An Expectant Hippie

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An Expectant Hippie

Cam is fucking insufferable, full of hippie faux-wisdom, vapid spirituality, and hypocritical judgments. I don’t even think my wife, Sarah, would disagree with any of that, but we still have to see her every time we’re visiting my in-laws in Pittsburgh. Sarah and Cam were close friends in high school and roommates for a few years in their 20s. They still see each other a few times a year, which, for the past several years, means I also see Cam a few times a year. Usually, I hate it. Honestly, I’ll probably hate it this time, too. The one silver lining this visit is that she’s 38 weeks into her first pregnancy…and I’m very into pregnancy.

Not even my wife knows about my pregnancy fetish. We’ve been married for two years and have already started trying for kids ourselves, but I still haven’t been able to bring myself to divulge my little secret. All the better for the time being, as visiting her very pregnant friend would definitely have a level of awkwardness added to it if anyone knew about my predilection for preggos. I may have to endure some hippie nonsense for a few hours, but at least I’ll be in the presence of someone gravid.

I’ve played it cool around plenty of pregnant friends and co-workers in the past, and I know it’s never a problem for me to be around expectant mothers, even if I secretly fantasize about fucking every single one of them. So, I’ll take some small enjoyment in our visit with Cam where I can find it, even if it’s secretly and a bit pervertedly.

We get to her apartment around 6:30 for dinner. Her husband is working tonight, which is another little bonus for this visit: I won’t have to make small talk about sports, a topic I know nothing about but, as a guy, just cannot seem to avoid. Luckily, tonight it’ll just be Cam’s mystical auras and magical crystals to deal with. I’m pretty happy when Cam answers the door: she’s huge, even considering how close to her due date she is. Her bump could probably pass for a twinner, I’d say. She wears a floral pattern maxi dress, her belly jutting out immediately under her breasts at least 18 inches from the rest of her.

“Sarah! Eric!” She’s glad to see us, and Sarah seems pretty pleased, too. Given our attempts to procreate, I figured Sarah would be pretty psyched to talk to her heavily pregnant friend. “Oh my God, you’re huge!” my wife exclaims, then quickly apologizes. Cam waves it off with a laugh, admitting that she is, indeed, huge. She clasps her hands together just under bursa eskort her bump, tightening the dress around her belly to reveal the true shape and size of it. Putting aside the conversational bullshit I know is imminent, I am in heaven to be in the presence of such an impressive pregnancy.

We all sit in the living room, Cam and Sarah next to each other on the couch and me in a recliner, our asses barely touching cushions before Sarah asks Cam what it’s like to be pregnant. I understand Sarah’s curiosity, but am not looking forward to hearing the answer. Cam begins, hands gripping her massiveness on both sides: “Honestly, I just feel so, so connected to the earth, Mother Nature, femininity…I feel so powerful, like a fertility goddess. I’m making life in here! It’s magical, Sarah. You’re going to love it!” Sarah is rapt, and I’m trying not to roll my eyes. My eyes are pretty fucking glued to the bump, though, so not rolling them becomes pretty easy to pull off.

“Can I touch your belly?” Sarah eventually asks, a bit of nervous excitement in her voice. “Of course!” Cam exclaims, pulling her dress tight against her bump again. She tucks the dress in between her legs to keep it tight as she grabs both of Sarah’s hands, pushing them firmly into the sides of her ballooned midsection. Sarah’s eyes widen with amazement and her hands roam around, pushing in on various spots and literally squealing with delight once she pushes in on the especially firm area the baby’s currently occupying.

“Eric, you’ve gotta feel this!” she practically commands me. I look at Cam, and she smiles and waves me over. Sarah doesn’t remove her hands to allow mine access, so I find an empty spot and place my right palm softly against the bump. It has a delightful amount of give to its firmness, an impressive mix that immediately sends a bit of blood to my dick.

I won’t be able to touch her for long, lest I risk a conspicuous erection in front of both of them. I’m wearing fairly tight jeans, but still, if anything could produce a detectable boner through the denim, it’d be touching such a marvelous bump. I don’t want to seem like I’m recoiling out of some sort of squeamishness or my actual lustful embarrassment, so I keep my hand on her belly for about 30 seconds, which seems like a perfectly reasonable amount of time, then I remove myself and return to my seat, subtly adjusting my jeans on the way just to be nice and sure I’m not noticeably hard. I’m pretty sure I pulled it off without arousing bursa escort suspicion.

Sarah’s still got both of her hands on Cam’s bump, her fingers occasionally drifting carelessly towards the top and bottom, nearly brushing breasts and pubic region. She’s too enraptured to notice her near-transgressions of propriety. “My God, that is amazing,” Sarah says, eyes still wide, hands finally leaving Cam’s torso. “Oh, you’ve gotta see it for real!” Cam exclaims.

She starts pulling up her dress, hiking it up to just below her breasts and revealing maternity underwear and most of a lightly stretch-marked bare belly. She rolls down the belly-band section of her maternity panties, the entirety of her belly now visible. It’s almost perfectly round and is sporting an outie that seems to be protruding a solid inch out from her bump.

I didn’t think Sarah’s eyes could go any wider, but they somehow manage. She takes it in for at least a minute before tentatively reaching for Cam’s bare flesh. Next is 7 minutes (I noted the start and stop times, sure it would be an impressive period of time) of rubbing the bare belly. I’m not invited back over for this part, thankfully. I don’t think I could resist, and I’m positive I wouldn’t’ve been able to stifle an erection. The view is certainly appreciated from a distance, though. Cam seems entirely unconcerned with having revealed most of her body to the whole room, which I actually find rather commendable. Good for her, body positivity-wise and all.

After the 7 minutes, Cam gets another idea and ducks into the bedroom for a moment. She returns with a large envelope, removing 8″-by-11″ photos from their container as she takes her seat again. “These are from my maternity photoshoot!” Sarah flips through them carefully and eagerly, awe almost palpable in the room. “Eric, you’ve gotta see these…shit, actually: is that okay, Cam?” Cam smiles and nods, and Sarah brings the stack of pictures over to me. In the first half-dozen of them, she wears a gauzy green dress, breasts and pubic region the only parts of her covered by opaque clothing. They’re beautiful and super hot.

The next several photos in the pile show her completely nude. I feel my face redden the moment I see her in all her maternal glory. Her breasts are sizable milky globes with huge, dark brown nipples. Her pubic hair (where not obscured by her dropped bump) is untamed, near-black and curly running rampant around her crotch.

My dick is at least three-quarters bursa escort bayan hard, so I hold the stack out towards Sarah and she comes and grabs them, saving me from standing up. I’m very lucky she didn’t ask me to bring them back over to her instead, as my crotch very obviously contained an erection at this point. I don’t spend much time on the nudes, not wanting to push my luck and risk exposing my over-interest.

“Shit, your nipples are so huge and dark!” Sarah exclaims as she looks through the nudes again. “I’ve heard that happens, but I remember what your boobs used to look like, and we’re dealing with a whole new rack here!” I’m uncomfortably aroused, adjusting my pants once again. Cam smiles and nods. “So you memorized my tits during our sauna visits, huh?” It’s Sarah’s turn to redden slightly, but Cam laughs and waves off the awkwardness. “Yeah, the changes are pretty extreme, especially once your milk starts to come in. That’s how it went for me, anyway.”

“So your milk’s in?” Sarah seems absolutely floored by this fact. “Yeah, bitch, I’m 38 damn weeks in!” Cam hesitates for a moment. “Do you want to see? Eric, you’re fine, right? What are a few boobs between friends, after all?” I feel myself redden as I nod my head as nonchalantly as I can manage. Cam pulls the dress the rest of the way over her head, drops it to the floor, and unceremoniously pulls off her bra, heavy tits plopping down onto the top of her bump. She’s only got the panties on now, and the room is utterly silent. I’m too uncomfortable (and horny, who am I kidding) to say anything, and Sarah has somehow reached yet another plateau of quiet awe.

Cam giggles at the tension in the room. “Check this out…” She squeezes her right breast near the nipple and a thin spray of translucent milk shoots up into the air, traveling six feet into the center of the room, raining gently down onto the carpet. “Cool, right?” Sarah finally snaps out of her quiet reverence. “Fuck, that’s amazing! Did you see that, Eric?” I nod, still unable to produce a word myself. My masturbatory future is rapidly developing an incredible catalogue of material.

The antics stop just short of Sarah feeling up Cam’s tits, in a small mercy towards alleviating my raging hard-on. Neither Cam nor Sarah seem at all awkward after the nudity and lactation show, and dinner proceeds with lots of casual, nostalgic chat about the good old days. I don’t utter a syllable until “goodnight,” but I do excuse myself to the bathroom twice, jerking off furiously during both trips.

Maybe an over-sharing hippie isn’t necessarily the insufferable individual I had previously thought. I fuck the absolute shit out of Sarah later that night. Maybe I even knock her up…

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