An Exception to My Rules Ch. 01

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An Exception to My Rules: a married coworker wants me to be her sexual tutor

Tuesday proved to be an interesting day. I went to the office for the weekly sales meeting, and came in for a bit of a surprise. Sheila Travis, the assistant office manager, asked if I had a moment to talk privately. I nodded yes and she pointed to an empty conference room. We went in, she shut the door, and said, “Ray, I have a problem that I want your advice on how to handle. It’s something that would take too long to talk about here, but do you think you might be willing to at least listen to my problem?”

“Sure, Sheila, what do you have in mind?”

“Can you be at your apartment by four o’clock this afternoon, and could I stop by and get your suggestions on my dilemma?”

“Sure. My address is still the same as it was when Rich asked you to deliver those Autodialers he wanted me to take to Vancouver, but rather than going to the complex office, which is where you left those, I’m in apartment twelve. So I’ll see you about four.”

I got back to my apartment by three, and by three forty-five, there was a knock on my door. I opened it and Sheila was standing there. “Come on in,” I said.

She stepped across the threshold of my apartment and said “I’m really not sure how to talk about this, and I want you to know that I really do like working with you, but I have a problem that I think you may be the only man that could help me with.”

By this time she was blushing a bright red. I pointed to the sofa and said, “Sheila, why don’t you sit down and start from square one. What is it that I can help you with?”

“Ray, am I correct to think that you are not in any sort of committed or exclusive dating arrangement at this time?”

I nodded yes. Then Sheila continued, “then please fuck me.”

“Sheila, what’s going on here? Are you alright? Aren’t you in a committed, exclusive relationship called marriage.”

“Yes, I am. And Ray, I’m confused, and it was very hard for me to get the guts up to say that to you, and I’m sort of embarrassed, but I do mean it.”

“Any chance you could maybe explain things a little bit? I thought everything was okay between you and Tim, so what is going on?”

There is something you don’t know about my marital situation. I love Tim, and hope to have kids with him someday, but as I have talked with my girlfriends about their lives, it has become obvious to me that Tim is a lousy lover. Or at least, we have a lousy sex life. Maybe I am the lousy lover. All my friends, including the married ones, talk about orgasms and the excitement they get from making love, even with their husbands. Ray, I’m sorry if my language seems a little vulgar, but I have to use those words to accurately describe my situation. Tim seems to think that if he sticks his dick up my pussy and moves it in and out for four or five minutes and some white stuff squirts out of the head of it, he is carrying his end of the load in our sexual relationship. But he always complains that I just lie there and don’t know how to respond to stimulation. Then about six months ago, one of his high school friends got married back in their home town, and he went back to the wedding. I couldn’t get the time off. Dorothy was already scheduled for vacation, so I had to stay here and work. No big deal, but it came out that he had gone out drinking with some old buddies, and ran into some of the girls from their class. Long story short, Tim ended up with one of the girls from high school and had sex with her. In fact, he spent the night in her apartment, so it was more than just a pass in the night sort of thing. And a week later, apparently she got drunk and lost all inhibitions. She had the nerve to call our apartment and leave a message on our answering machine about how much she missed him being in bed with her. I got home first and heard the message. Ray, it nearly killed me. I got really indignant and threatened to leave. He begged me to stay, saying that the one thing he learned from the experience was that he really loved me. But during the yelling and screaming I was doing, he said that I had a free pass to one, as he put it, tumble in the hay if I ever wanted to do it. Now, I hear too many stories from female friends my age to be satisfied with him getting away with fooling around and me not getting to. That may sound like I’m a slut, but that’s the way I feel about it. Yet I want to stay married to Tim, but if our sex life doesn’t improve sooner or later I’m going to go crazy.”

“Tim does seem to be willing to try to make things better.” she continued. I told him about some things I read in a book, and he was willing to try them. But I can’t find any other books on the subject. They have lots of books at the library on how to build a piece of furniture, but nothing on how to have wild and wonderful sex. I even asked a long time female friend of mine who Tim does not know if she would try to seduce him and teach him some things. Well, ankara escort bayan that didn’t work, so I make the decision that I would be the one who got the experience and used that to improve sex for both of us. Tim is with some of his buddies from high school on a backpacking canoe fishing trip in Minnesota lake country, and will not be where he can phone out until Friday. So embarrassing as it is, here I stand.”

“Now, Dorothy and I have talked about this very often. Not about my being here, but about you and your string of lovers. We both like you, we appreciate it that you treat us like we were important to you, not some dumb secretary that just gets in your way, but we do talk about you. The way we have it figured, you have twelve women that you take out at least once each month, several of them more that just one time in a month, and there are another three or four that are regular but don’t appear every month. And we suspected from some of the comments that have innocently been dropped by these people when they leave a message for you, that when you go out with one of them, you have sex more than one time each date. You get more sex each month than over half of the married couples we know. Ray, I know I can trust you. I’ve always been told that I’m not bad looking and that I have a decent figure, and now I feel like a real fool because I don’t know how you have reacted to what I have said. So have I made a complete fool of myself?”

“Sheila, I want to explain something about Tim’s behavior, and let you know that he might not really be a total dud in the sack. Now, after hearing what I have to say, if you are still interested in going ahead with your plan, I’m going to say yes. On every single day you and I have known each other before today, my answer would have been no. Now, I would have tried to make it clear that I found you sexy and good looking and desirable, but that I was saying no because it was the right thing to do. But today, purely because you are so damned good looking and because I have been looking at your body for three years wishing I could find a way to get your clothes off, put your tits in my mouth and spend an hour making love to you, today I am going to say yes. Well, all those things, plus the fact my life is the most messed up it has been in the last five years.”

“On top of that, I really do think I can help you solve your problem. Why don’t you listen to my analysis of your problem. The problem is not that you just lie there. The problem is the your partner has no idea what he should to do create a warm and exciting response from you. The odds are that with a little help on your part, he will slowly become a decent sexual partner who has no idea that his spouse learned all the things she does to him by fucking another man.”

“I normally don’t have sex with married women, and I rarely have sex with co-workers. But strange as it seems, this is the week when I will throw caution to the wind. Now, it’s about four fifteen, and if you are really serious, then be aware of this. I really want to fuck you, I want to do things to you that will have you yelling and screaming and wildly thrashing around on the bed, and you are correct that I have been successful in doing just that for several other women. Now, there are a few things we need to make sure we understand each other on. First, if you ever get a guilty conscious and decide you have to confess your transgressions to Tim, make up a name for a partner. Never under any circumstances tell him that I made love to you. Second, you must never say anything to Dorothy about this. I need to keep a squeaky clean reputation in the office. And third, you must not be upset if I call you by the wrong name. That can happen when something like this crops up suddenly. So you okay with that?”

“I think so,” she responded.

“Good,” I replied. “Now repeat all three of them back to me.”

“Ray, what do you mean?”

“Just what I said, Sheila. Repeat back the three promises you have to make to me.”

“Okay, I’ll never tell Tim, I’ll never tell Dorothy, and I won’t be upset if you call me the wrong name. By the way, why is that such a big deal?”

I walked over to where she sat on the sofa. “Don’t worry about that, you are probably right,” I said as I reached out and took her hand and pulled her up beside me. Then I looked her in the eyes and bent down and kissed her. She was sort of cold for a moment, and I kissed her neck just underneath her left ear and whispered “Sheila, a good make out session can double or triple the enjoyment of sex. So it is okay to kiss back.”

After sometime she was eagerly kissing me back, and her tongue was exploring my lips. I led her into the bedroom, and sat her down on the bed. I continued kissing her. Her dress had buttons on the back, so while I was still making out with her I started opening them. Soon I was slipping her dress off her body, leaving her lying on my bed wearing only a bra, slip and panty eryaman escort hose. “Ray,” she asked, “aren’t you going to take off your clothes too.”

“This is a supposed to be two people who want each other. I take off your clothes and you take off my clothes.” When I finished saying that, I returned to making out with her. Soon my hands were fondling her breasts through her bra and I was kissing her neck and nibbling on her ear lobe. She pulled my tie from the collar and unbuttoned my shirt. I made it easy for her to get it off of me. Then as I worked to unfasten her bra, she loosened my belt and the top button on my slacks. I raised my hips up to make it easy for her to pull my pants down as I was removing her bra. She took my underwear off with my pants, and the minute the underwear was gone, something was standing straight up. As my lips began to toy with her nipples, I used the palm of my hand to lightly massage the top of her pussy.

Her hand touched my dick as my pants went down, and then she put her hand on it and gripped it. “My god,” she said, “I have never felt one this hard before. How do you do that?”

“Sheila, fact is that you are doing that to me. I am not some guy who has taken hundreds of women to bed, but I haven’t missed looking at a Playboy centerfold in over twenty years, and you have an enticing little body that is small in the right place and big in the right places, and you have those wonderful little body openings in all the right places. And as I have removed your clothing piece by piece and seen your body coming into view, it has just got rock hard. So understand, that is not something that I do. That is something that you do to me, and I think if you understand that, you will get that same reaction from other men.”

Once again, I stopped for a minute to speak. “Sheila, there are two housekeeping things we need to talk about. First, if you have a question, or if at any time you want to quit what we are doing, just say stop. You say that and I will stop whatever I am doing instantly. The second housekeeping thing is birth control. Are we safe to proceed or do we need to have some sort of protection in place?”

“Ray, I have made up my mind to do this, so it is unlikely that I will say stop. And birth control is not an issue. I’m on the pill, and I haven’t missed one in over two years. So we are perfectly safe. So would you mind getting back to what ever magic it is that you perform?”

With that I started massaging the top of her crotch and Sheila began to breath heavily and her body began to respond. Soon we were both completely naked, and I stood up and reached down for her hand, pulling her up to stand beside me. “Young lady, we are about to honor one of the most important ecological principals of the age, save water, shower with a friend.”

“Are you serious? You really want us to shower together now

“You bet I do. I’ve been in and out of my car all day long, and I’m sort of sticky and sweaty all over. And you deserve a squeaky clean lover. Besides, what better way is there to really get to admire that wonderful body of yours.” I lead her to the bathroom and we stood next to the shower. I adjusted the temperature.

She put on the shower cap that was on the shelf at the back of the shower stall and stepped in with me. I took a wash cloth off the rack and handed her one. I began to soap up her body. I played particular attention to her breasts, her neck and ear lobes, and while being sure to tread lightly, her pussy. She quickly caught on, and was lathering my body. Once she started washing my dick, she seemed to be almost fascinated by it. Soon she was fondling it with both of her hands, and was on examining it closely. Then I began to lightly wash her anus, just lightly washing both of her ass cheeks and rubbing the actual bar of soap on her anal opening. I took the hand held massage head, and very carefully rinsed her entire body with the water on a hard massage. Then I handed her to shower head and told her to rinse me.

We stepped out of the shower and I handed her a huge bath sheet, then I picked up a second sheet and began to dry her body. “Aren’t you going to dry me off?’ I asked after I had finished drying her, and she did.

With both of us reasonably dry, I guided her to the bed and started kissing her. With my mouth working on her lips, then her ear lobes, then her neck, I let one hand go to her crotch. I slipped one finger into her pussy, and with my thumb started rubbing the top of it. Slowly I kissed my way down until my lips were on her pussy, and I used my lips and tongue to excite her clitoris. Her breathing became quite labored, and I continued to flick and lightly suck on her clit. I was rolling her nipples around between the thumb and index finger of one hand, and I had two fingers of the other hand in her pussy. The first time my tongue brushed her clitoris she gasped as she took in a deep breath. Thanks to my second wife and a couple etlik escort of more recent lovers, I do know exactly how to drive a woman crazy from oral intercourse. As I worked with my lips and tongue, her body began to tense up. Her chest began to rise and fall, and her back arched up raising her pussy up to my mouth. I moved one of my hands to the butt, and slowly began to rub her cheeks and to use a finger to tease her anus. As a low moan began to come out of her vocal chords, and her body began to shake a bit, I had slipped some lube on my finger and slowly, while I was teasing her clit with my lips and tongue, I slipped it inside her anus. And as all of these things happened, she went into a major convulsion, and the moan became more verbal. “My god, ooooh, ooooh, OOOOOH.”

As this crescendo hit its peak, I moved my body up between her legs and very slowly slipped my dick into her very well lubricated pussy. I began to parry and thrust very rhythmically, and soon she was having a totally different type of orgasm. Her pelvis began to shake, and her hips went wild. Each stroke as I was thrusting down into her body, she was bumping her pelvis up while hips were gyrating all around and her entire body was shaking. Then she let out a very loud gasp, and her entire body just collapsed into the mattress. I lay down beside her and kissed her on the forehead. Then I whispered in her ear, “Sheila, no man could ever complain about your sexual response based on what I just experienced.” Then she shifted her position a bit, until her face was aligned with mine, and she started very passionately kissing me.

“Ray,” she said, “I can’t believe it. I really was thrashing around on the bed, and I wasn’t acting. So I have one question. Do we get to do that again tonight? Please?”

“Oh, yeah. We get to do that at least one more time, but the next time I get to lay on my back and you have to get on top and do all the work. You think you can handle that?”

“There is one thing I have learned already. I have no clue what I can handle, because I don’t have any basis for knowing what is coming. I’ve heard of guys who perform oral stimulation on their partner, but before tonight, no one had ever done it for me. And certainly, no one has ever had a finger up the other place.”

“Did you like it? Are you glad you stuck your neck out and initiated this?”

“Ray, I thought about this long and hard, and I really do have permission, so to speak, to have sex with one other man. Sure, I could say I forgave him, but until I had done the same thing I was going to keep holding it against him that he had done that to me. I think it was inevitable that I would fuck someone. But picking you was the smartest thing I have done in a long time. Now, I want you to explain one thing to me. Did doing those things that made my body shake and convulse and reach such high levels of sexual excitement, did that come naturally to you, or did you have to learn how to do it?”

“I had to learn it. And it took a while to learn it, but even when I only knew a little of it, the thing that came naturally to me was once I understood what I could do for a woman, I wanted to do it. Now, be aware of one thing. My body experienced something well beyond just spurting cum out of my dick. So I get great things out of it too.”

“As a woman, if my body is capable of having this intense experience, then I deserve to have it. And my partner is supposed to be willing to work to give it to me. I now clearly understand that if Tim won’t work on this, sooner or later, I will find someone who will. I’m being real crass here, but if you know how to do this, and you are willing to do this for a co-worker, I shudder to think what you could do for someone you were really in love with. This may sound naive, but I hope to someday have experiences like that on a regular basis. Do you think that could be possible?”

Yes, but it will take some work and effort. Let me make sure I understood one thing correctly. You have a total hall pass for tonight, no one will be doing a bed check at your place, and your husband has said you could go out fool around with one guy?”

“You call that a hall pass?” Guess in some ways, that makes sense. Not only that, but I have Thursday totally off. So I’ve got the big daddy of all hall passes. Now, when I started this I had given no thought about how long it would take, but I do have time to hang around here, and believe me, if it keeps being this good, I’ll see the sunrise tomorrow though those windows. I’ll just leave soon enough to stop by my place and put on another outfit. Believe me, if I showed up at the office wearing the same thing two days in a row, Dorothy would notice it.”

I picked up the phone and started dialing a number from memory. As I dialed, I asked, “what do you like and what don’t you like on your pizza?” I order the pizza.

Then I sat back down on the bed and started kissing her. She instantly responded, with her tongue aggressively probing my mouth. I rolled over on my back, and it was obvious that I was ready for a second round of lovemaking. “Wow,” she said, “I can’t remember the last time my partner had two hard-ons during the same evening. How do you manage that?”

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