An Awakening Desire

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My introduction into the world of gay sex was interesting to say the least. It was at a time of mad hysteria to eliminate gays from the ranks. Though no single incident of dereliction of duty could be associated with gay sexual activity, it was often the excuse used by NIS to drum a person of gay orientation out of the service.

I did not enter the Navy with such aspirations, not by a long shot. At the beginning I was a first rate whore. I dated and fucked women with such enthusiasm I was often sore from my exploits. I also drank too much, which more often than not contributed to my soreness.

To say that my first exposure to gay sex was in the Navy would be inaccurate because my best friend seduced me quite successfully in high school. His mother, who was supportive of ‘experimentation’, helped him. It was his mother who suggested that he put the make on me, but I’ll go into that later.

Josh and Steven were my best friends in the Navy. Even so, I was completely unaware of the fact that they were a couple because they were well practiced at hiding their orientation from the Navy. They had to be exceedingly careful about to whom they came out. The Navy was aggressive in its pursuit of gay men while it left lesbians alone.

The brass did not see lesbian women as a threat to national security. On the day I arrived, Josh and Steven were in charge of billeting newly arrived personnel. As it happened there were no billets available, even though most of the barracks rooms were empty. The C.O. had been given orders to leave a certain number of barracks rooms open for immediate use by undisclosed persons.

We never did know exactly who used the rooms but periodically the rooms were occupied for several days with the shades pulled down with nobody entering or exiting. During these times, we weren’t allowed within 100 yards of the building, which was cordoned off and surrounded by black sunglass clad security types carrying heavy artillery.

Oddly, it was so secret that no rumor started, such was the fear generated by these mysterious visitors. The cars they arrived in were driven onto the aircraft they had arrived on. Nobody ever saw them in the flesh. That was the reason I did not have a berth.

It was Friday when I reported and by the end of the day, we had met with the C.O. concerning the need for a room. He said he’d put someone on it over the weekend. Josh and Steven invited me to stay with them in their apartment.

It was well past seven when I finally collapsed onto the spare bed where I remained until ten the next morning. Steven and Josh invited me to spend the day with them.

We drove around town, ran errands and later rented a movie. Somewhere during the movie I fell asleep and woke up the next morning covered in a blanket and nearly naked. I don’t remember taking my clothes off, but they were piled neatly next to where I slept.

The weekend turned into a week and the week turned into a month and a month turned into six months. I had become an official roommate by the second month, and had applied for VHA and was paying my share of the rent.. In that time we became close, close friends.

I was in close proximity to them often enough to recognize certain things that suggested that there was more to their relationship than just ‘friendship’. There were looks I wasn’t meant to see, touches that were way more than friendly and ‘moments’ that indicated that these men were more than just good friends.

However, those brief momentary interludes were not enough to confirm for sure what I was beginning to suspect. They were my friends and I really didn’t care one way or the other. I’d known gay couples in the service and knew that it was more common than the brass would like to admit. I’d even heard it was common among the command ranks. I was no phobic knob so I didn’t think much about it, but I was curious. One night the veil of doubt was cleared away.

Late one night while watching a movie, Steven and Josh were sharing a blanket while I hunkered in the corner of the couch under my own blanket. Steven and Josh had shared a blanket since I had moved in so I thought nothing of it especially since I had long suspected them to be a gay couple.

The movie was kind of a slow moving flick and I dozed off toward the end. I wasn’t fully asleep and was barely cognizant of the movie and the soft whispers between Steven and Josh. I heard a muffled ‘ziiiiippp’ and the shuffling sounds of denim. They were trying not to move too much but I was awake enough to realize that Steven was slipping his jeans down.

“Touch me…” Steven groaned. Moving ever so slightly I shifted so I could see better apparently neither of them noticed. Josh’s hand was busy under the blanket. Josh was looking into Steven’s eyes as he stroked him.

“Are you sure you want to cum here?” he asked, finishing his question while nuzzling Steven’s neck.

Steven nodded and said, “Yes, Yes…I want to cum…especially with Rich nearby.” He paused.. “We both want him…well; this is sort isveçbahis yeni giriş of like that isn’t it?”

Josh whispered, “Shhhh… you’ll wake him.”

Steven rocked his head back and sighed “I’m going to cum soon….oh baby…oh Joshua…”

His head jerked back suddenly and his body stiffened under the blanket. He reached for a pillow and bit into it as a low growling moan grew to a moan which he had to let out into the pillow so as not to wake me.

His body jerked suggesting that he was cumming, but I realized that he was working up to such a violent orgasm, that he might just have to yell. My cock was raging. When he came he pressed his face into the pillow and attempted to stifle the emotional ecstasy he was experiencing and came in torrents. He came so hard I thought he’d pass out..

“I want to fuck you,” Josh hissed.

Then Steven looked down at me and whispered softly “Let’s wait a moment. I get turned on with him so near. I wish he’d wake up and catch us.”

Josh leaned against Steven’s shoulder, obviously still massaging his cock. “We should come out to him before we let that happen,” Josh said as he nuzzled Steven’s neck.

Steven continued to look down at me, smiled and said, “Do you think he’d join us?”

Josh nodded. “Maybe…I wouldn’t mind fucking him in the ass.”

“I get the feeling that he’d like that… a lot,”. Steven replied. They then kissed passionately and Steven moaned.

“Oh, Joshua I want him to catch us fucking… I want you to fuck him in the ass… I want to hear him beg for it… Oh baby…”

Steven was eager to make it happen… or so it seemed but Josh would not relent. “We can talk about it in the room,” he said as they stood up.

My suspicions were confirmed and I understood why they had to keep up appearances. Renting a two-bedroom apartment, as long as they behaved straight out in the Navy world NIS would leave them alone and they could live as they wished.

The confirmation that they were a gay couple and that they wanted me to join them had a surprising effect on me. I liked the idea and wanted to follow them into their room just to see what would happen, but I thought better of it. I got hard at the thought.

Standing my erection jammed into my jeans and I groaned in discomfort. I walked to my room, freed my cock from its confines, and sat on my bed staring down the hall to the light shining under their door wondering what was happening or would soon happen.

As their shadows passed over the door jam, I stared into the night sky, deep into space and remembered the night my best friend had seduced me. We had been drunk and watching porn. Later, he slipped in a gay porn flick, which being drunk led us to ‘act out’.

The end result was that we spent the evening with my head in his lap sucking his cock with his fingers poking around my ass. That led to me lying face down on a sleeping bag with his hard cock pressing against my waiting hole.. I buried my face into an over stuffed pillow as he lay on top of me and slowly and gently pushed his well-lubricated cock into me.

It all seemed so natural that I easily took his cock into me. Not a shock of pain met me as he pushed in with one long, slow stroke until his pelvis touched my ass. Hands on hips he fucked me slowly at first until we got used to the sensation and it wasn’t long before he shot his first load…deep inside me, the first of many that night.

First, I was on hands and knees. Later I was leaning against the rail while he pressed against me pumping his cock into me with short, hard thrusts; later still, I lay on my back as he fucked me savagely under the stars. The cool night air had surrounded my body as his hot cock warmed me from the inside.

I do not remember how many times he came in my ass that night, but I loved it every time he did. The next few months were spent naked whenever we could manage it, most often with his hands on my hips as he pounded his cock into me or with my face in his lap sucking his cock dry of cum.

Oddly, neither of us considered ourselves gay, I guess because we never kissed. I guess that was one of our limits, we could fuck and suck but kissing was too ‘gay’. We did discover an unusual affection for one another having shared such physical intimacy.

When his parents decided to move away he and I made arrangements to spend a weekend at a cabin his parents had often rented. We spent the whole weekend naked. Not a stitch of clothing hit our bodies the whole time and we spent a lot of time in the hot tub, shower, couch and finally the bed where we did everything but sleep.

Apparently, they had a rather sexually free mindset in this family.. She encouraged him to fuck whoever he wished and he in turn encouraged her to ‘play’ with whoever he was playing with to ‘check’ them out which she did on several occasions.

The first time was for helping her clean out the garage after which she poured me a beer and invited me to the living room. After my third beer, isveçbahis giriş she disappeared for a moment then came back wearing a short, short robe and nothing else. She dropped to her knees and before I could react, had my jeans around my ankles, her mouth on my cock.

The second time was for helping her clean the yard. From that point forward, she had her mouth on me for no specific reason sometimes just for being there at the right time. I was never allowed to fuck her. It seems she was, in her mind at least, attempting to be faithful to her marriage while still indulging herself.

I was lost in these thoughts when Steven came down the hall. He was standing in the door, as I lay on the bed naked with my erection raging when he cleared his throat. “I was going to cover you up. I didn’t realize that you were awake,” he said.I threw a blanket over my hard on. Standing in the doorway was Steven fidgeting with his robe.

“What were you thinking about?” he asked staring at my cock. What made me come clean at that moment I’ll never truly know, because I was thinking of a plausible lie even as the truth came flowing from my lips.

“I was remembering the time my best friend seduced me and wondering what would happen if I walked into your room naked.”

Before I could catch myself, I had spilled it. As the words left my lips, Steven’s mouth dropped open and he nearly fell off the edge of the bed where he had just taken a seat.

“You w-w-want to join us?” he asked clearly shaken by the revelation and my apparent willingness and the fact that I had just blurted it out as a matter-of-fact.

Then he realized what I’d said and his mind locked in on my confession.

“Y-your best friend seduced you? He or she?” he asked urgently, voice shaking noticeably.

My heart leaped into my throat as I croaked out, “H-he.”

“You’ve been with a man, sexually?” he said clearly astonished. I nodded feeling my heart rate increase so that I felt as though there were a vibrator in my chest.

“How far did you go?” he asked.. Nervously I sat up. Shifting his position on my bed, I noticed that his cock was growing.

Again, my mouth went off before my brain could stop it, “How can you be hard again after cumming so hard just a few minutes ago?”

He stared at me a long moment. “You saw that? I thought you were asleep.” He was clearly shaken.

I nodded again and said, “I watched everything from the time your jeans unzipped to when you came. It was hard to miss really and I heard what you and Josh were saying about me. That is what got me thinking about Ray again.”

Seizing the opportunity Steven again asked how far we had gone. I filled him in on all the details, leaving out no detail.

As I relayed the events of that night and the relationship that followed he leaned back onto his elbow and deliberately moved his robe out of the way to uncover his full 8″ erection.

There was a smirk on his lips and a yearning in his eyes as he displayed his cock to me. “Did you like sucking cock?” he asked as my eyes moved to his erection.

My voice choked off as I nodded.

“And did you like getting fucked?” he asked placing particular emphasis on the last word. My heart was in my throat as I nodded slowly. He smiled gently staring into the night then down the hall toward the room where Josh waited.

“S-so you heard everything we said huh?” he asked finally. I nodded. He paused again and stared down the hall. “I’m sure you’d enjoy yourself and I know that Josh and I would, if you joined us tonight but I’d like to talk to you a little more about this before that happens. Would tomorrow be ok?”

I nodded my head as my entire body began to shake from nervous excitement. “To talk?” I asked.

He paused a moment and then said, “Well that depends on you. We’ll discuss ‘that’ tomorrow and see where it leads.”

Before I knew it he reached for my hand and placed it on his cock. I automatically began caressing it with my open palm. “I have to leave in a minute. Mmmm… Ok, ok. I’ll see if Josh is ok with adding a new member to our play time.” He paused.

I nodded and gripped his cock, firmly placing my mouth on his head remembering the warmth I’d so often enjoyed on my lips again. He rocked his pelvis and I accepted his head into my mouth tasting the saltiness of his last orgasm still dripping out of the opening.

His warm hands slid down the back of my neck and stroked my neck putting pressure to indicate that I should proceed further. Taking his signal I slid my lips over his cock a few inches further feeling his skin slide over my tongue savoring the memory of having done this so many times for Ray, wanting it, missing it…craving it.

“Oh…this is good,” he said moaning obvious approval. Before I could get into a proper rhythm, he pulled out of my hungry mouth. “As much as I would love for this to continue, Josh is waiting.” He paused then said, “If you want, I’ll leave the door cracked so you can watch, ok?”

I isveçbahis güvenilirmi nodded. Steven moved toward me and whispered, “I want you to watch.” He got up, strode down the hall and disappeared behind the door. He closed it partially behind him.

I waited a few minutes until I heard a loud moan. I moved down the hall and sat against the wall so that I could see into the partially opened door.

What met my eyes were two muscular men devoid of body hair. One on his hands and knees facing me with his eyes closed, Steven, and Josh immediately behind him with one hand on his hips and the other on his cock guiding it into Steven.

Steven’s mouth gaped open as Josh penetrated him. He then opened his eyes and looked right into mine, smiled and said, “Babe how badly do you want to fuck Rich?” His eyes never left mine as he asked this.

“Are you serious?” Josh was taken back by the question. “I’d love to fuck him.”

Steven laughed softly and pressed himself further onto Josh’s cock. “Ok then, I want your permission to seduce him.”

Josh looked lovingly down at Steven. “Why?”

Smiling his eyes never broke away from mine, “I want to watch his beautiful face as your cock enters him, gently and slowly until he begs you to fuck him hard and deep. I think he wants to be fucked in the ass and suck a cock, again.” He said staring into my eyes as Josh pressed his groin hard against him.

It was a few moments before Josh reacted to his words finally comprehending what they meant. “Again?!” Steven pressed himself against Josh who was turning red with excitement. “You mean he’s been with a man before? How do you know?”

Steven stared right at me and said, “I heard him talking in his sleep just now, as I went to cover him up. I’ll need a day with him to know for sure though.” His eyes closed as Josh pulled half way out and slowly pressed back in again. As his groin touched base once again, Josh leaned down and kissed Steven on the neck.

“One day? You must be pretty confident,” Josh said softly, eyes closed as he slowly rotated his pelvis into Steven. “Will that be enough time?” he asked trying not to sound too excited.

Steven smiled and pressed himself against Josh.. “I think so,” he said. His eyes never left mine during the entire conversation. “If I’m successful I’ll call you at work ok?” They fell silent as they both now were concentrating on fucking.

Josh started slowly and leaned back slightly as he gripped Steven by the hips and pulled his cock out…then slowly pushed the entire length back into him to the hilt. Steven’s mouth opened in what appeared to be ecstasy at having been impaled so thoroughly.

His eyes never left mine as he said, “Just think, you could be doing this to Rich tomorrow night.” Josh apparently liked that idea and began slamming his cock into Steven who was soon lost in the pounding he was receiving. His head hung down as he met each thrust and moaned as their skin slapped together again, and again.

I was mesmerized by the sight of it. For a few minutes they fucked in this manner, sweat dripping as they fucked. Then Steven rose onto his knees and cried out as his cock shot cum at least 6 inches in multiple spurts, each landing on his pillow, which I noticed was covered in a towel. His orgasm was nearly as powerful as the one I’d witnessed earlier. Only now I could see that he was shooting an impossible amount of cum.

His face was distorted in what appeared to be a combination of pain and pleasure as he folded himself back into a semi-fetal position as his muscles contracted with one last orgasm…which caused him to cry out. His eyes were full of tears….he was cumming still…a deep, deep orgasm…

Josh stiffened… and his mouth opened as if to scream… only nothing came… as he rocked his head back… I saw every muscle in his body contract… as with one last thrust he drove deeply into Steven who was now panting… and barely conscious. Josh convulsed in silence… struggling to stifle a scream of ecstasy… as he emptied his balls into Steven.

When he was spent, he fell or more accurately collapsed onto Steven’s back, which gently supported his weight, while he folded up the towel and tossed it on the floor before lying face down on the bed.

When he had gathered himself, he winked at me. “Babe,” Steven said.

“What?” Josh replied snuggling closer to Steven.

“What are my limitations with regard to Rich tomorrow?”

There was a pause and a thoughtful ‘Hmm’ from Josh as he pondered the question. “You do what you have to do, but I want his ass first, ok?” Steven smiled as Josh wrapped his arms around his waist. The light went off.

I went to bed and brought myself to a screaming orgasm, the howl from which I failed to suppress. With the combination of the late hour, excitement and my own stronger than usual orgasm I fairly passed out. During the night, there was a period where I was aware of Steven standing over me as he covered me with a blanket.

Waking up with a heavy blanket over my naked body was confirmation that I had been visited again by Steven. It was late morning when I woke to the smell of coffee and Steven sitting alone at the table smiling a warm, knowing smile. Sitting down at the table, he poured me a coffee. “Well?” he asked.

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