Amy’s True Loves


One never knows quite how things like this start. It may have been twenty years ago it might have been ten. What is certain was that they loved each other deeply and had done for years through thick and thin. He was now fifty-two and she was thirty. He was big strong, fit, bearded and bald and she was small thin and not given to exercise. He thought she was beautiful and in truth she was even if she saw all her faults and magnified them. It took twenty years to consummate their love and this is the story of why it took so long.

Amy was Mike’s stepdaughter. She was one of three children. She was however the one who her family never took to. She had a brother – male and therefore could do no wrong and her sister who through no fault of her own was treated like a ‘golden child’.

Mike had fallen heavily for their mother and one evening after he’d asked her out to dinner and they had got horribly drunk she simply unzipped him and sucked his cock till he filled her mouth. She promptly passed out and woke the next morning literally stuck to his crotch. Mike loved Joan much more than Joan loved Mike. She saw money, security and a big strong man who could work hard all day and not feel exhausted.

The boy lived with his father and the girls only saw them once a year. When Amy was twelve she went to stay with her father for a week. Two days later a little voice on the end of the phone asked Mike to come and get her. It was years before Mike found out what had gone on. Apparently she’d been told that she was a ‘mistake’ and ‘unwanted’. God, knows what effect it really had as she never discussed it but it meant that Amy was looking all her life for someone who loved her just for being her.

Her problem was that in the long run this person was her stepfather and she knew it was wrong to show her love the way she wanted to.

At eighteen she lost her virginity to a nice guy her own age who had had a crush on her all the way through school. The consummation of the relationship was a painful business for her as he was big and she very little. She had turned to the only man she trusted for advice. Mike had shown her how to put a condom on a banana. He’s explained all about foreskins as her boyfriend had one and so on. To her amazement Mike kissed her on the cheek, hugged her, told her he loved her and wished her the best of luck as she set off to have sex for the first time. Most parents went crazy when they discovered such things were going on she shook her head as she wandered away at the thought that he was genuinely happy.

About a month later she confessed that she was a bit embarrassed about her underwear and wanted to get some nice things to wear next to her skin. Her boyfriend was too shy to go with her and choose so she asked if Mike would mind. He agreed and they made a day of it on the town. The buying was fun for both of them. She used his credit card görükle escort and got over any shyness holding things up to her and asking what he thought. Mike had the time of his life. He had a real thing for women’s undergarments. She bought a selection from thongs through to body stockings. Out of curiosity Mike asked if the thongs were comfortable. With disarming honesty she explained because she was thin they fitted nicely and just covered the bits she wanted to hide for a while. He politely declined a fashion show. They went on to do other things in town and ended up going out to dinner. After the first couple of wines she looked up at Mike.

“You know when I told you I was going to have sex with Paul…”

“Yes Darling.”

“You really didn’t care?”

” No that’s not quite true. I cared and do care very much. I was happy that you had found someone nice and wanted to have sex. I’d much rather you wanted sex than have it forced upon you. It made you happy, I love you, therefore what makes you happy makes me happy.”

She smiled and nodded silently. She didn’t raise the topic again. Walking back to the car she put her arm around his waist, squeezed and told him that she loved him too.

Amy and her boyfriend loved each other but as is usual with such early relationships it only lasted a couple of years. She rang Mike to let him know she was over it and was sleeping with a drummer. Thereafter she slept with a succession of men and a woman or two. Her mother and Mike eventually separated while she was overseas and living with a man about 15 years her senior. That relationship having ended she headed home at 28. She had discovered that she was unable to bear children and the man in question desperate for an heir had unceremoniously dumped her for a fertile frump. He ‘gallantly’ offered to share but she still had some pride intact and headed home

Having never got on with her mother she didn’t go and see her she worried about how she would be welcomed when she turned up at Mike’s rural hideaway after so many years. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw her. He did a double take. She hadn’t exactly filled out. She was no longer skinny, slender was a better description. She had left with mousey blonde hair. She returned as a reddish brunette cut in a bob. She wore jeans and a tight sweater. Her breasts hadn’t got any bigger and she still had a little gap between her legs. She walked form her car to Mike. She gave a little smile but before she could say a word she was swept up into his arms. They hugged and kissed and she began to cry at seeing him.

Amy had turned into a beautiful woman. As he cuddled her he didn’t feel a bra strap and as they separated to look at each other he noticed the two little points that had emerged against her sweater.

Not bothering to unpack more than a bit of duty free liquor they karacabey escort headed to the porch and sat on a big comfortable sofa looking at the view and talking. As they talked they drank. Amy got up and asked where the if the toilet was still in the same place. It was despite massive renovations since she last visited. She was a little unsteady on her feet and made off to relieve the pressure. After a short while, about half a glass, she came padding back. Her jeans were gone. She was just in her sweater and knickers. They were a little silk and lace number with a see through front panel. Her pubic hair was visible through the lace. Mike blinked, Amy giggled.

“Come on, it’s not as though you haven’t seen it all before!”

She was referring to her and her sister’s habit of using the swimming pool without wearing anything.

“Anyway it’s nice to let my skin breathe after all those hours on the plane. By the way the bidet is a great idea. I feel so much more comfortable now that I’m washed down there.”

She turned to get her drink form the nearby table and Mike saw that she still favoured tiny underwear. She indicated that she wanted to curl up on Mike’s knee. Despite the drink and middle age Mike was hardening up. She noted his hesitancy.

“Don’t worry I’m all grown up and what girl wouldn’t be flattered by this.” She said pointing at his crotch.

“Amy, I…”

She sat down, her bare bottom on the lump in his pants. Snuggling up she began to talk as though there were nothing odd about her stepfather’s cock digging her in the bottom.

” I don’t know if you remember but when I was little and used to ask you all sorts of difficult questions.”

“Such as?” He asked trying to remain calm.

“Oh how to deal with a boy’s foreskin and whether girls looked different from each other.”

“Yes…. You certainly made me sweat over all that stuff. Did your mother tell you nothing?”

“She was pretty good but it was easier to talk to you and you were so kind. Telling me that any man would be mad not to snap me up and so on. It was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. I fell in love with you then, you know.”

“No I didn’t.”

“Anyway Mikey.” She said snuggling in some more. “I’ve made some decisions about my life and I need to ask you a favour.”

“Ask away.”

“Well I have a confession to make first of all.”

“Go ahead.” Mike sipped on his drink and kissed her on the top of her head.

“I’m kind of off men for the foreseeable future.”

“Fine by me.”

“Well there’s more to it. Remember when I had those flings with women back about seven or eight years ago?”

“Yep, what of it?”

“Well I’m bringing a girlfriend back with me. I met her before Jim and I broke up and she’s been very good to me and we love each other and…”

Mike stopped mudanya escort her. “So where is the problem? You know I approve as long as you’re happy.”

“Well here’s the problem. Mel likes girls and I like both men and women and….”

“Ahh ….. I see.”

“Well there’s more to it. She’s okay with my having a man occasionally and she might even like to be there to watch.”

“Sounds ideal. Lucky guy.” He chuckled.

“It could be ideal. I love Mel and I don’t want some guy to get in our way being jealous and so on.”

“Will that be a problem?”

Amy sighed, moved slightly and turning kissed Mike slowly on the lips. “I’m hoping you’ll say it won’t be.”

Mike swallowed and his eyes bulged. Amy told Mike that she wanted to be near him and Mel always.

He had an inkling of understanding but didn’t want to put his foot in it. Amy made her intentions quite clear. She told Mike that she wanted to sleep in his bed that night. She was tired and a bit drunk so if it was alright she would just sleep. In the morning she wanted to get Mel from the airport. She’d popped home to Ireland to bit her family goodbye and couldn’t get away earlier.

With that Amy got up and taking Mike’s hand asked him to take her to bed. It felt odd. Years of conditioning that she was her little girl was overcome only with her insistent manner.

Making it to the bedroom they stopped at the door for an instant.

Looking up at Mike, Amy kissed him standing on tiptoes and told him not to worry because it was what she wanted.

Mike went and turned down the bed. He began to undress but hesitated. Taking off her sweater and revealing a little silk camisole matching her panties Amy looked up and said

“Go on I know you sleep in the nude. I want to sleep next to your skin.”

Throwing caution to the wind Mike removed his clothes. Amy gave a little giggle when she saw his cock. It wasn’t rock hard because Mike was nervous but it was sticking out at a low angle and obviously had quite a lot of blood in it still. He got into bed and with the lights out Amy snuggled up and climbed on top of him. She kissed him and lay upon him. She kissed him again deeply and he responded. His cock hardened up again and with her leg draped across him Amy could feel the tip at her silk covered opening.

“Mmmm, maybe just a quicky then.” she murmured.

“It’s okay I can wait.”

“Well I’m not sure that lovely cock of yours can. Please pull my panties down.”

Mike reached and moved the little piece of material down Amy’s legs. She slipped one leg out of her panties and reaching for them brought them up to Mike’s nose. She had worn them on the last leg of her flight thinking about making love to the only man in her life. She encouraged Mike to sniff and rubbed them on his face. She trailed her panties with soft kisses. There was no foreplay beyond this. A big hand held her buttock her legs were wide apart and she straddled him. Mike was at Amy’s moist opening. She shifted slightly and Mike was inside her. She gave a little cry and kissed him as deeply as she could. Since she was first interested in boys she’d wanted to show him her love this way.