An Evening with Karen


I wanted her from the first time I saw her. I had just moved to a new town with my girlfriend, Kristy, and I was finishing my training at my new job when I worked my first shift with her. She is a petite woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to voice her opinion. She has long blond hair and piercing green eyes. She must be about 5’6″ with an hourglass figure. She has perky breasts that I could not wait to try to fit my mouth around. A waist I could fit my hands around and have my fingers touch and a sweet ass that gives me an erection every time I see it. In her opinion, I did not matter until I had put my time in. I knew that I would have to bide my time to have a chance at fucking her. I just did not know that I would wait for over a year before that shot finally happened.

During the past year, Karen and I had become working friends. Meaning we hung out only at work and nowhere else. I would compare our schedules to see when we worked together, and then wait with anticipation like a child on the night before Christmas for that day to arrive. Even though I had a girlfriend, I wanted to fuck Karen. To me she was the perfect woman. I was willing to do and be anything for her. So when I found out, through a mutual friend, that she preferred her men to be more in shape than I was. I did the only thing I could think of. I went down and joined a gym. I even hired a personal trainer so that I could look my best in the shortest amount of time. After three months of getting in shape, Karen gave me my chance.

“Hey, would you like to join me for a drink?”

“Sure. Do you want me to follow you or should we take one vehicle?

“Let’s take my truck. I’ll drive.”

“Ok, are you ready?”

“Yes, let’s go.”

I followed her out to her truck figuring we would just be going to the bar down the street. Instead of heading down the road towards the bar, Karen turned onto the highway.

“I think the bar is the other way.” I said.

“We are not going to that bar.”

“Really, so where do you plan on taking us?”

“It’s a surprise, just sit back and relax. I promise you will be in good hands tonight.”

“I guess I don’t have a choice Eskort Bayan do I?”

“No, you don’t.”

Unable to do anything more I did the only thing I could. I sat back, relaxed, and took the time to look her over once more. She was stunning that night. Her blouse was almost transparent in the moonlight and showed off the lace bra she was wearing. I love the way her hair is naturally wavy and falls down to her lower back, and as tight as her blue jeans were it was difficult to determine whether she was wearing any panties or not. I knew this night was going to be special and that I would never forget it. After 20 minutes of driving, we finally pulled off onto this old dirt road out in the middle of nowhere.

“Are you going to tell me where we are now?” I asked.

“Nope, just keep your pants on for a few more minutes and you will see.”

We were traveling down this winding road when all of a sudden the trees gave way to a lake. Karen pulled into a parking lot and parked the truck. She reached behind the seat and pulled out a six-pack. She exited the truck and told me to follow her. We walked to some picnic tables not that far away. She handed me a beer and opened one for herself.

“Would you like to go swimming with me?” she asked.

“Do you mean now? I don’t have a swimming suit on.” I replied.

“That’s ok we can always swim naked, if you are not too scared.”

Karen began to walk towards the water taking off her clothes as she went. Watching this goddess getting naked, I followed her example shedding my own clothes. Once we waded out into the chilly water, my penis immediately lost any semblance to an erection it may have had. The water was having an interesting effect on Karen also. Her nipples became rock hard and she began shivering. Always the gentleman, I offered to warm her up. I pulled her into a loving embrace. Karen melted into my arms. After several moments of felling her nipples pressed into my chest, Karen pulled away just far enough to give me a kiss. I wished we could have stayed like that forever but the temperature of the water was getting to us. Karen pushed me away and started getting out of the water. Like a puppy, I followed.

Karen walked over to the picnic tables and sat down on the edge of one. She leaned back pulling her feet up onto the table exposing her golden pussy to me for the first time. So entranced with the sight before me, I froze like a deer in headlights. Karen brought me out of my trance by telling me to eat her out. I was happy to oblige. I positioned myself on my knees between her thighs. Leaning forward I caught the lovely fragrance of her wet pussy. I then began with a solid lick that started at the bottom of her slit and moved upwards, making sure to touch both of her lips as I moved towards her clit. Right before I reached her clit, I curled the tip of my tongue upwards to get underneath her hood. I encircled her hood with my lips and began to suck until her clit was exposed at which time I began flicking my tongue across her hard clit. I continued to lick her slit then suck her clit while Karen just got wetter and wetter. Unable to help myself I shoved two fingers deep into her. This seemed to do the trick, because Karen grabbed the back of my head and ground her pussy hard against my mouth. With one last nibble on her clit, she began to cum. For the first time in my life, without any outside stimulation, I shot a load of semen all over the ground.

After our orgasms subsided, I slowly kissed my way up her body. I proceeded to lick the water from her nipples and warm them up. As I reached her lips for our second kiss that night, Karen reached down and began to stroke my still erect cock. I placed my hands on the table underneath Karen’s ass and lifted her off the table, tilting her hips forward to receive my throbbing penis. Karen placed the head of my dick at her opening and began to rub it up and down her entrance. I wanted nothing more, at this point, then to slip my dick deep inside her moist twat, but Karen had other ideas.

She gently pushed me away, then, ordered me to sit on top of the table. Again, I was very happy to oblige. I sat down on the edge of the table with my erect dick pointing straight at Karen. She began to caress my balls gently with one hand and my shaft with the other. My penis glistened with Karen’s cum still on it. Karen then bent down and began to lick around the head. After cleaning all of her cum off me, she made her way down and began to suck on my balls. I did not think it was possible but my dick got even bigger. It seemed like an eternity before she finally swallowed my entire shaft down to my neatly trimmed pubic hairs. I thought I was in heaven until she began to play with my ass while still sucking on my dick. Unable to control myself, I grabbed her by the back of her head, thrust deep into her mouth, and shot off my second load of the night down her throat. She did not seem to mind and swallowed ever drop I gave her.

I had had enough at that point and I could not wait any longer to fuck her. I pulled her up and onto the table, spread her legs, and positioned myself at her entrance. After making sure she was wet and ready, I nudged just the head of my penis into her hole. When Karen began to whimper and beg me to fuck her, I slammed all seven inches of my shaft into her. I would slowly pull my dick out of her pussy until just the head was still in, then I would slam back into her. I do not know how long we kept fucking like this all I know is that once Karen began digging her nails into my back I felt my balls tighten. I was ready to explode inside of her. With one last thrust, I went balls deep inside of her and I filled her with my sperm. Not to be outdone, Karen let out a scream as she began to coat my balls with her own juices. After our orgasms had subsided, we held each other in a tight embrace. I was still hard as a rock filling her entire vaginal cavity keeping my sperm from escaping. I guess I was trying to get her pregnant so that I could talk her into moving in with my girlfriend, Kristy and me.

Once we got dressed, Karen drove me back to my car. She gave me another deep kiss and told me she would see me later. I went home to Kristy and explained everything that had happened with Karen. Kristy tore my clothes off and began to ride me telling me that she could not wait for me to bring Karen home. She said that she wanted to go down on her and get her wet then watch me fuck her once more. I do not know if Karen would be willing to join us for a threesome, but since I waited over a year to have her I can wait as long as it takes to talk her into it.