Billy’s sudden, huge weight on her, when he had lost his balance while kissing her, hadn’t done her arms and shoulders a favor either.

After he got back and had tied her ankles together, he moved the ladder behind her and pushed it so that she swung forward a ways. While she was trying to get her feet and balance on the ladder, he pushed her off, climbed up, and turned around so that her back was nestled against his stomach. Because he had pushed her forward, she was no longer hanging straight below the hoist. Instead, she was several feet farther from the barn and hanging at an angle. This caused her back to lightly press into him.

She smiled as she felt his hardness nestled between her butt cheeks. At least I’m not the only one who’s ready.

She swayed slightly as he reached his left hand up and grabbed the hoist cable. His right hand reached around and slid between her legs. The suddenness of the contact caused her to squeeze her legs together. But a moment later, she opened them up to give him better access.

As he rubbed her lips and spread her moisture around, she couldn’t help but grind against him. His left hand let go of the cable and started rubbing her tits. Soon her moaning had turned into short, sexual panting. But before she could come, he pulled both his hands away.

After her breathing had come back to something approaching normal, he suddenly plunged two fingers deep inside of her. She yelped in surprise as her legs, which had been dangling still open, shut hard on his hand. He slowly pulled his fingers back out zenci porno and fed them into her mouth.

While making her suck his fingers off, he had twisted her head and shoulders so she was almost facing him. After pulling his fingers out, he finished spinning her around so she was facing him. Her weight on the hoist made her body gently swing into him. Since he had released her knees and she was only hanging from her arms, she came to a stop with her breasts lightly resting on his chest with her face only inches from his.

This time he had no problems keeping his balance while he kissed her. This kiss started out gentle, but his tongue explored hers for a long time.

That was a boyfriend kiss! Amber declared to herself as they broke apart. Grabbing her by the hips, he stepped down the ladder until his face was between her breasts.

The romantic gentleness didn’t last long as he started chewing on her nipples – twisting her slightly back and forth, as he used his teeth to work on one nipple and then the other. After they had gotten sensitive and tender, he placed his mouth over her breast and sucked in as hard as he could.

Her moaning had again turned back into the panting of an animal in heat.

She still wasn’t used to her nipples being so large and sensitive. It wasn’t enough to make her orgasm (was it?), but it was making her rock her hips in frustration. She was trying to grind her pussy into his chest.

She did realize that her breath was back to short gasps. And just from my nipples being roughly played with. She groaned to herself as he stopped to let her catch her breath again. This is so mortifying. Although her eyes were closed, she could picture the scene clearly. She was hanging by her wrists from a cable, in a bondage, slutty fantasy, rave, silly fox eared outfit. It was private property, but there was a trail that was open to the public only a hundred feet away. The arrogant, prick Billy was fully clothed and roughly chewing on her nipples and toying with her body as he damn well pleased.

Please god, let me come and then let me get out of here and make Billy stay quiet.

When he had had enough of each nipple, he stepped back up the ladder and spun her back around so she was again facing away from him. He lightly ran his finger down her pussy lips until he came to a stop with the tip just resting on her opening. Each time she tried to push her pussy onto it, he pulled it away and waited for her to stop moving.

Hanging off-center from the hoist, she was only gently pressed against him. But each time she rocked, she could feel her butt cheeks sliding on his erection.

She had thought the teasing a game, but after going through it a half dozen times, he suddenly pinched her left nipple hard enough to make her cry out.

“Hold still.” Billy commanded into her ear.

Releasing the pressure on her nipple slightly, but still gripping it firmly, he moved his other hand so the tip of his finger was again resting on her opening.

Amber bit her lower lip as she fought to not rock her hips. After a brief moment, he slid his finger in to just the first knuckle and started gently wiggling it.

She didn’t thrust her hips, but she squirmed and moaned. He didn’t pull it away, but he squeezed down harder on her nipple for a second or two in warning. However, he must not have minded too much. He started to slowly slide his finger an inch or two in before pulling it back all the way to the tip.

He even allowed her small humping motions for a minute or two while he held his finger still. But finally he squeezed her nipple tight, until she stopped moving and pulled his finger back until the tip was again just lightly resting on her opening.

“What are you?” He suddenly asked.

Huh? Amber couldn’t make sense of it.

She hadn’t exactly forgotten her situation, but in her arousal and excitement, she had become a bit lost in a world where the second most important thing was trying to hold still to avoid the occasional jolt of pain from her left nipple. The most important, of course, was the excruciating teasing her pussy was letting her know about. Even his voice command to hold still hadn’t really taken her out of the sexual game. It had not taken her out of her little sexual world where the digit probing her so relentlessly was in no way attached to the overbearing prick she normally knew as Billy.

“What are you?” He sternly repeated.

The quick, hard pinch on her nipple let her know he was serious about getting an answer.

She was bewildered. Talking to Billy, when she had been hanging and sexually aroused, had been really hard. But when he had started to make love to her, if you could call his teasing and toying making love, she had thought their conversation was over, at least for a while. His question had jarred her back.

What am I? She tried to think where she should start to describe who she was.

Her flustered zorla seks porno grin had returned.

The finger on her pussy pulled away. She felt fingers resting on her mouth and chin as she heard him say. “So just what are you?” His voice was lighter, more inquisitive than demanding.

Although her eyes were still closed, she knew he was holding the tip of his index finger under her nose.

Amber opened her eyes and sighed in realization. I may be slow, but I’m not a provincial bumpkin, I know how this game is played.

“I’m horny.” She answered softly.

“And?” He urged.

“Wet.” She added.

“Say it together.” He instructed.

“Horny and wet.” She answered once she realized what he wanted.

“Say, I’m horny and wet.” He corrected.

“I’m horny and wet.”

“Yes you certainly are.” Billy snickered as he returned his hand back to between her legs and ran a slippery finger around her pussy just inside the soaked straps that formed the blue triangle, making her moan. After circling a few times, he stopped and squeezed her nipple again.

After a moment, he pinched her yet again. “And?”

Amber thought for a moment. “And…” She stalled for time. “Bond…” She caught herself at the same time that he pinched.

“I’m a horny, wet, bondage…” – her voice cracked and then dropped to a whisper – “slut.”

“Ooo, nice call!” He gave her pussy a congratulatory squeeze and then turned her far enough to plaster some intentionally wet, sloppy kisses on her cheek.

Spinning her back, his right hand, instead of returning to her pussy, grabbed her right breast. With his left hand still firmly holding her by her left nipple, he proceeded to roughly massage her right boob eventually slowing down to where he was only giving it an occasional squeeze.

When he again pinched her left nipple, she was ready.

“I’m a horny, wet, fantasy rave…, bondage slut.” Her voice slowed at the end, but she kept it a little more steady.

“It’s an awesome outfit.” He agreed. “It looks great on you.” His right hand returned back to her pussy. And he periodically jabbed the tip into her opening, eliciting little gasps from her.

Another pinch on her left nipple.

“I’m a horny, wet…, silly” – she sighed – “fantasy rave, bondage slut.”

“You’re silly…” He started to ask and then paused. “Oh, the fantasy rave costume is silly.” He laughed as he realized what she meant. “I guess the ears are a bit silly, but where’s your fox tail?” He genuinely wanted to know.

OMG, he knows! Amber shrieked to herself. And despite being blue and white, instead of brownish red and white – he recognized the ears as a fox and didn’t just assume it was a cat!

He gave her a chance to answer, but she didn’t. “Anyway” – he snorted – “you’re looking way too fuckable in that rave costume to worry about looking silly.”

It was Amber’s turn to snort as she tried, unsuccessfully, to stifle a giggle. Can’t argue with that! She laughed at herself. Her mood lifted to the happiest and most carefree it had been since Billy had rode up on his bike.

She felt him take a couple of steps down the ladder and untie the cord between her ankles. Stepping back up, he spun her so she was facing to his left, with her left side resting on his chest. He released her left nipple. (Finally!) And lifted up her left leg. The crook of his elbow was under her knee as he lifted it up all the way up to her shoulder.

“I wonder…” His voice trailed off as it appeared he was speaking to himself.

There was still a clip attached to the cuff that was on her knee. She felt him pull on the clip and then attach it to her silver necklace.

The clip was short. This meant her leg was pulled tight against her chest.

“Don’t thrash around too much.” He instructured. “You wouldn’t want to break your pretty necklace, now”

You have no idea. She smirked to herself.

When she had been hanging before Billy arrived – that seemed a long time ago – the cuffs were attached to the spreader bar behind her neck just to keep her legs spread open wide. But the knee cuffs were also attached directly to the hoist above, carrying much of her weight and causing her to tilt back. Since the leg that was now pulled up tight was held in place by her necklace – she could feel it pull against the back of her neck – it didn’t support any of her weight at all. Everything was still on her arms. Her other leg still dangled below her.

But even though it was not held out by a spreader bar behind her neck, having one leg straight up and one leg straight down left everything exposed. More exposed than merely dangling by her arms naked. She was exposed. But instead of being discovered in the position she had chosen, Billy was now in charge of choosing what exposed position she ended up in. And now it wasn’t just a case of being exposed. It wasn’t like she was hanging up in the air where everyone had a great view of her pussy, but no one could touch her. Her pussy was exposed, but her pussy was now vulnerable, very vulnerable. And it hadn’t take Billy long to choose a position for her to his liking. And it didn’t take long for him to take advantage of her vulnerability.

A finger and thumb, from his left hand, once again found her left nipple. His right hand briefly played with her butt cheeks. Since she was still facing left with her left side pressed up against his chest, he reached his right hand between her legs from the back. He sawed a finger between her pussy lips – she thought she knew where he was going with that – but gasped when he started rubbing his lubricated finger on her rosebud. Almost no one had ever touched her there. Her not-really-a-boyfriend sex partner had tried once, but she had hissed and swatted his hand away.

Despite her alarm, her mood was still brighter than it had been just moments ago. But any feelings of being carefree were crushed as she contemplated her new predicament.

Billy’s attention to her nipples and pussy, was one thing. That was a part of sex she could enjoy. Even being tied up, she could imagine that with the right person, James for instance, it might be a sensible proposition. However, the new focus for his attention… Not just naughty, but nasty.

She had occasionally watched anal sex porn in horrified fascination.

Soon he was wiggling the tip in, just like he had done before with her pussy. And just like his previous finger fucking, she was gasping, squirming, and rocking her hips. But instead of trying to push herself onto his finger, she was trying to get away.

Despite her clenching, there was nothing she was going to do to deny his well lubricated finger from entering her butthole. When she realized how painful that was going to be, she suddenly changed tactics. Biting down hard on her lower lip, she tried to unclench. Although her attempt to relax was only partially successful, she did push back. She pushed back with her hips, and she pushed like she was trying to defecate. Even though she was an anal virgin, her erotic reading had made her knowledgeable on many carnal subjects.

As his finger plunged all the way into her, it was hard to tell who was more surprised.

Amber shrieked – and this time it was not just to herself.

Billy gasped. He had been enjoying how his teasing had been making her jump. But he could feel that she was clenched up tight and – unlike when he was finger fucking her pussy – she was clearly trying to squirm away. He hadn’t really intended to do more than bother and annoy her a bit, in a mischievous way, by wiggling the tip of his finger in. But even though he was only trying to get just the tip in, he had been pushing hard.

He was completely shocked when her asshole suddenly opened up. She rammed herself down hard as his finger plunged in. Her asshole was rapidly squeezing and unsqueezing on his finger while her body was jerking and her breath came in gasps.

Did she just have an orgasm? Billy wondered to himself. He was both impressed and annoyed.

Impressed she could come. All he had been doing was wiggling his finger – he had totally forgotten about his left hand that still firmly held her left nipple. And then in one motion she had opened herself up and rammed herself down and started coming.

Annoyed she had come without him being in control of it. But if so, rather sneaky and… damn girl…, well-played – credit given where credit due.

His respect for her had grown a notch as he scrutinized the female flesh that appeared to still be having an orgasm by fucking its asshole on his finger. He had no doubt she had intended it to happen. It didn’t cross his mind Amber had thought he was going to stick his finger into her anyway and had chosen the less painful of two evils.

Amber too was wondering if she had just had an orgasm. It wasn’t that orgasms were unfamiliar to her – she was well versed in the art of self-pleasure – but this one was, different.

For starters, it really was true the only time she had ever had an orgasm before was when her clit was being stimulated. The closest exception, ‘the hairbrush outside the pool orgasm’, had involved her right hand brushing her clit not to mention the brush handle she was mounted on. Nothing this time had been close to touching her clit or penetrating her pussy.

And…, it had the right intensity for an orgasm but…, it hadn’t provided any relief. If anything, her sexual frustration and the feeling she needed to come had increased. If that was even possible.

And what was up with her body? How could having a finger up her butt make her come? However, it wasn’t just her nipples that had recently gotten more sensitive. Although she didn’t really want to admit it, even just taking a crap had recently started to turn her on.

And Billy’s finger – he was still holding it, mostly steady, inside her – felt so good. There was still a slight burning sensation, but there were also little waves of pleasure continuing to wash over her. She could hear herself moan out loud and couldn’t stop herself from making tiny, jerking motions.