An Aunt Seduces Her Niece

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Part one: The seduction

Hi, my name is Lorie and when this happened I was only twenty-two. I was working on my MA in Oregon and when my favorite Aunt invited me to stay with her in Arizona over spring break, promising sunshine and hunky boys I accepted. My Aunt Carla was thirty-six but could easily have passed for thirty. Like me she is blonde, curvy, fit, and a dedicated soccer player. Unlike me she has the sort of natural, to die for breasts that would have left me indentured to a Plastic Surgeon. Butt, because way back when my Aunt Carla sold me on soccer, my 34-B’s work well with my slim athletic build. One more thing; my Mother has always been quick to label her Sister a bad influence. Mom was right when I was twelve, and she was right when I was twenty-two.

I had been in Arizona a few days, when Aunt Carla, a Real estate Agent had to scoot out to show some property. I told her I would probably just lie out and soak up a little more sunshine. And, she warned me to watch out for Jose the pool boy. Of course, it went in one ear and right on out the other. What stuck, even if I really wasn’t thinking about it was the casual way she mentioned that Jose was, in her words “A seriously sexy hunk.” So, maybe I should have been wondering, “Boy-toy?” She was right, he was a cutie; and yes, it turned out he was servicing more than my Aunt’s pool.

I wasn’t just lying out by the pool naked, my body glistening with sunscreen; oh no, I was working towards my second climax when Jose showed up. And, being honest, I couldn’t have been more exposed. My legs weren’t just splayed wide open, my hips were bouncing me up in to the two fingers pretending to be some hunk’s big dick. Oh, and of course my other hand held me spread open, one finger free to busily stroke my carefully exposed clit.

I didn’t hear his approach; so of course, when I did spot him, right away I knew he had been watching me. I didn’t know for how long; but, I did know it was long enough to produce an unmistakable bulge in his baggy shorts. Did I stop working on climax number two? Well, I did sort of freeze. That ditzy blonde move left me spread open like a Hustler centerfold, two fingers still buried in pussy. Yes, I was caught, and yes, I was blushing furiously; but no, I didn’t panic, and honestly, I wasn’t actually embarrassed. And that, I suppose is why I managed to say “Oops, Jose right?”

I forgave his dumbfounded “Huh?” But, that was only because of what he said next. “Damn girl, Carla never said anything about you being smoking hot.”

Later it occurred to me to wonder just what my Aunt had told him. But, just then I was thinking something more like, bare-chested sexy hunk with muscles and a dazzling smile. I did get my hands out from between my legs. And yes, I was aware that they were lying on my thighs, my still intentionally spread thighs. “Hey, I’m Lorie,” I told him, already wondering if I had the nerve. Honestly, it’s not as if I was going to burst in to tears or make a dash for the house. Pretty much having made up my mind, and having decided that it was silly to worry about being turned-down; I gave a mental shrug and decided to see if I could turn lemons in to lemonade. Yes, cliché, but it was all I could come up with. So, after I shrugged, and before I eased my legs just a little bit further apart, I said “Well…it’s sort of obvious you like what you’re looking at.” Then, I waggled a finger inviting him to come closer, and pretty much just went for it. “Come on Jose,” I coaxed. “It’s only fair, so let’s see what you’ve got hiding out in those shorts.”

He didn’t say anything, and my eyes tracked that bulge as he started forward. I wasn’t sure; but, I was up on my knees when Jose stopped at the foot of my recliner. Oh sure, I could have waited for Jose to make a move. But then, I was thinking blowjob; but, there was my Aunt’s macho pool boy staring at pussy-my pussy. And no, I hadn’t quite made up my mind about anything more; like, oh say actually letting him fuck me. So, that made it my move.

It’s not as if I stopped to think about it. No, I just reached out and yanked Jose’s shorts down. Hard? Oh Hell yes, seriously hard, the sort of hard that has a guy’s cock almost pointing straight up. Seen like that, Jose was impressive; maybe not all that big, but thick, a hefty plus-size thick.

Yes, I knew right away that I wanted that cock inside me. So yes, I knew I was going to fuck him. It’s just that my pussy was going to have to wait its turn. The thing is, I like the way it feels, the turn-on of having a big hard cock in my mouth, the way it feels sliding through my lips, the way I can make the guy groan; and then, there’s the excitement when he just can’t resist and begins to thrust, actually fucking my mouth. Even better is when there’s more than cock filling your mouth; more, like the taste of cum, and maybe the sound of some guy bellowing “Swallow it!”

Let me just say, I didn’t keep Jose waiting. Dropping on to all fours, I began to run my tongue up and down Jose’s cock. And no, I didn’t forget gorukle escort bayan about his balls; after all, I had to start somewhere. So, it was after slowly swirling my tongue around the big dark head of his cock that I looked up and, kind of breathlessly said “I want it in my mouth!”

It was true; and about a heartbeat later, I had half Jose’s cock in my mouth and my fist clenched around the rest. And then, because I just couldn’t resist the temptation, I began to jack him off. So, I’ve got the head of his cock in my mouth and I’m sucking hard, which doesn’t stop Jose from growling “Come on, suck my cock!” Yes, I knew what he meant, and I knew what he wanted. And really, we wanted the same thing, to feel my lips snugged tight around his cock’s thick shaft, those lips sliding downward until they ran right out of cock.

I let go of his cock and grabbed for his butt. Only, my downward sliding lips hadn’t gone far, before an impatient Jose drove the head of his cock in to my throat. And no, I’m not complaining; but, like most guys; he went right on pumping his full length in and out of my mouth. Seeing as how I liked it, I tightened my hold on his ass, and let him fuck my mouth. He must have liked it too; at least he kept it up, never going wild, not even after he worked a handful of fingers in to my hair. Not meaning to sound all judgmental; but on a scale from passive to enthusiastic, I was giving Jose a passive-plus…barely!

Jose stopped fucking my mouth and leaned back. He sighed out a slow breath, grinding hard against my lips as he tried to wriggle himself in deeper. I pushed back, which left me holding most of his cock in my mouth. I looked up and our eyes met. So yes, I knew he was watching when I began to pop its slick cushy head in and out through my lips. Right away I had the taste of precum filling my mouth and he was panting out ragged oohs. I just couldn’t help myself. So, I was taking his full length, my head bobbing faster and faster, him getting ready to cum; and me, not about to let him.

I came up for air, intending a teasing pause and ready to do something silly. So, there I was all set to provocatively plead “Do it, Jose! I want it; so yeah, cum in my mouth!” Only, I didn’t get to.

Maybe there was movement, who knows? But, we had an audience, Aunt Carla was watching from the den. She was smiling, and oh Hell yes, I was glad to see that. But then, I wasn’t so sure when she slid back the slider and stepped out on to the patio. I was tongue-tied, which was probably a good thing. But, I did manage a wave. Feeling just a bit anxious, I rocked back on my knees, watching as Jose made a grab for his shorts. Aunt Carla dipped in to a squat and swatted his hands away. She certainly didn’t look mad; but, I didn’t know! Did she intend to finish what I had started?

“Wicked little performance darling,” she said looking up at me. Then, she was laughing and helping Jose to step out of his shorts. She was standing and pulling his tank top off over his head, her eyes on me as she declared “Sorry Lorie; but, you got a turn, and now it’s mine.” Before I could come up with something appropriately smartass to say, she led Jose off. And yes, I was giggling when my Aunt led her studdly boy-toy off by the dick. But then, she was glancing back, grinning as she said “You can join us Lorie, I mean…if you want to!”

It was a challenge; but, was she serious? I figured, yes; not that I was at all sure what to do. So, I stalled; which meant, a mind clearing swim. Afterward, I was still conflicted. But, I knew I had soaked-up enough Arizona sunshine for one day. And who knew; if there was an open door, could it hurt to stop and take a quick peek? No; but then, I wasn’t quite as sure about actually stopping to open one.

Who knew; but the only door I had to worry about opening was the slider leading to the den. They were right there on the big leather sofa, Jose on his back, my Aunt Carla naked and riding him. I recognized the move, her slowly and rhythmically gliding up and down as she rocked, grinding down hard on every downward plunge. They ignored me. Her hands braced against his chest, she was already breathing in gasps as she wheezed “Don’t come Jose, oh God don’t cum!” Obviously it was about to become a case of do as I say, not as I do. It was close, but I didn’t actually laugh out loud.

There had been that invitation; so, I decided to stick around. And, seeing as how I was going to be playing voyeur, didn’t I need a really good view? Well yes, of course I did. So, I quickly folded the towel I was carrying, spread it out and knelt right there beside the sofa. Other than me watching me masturbate in front of a mirror, it was my first time watching something that over the top sexual live. For sure I had missed the beginning, and whatever middle there had been. But, I was in time, right there for my Aunt’s first wildly boisterous climax. At least I assumed it was her first. But then, that was because she barely even slowed down before she was off again.

Jose nilüfer escort bayan barely even glanced my way. But, my Aunt at least smiled down at me. Then, she was throwing her head back; her perfect breasts heaving as she boldly declared “Ooh yeah, one more!” So yes, I was staring when she began to boost herself slowly up and down Jose’s thick, and I finally got around to noticing, very wet and very hard cock. She was in total control too, which was hot.

I snuck a quick peek; no surprise, my Aunt Carla was grinning down at me. Her hands were fisted on her hips and she was leaning way back. Our eyes met briefly, and I saw her arch a questioning eyebrow. So, I looked down and gasped! Jose’s thick cock didn’t just have her spread open; oh no, her clit was glaringly exposed. Who knows but, I probably was wide-eyed, gawking at the sight of that cock actually pushing up in to her. It was freaking hot, so oh Hell yes, I liked watching her ride Jose. She was just so exposed, and I could actually see his cock reentering her, penetrating her again and again. Unlike me-me back then anyway-, my Aunt was totally bare, permanently laser smooth.

I could see my Aunt getting wetter and wetter as her juices flowed out to drench Jose’s cock. Hot yes, but what had me sucking in a gasped breath was what her clit did. Oh sure, I’ve seen mine swell under my gyrating fingertip, and I’ve felt it harden under the darting tip of some boy’s dancing tongue too. And so what; I was pretty sure mine had never protruded, at least not the way my Aunt’s did.

Aunt Carla was panting, fucking herself on her pool boy’s fat cock, her clit awesomely exposed; and then, she just reached down and began to flic a fingertip over it. If it had been me, I would have been, as they say, cumming all over that boy’s cock. Not my Aunt; she continued to rise and fall, but slowly, working it, and I knew letting it build. When she came it was awesome. She erupted like a volcano, losing it totally as she screamed uninhibitedly. I saw her begin to shudder, her back bowing as she screeched “Yes,” once, twice, and then a third time. Well, then she just sort of went limp and collapsed on Jose’s chest.

No, I couldn’t be sure; but, I assumed my Aunt’s passive fuck-toy was suffering from a terminal case of blue balls. So, I was wondering, and sort of waiting to see what he was going to do about it, when my Aunt rocked back on to her knees. Well, she was still breathing in gasps; so snorting giggles as she lifted up and off Jose’s dripping wet, and yes, still rigidly jutting cock. “You started it Lorie,” She gasped. And then, in a move I sure didn’t see coming, she said “Yeah, Which means darling, it’s up to you to finish it!”

Yes, yes, yes, I wanted it! But, Did I think about Jose’s wondrously hard cock being drenched with my Aunt’s slippery juices? Well yes, I did! But then, I like the taste of pussy. Back then though, besides my own, I had only tasted one other woman. It was at a particularly wild High school party, where fueled by way too much pot and beer, I went for it alright, which that night meant accepting a dare issued by our schools only totally Goth lesbian. It was fun, and totally one-sided. She just kept on cumming; and like an idiot, I just went on saying “No” every time she offered to do me. So no, I didn’t hesitate; but, I did swoop in and swallow Jose’s pussy flavored cock.

Aunt Carla was right there only inches away, and I had her boy-toy deepthroated. Then, she was cackling, pushing my head down as she teased “Oh Lorie darling, if only your Mother could see you now.” Funny, oh sure, and I might even have laughed if I hadn’t been gagging on cock.

So I couldn’t do anything but suck; which I did, which had Jose groaning as he struggled to bounce even tiny jabs up in to my mouth. My Aunt let go, and seeing as how I could already taste cum, I began to power my lips up and down Jose’s slippery, flaming hot cock. Only, I didn’t get to do all that much bobbing, before I felt his cock jump in my mouth. He grunted a half-strangled “Now, now, now!” And then, I was swallowing cum, while Jose pretty much dribbled my head like a soccer ball, ejaculating and splashing cum in to my mouth, sometimes straight in to my throat. Did I care that my crazy Aunt clapped and whooped like a wild woman as her boy-toy came, came, and came some more? No, I didn’t care, which doesn’t mean her silly cackling wasn’t embarrassing!

What’s next, I asked myself? With my crazy Aunt Carla, who knew? Honestly, I seriously did not want to be a third-wheel in a kinky ménage au trois. Besides, my Aunt had taught me to always leave them wanting more. So, seeing as how I was a rip-roaring success, I decided to make a graceful exit. But first, my naked, post-orgasmic Aunt hugged the niece who had just sucked her boy-toy off. “We’re not through,” she whispered in my ear. So naturally, I assumed she was talking about her and Jose. Only, I was wrong!

Upstairs in my room, sort of hoping to listen bursa otele gelen escort bayan in, I left the door open. I sprawled, naked and horny across the bed intending to catch up with the climax Jose’s pool-side arrival had interrupted. As I reached between my legs I wasn’t afraid of my Aunt’s showing up; actually, I was sort of hoping she would. For sure, I thought, Aunt Carla would be loads more fun than dreary old Jose.

Nothing from downstairs, but then I wasn’t really listening. There were two fingers reaching for my G-spot, another rubbing hard circles over my clit. Oh God and I was imagining my Aunt kneeling between my legs, her staring hungrily down at me as she replaced my fingers with hers. Then, I stopped fucking myself. Needy, and not caring, I spread my legs even further apart, while trying to convince myself the soft feathery strokes my finger was delivering were coming from the lightly flicking tip of Aunt Carla’s tongue. My eyes were closed, I was open and feeling utterly exposed, that fingertip still lightly tickling as I whispered imaginary pleas. Only, as I trembled on the verge of an orgasm, apparently I got a little loud. Yes, I was close; and OK, I was probably writhing as I pleaded “Take me,” over and over. And no, I’m at least pretty sure I didn’t mention my Aunt by name.

Reaching for it, wanting it, I felt, what I just knew was someone settling on to the bed. I didn’t care, and I didn’t even open my eyes. No, not even when I heard my Aunt’s soft whisper. I heard “Do it Lori!” And I knew, it was more plea than order. But then, there was her excited “Now Lori, do it, ooh yeah, cum for me!” Now that was most definitely an order, and one delivered in a voice gone all husky with sexual need. So no, I didn’t stop; instead, I opened my eyes, saw my Aunt kneeling between my legs, gasped as I swallowed an “Oh God,” and came.

Later, like when I opened my eyes again, Aunt Carla was still there kneeling between my legs. And, while these small undulating contractions continued to occasionally ripple through me, the major body shudders and vagina spasms had more or less subsided. So, I fluttered a wave and managed a half-croaked “Hi!”

“Wow,” my Aunt said. And it was pretty obvious her “I mean seriously, next time don’t hold back,” was meant as a tease, a much appreciated tease. But, what was I supposed to think when she asked “I’m only guessing; but, I bet you were planning on, what, two, maybe three more?”

I would have come up with a smartass answer, but before I could my Aunt was asking me if I had brought along any toys. I knew what she meant; and, I’m pretty sure I was blushing when I told her I didn’t own any. Aunt Carla clapped her hands together, squealed “No problem,” and backed off the end of the bed. “Don’t move, don’t do anything, I’ll be right back,” she called out as she dashed from the room. Well duh, I sure wasn’t going anywhere; and, feeling just a teensy-weensy bit intimidated I wasn’t about to start anything either.

It wasn’t all that quick, but when my still naked Aunt Carla finally strolled in she was carrying goodies. She dropped them on the bed and crawled up between my legs, and for a minute there I thought, hoped maybe, that those toys were about to get kicked to the curb. No such luck, instead she showed me something that looked like a purple egg connected to a battery pack, a rubber dildo, that I couldn’t help noticing was way bigger than Jose; and then, there was the bottle of what turned out to be lube.

Aunt Carla shifted sideways, and when she settled she was straddling my thigh. I didn’t decide to do it; but still, there I was arching my thigh up, rubbing it against her flaming slipperiness. “Stop that,” she ordered. I complied, all set to pout when she said “I like looking at you when you’re all spread open; so, how about you do that, and I’ll do this!” Only, this wasn’t her just quietly snickering as she slowly rotated her hips, her sex a flame against my thigh. Oh no, this, was what she did after picking up that purple egg.

Lying there with my eyes closed, I tried not to wiggle in anticipation. Oh I stopped wriggling alright; right, when I bucked up at the touch of that buzzing egg. Intense, oh yes, vibrations penetrated, exploding like a bolt of lightning through the clit my Aunt had ordered exposed. I panted, my Aunt circled that egg around my clit, teasing, not actually touching it; otherwise, I would never have heard her say “I liked making you cum, I like watching you cum; honestly Lori, uninhibited is the only way to fly!”

I got my eyes open and was looking in to her’s when I said “Yeah, well the one you saw, I took that one imagining your tongue doing my clit.”

My Aunt kissed me then, no warning, just all of a sudden her lips were sliding over mine and her tongue was in my mouth. I responded, sucking her tongue deeper, entwining my tongue around hers as I did. I reached for her. She caught my writs, pinned them above my head and went right on kissing me. I was going to cum, and I wanted to scream. My thighs strained, rigid as the abdominal muscles forcing me even deeper in to the vibrations exploding through my clit. So, when that orgasm surged through me, I was screaming in to my Aunt’s mouth. It lasted, surging again and again as my Aunt worked that vibrating purple egg. And then, it was gone, only its sweet echoes left behind.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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