An Afternoon Movie

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Sue and I had met online…I had responded to an online personals posting and we had talked online, exchanged some emails, and then a few phone calls. We had met only once so far, and we had indulged one of her favorite fantasies, where she came to meet me in a hotel room and we enjoyed lovemaking for the first time with myself being allowed to use all of my senses except sight…

That had been her rule, I could not open my eyes. It was on the honor system and very difficult to maintain, but I swore to keep them shut and honor her wishes. It was \very sensual and erotic to give yourself so completely to a woman you had never even seen before. Sue made sure it was worth the effort, and it will always remain as one of the most sensual and erotic experiences of my life.

Now it was my turn… and I had an idea I thought would appeal to her as well as get her sexually charged up. We were to meet at the movies… I would go in first, pick a movie and a seat with some privacy, but not too much privacy… and then I would call her on the cell to come in and meet me…

I picked a movie that had been out for awhile… with the new summer blockbusters in full bloom, the theater for this show was fairly empty… perhaps 2 dozen people besides us. The movie ushers would most likely be busiest with the big movies in the other theaters, but there was always the possibility of discovery.

I settled into a seat on the far left side of the theater… close to the top… about 1/2 way into the aisle… the closest other people were maybe 20-25 feet away. I called Sue and told her where to come to. Perhaps 5 minutes later she came in, and moved Kayseri Escort down the aisle to my row. Even though this was the first time I had ever seen her with my eyes, I knew beyond any doubt that it was her. She moved with a purpose that I found very sexy… sensual and confident in her needs and desires, needs and desires that meshed very well with mine.

She entered the aisle and I stood to let her pass, making sure to grind my pelvis against her ass as she passed by… she pushed back in agreement as she slid past me. She settled into the seat next to me, smiled and said “Hello John”. I leaned over and kissed her, then told her she was to watch the movie and keep as quiet as possible.

Per my request, she was wearing a skirt that had a very convenient slit up the side and a dark blouse… Once the lights in the theater had dimmed, we would have perfect privacy. As if on cue, the lights dimmed and the movie started.

I paid her no obvious attention as the movie began… only glancing briefly from time to time to watch her breasts move as she breathed. She seemed to be enjoying the movie, yet I knew there had to be some part of her that wondered what was about to happen. Perhaps 20 minutes into the movie, I made my initial move, running my hand along her leg, and then slowly unbuttoning her skirt to reach her soft flesh below.

I opened her skirt enough to allow myself free access, but not so much that it couldn’t be closed quickly in case we were discovered. Per my request, she was not wearing panties. Slowly stroking her thigh, I slowly made my way up… finding her pussy to be soaking wet with anticipation. Kayseri Escort Bayan I slid a finger, then two into her, soaking them completely in her juices. I withdrew my fingers and sucked them clean, enjoying the taste of her desire. I slid them back in again, and again removed them… offering them to her this time, telling her with my eyes to lick them clean. She did so with obvious relish and her eyes were sparkling with interest.

I returned to her pussy… opening her lips and finding her clit… It was excited and literally pulsing as I touched it. She moaned softly again and again as I flicked my fingertip over it…I leaned over and whispered into her ear that she needed to keep quiet… no noise was permitted or I would have to stop. She nodded in agreement, but I knew she would have a hard time of it.

I continued to play with her pussy… occasionally sliding a finger deep into her ass as well. She squirmed quite a bit, trying to get the fingers as deep as possible. I told her she needed to stay still… if she moved again, she’d have to be bound. I knew she couldn’t stay still, so it was less than 2 minutes before I pulled the velvet ties from my pocket… The ties would not have held back a flea, but the mental significance was obvious to Sue… She needed to obey, in every way… or chance losing the moment.

I reached across and tied her hands to the seat arms…I looked into her eyes and she smiled, and then nodded once, almost imperceptibly in agreement. I put my finger to my lips to remind her of the need to be quiet and she nodded again in agreement. Again, I waited a few minutes Escort Kayseri to let her settle herself, and then I started again with my fingers…

After a few minutes, once I was sure she was ready… I pulled out the next surprise… I had brought a large dildo… not a monster that would require lots of time and lubrication, but something large enough to guarantee a very heated response in Sue. Slowly I ran the toy along her thigh… letting her know what was in store… She shifted ever so slightly to accommodate the toy as I slowly slid it into her…inch by inch until it was completely within her. She was shaking now… her body literally a mass of nerve endings that were all on full alert. I began to slide the toy out of her and then back in… again very slowly, allowing her to adjust and accommodate… and then, ultimately to enjoy…

I sped up the strokes and she sobbed very briefly… As I watched her I could see it was a sob brought on by a need for vocal expression, not one of pain. She leaned closely to me and pressed her face into my shoulder, covering her mouth so no sounds would escape. I increased the speed and effort behind each stroke… wanting her to cum as well as to see just how much control she really could muster. Soon she was biting into my shoulder… moaning softly… she simply could not help herself.

Unable to deny her, I allowed her transgressions of movement and sound… leading to her orgasm…It seemed to come in waves as her body shook endlessly…Finally she leaned back in her seat, smiling and trying to catch her breath… I took a look around the theater, we had managed our game without detection. Slowly I slid the toy from her and rearranged her skirt… I unfastened the ties and leaned over to kiss her, a deep tongue kiss that seemed to last forever…I took her hand and we watched the remainder of the movie… having no idea what we had been watching for the last 90 minutes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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