American Sister


My older sister, Taylor, was not the brightest. She also was a total bitch to me growing up. But things changed when I turned 18 and hit 6′ tall. She would tease me I looked like Frankenstein, was always in her way, and was hogging the bathroom more than she did.

Of course, I noticed I was now taller than her, and that she and her friends were always giggling in her room, putting on whore make-up and talking about their boyfriends. She was dating this idiot football player, Eric, so I always teased her that she and Eric put together didn’t have an IQ of 100. She didn’t get the joke of course. Big surprise, she was also a cheerleader.

What she did get was a lot of attention. What Taylor lacked in brains, she made up with a curvy body, blonde hair and major jiggle factor. I had to confess more than a couple times, I did a double take when she walked out of the bathroom, still damp hair, still steamy with her pink towel around her.

Since we were only a year apart, we grew up in a house of gags and jokes. She liked to complain all the time that I had big, stinky feet. I teased her that her ass was getting bigger, and rounder and that she looked like it was stuffed. She also liked to open my bedroom door trying to catch me jerking off, so I had to put the chair beneath the door knob because our parents didn’t believe our bedrooms should have locks. I also caught her hugging her body pillow a couple times so I knew she masturbated as well.

But the best part about having a dumb sister was when she tried to outsmart me. She assumed I was dumb as well. At least as dumb as her jock boyfriend. I was a beanpole fixated on the stock market, so making fun of my scrawny body was one of her favorite pastimes.

“Oliver!” she’d scream, “get your stick body out of the way! I’m trying to watch TV!”

“Oh, Tay-tay,” I’d Giresun Escort mock her nickname, “Get your ass out of the way!”

One night, our parents were out, so Taylor had Eric over to say goodbye before he went on a road trip. They went into her room, and from my room next door, I could hear their panting and soon a lapping, licking sound. I was sitting at my desk, but I soon had my boner out, squeezing it, stroking it imagining Eric eating out my sister. She was cooing like a bird and soon I heard Eric grunt, “I want to fuck you, Tay-Tay!” and she moaned, “Do it, Eric! Do it!”

But at that very second, we heard our parents at the door. My boner went back into my sweats, and from the scuffling next door, I imagined Eric and Taylor getting their clothes back on. Erin left soon afterward. He left my poor sister, horny as fuck.

“Kids!” My mom yelled later that night, “Your dad and I are going to see a movie! Behave! We’ll be back before 10.”

I was lying on my bed, reading a text book, with my hand absently down my pants when Taylor appeared at the door. Instinctively, I pulled my hand away as Taylor marched over to sit on my bed.

“Oliver, you are so lucky you’re not on the football team. I’m going to miss Eric so much!”

“I bet you will,” I snickered and tried to keep focus on my book. For some reason, I could feel the heat of her body sitting beside me.

“Oliver, you’re lucky you don’t have a girlfriend. You will once you fill out more. No girl wants a skinny scarecrow.” To my surprise, she pulled up my t-shirt and laughed, “So skinny, so pale. You need to get out more.”

I pulled my shirt back down. “Yeah, Tay-tay, maybe I should use your bronzer.”

She giggled and then ran her finger along my waistband, “You’re hairless, Oliver.” Her touch was electric. I could Giresun Escort Bayan immediately feel myself chub up.

“Whoa! Get out much?” She giggled again. I reached down to push her hand away, but she quickly pulled my pants down and got a look at my boner. “Oliver! Cmon! I’m your sister! You can’t do this in front of me!”

“Fuck off, Taylor!” I pulled my sweatpants back up.

“Oh, don’t be a bitch, Oliver. Can I see it?”


“Cmon, I just want to make sure you’re ok.”

“I’m fine.”

“No, I want to see if you have the same problem Eric has.”

“What’s that?” I asked her innocently, but I already knew Taylor was trying to make up shit to play with my dick.

“His penis is shorter than my vagina is deep. Sooooo…” she giggled again, “Whenever we’re doing it, it sounds like farting noises.”

I smiled at that.

“So I just want to see if your penis is long enough for a girl’s vagina or else you’ll be making farting noises all your life?”

“Really, Taylor? That’s so nice of you to be concerned.” She looked so serious, I almost burst out laughing. “Are you going to measure it for me?”

She looked a little flustered, “I could. But I can’t measure how thick it is. I think we should just slide it in.”

“What? Taylor, that sounds like sex!”

“OMG, Oliver, no! I just want to measure you. I’m not asking you to cum or anything! That would be gross!”

I layed back and put my arms behind my head. “Ok, Tay-tay, show me what you want to do.”

She beamed, “First we get your pants down.” I watched as she slid my sweats down to my knees. “Then we get my panties off.” She got up and dropped them to the floor. “And then I climb over you.”

And then my jaw dropped. I had never seen my sister’s pussy. It was hairless, pink, like Escort Giresun a rose. She reached and spread her lips with her fingers to reveal she was gaping, glistening and wet.

“OK, let’s do this, Oliver.” She moved up my thighs, my hips until she was straddling me. She rubbed her pussy lips along the length of my cock and then she squeezed my base and pointed me in. With a bit of heavy breathing and panting, she slid herself down on me. I closed my eyes for a second until I realized I was sliding deeper in my own sister. “There, there. OMG, Oliver, you fill me perfectly. I think you’re as long as I am deep!” With one hand, she held up her skirt for a better view. With her other hand, she was holding the base of my throbbing boner.

“Let’s make sure there’s no noises.” She started rocking back and forth on me, and I could only stare and watch the gaping maw of her pussy lips around my pale white organ. She rocked and moaned and I curled my toes until I felt the stirring.

“Get off me, Taylor, I’m going to cum!” I tried pushing her off but she refused to dismount. In fact, I was only thrusting into her. “Get off me!”

“Oliver, stay still! Don’t move!” Her eyes were closed as she rocked and rolled on my pelvis, my 6 trembling inches stuck in the suction of her hungry cunt.

I squirmed to push her off but she placed a hand on my chest to hold me in position. I could only close my eyes as I felt myself forced to cum. Soon I was making short jabs upward, but she would not move as she captured my spurts, over and over, until it oozed out between us.

We were both covered with a light sweat, and smiled as she finally eased off me, my dick making a plopping noise as it was released.

“Oliver! I can’t believe you came in me! Don’t you have any sense of self-control?”

“I guess not.”

“Well, you’re going to have to learn, baby brother.” She got off my bed and grabbed one of my socks off the floor and threw it at me. While I wiped myself with my sock, she grabbed one of my t-shirts and wiped her creamed pussy off. My beautiful but annoying sister was very pleased with herself.