An Amazing Christmas

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Throughout the past two years, up until a few months ago, my wife’s monthly cycle has been all over the place and has made for a difficult menopause. She’s 54 so it’s to be expected. She refused HRT and stoically decided to let nature take its course. It made us grab the opportunities for sex whenever we could but we still had to contend with the unwanted surprise of bloody sheets on many occasions. I got used to it, but my wife found it limited her readiness to really let go and enjoy herself and in general her libido was much lower. Nevertheless we enjoyed sex when we could.

Then, six months ago her periods stopped completely and we made up for lost time in bed and had a very active summer and autumn. Just before Christmas she had a period again and our hearts sank, thinking we were back to square one. This time it just took a week, like the old days, and as soon as it finished she was instantly horny as hell, again just like the old days. This was the best Christmas present we could have had and as a result we’ve been like rabbits the past two weeks of our Christmas holiday.

The first week of the Christmas period we were home, and joined by our grown-up daughter. We’ve got used to being empty nesters and the freedom to enjoy sex where and when we wish, so I expected my wife to be quite restrained compared to when we’re on our own in the house. For the first few days she tried to keep quiet during sex but being off work we soon established a holiday-sex routine, fucking ourselves silly early in the mornings and again at night, and as the week progressed she couldn’t keep a lid on it and got noisier. I find it almost impossible to keep quiet and she soon gave up trying to ‘shush’ me. By the end of the first week I was thrilled when my wife told me it was the best Christmas she could remember since our first one together, in 1987.

We recalled what that had been like, our first married Christmas. We’d told our families we were spending the day on our own at home. My wife was terribly excited; she woke me very early on Christmas morning, snuggled up and grasped my morning erection, then begged for her presents. She loved it when I rolled her onto her back and entered her easily, she was sopping wet. I told her she’d have to be a good girl before seeing if Santa had come and she giggled and asked if I really meant she had to be a bad girl. She was very supple in those days and soon had her feet on my shoulders as I gave her a deep hard pounding. We lived in a terraced cottage back then and I remember we could hear the small children shrieking next door as they opened their presents (it was probably no later than 7am) while we fucked noisily. My wife reminded me that we spent the morning in bed alternately fucking and opening presents.

We had a nice easy meal for lunch and I remember as clear as if it was yesterday that my wife came and sat on my lap after we’d finished eating and snogged me wetly. In those days this was a regular occurrence at Sunday lunch and her way of telling me she wanted to go to bed for dessert. In our early years of marriage, pre-children, we used to refer to our Sunday afternoons as “laboratory time”, as that was when we’d experiment sexually. Sounds daft saying it now but we liked to try new things in natural light and with the thrill of daytime sex to excite us. Nowadays, older and wiser, we happily go to bed any afternoon we can.

In those early days of our life together, we were still learning the joy of sex and with my wife coming from a very straight-laced family, any sexual instinct she had was completely repressed by her upbringing. So we found Sunday afternoons perfect, the neighbours would often be out with their young families so my wife could be totally uninhibited and be comfortable with the noise we’d both make. We’d try new positions, she’d sometimes wear some lingerie I’d bought her, and we slowly learned our craft together.

Back to this Christmas and I reminded my wife that in 1987 she’d straddled my lap and ground her crotch against me at the lunch table on Christmas Day, she’d looked at me wide-eyed at the time as I’d lifted her soft jumper and expected to find her braless, as she invariably was in those days. She’d enjoyed seeing my delight when I discovered she was wearing the lacy white bra and pants set I’d given her that first Christmas. She asked me if I wanted to see her wearing the suspender belt and stockings as well, in which case I had to take her upstairs and give her a “good seeing-to” as she put it.

We’d only left the bedroom an hour earlier and there we were fucking ourselves senseless again. Once she’d recovered she went to the bathroom and came back wearing the full set of lingerie, all in white, with sheer pale blue stockings and her wedding heels. I was all over her, I persuaded her onto her knees on the edge of the bed, pulled her panties to one side and entered her slickly. Seeing her in her Christmas lingerie, taking her from behind and hearing her pleading to be penetrated deeper, all made for a wonderful first Christmas. gorukle escort bayan We spent the rest of the day in our bathrobes eating chocolate to get our energy back. Boxing Day we had our parents with us so had to behave but then the rest of the Christmas holiday was spent having sex. It was the first time since our honeymoon that we’d been able to have daytime sex day after day.

Back to 2013 and we were in bed on Christmas Day morning, enjoying an early morning fuck and hearing the little girl next door to us all excited that Santa had been. As we fucked we relived that Christmas all those years ago. My wife put some nice things on for Christmas Day as she usually does, but went braless, so I could hold her bare breasts whenever we had a moment on our own. I found that all over Christmas she wanted to be held and cuddled and generally petted. When we retired to bed at night she wanted sex, and then again in the morning – lots of it then. I took to using a small amount of Cialis so I could keep up with her. Being off work and being able to start each day with some morning delight was good for us both and it was lovely to hear her say how much it reminded her of our first Christmas.

The second week of the Christmas holiday period we took our motorhome to the coast for a few days, we must have been mad given the severe gales but we had a lot of fun and enjoyed some bracing coastwalks. On several mornings it was just too wet to go out so we stayed in bed and enjoyed our own wetness. My wife gets very uninhibited in the van and her dirty talk developed wonderfully last week. I’ve always been vocal during sex and until very recently she would tell me to shut up and concentrate on the job, or snog my face off to keep me quiet. But now she’s starting to join in and last week she went as far as asking me to describe the feeling as I entered her, and what sensations I had as I slid in and out of her vagina. In turn she described the feel of my cock hitting her cervix and how she loves feeling stretched around the base of my cock. She’s become quite demanding in her own way, not to the extent that some cock-sluts are that I’ve met, but I love the change in her. She’s no longer passive, she tells me exactly what she wants me to do – “deeper”, “harder”, “slower”, “just like that”, “keep doing that”, “fuck me”. She no longer whispers “fuck”, she now says it at normal volume and looks at me when she says it too.

It seemed like my wife was dripping permanently and not just from the rain. We were having a late lunch in a cafe last Monday after a morning walk, sat next to each other in a quiet corner, when she snuggled up to me and whispered that she could feel my cum leaking into her pants. She squirmed in her seat and pulled me in for a snog, murmured that she could smell my semen on her and squeezed the lump in my walking trousers. We paid the bill and made the walk back to the campsite in record time, got into the van, made the bed and I had the pleasure of pulling off her trousers and discovering her very messy panties. We were so desperate we didn’t even close the curtains around the cab, but we were the only people using the campsite. I pushed up her top and started to nuzzle her breasts with my mouth, loving her aroused nipples, her areolae get so crinkly and swollen when she’s aroused but she quite forcefully pushed my head down towards her crotch.

“oh baby you’re in such a mess, shall I clean you up?” I teased.

“yes, with your tongue …. now …. please”. She’d gone all breathless and was squirming and wriggling all over the bed. I had to hold her down by placing my hands on her hips quite firmly. She spread her legs wide, bent her knees back to offer herself fully and put both her hands on my head to guide me towards her opening.

I can’t remember when she was so wet, the smell of her sex was overwhelming, yes I could detect my own cum leaking out of her following our early morning fuck, but most of the goo was hers. We hadn’t showered after sex that morning either, so she really was in a state down there. Her pants were messy, even the crotch of her trousers had a sticky smear inside and her short trimmed pubes around her opening were matted with our combined fluids.

“fuck, you look gorgeous my Darling, you’re all gaping and swollen and pink and liquid, and very messy”. I wanted to drink in the sight of my extremely aroused wife, spread before me and gagging for me to bring her to a much needed climax, but with her arousal almost peaking she wasn’t able to be so patient.

“oh just get on with it for fuck’s sake, eat me, lick me”. I love it when she issues her orders like that, even at the point of losing her self control in bed she’s still the schoolteacher.

For a moment I wanted to ignore her and to use a new technique I’ve seen demonstrated in a porn video, namely inserting a couple of fingers into her and to massage her g-spot to see if she can squirt. She was so wet and dribbling juice that I felt it would be so easy to get her to squirt. She’s not nilüfer escort bayan done it before, though she does gush when I eat her and produces a copious leakage that smells and tastes just ever so faintly of pee but which is more viscous and sweet. But I wasn’t in the right position, she was desperate to be eaten and I was gagging to taste her, so we’ll try the squirting technique another day.

I couldn’t resist any longer, I planted my mouth firmly on her vulva and ‘french kissed’ her in the way I know she loves, gently rolling her inner labia between my lips. She pressed my head firmly into her sex and gave me specific instructions about how she wanted me to eat her, grinding her pussy into my face. My nose was pressed hard against her clit and the smell and taste of her open cunt was mindblowing as her juices began to gush into my mouth. I had to take care not to suffocate, or drown, the mess was amazing. She’s really honed her ability to enjoy cunnilingus and now keeps up a running commentary while I’m eating. She told me to lick her hard, right along her gash, and not touch her clit until she told me. She begged me to work my tongue right into her pussy and rub my mouth, my chin and my nose up and down firmly along her opening. By now I was rock hard and pulled off her pussy to ask if she wanted cock or tongue. My erection isn’t always reliable so when I’m that hard we like to put it to good use. She knew instinctively what state I was in and without hesitating made her choice, bless her.

“Cock please ….. now ….. deep ….hard ….pleeeese” she gasped. She was so soggy and gaping I just sank into her in one stroke. She gasped that she wanted to feel me pressing up against her cervix, as it’s something we both love, that feeling of total penetration. I was as deep as I could be, my balls wet from her messy pussy. I held her really tight, cradled her head in my hands and whispered to her how much I loved her, encouraging her to let her climax come, reassuring her that I had her safe and close and that she could be as noisy as she liked. She murmured that she could smell herself on my face and that I reeked of pussy. God, she came like a steam engine, puffing and panting, her body racked with pleasure and straining against me, her legs back and her heels pressed hard on my bum. With a final thrust of her pelvis against me she cried out loud “fuck … fuck … fuck”, and orgasmed so noisily it almost deafened me.

I hadn’t cum and blissfully stayed rock hard inside her so I resumed a gentle stroke of my cock in and out of her very syrupy cunt while still holding her close. She’s normally lost her muscle tone after a big climax and is like a jelly but this particular afternoon she carried on moaning and her pussy felt lovely and snug. She slowly came around from her orgasm, opened her lovely eyes and smiled at me.

“oh Tim ….. oh you lovely man…..” she gasped, “don’t know what you’ve done but …. I’m wired ….. don’t want to stop”. She could barely form the words and was breathing hard, but she was aware enough to know I was still hard and that she could have more. I carried on a gentle slow pace in and out of her, loving her liquid warmth and the relaxed state of her vagina after her climax.

“don’t stop fucking me ….. love feeling stretched around your thick root”. She was starting to become more coherent and able to move with me, she’d regained control of her legs and was stretching them up straight in the air, her gorgeous small toes pointing towards the ceiling. I love the sight of her like this when she’s totally wired for sex, her vagina gaping and wet from fucking, her whole body relaxed and supple for energetic coupling, and her language getting suitably filthy. God, how her sexual awareness has changed over the past year. Now fully conscious and in tune with me, she proceeded to tell me in graphic detail how her previous orgasm had been triggered by feeling the tip of my cock hitting her cervix, but that her next climax, now building, would be caused by being stretched around my thickness. She urged me to keep going at the same stroke, steady and firm, and told me how she loved feeling me this rampant. When we’re like this, totally as one, I love the way our pelvises interlock so easily and comfortably, I almost feel I want to able to crawl into her body and be totally enclosed in her core.

By now I knew I could carry on longer and pace myself, as I was enjoying the state she was in so much. She’s like a child in a sweetshop when we’re like this and I knew she’d want to try other pleasures. I moved up the bed very slightly, enough to change the angle of penetration and to rub my public bone against her clit. Her eyes opened wide and her pupils dilated so I knew I was hitting the right spot.

“oh baby, would you like a clit orgasm this time?” I murmured softly.

“fuck that’s gorgeous ….. oh fuck …… yes, clit ….yes”. She was starting to lose it again. I was worried that if she had one of her usual clit orgasms she’d bursa otele gelen escort bayan lose complete control and would be out for the count. So I was a bit naughty and pulled out slowly until just my helmet was nuzzled in the folds of her labia.

“no don’t pull out, no, no …. come back inside pleeeese” she looked pleadingly at me. I pinned her legs to the bed so she couldn’t use her usual trick of pressing her heels on my bum to pull me back in deep.

“if you want more cock you’ll need to do some work and sit on me,” I teased and promptly gave her a few short little strokes so she could feel me better.

“Bastard” she said, making big ‘fuck me’ eyes at me. I pulled out and lay on the bed next to her, my erection pointing towards the ceiling and my foreskin peeled back, the whole length glistening with her product. Although missionary fucking is our favorite, we love trying other positions but my wife can be a bit lazy to change sometimes. But thankfully she was so cock-hungry she pulled herself together, straddled me and slid herself onto my penis. She did it expertly, the way I love, no hands, just aimed her pussy at my helmet and slipped onto my shaft. It works beautifully when she’s so open and wet and I’m rampant. Feeling her slippery intimate folds slip over my glans is, oh God, so exquisite. Her cunt feels so different on my cock in this position. She was now in control, which of course I love, and she was determined to draw things out as long as possible, sliding her vagina slowly up and down my cock, teasing the helmet, then dropping down to impale herself completely. She cleverly varied the pace so I couldn’t predict her movements and match them with my own, so in effect I was helpless as she pleasured herself, using my penis as a living dildo, the little minx.

“I love using you as my plaything like this,” she said, “love using your cock as the ultimate sex toy”, then closed her eyes and ground herself right down onto my shaft, straightening her back and throwing her head back to get me as deep as possible. She was moaning very loudly by now and I took the opportunity to hold her breasts. Up until then she’d prevented me from touching them, as she wanted just to feel our conjoined genitalia and not be distracted by anything else.

Her breasts were utterly lovely in that position, so firm and rounded and at their fullest with her on top of me. She amazes me that at 54 her breasts are still so firm with not a hint of sag, yet full enough to be a gorgeous handful. She’s a 34B, has been all the time I’ve known her, except when she was breastfeeding the children. She loves having them played with and I couldn’t keep my hands or my eyes off them. Her exertion that afternoon gave them a slight sheen of perspiration and they looked so beautiful in the softening light of the late afternoon. She returned her gaze towards me and groaned as I played with them, loved hearing me tell her crudely what fucking lovely tits she has as I held them and moulded them in my hands. Her nipples were engorged and I got up onto my elbows as she leaned forward so I could suck on them.

That always starts her off towards a climax and as I held her breasts I started to move my hips in time with her thrusts, our bodies now in perfect harmony as we fucked our brains out. I could feel my climax getting closer, surprising myself as I don’t normally cum in this position. My wife was aware of me getting close and urged me on vocally.

“Tim, Tim, cum inside me, please, please, splatter my insides, oh god I want your cum in my womb”, she was sobbing and in tears by now with the intense pleasure of it.

I may have blacked out momentarily, such was the force of my explosion. She fell onto my chest and I held her bottom firmly while I ejaculated deep inside her. She told me afterwards that she could feel the pulses of semen. That doesn’t usually happen, I normally flood her with a heavy dribble of cum rather than jets, but I was extremely turned on that afternoon so I guess the brain turned on the afterburners, much to my wife’s delight. In fact, it turned her on even more and while I lay there semi comatose she slipped off my rapidly softening penis and breathlessly asked me to finish her off with my tongue.

Oh god, this doesn’t happen often but she crouched over me and sat on my face, holding onto the side of the van for support as she offered her gaping vagina to my mouth. Just in time, as my cum poured out of her and pooled into my mouth. I swallowed quickly to keep up with the flow, amazed at how much I’d emptied inside her, then concentrated on eating her. She moved her pussy up and down my face and I steadied her with my hands on her bottom, then ground my mouth onto her cunt and focused the tip of my tongue up under the hood of her clit and pressed onto her hard little nub.

My wife was making one hell of a racket as she raced towards her own climax and I could taste the difference in her as my cum got flushed out and was replaced by a steady gush of her own fluid. She suddenly pushed down hard, cried out loud and I was convinced she squirted briefly as she orgasmed explosively. It was her big one, the one that wipes her out for an hour or more and she instantly went into ragdoll mode, collapsing onto the bed next to me and pleading incoherently for the duvet and to be held tightly while she recovered.