An Education for Nancy Ch. 02



My name is Nancy and I’ve had some amazing sexual experiences in my life. I grew up young and fast, surrounded by very open minded and sexually liberated people and I am definitely a product of that environment.

The following series of stories are based on real events and real people in my life. As they say, “the names have been changed to protect the innocent”! So I will leave it up to you to separate (guess) fact from fantasy. And since I’ve written these for entertainment, and maybe for my therapy, don’t judge me and don’t spend too much time trying to figure out what’s true and what’s not — I just hope you like the stories!

About me; I’m 41 years old and married. I’m 5′-9″ tall, a brunette and my measurements are 38D-23-36. No! I won’t tell you my weight and it’s not polite to ask a girl either! And, something else I know is on your mind, YES they are REAL! YES they are FIRM! And YES I love to be tit-fucked! I was blessed with great looks and I learned very early how to use my body, especially my big tits, to get anything I wanted. It’s amazing how you men will do virtually anything or take virtually any chance to get your hands on a girl with big tits, a flat tummy, a tiny waist and a heart shaped ass!! If you don’t believe me, just look at today’s sports stars and politicians!!!

To say “all my life I have absolutely loved sex” is an understatement! Sex is way more fun than the gym, or a personal trainer – unless you can combine the three-to keep a girl in shape anyway!

But sex is not without emotion. I finally found inner peace when I accepted the fact that I couldn’t change my past. And since I can’t change it, why have all the guilt and self-blame? After all, no one “made” me do anything, well not since I was a teen. But as I think about it, at the age I began to have sex, was I really “ready” to experience all those things? It’s a “girl thing” I guess – you guys wouldn’t understand – but when I was young sex made me feel loved, grown up, in control and mature. Now that I’m older sex makes me feel loved, young, in control, and mature, but nowadays in a “teacher” sort of way.

Honestly, I simply just love sex and if I meet a sexy guy, or gal, I can’t help wonder about their secret fantasies. The more forbidden and taboo they are – the better I like it!!!

The media have coined the term “Cougar” [koo-ger] nowadays to describe sexually active mature women, usually over the age of 30, who eagerly pursue younger men for sexual encounters; a more aggressive type of “MILF”. Well if the shoe fits, wear it! Just make sure you have a sexy short dress to go with it!

What’s my wildest “sexcapade” ever? Well, read my stories and YOU tell me. But I will say, my favorite thing is being naked, or virtually naked, in front of people. That’s why I loved being an exotic dancer! Even better yet – I love being naked in front of people and having sex while they watch! Just knowing a zillion guys will read this and get excited by my profile picture is a huge turn on too!

I’ve been writing this second chapter for MONTHS! And with the help of friends who have edited my many drafts, I think it’s finally ready to post. Obviously, you might want to read Chapter 1 before you read this one……….

All the characters, including me, are all above 18.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 2: An Education for Nancy; A competition with Mom!

Startled back to reality, Nancy kept her wits about her and quickly replied, “I’m okay, Mom! I just stubbed my toe!”

The gorgeous big-tittied teenager stood up fast and wrapped a towel around her luscious body, laughing a nervous giggle as she saw the sheer panic on her Uncle’s face. He stared at her in open admiration, this time not just for her body but for her ability to think fast on her feet too.

“Jesus Christ Nancy!” Stewart gasped in a low voice so it couldn’t carry to the stairs, “Not only beautiful but brainy and quick too! Fuck, I didn’t have a clue what to say. If we get caught I am gonna be in deep shit! Thanks for saving my ass.”

Looking up at her Uncle for his reaction, Nancy teasingly held both halves of her towel open, caressing her soft flesh, cupping her large creamy tits; “I sure hope there’s going to be plenty of fun while you’re here though? And no more interruptions either!” she purred.

When she saw the lusty red-faced look on her Uncle’s face she broke out in a naughty grin, “And thank you too, I guess, Uncle Stewart. If we had been doing what I wanted to do, we’d have been way too busy fucking to hear Mom yell I’m sure! And you’re right about one thing. If she catches us in here naked, you really are gonna be in some deep shit!”

Thoroughly enjoying the now panicked look on her Uncle’s face, the teasing teen once again closed the tiny towel about her body, tucking the top corner into her deep cleavage to secure it in place.

“I’m okay, Mom! I just stubbed my toe! Uncle Stewart altıparmak escort is helping me back to my room! I’ll be okay in a few minutes.” To make it look even more convincing, Nancy limped from the bathroom with Stewart helping her along.

Their timing was perfect as Nancy’s mom was coming up the stairs just seconds after they got into the hallway.

“Good grief young lady!” her mother began, “You certainly took long enough in the bathroom! Now get dressed and hurry. You’re already way late! I’ll make a you a sandwich but that’s all you’ll have time to eat if you expect to get back to the field before you miss your entire meeting!”

With her arm over his shoulder Stewart admired the fullness of her bouncing breasts as she “limped”. But when he looked behind her, Stewart’s heart raced as he realized her towel didn’t cover the bottom of her golden ass cheeks! Sweating bullets, he prayed her Mom wouldn’t get suspicious. But it was obvious Nancy was totally naked under the tiny towel. In fact, one deep breath by the buxom teen and the tight cover would have popped right off!


Ten minutes later, once again dressed in her sexy little cheerleading outfit, hair and makeup perfect, Nancy sat downstairs in the kitchen. Gulping a cold drink, she picked up the sandwich and started for the back door, her mind still spinning from the afternoon’s what-might-have-been and the anticipation of what might come later.

“Hold on a minute, Nancy. Eat your sandwich and I’ll give you a ride, ” her Uncle said as he admired his gorgeous niece. With her beautiful face, framed by a thick mane of swirling chestnut hair, it was obvious why she’d been chosen “Home Coming Queen” last year and was the odds on favorite again this year, her senior year.

Remembering her eagerness to see his prick earlier, Stewart’s cock throbbed as Nancy applied lip-gloss to her full pouty lips. Noticing his stare, the young cheerleader flashed a million dollar smile. Stewart sighed, imagining his cock, instead of the tube of lip-gloss, gliding back and forth on her lips, leaving a trail of sticky pre-cum in place of the wet shiny lip-gloss.

He remembered Nancy as a skinny little kid, but now, now she was all woman. Her sculpted body was perfectly proportioned with a tiny waist, a ripe, full, firm packed ass and voluptuously large firm breasts, especially large for such a young girl. Those young tits rode so firm and high on her chest that they must measure a double D cup, maybe even 36 or 38 inches. He was definitely going to take her measurements before he left because the gang back in LA would never believe him unless he had much better proof, like pictures.

He wondered, since she was so eager and willing to get naked, maybe, just maybe, he could talk her into posing for his camera! She must drive those high school boys fucking wild, Stewart thought. She has to have the best set of tits in her entire school! If not, Stewart had to see the girl who did!

“Do you have a date with Todd after your squad meeting?” her Mom asked. “If not then maybe we can talk your Uncle Stewart into picking you up again after the meeting?”

“Not really a date, but yeah, Todd is driving me home. I won’t be out late though, since it’s a school night and the big game is tomorrow!” Nancy flashed a naughty smile at Uncle Stewart, “In fact, I’m sure he will bring me straight home.”

Stewart’s head was spinning as he wished he were Todd’s age again!

What his niece didn’t know was, just prior to her coming downstairs, Nancy’s Mom had boldly promised Stewart the best fuck of his life if he hurried straight home after taking Nancy to school.

Stewart wondered how long he could survive in the same house, fucking both Nancy and her mom. If his cock didn’t fall off first, he was bound to get caught!

Minutes later, Stewart and Nancy arrived at the school for the one last squad meeting prior to Friday’s big game. Horny to the point of insanity, he grabbed Nancy’s hand and set it on the big hard bulge of his crotch.

Blushing, Nancy gave Stewart a bold wet kiss as she squeezed his throbbing cock. Breaking their kiss with a teasing glance at his crotch, she licked her wet lips and whispered, “I sure hope we have some private time before you have to go home Uncle Stewart? A lot of private time………..”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Nancy was so distracted during the practice meeting that she didn’t hear a word being said. Her horny mind wasn’t on cheerleading, football, or the upcoming game because all she could think of was sex!

And it had all happened so unexpectedly. She had planned to go home, shower, and frig her clit until she came, just like she’d been doing several times a day for months. But instead, she watched her Uncle fuck her Mom and before she could even process what she had seen, she got down on her own knees and sucked his big cock before she had even really bursa anal yapan escort said hello!

Then, right after worshipping his cock like a wild man-eater, she had practically begged him to fuck her!

“What am I doing?” she asked herself! “My own uncle!”

Well to hell with Todd, she thought! If he gave me the cock I wanted I wouldn’t have to look elsewhere! Nancy knew she couldn’t keep that pledge, certainly not after her first taste of real cock meat! Not now! The young girl knew there was no going back. She had a lot to experience and she just couldn’t wait to get started!

What Nancy didn’t realize was that over ninety percent of the boys in her school had, at one time or another pulled their pricks while thinking of her. They imagined how her big tits would look, bared for all to see, as they furiously beat their meat. And the more imaginative or experienced ones fantasized about her sensual lips, wrapped around their cocks.

And it wasn’t just the young men who were inspired by Nancy! Her well-packed ass seemed to be specially designed to grind a grown man down to a frazzle. Every one of the male teachers below the age of sixty-five had been turned on by this gorgeous brunette teenager. The single ones had whacked off with as much gusto as the students and the married ones had all fucked their wives while they made believe they were pouring their pricks into Nancy’s tight, big tittied body.

Even the female teachers were not immune to Nancy’s charms. The Head Cheerleading Coach in particular, Charity Hodges, never missed an opportunity to watch the busty young beauty in the gym showers, after which she usually fucked herself silly with a big rubber dick and wished she had a real prick of her very own to use on the hot teen.

And Nancy would have been especially shocked had she known how Coach Charity Hodges had made her husband, Head Football Coach Jeff Hodges, shoot gallons of jism as she teased him with fantasy tales of sex with Nancy in the girls locker room. Nancy didn’t know it, but this husband and wife coaching team loved seducing young students. And they both had a determined eye on the soon-to-be two time High School Homecoming Queen, Nancy Anderson.

Gallons of jism had been spilled over the body of Nancy Anderson. But none had yet been spilled inside her.

She was obviously not frigid, and she was certainly not without opportunity, but somehow Nancy had never been fucked. She often wondered why that was. This was the age of permissiveness. She had no particular desire to save her cherry for marriage until she met Todd Brady and he had talked her into the “Pledge” to wait until they married. But the recent awakening in her young body made her see her virginity as a curse! In fact, she knew she’d be glad to be rid of the damned thing because, once she had been fucked for the first time, the young teen knew she’d be much less inhibited, certainly more relaxed, and could fuck any guy she wanted to fuck!

But somehow, it hadn’t happened yet.

The time and the place and the man had not yet worked out just right for her. Prior to the serious relationship with Todd, if she had time with a boy, they were not alone. If she found herself with time and privacy, she didn’t fancy the boy. If she was about to yield, something interrupted them, like someone’s parents coming home!

But the young girl knew one thing for certain; her situation was about to change.

Suddenly, Nancy looked at her watch as her face turned red with jealously. Leaving her Mom and Uncle alone for over two hours, she suddenly realized they had probably spent the entire time fucking!

Damn her! She frowned sadly. Mom had her current boyfriend Mr. Preston and now she’s got Uncle Stewart too! Damn her! She’s had them both and I haven’t even had one yet!

Nancy knew she just had to get fucked and she wasn’t going to stop until she got exactly what she wanted! If it wasn’t her Uncle it would be someone else, another boy at school, a neighbor, even a teacher maybe, or just maybe, even Mr. Preston – Mom’s boyfriend!

With a naughty grin on her face, Nancy wondered. Maybe she’d just fuck them all!


On the way home Nancy didn’t hear a single word Todd said; she was too busy thinking about her Mom and Uncle Stewart. She told Todd she wanted to rest up for Friday’s big game, but the truth was her pussy gushed as she imagined spying on her Mom and Uncle again.

The young girl’s mind alternated between images of her Mom and Uncle fucking, and her double date with Kearstin, her first date with Todd in fact, where she begged Todd to rip off her clothes and fuck her as they both stared over the front seat watching Kearstin get royally fucked by her boyfriend Link.

In fact, the horny teen realized she just loved to watch people fuck.

When Nancy arrived home she found her Mom and Uncle Stewart watching TV bursa bayan escort in the den. Nancy couldn’t tell for sure, but judging from the faint smell of sex and the fact they were both freshly showered, she figured they had been fucking.

Disappointed, she waited for her opportunity but it didn’t come as quickly as the horny young girl had hoped. Finally she caught Uncle Stewart alone when her Mom was in the kitchen and told him how desperately she wanted to see him. She wanted him to fuck her and she wasn’t shy about begging for it!

It was impossible he explained to the horny girl, even as she rubbed his hard cock through his shorts. They would just have to wait till her mother wasn’t around. Nancy was so horny for her first fuck that she begged him to sneak into her room after her mother went to sleep but Stewart wouldn’t promise it, she’d have to be patient.

It wasn’t easy to be patient though, not tonight. Several times Nancy was tempted to say to hell with it and call Kearstin. She didn’t have a big cock but they’d had lots of fun together before, watching porn videos and playing with each other’s pussies. Nancy was thinking that if a cock wasn’t around, maybe a pussy would help satisfy her. After all, all they had really done was frig each others clits and play with each others tits. Nancy wished they had done more, lots more.

And Nancy knew that Kearstin, one of the hottest girls in the school, was also one of the biggest sluts! She realized that things would have been very different for her over the last few months if they hadn’t drifted apart since she’d been dating Todd.

Determined to change that, the frustrated teen finally went to bed.

The horny young girl knew that tonight she’d have to take care of her pussy herself. She’d been finger fucking her pussy for a while now anyway and it seemed she could never keep her hands away from her cunt. In recent months she’d been rubbing her pussy at least three times a day — once when she awakened, once after school and at least once before going to sleep every night.

And tonight would be no different!

Crawling naked onto her bed, the big tittied teen leaned back against a big pile of pillows. Admiring her gorgeous tits, she was proud of the attention they drew from boys and men alike.Her big tits were firm and stood up straight, even as she leaned back on the pillows. Her flat hard tummy was smooth and her softly rounded thighs were sleek and shiny from her deep golden tan.

Grasping the firm flesh of her melon-shaped tits, Nancy began squeezing and kneading them between her fingers. The young teenager’s mind ran wild as she began to work on her throbbing tits, pinching the hard nipples, sending shock waves of ecstasy though her body. Moaning loudly as she began spreading her big firm globes apart thenmashing them back together again, she imagined a huge greasy cock so hot it would burn her skin, trapped tight between her tit flesh.

“Mmmmmmm, Uncle Stewart, that feels sooo good. I LOVE IT!” she whimpered loudly, hoping he’d hear her passion and come running into her room.

Over and over she massaged her big tits. Lifting them within reach of her tongue, she lathered the nipples with her spit as she wiggled on the big bed. The hard pink nubs glistened as she tongued them till they were perfectly erect and swollen.

“Mmmmm, ohhh FUCK, yeah ohhhhhhhhhhh,” she moaned. Nancy knew she needed more, a lot more.

Reaching under her big bed, she pulled out a shoebox. Throwing off the lid she picked it up by the hilt and waived it in the air. She kissed it.

This, she thought, was going to be fun.

The fake cock was as large as a corncob. The big knob stuck straight up from her fist, as attentive as if there were a horny man attached to the end of it! It was a fat rubber tube capped by a mushroom-shaped knob. It was an expensive model, very lifelike, with thick veins prominent up the rubbery stalk and an open cleft in the plum sized tip. Nancy had “borrowed” it from her Mom’s things, a box of sex toys hidden in her closet. Nancy didn’t think she’d miss it, especially since she had several just like it in the box.

Nancy smiled to herself when she thought about what a girl could do with more than one cock at a time! Her Mom had bought a quality rubber dick, no doubt about that.

Nancy began to stroke it, up and down, like a real cock. Sliding a hand between her legs, she guided a stiff middle finger up her cunt. She eased it in gradually as her eyelashes fluttered, her eyes glazed over with ecstasy.

The young horny girl began to finger-fuck herself as she played with the life like cock. It wasn’t the real thing, Nancy thought, but this fake cock made a pretty darn good substitute. The horny brunette had been experimenting with this fake cock for over a year now, discovering the joys of a stuffed mouth, and pussy, from every angle she could imagine.

First, she had learned to suck it.

Pretending it was a real pecker, she had learned to love the big fat knob with her tongue, lapping up the thick stalk, then feeding it into her mouth and sucking on it. Pushing it in and out of her hot buttery mouth she learned to take as much of the big fucker into her face as she could, knowing this would be a valuable skill for the future.