Amy’s GrandPa Ch. 5


(In chapters 1-4, I get to know my two granddaughters–carnally, of course. But it is their mother that I had wanted to fuck for so long. Bitsy suggested I fake a stroke and ask her mom to help. Boy did she! As our story opens, Jill is lying behind me with my slimy dick in her hand.)

* * * * *

At last, it looked like I would soon be fucking my daughter, but under far different circumstances that we had imagined. I hoped that the girls hadn’t pussy-whipped poor Jimmy too hard. I was going to need his help to keep this group satisfied. If I guessed right, the scene in the living room would be a pretty wild orgy at the moment. I looked directly into the camera and winked as I pulled the covers back to show them their mother’s cum-coated hand still jacking my slowly shrinking dick. The thoughts of what

sort of havoc this would produce among the gang watching the action downstairs on the wide screen were enough to make it start grow again. That was going to be one hell of a tape for the family archives!

“Oh, Dad! I can’t believe you! How can a man as old as you be so potent? That’s the second time in an hour that you’ve had a huge orgasm.”

If she only knew that each of her daughter’s had equaled her production before she got there!

She climbed out of bed and headed for the bathroom. I started the whimpering shit again. Yeah, it bothered my conscience for a second or so.

“What is it now, Dad? You’ve got me so excited with that thing staying so hard all the time and spewing all over my hand, I don’t know what to do with you. What do you want now?”

I flopped over onto my back with my reinvigorated dick sticking up like a flagpole, still dripping cum from her hand job. The sight of my naked daughter and the memory of her hand jacking me off were enough to keep it rigid.

Jill yelled downstairs again. “Hey girls. He’s whimpering again. What do you think he wants now?”

She didn’t expect Amy to come barging into the room. She stood in shocked silence as her daughter ignored her mother’s naked body and pointed to my prick.

“There, Mom. That’s what he wants. Can’t you see his big hard-on? He wants you to sit on it. That’s the only way to get him to go to sleep.”

“Sit on it! What do you mean, Sit on it? You shouldn’t be in here at all. How do you know what he wants. Are you telling me you’ve been sitting on it?”

“Well, duhhh! Why not, Mom? Can’t you tell he’s in pain? It looks like he’s going to bust a blood vessel if that thing gets any harder. Well, if you aren’t going to help GrandPa, then I will.”

Before Jill could say a word, Amy gabbed my slimy prick in a firm grip, flipped up her skirt and sat all the way down to my balls in one smooth action.

Jill had never been so shocked in her life. “Amy Jo! What do you think you’re doing?”

“I’m just helping GrandPa with his problem, Mom. Hmmmh. He’s helping me with mine, too. He feels so good inside me. I can feel his prick against my tonsils, I think.”

“Goodness, Amy! I knew you were wild, but I had no idea you were so utterly casual about sex. Doesn’t it bother you that he’s your grandfather?”

“Why should it? He’s got a nice big dick and it feels really good to sit on it, especially when I bounce up and down like this.”

Boy! Did it!

Jill was mesmerized by the sight escort bayan of her own daughter so shamelessly fucking herself on my big pole. What a seat I had to watch this family drama play out!

“But what if he got you pregnant?”

“Mom! I’ve been on the pill for years. If it hadn’t been for the pill, you would have dozens of grandchildren by now.”

“Well! I never!”

“Don’t you want to try it, Mom. It feels so good. You know you want to.”

“No I don’t! How can you say such a thing?”

“Then why are you still standing there naked, watching me fuck him? Why is your hand in your crotch?”

“It isn’t! Oh!, well maybe it was itching a little.”

“Yeah! It made mine itch, too, when I saw GrandPa’s big dick waving in the breeze. Come on, Mom. I’ll help you put it in so it won’t stretch you too much. I’ll bet you haven’t had any since Dad left, have you?”


“Oh, Mom. Just relax. Come on. Try it, you’ll like it.”

Whether Jill wanted to on a conscious basis was no longer a factor. Her body wanted it and it came over to the bed of its own accord.

Amy lifted off my iron hard pecker and slid down in the bed, between my legs, holding my lance upright for her mother.

“Come on, Mom. I’ll hold it for you.”

Much to my great surprise and tremendous relief, my daughter finally did what I had been wanting for so long. With a dazed expression on her face, she slowly crawled onto the bed and swung her leg over my face so that I was looking up into her dripping pussy.

Amy jacked me up and down while her mother dumbly watched from above. “Ok, Mom. He’s ready for you. Just squat down and sit on it. I’ll guide it in for you.”

It must have been the matter-of-fact tone of Amy’s voice that finally allowed Jill to squat over me. All reservations she had maintained for so long were pushed aside for the moment by the soothing sound of her daughter’s voice and the presence of her father’s huge schlong, just inches away.

Gradually, she sank lower and lower until her pussy lips were warm against the head of my painfully distended prick.

“That’s great, Mom!”, Amy said as she lovingly parted her mother’s pussy lips around her grandfather’s cockhead. “Just keep on going. This huge prick will be filling you completely in just a little while.”

Jill’s body shuddered a bit, apparently at the sound of the coarse words her daughter was using, but it only served to work my dick further into her incredibly tight furnace of a cunt.

“That’s good, Mom. You’re doing fine. Now that you have GrandPa’s prick inside you, there’s no reason not to go ahead and enjoy it as much as you want, is there?”

Amy’s word must have struck home. Jill visibly relaxed and allowed her weight to force my spear all the way to the bottom of her canal. She sat motionless for a bit, absorbing the situation and the mountain of flesh, before beginning a grinding motion with her hips.

“That’s it, Mom! That’s it! Fuck GrandPa. Fuck him!” Her hands were all over her mother’s body, stroking and caressing her as she fucked her father.

“Oh, Baby! Oh, Daddy! This feels so wonderful. Why didn’t anybody ever tell me how good it felt?”

Once Jill had accepted the reality of fucking her father, it was as if the floodgates to years of repressed desire altıparmak escort bayan had been thrown open all at once. That previously uptight daughter of mine was practically stripping the skin off my dick with a hot torch.

Amy crawled around and sat on my face so she could play with her mother’s tits from behind.

“That’s it, Baby! Pinch my nipples! It feels so fucking good!”

That was the first time I ever heard Jill use such terms. It apparently signaled that a new way of life was starting for her.

When she was well on her way up the mountain, Bitsy came in the room, naked, leading Jimmy by the prick. Jill’s eyes widened at the sight of her, but couldn’t take her eyes off Jimmy’s huge tool. She stared at it all the way across the room as it waved from side to side, and across the bed as he climbed on board, and slowly lost sight of it as the first dick she ever had in her mouth, disappeared.

I guess when Jill decided it was ok to fuck me, she decided it was ok to fuck…whatever! From our experience with her, we all knew she had never given a blowjob before, to anybody! Now she must have had a good six inches of Jimmy’s salami down her throat. She was a quick study.

Her eyes rolled back into her head as she rose and fell on my rod. She was undoubtedly experiencing sensations she had never known before. “Ecstasy” hardly did her condition justice. Maybe “Nirvana” would come closer.

“Cum in Mom’s mouth, Jimmy. I want to see her swallow it.”

“Damn, Bitsy. You’ve just about fucked me dry. Give me a minute to work up some more juice.”

“Bitch, bitch, bitch. Where’s that strap-on, GrandPa? I know how to get Jimmy’s balls pumping.”

“My, my, my, Darlin. Talk about a cum slut! I do believe that you’re the horniest one of our bunch, and you still sitting on that gold mine.”

“Yeah, GrandPa. Have you got that rich old geezer who’s going to buy my cherry picked out yet? I want to get rid of that puppy and get down to some serious fucking. Oh, here it is. Spread your cheeks, Jimmy. Here it comes.”

Poor Jimmy’s ass must have ripped three ways from Sunday as Bitsy slammed the rubber prick up his ass.

“Shit, Bitsy! Don’t you think you could grease that thing a little?”

“You know you like it rough, Big Boy. Now push back when I push in and we’ll have you pouring the juice to Mom in a flash.”

How that young girl who had just begun her sexual experience a week or so ago could be so jaded, I couldn’t imagine, but she had an instinct for what it took to get guys off and Jimmy was just another challenge for her.

Amy was now stimulating her mother’s clit with one hand while she pinched and rolled her nipples with the other.

By this time, Jill had ascended to a higher plane of existence. She wasn’t having an orgasm as much as she was living on the orgasm plane. Her body trembled and shook. She quivered like a coon dog shitting a peach pit. Her cunt grabbed my dick like a haywire robot wearing steel gloves–hot ones! For someone who never had one before, my baby had learned fast. I worried about Jimmy’s chances of getting his entire prick back out of her voracious mouth.

Bitsy’s ravishment of Jimmy’s ragged asshole finally paid off. With a huge groan, he began to pour cum down Jill’s throat nilüfer eskort in long, gushing streams. Bless her heart, she actually tried to swallow all of it, but it came in faster than it could go down. Streams of cum ran down her cheeks, onto her tits and down her stomach.

Amy was still rubbing Jill’s clit, so she just spread the cum around in her mother’s cunt hair and kept rubbing. It must have been just what she needed to get off herself, because my mouth was suddenly filled with her sweet cream, which was what I needed.

Soon, it was hard to tell whose cum was soaking Jill’s crotch. Amy mixed mine with Jimmy’s and rubbed it all over her mom’s body, then pulled her off my wilting mast and went down on her. “Come on, Bitsy. Let’s show Mom what 138 is like.”

“A hundred, thirty-eight?”

“Yeah. You know. Two times sixty-nine. Give her a chance to eat us both out at the same time.”

“Oh, right.”

Jimmy and I leaned back and watched the show, thankful that we weren’t being called on to produce any more cum for a little while.

“Well, Jimmy. What do you think of our little family fuck club so far?”

“Golly, Mr. Long. I thought I was the horniest person alive till I met Bitsy. She could fuck the balls off a bull!”

“Now there’s a thought!”, I responded. “Say, Jimmy. What do you think are the odds that I could fuck your mother?”

“Gee, Mr. Long. I don’t know. I never thought about it. Mom is pretty hot, though, isn’t she?”, he said with a grin as the idea of his mother lying there like Jill ran through his mind. I actually think her started to get hard again, just imagining it.

“Tell you what. Let’s throw a party. We can invite the neighbors and gradually work it so that your parents are the last ones here. I think I know how to get your father out of the way. Amy, how would you like to fuck Jimmy’s dad?”

“Is he hung like you, Jimmy?”

“Yeah, only much bigger.”

“Bigger!”, her eyes bugged out at the thought.

“Just kidding”, Jimmy grinned. “How would I know how big my dad’s dick is?”

“You’ll know by the time the party is over. When can we have it, Gramps?”

“Any time you’re ready. How about Saturday night?”

“You’re on!”

The three-way 69 was slowing down so Amy asked Jimmy if he would leave his window open when he got home.


“The only reason I can think is if you want a naked girl to climb in your window and fuck you to sleep.”

“I’ll break the fucker out if it won’t open. Wait till about 11, ok? I need a few minutes to recover.”

“Ok, see you then.”

I was so proud of my fucking family. I was surrounded by beautiful, sexy women–all of whom loved to fuck me and all were produced from the same sperm they loved.

Jill crawled over and cuddled up in my arms. “You seem to have made a miraculous recovery, you horny old goat”, she snickered.

“You’re not mad at me for tricking you?”

“I should be, but I’ve learned a lesson here tonight that was worth some embarrassment. I really was worried about you, you know. I thought you might die before I ever got the chance to let you know how much I had wanted you.”

“All’s well that ends well. Your pussy was certainly worth waiting for, but 25 years is a long time to wait for anything.”

“You still haven’t fucked me in the ass. When you’re able, show me what you’ve got while Bitsy explains what she was talking about when she mentioned a rich old geezer.”

“Spread those cheeks, Baby. Daddy’s gonna give you your birthday present.. Tell her the story, Bitsy, while I try to get my decrepit old prick up for another round.