Amy’s Massage Ch. 01


Amy’s body was sore. After an early morning workout and 3 strenuous sets of tennis her shoulder, back, and left thigh were hurting again. She sighed as she plopped down in the chair alongside of the court.

“Nice match,” her opponent offered.

“Yeah, you played really well today,” Amy politely replied.

But in her mind she knew that on a “normal” day she would have won easily, instead of the 4-6, 7-6, 5-7 loss she had just suffered. It was just that lately her body had been hurting more often than not. And to make matters worse, her neck was stiff from sleeping in an awkward position to avoid strain on her chronically aching shoulder.

Overall, Amy was in great shape, especially for a woman in her mid-40’s. Her petite 5’2″ frame was pleasantly filled out with muscular shoulders, arms, and a lean torso. All those years of working out with weights had paid off. And her passion for tennis had given her strong, well-defined legs and a nice, firm ass. Her breasts were small, but well-formed, with dark sensitive nipples crowning her supple mounds of flesh. Dressed in her workout outfit or a bikini, she was quite a sight to behold.

She would often go jogging wearing only a sports bra and running shorts, her dark brown hair flowing freely behind her in a pony tail as she ran. Men gave long stares as she passed by, and she noticed cars slow down and heads turn as they passed her along the road. Amy wouldn’t admit it, but she secretly enjoyed the attention. Sometimes she would notice her erect nipples visible through the damp fabric of her sports bra and she’d smile to herself as she felt the eyes of yet another passerby transfixed upon her.

Amy let out a slight groan as she twisted her body to climb out of the car. The movement heightened the dull pain in her back and leg. Dispirited, she grabbed her tennis bag from the passenger seat and made her way into the house. After three long, frustrating sets of tennis, she was tired; tired and sore.

“Time to make an appointment for another massage,” she thought as she poured herself a tall glass of ice-cold lemonade. Taking a few sips from the glass, she made her way to her workout bag to pull out her mobile phone. She quickly dialed Leslie’s phone number and waited for the masseuse to answer. Instead, she heard voice mail kick in.

“Hello, you’ve reached Leslie. I’ll be away until the 28th. If you’re in bad shape and absolutely need a massage, I’ve arranged for my colleague, Alan, to care for you while I’m gone. Just leave a message and he’ll return your call.”

“A male massage therapist…,” Amy thought to herself. “Hmmm…I’m not too sure about that.” The voice mail beeped, and Amy found herself almost hanging up, but instead stuttered into the phone “Uhh…Hi, this is Amy, and… and I was hoping Leslie could see me…” Then thinking “what the hell,” blurted out the rest. “Uh, I guess I need a massage…now, before she gets back. My number is 750-8941.”

“We’ll see what happens,” Amy thought as she made her way slowly upstairs to the bedroom. “But what I need right now is a good hot shower.” At the entrance to the bedroom, she kicked off her tennis shoes and socks. Struggling a bit, she slowly peeled off her wet shirt and bra and stepped out of her skirt and panties. Moving into the bathroom she reached into the shower, turned on the water and then backed out, waiting for the water to heat up.

Amy stood there inspecting her naked body in the mirror. She took great pride in her body, especially when she compared herself to the other women her age. Her sexy curves intermixed with lean musculature turned men on, and she knew it. Placing her hands on her stomach, she let them run slowly up her tight torso until they brushed over her breasts and caressed her shoulders. The firmness of her body felt good under her gentle touch.

Responding to the sensuous roaming of her hands, her nipples became erect. She let her hands drop down slowly until her thumbs rested, one on each nipple. A slight smile came across her face as her nipples reacted. “They still look good,” she thought to herself.

Suddenly aware of the steam rising out of the shower, Amy snapped out of her reverie and climbed in. The hot spray hit her stomach and chest and it felt good. She grabbed the soap and began to rub the slick bar all over her body. The warm water and soapy lather felt luxurious against her tired body.

As she relaxed in the warm cocoon of the shower stall her thoughts began to drift. Soon erotic images entered her mind as she began to play out a favorite fantasy in her head… An anonymous man quietly slips into the shower behind her. He reaches his arms around her waist and hugs her from behind. She is startled at first, but then slowly leans back against him. She can feel his hands exploring her warm soapy body. His arousal becomes readily apparent. She turns around in his arms to face him. She looks up, smiles, and they kiss a long deep kiss, tongues probing. Her pulse quickens. Slowly, teasingly, bursa escort she works her way down his body, kissing his neck, chest, stomach. As she moves lower, her mouth closes around the tip of his fully erect cock. He grows harder in her mouth….

Suddenly Amy realized that her pussy had become very aroused and very wet. “I’d better rinse off and get over to the bed so I can take care of this,” she thought to herself. She tingled with the anticipation of using her favorite vibrating dildo on herself.

Amy quickly rinsed and shut off the water. She reached out the shower door for her towel and started to dry herself. She was almost completely dry when the phone rang. Quickly, she patted the remaining few drops of water off her arms and hurried over to the phone by the bed.

“Hello?” Amy spoke into the phone.

The voice on the other end was a man’s voice. “Yes, may I please speak with Amy?”

She replied, “This is Amy.”

“Hi Amy. This is Alan…I believe you called for a massage appointment? I have an opening right now, or let’s see…one tomorrow morning.”

“Oh, well…hmmm…I guess the one right now would be better. I have another appointment tomorrow morning. And anyway, I’m awfully sore right now.” She laughed nervously.

“That’ll be fine,” came the reply. “The address is 150 Pine St., near Adams.”

“OK, I can be there in 15 minutes.” Amy thought she knew the area.

“Great, I’ll see you then.” Amy hung up the phone.

Feeling a bit anxious about meeting a new massage therapist, and a male one at that, she hastily found a clean pair of panties, and slipped them on. Then a pair of running shorts and a sleeveless cotton shirt, with no bra. Grabbing her car keys, she headed off for 150 Pine St.

A few minutes later, she pulled up in front of a residential house. Peering out the windshield, she verified that it was the right address. “Well if Leslie recommends this guy, then I guess it’s OK,” Amy thought as she climbed out of the car.

Nervously, she rang the doorbell. A few seconds later footsteps approached the front door. The door opened, and a tall man with dark hair appeared. He extended his hand and said “Hi, I’m Alan. You must be Amy. Please come in.” She shook his outstretched hand and immediately felt at ease.

As she followed him inside, her eyes quickly scanned up and down his body. “A nice looking man,” she thought. He was also wearing a pair of running shorts and a T-shirt. He had muscular legs and an athletic build. He was tall, about 6 feet, and had a deep tan. But what really caught her eye were his hands. They looked strong, yet kind and gentle; the veins that stood out made them seem experienced, in a seductive way. Amy looked up into his face and saw him smiling at her…a nice smile. She was immediately attracted to this man. Her heart raced. She smiled back.

They moved down the hall to a spare bedroom where a massage table sat in the middle of the room. The shade was drawn darkening the room, making it seem quiet and safe. “I’ll be outside while you undress,” Alan said softly. He turned and left, closing the door behind him.

Amy nervously began to strip off her clothes. She could still feel her attraction to him and it excited her a little. For a moment she was tempted to remove her panties, but then decided against it. With Leslie, she always kept them on. “This should be no different,” she thought.

Carefully, she climbed up onto the table and lay face down, covering herself with the large towel that had been set there. The table was padded and felt comfortable as she settled into it. Soon, there was a soft knock on the door.

“I’m ready,” Amy called out, her voice muffled by the table.

She heard the door open and Alan’s footsteps enter.

“Are you comfortable?” he asked.

“Yes,” came Amy’s muffled reply.

She heard the strike of a match lighting, a pause, and then heard him blow it out. The warm glow of candlelight filled the room and she saw uneven shadows dancing on the floor. She heard the mechanical clicking of a CD player, and a moment later, soft, smooth music filled the air. Her breathing started to slow. She relaxed into the soft cushioning of the table.

Alan leaned over the back of her head and said in almost a whisper, “Are you ready to begin?”

Amy exhaled, “Yes.”

She felt him uncover her shoulders and upper back and then two warm, oily palms caressed the top of her shoulders, one on each side of her neck. Slowly, the hands began to move in small circular motions, first lightly, and then firmer. Amy let out a deep sigh.

The warm hands continued, kneading and rubbing all the sore spots in her shoulders, upper back, and neck. They seemed to know just where to concentrate, releasing the tightness and stress locked inside her body. Amy felt pleasure surging up her spine and into the back of her neck and head. The warm hands felt healing and seductive at the same time.

Alan worked his way down the length of Amy’s bursa escort bayan back. Then, long slow strokes back up the entire length. Amy was putty in his hands. She could feel only the hands and the warmth. It felt wonderful.

Amy’s breathing settled into a slow rhythm, exhaling every time he finished a stroke. A few more blissful minutes passed. Alan moved down to her legs. He started with her left calf holding it carefully in both hands, kneading it softly with his thumbs. He rubbed the back of the calf with the flat of his palm. The soreness there was almost too much for her to take…an odd mixture of pleasure and pain.

Slowly, he worked his way higher, past the back of her knee and up her left thigh. As he reached the top of her thigh, he let both hands drop down so that one hand was on the outside, and the other inserted between her legs. Involuntarily, she spread her legs apart just a little. The seductive part of his touch began to have an effect on her.

He continued to stroke up and down her thigh. She felt pleasure, then arousal. Once or twice, his hand slipped between her legs and momentarily brushed against the crotch of her panties. That small taste of touch inflamed her pussy. “Any more of this, and I’m gonna be wet real soon,” she thought to herself.

She was wondering whether the touching had been accidental or not. As she mulled it over in her mind, unexpectedly, Alan said quietly, “If we remove your panties, I can massage your butt. Would you like that?”

“Uhh…sure,” Amy replied weakly.

The sound of his voice had startled her. And now she wondered even more.

Amy next felt his hands at her hips, grasping the elastic of her panties, and pulling them down. She wriggled slightly so that he could free them from under her. She felt them come down to her thighs, then her knees, then her ankles, and they were off.

“That’s better,” Alan said matter-of-factly. Amy lay there fully nude, completely exposed to him.

She heard him slopping more oil into his hands and rubbing them together. She felt them on her left buttock, warm and tender, yet strong. He rubbed and kneaded, first her left cheek, and then her right. It felt delicious. Once again, his fingertips momentarily brushed against her crotch a few times, but now there was no material in the way. Amy felt her juices starting to flow. She spread her legs a little more.

Alan drifted down her right leg, to her calf. She almost groaned out loud when he moved away. She yearned for him to touch her crotch, now hot with desire. But here he was, seductively cradling her calf in his hands…rubbing…so far away from her heat, yet, he was still touching her. As he slowly made his way up her right leg, the anticipation of his fingers brushing her crotch once again drove her out of her mind. Never before had she been so subtly teased.

Soon he was massaging her upper thigh once again and the excitement overcame her. The heat emanating from his hands felt so healing, so loving, and she ached for that heat to mesh with hers. He caressed her ass some more, and then let his fingers drift into her hot wetness… lightly at first, and then more deliberately. This time there was no mistaking his intentions. The teasing of his fingertips around her clitoris sent a wave of erotic energy through her entire body. She gasped and spread her legs further. His fingers drifted back to her ass, and she felt a surge of lust as a finger slowly brushed across her puckered hole.

Suddenly he stopped. Her body twitched, hungry for more.

“Time to flip over,” he said softly.

She noted a hint of excitement in his voice. Dutifully, she lifted her head and turned over using her elbows. As she faced him, she could see his eyes riveted on her breasts. She became aware of her large nipples protruding with arousal.

He had removed his shirt and was standing there in just his running shorts. His body was lean, yet muscular. As her eyes scanned down, she admired the ripple of his stomach muscles.

“Mmmm, sexy,” she thought to herself. Her eyes moved farther, and she noticed his erection straining against the flimsy material of his shorts. A new wave of desire enveloped her.

She lay back down on the table and Alan moved up toward her head. She looked up into his face and he was smiling at her. She smiled back, feeling a little self-conscious. He reached under her head and began massaging her neck. She closed her eyes and sunk deeper into the table.

As his hands slowly moved to her shoulders she could feel her breasts swell with anticipation. He rubbed the top of her shoulders and the front of her chest, just above her breasts. She could now hear his breathing as he continued to work on her.

His hands slid down between her breasts, around and under each side, and back up again to her collarbone. He repeated this movement several times, and each time it made her nipples even harder with desire. She could feel her heart racing, and his breath quicken.

Amy escort bursa groaned softly in anguish as Alan let his hands slide farther down, to her stomach. Her hard nipples longed to be touched, rubbed, pinched, by those hot hands, but now they were moving away. He placed a hand on each side of her torso and worked her strong stomach with his thumbs and palms.

Suddenly his touch softened. He lightly ran both palms slowly over her stomach, back and forth, from the bottom of her breasts to the top of her pubic mound. She began to breathe heavily. His motion increased, until he was touching her breasts at one end, and the inner part of her thighs at the other. Amy’s breath became uneven and labored.

Alan continued teasing her until he was brushing his fingers lightly against her nipples, and along the pubic hair next to her clit. Then once again, he stopped.

She gasped and opened her eyes.

He gently took her right wrist and raised it up over her head. She saw that he had a length of torn sheet in his other hand. He deftly secured it around her wrist and tied the other end to the table leg. She cried out but offered no resistance as her initial shock quickly gave way to anticipation. He quickly moved to the other side and did the same with her left wrist.

Amy’s head swam with excitement. She had often fantasized about being erotically stimulated while bound and helpless. And now it was actually happening!

Moving toward her feet, Alan used additional lengths of torn sheet to secure first one ankle and then the other. Now Amy lay there, bound to the table, her legs spread, her fully erect nipples sticking straight up into the air. She struggled slightly, and her breathing became heavy and uncontrolled.

Alan smiled at her deviously. He placed both palms softly on her stomach and let them run slowly up her body. Again, he teased her breasts by approaching her nipples, but not quite touching them. He ran his hands farther up, over her armpits, her triceps, and forearms. Her muscular arms felt sexy.

He let his hands roam back down her body, past her head, breasts, stomach, and toward her pussy. Amy squirmed in anticipation. A look of lust came over her face. His hands brushed by her pubic hair and continued down her right thigh, to her knee, and ankle. She convulsed, yearning for his touch.

His hands started back up again…at her knee, thigh, then once again brushing past her soaking pussy and down her left leg. Amy thrashed in frustration; she was now wild with desire.

Once again Alan slid his hands back up her body, past her crotch, up her stomach, and around her breasts. But this time, he let his fingers caress and fondle her hard nipples. Amy exhaled deeply. The sensation of his fingertips rubbing and pinching felt so exciting…so exquisite.

He bent over and flicked her nipples with his tongue; then sucked them. He sucked in as much of her breast as he could, engulfing the flesh in his wide open mouth, and all the while teasing her with his darting tongue and nibbling teeth. She moaned in pleasure.

Suddenly, he stopped again. Amy watched as he went over to the candle and picked it up. The flame flickered as he slowly walked toward her with it. Amy could only watch as he placed the candle directly over her breasts. She winced in anticipation, yet felt excited at the same time. She tugged a bit against the bindings on her wrists but they were securely fastened.

Alan tipped the candle slightly. A few drops of hot wax splashed on her right breast. She recoiled from the sharp pain, but it subsided quickly. He dripped a few more drops. This time, the wax found its mark, hitting her squarely on the nipple. The sensation shot through the length of her entire body, making her shudder, a satisfying mix of pain and pleasure.

She watched as he slowly moved the candle over her left breast. She quivered in anticipation, wanting him to repeat the act, yet not wanting him to at the same time. He waited. She lay there helpless. He waited some more. She squirmed.

He slowly tilted the candle once more, and the hot wax found its mark. “Ahhhh…” Amy cried out. She began panting, very close to orgasm.

The sight of the nude woman tied to the table, writhing and shaking with lust was too much for Alan. He put down the candle and reached to remove his shorts. Amy’s eyes focused on his crotch. Her breath quickened. He pulled down his shorts and his erect cock sprang free, sticking almost straight up in the air. She stared at the thick shaft rising from dark pubic hair and capped with a large swollen glans glistening with pre-cum.

He climbed onto the table and placed his hard-on directly above her face. She strained to reach it with her tongue. He lowered himself closer so that she could lick his balls and the lower half of his throbbing member. “Mmmmm…” Alan moaned. Unable to control himself any longer, he eagerly positioned himself between her spread legs.

“I’m going to get a royal fucking…” Amy thought to herself. The restraints made her even more excited. “…and all I can do is lie here and take it.”

Alan grabbed his hard penis and teasingly rubbed it against her protruding clit. They each let out a sensuous moan.