An Incest Birthday Ch. 33


It’s been somewhat of a trend lately, a crappy trend, but still a trend nonetheless. Something big happens, usually a giant argument, and then we go a while without seeing the person or people involved in the altercation. This time a week passed and it was only dad we didn’t see. Mom and Aunt Lisa still came by and called on the phone when they didn’t come, and since we were still at Jim and Marie’s house we couldn’t help but see them. Since Marie already basically knew everything it was obvious she would be on our side, but Jim out of nowhere having our back in such a delicate situation completely caught us by surprise.

Believe it or not, things didn’t get weird or awkward at all since everything was put on the table. Jim is still just as accepting of the situation as the day he heard about it. He assured Stephanie and Chris that he would still be there for them, and he even offered to be an ear to talk to for us, since dad was still in his way about Rita and I being together. I will admit, the sleeping arrangements did get a little “dysfunctional” at times and it was switched up to girls being in one room and boys being in the other, but even that became a thing when the girls told Jim they’d done stuff too. He still didn’t judge, he actually make a little joke out of it, threw his hands in the air in defeat and told us to figure it out, but threw in the “I’m trusting you on this” speech to give us a guilty conscience about doing anything.

Stephanie and Chris from what I know told Jim everything, going as far back to their first encounter with each other, and he sat and listened to everything they had to say. They told him how it was just a physical thing for the longest time, and that no feelings were there whatsoever, but over time things started to change, and they realized it was more than physical. They told him that ever since they started hanging around us, they started to see their relationship differently, even before they found out about us, simply because how close we are on account of the twin thing. They said seeing how we felt about each other answered a lot of questions they had lingering about each other, and while we’re not the reason they escalated from just being friends with benefits, to being lovers and friends, we played a big part in their transition. Even after hearing all this, Jim still had no ill feelings about anything.

Jim being so cool about it both put us at ease since we were staying at his house, and made us worry that much more because I didn’t know how much longer we’d have to be here. We didn’t know if dad would ever come around. We haven’t heard a word from him since the last time he was here. Usually we’d hear something, whether it’d be an angry rant or him trying to come by and take Rita back to the house, but for the past week, nothing. Mom said he’s been closed off from her and Aunt Lisa too; not wanting to do anything once he got home from work, which he now spent and extra four hours a day at according to mom. I hated to think that it came to this. I wouldn’t let myself believe that this was how it was gonna be from now on. I tried to make myself think it was something else he was going through, but I couldn’t lie to myself. Dad was never gonna accept us. This was how it’s gonna be, and we’d have to deal with it.

I stirred my now soggy Corn Pops as Rita washed up the little dishes we used and what was left from last night’s dinner. My phone rang and because I was in my little daydream state I almost missed it, but I caught it just in time and picked it up with mom on the other end.

“Hey mom, good morning,” I said.

“Hi honey, how are things going over there? How’s your sister doing?”

“It’s ok, and she’s good. We’ve both been in kind of a funk lately.”

“I thought you might be seeing as your father still hasn’t made an attempt to talk to you.”

“I kinda knew it was gonna happen, but I guess I still wasn’t ready for it.”

“Is that mom?” Rita jumped in. “Let me see, I need to talk to her real quick.”

I handed her the phone and went back to my soggy cereal, which by now had started to disintegrate into the milk. I got up and poured it out while Rita talked to mom about some woman thing that I tried my hardest to tune out. While she was still down about the whole dad thing, she at least perked up for a second as she talked to mom, hopping on the counter and swinging her legs back and forth. With nothing to do I just sat there. I couldn’t even think of anything to think about. I wanted to know what was going on at the house. Dad had to show something, anything that he was leaning some sort of way about the whole thing. I couldn’t try guessing anymore I had to find out, and I had to find out from mom, because there’s no way in hell I’d be getting back in the house, or Rita for that matter.

“Here you go, let me know if she says anything about dad. I’m gonna go put our clothes in the wash before everybody else jumps it for the day,” Rita said giving me back my phone.

“Oh mom I’m back. So yeah, gorukle escort I knew it was gonna happen, I just wasn’t ready for it.”

“Who’s ever ready to cut ties with their parents? I know I wasn’t,” mom said.

“You never really said what happened with you and grandma and grandpa.”

“It was a long time ago. You were still a kid when the whole thing happened, but you were old enough to notice that they weren’t coming around anymore. Now’s not the best time to get into that story, so long story short, I had to make a choice, and I chose my kids.”

“Don’t you miss talking to grandma though? You guys were best friends.”

“All the time, but a best friend wouldn’t give you an ultimatum like that. Mother or not, there’s no way I’d pick her over my kids, no mother in her right mind would.”

“Remind me to ask you what happened later on down the road, but first I still need some help with this situation. So going off what happened with you and grandma, we’re supposed to pick each other and forget about you two for the rest of our lives?”

“It might not happen quite like that, but you will have to make a tough decision soon, the both of you. This is the only time I’ve ever seen your father this way in the twenty plus years I’ve known him, so I don’t know what to make of this. The only news I have is the bad news you already know, that once he’s made up his mind about something there’s no changing it.”

“Mom there has to be something. We can’t just phase you guys out like that!”

“I for one won’t be phased out. If you can’t come to me I’ll come to you two. We’ll have holidays, weekends, and some random drop-ins. I know Lisa won’t let herself be phased out either. Plus with all this technology there’s Skype, FaceTime, Snapchat and all that other stuff.”

“After being around each other our entire lives, I don’t think Skype will cut it.”

“Some days we won’t have a choice, might as well get ready for it now, unless your father wakes up one day and decides to be ok with everything, which is a long shot.”

“Way beyond long shot. He had a point though the night everybody was here. We all made him seem like the crazy one for thinking what we’re doing is ok when anyone outside the house would condemn us in a second. I think that’s what set him off the most.”

“We probably could’ve agreed with him on some things, yeah, but we we’re supporting your happiness. Sometimes doing the right thing isn’t doing the right thing.”

“You stole that from that one movie with Samuel Jackson in it, I remember that line.”

“Yeah well good luck figuring out which movie. He’s been in everything since 1987.”

We shared a laugh and for a brief moment forgot about the whole mess we were talking about, but then just like that the laughter stopped and reality set back in, everything’s still a mess.

“Ok well I won’t hold you up anymore. I know you must have a million things to do,” I said.

“I’m never too busy to talk to my babies, you two remember that.”

“We will. If anything changes, even if it’s the slightest thing, can you let us know?”

“If anything happens I’ll call you as soon as it does, I promise.”

“Ok mom, talk to you later. You know what, can we meet somewhere later? At Mikey’s pizza? Dad is gonna be at work but it’s still risky going there. Can you meet us, you and Aunt Lisa?”

“I think we can arrange that. I’ll call Lisa and let her know. When did you wanna go?”

“Ummm, around, in like an hour and a half. We’re out of clean clothes.”

“That’s ok. It’ll give Lisa enough time to get here. We’ll see you both there.”

I hung up the phone and went back upstairs to Chris’ room, which was empty on account of him being in Stephanie’s room. I turned on the TV and laid back, trying to will myself to take a nap so I wouldn’t have to think about anything. It didn’t work. In fact, I did the exact opposite. No matter what angle I looked at it from there was no solution where everybody wins. It reminded me of that movie The Butterfly Effect where Ashton Kutcher’s character couldn’t win no matter what page he read, except when he figured it out at the end, but would we have to do that same thing? Questions like this were why I was trying to take a nap. The door creaked open and Rita came in and saw me laying there deep in thought. She didn’t say anything, she just came in, laid down next to me, put my arm around her and lay her head on my chest. I hugged her back and lay there with her for what seemed like hours, but was probably ten minutes.

“What did mom say?” Rita asked finally breaking the silence.

“Nothing good. She and Aunt Lisa are gonna meet us at Mikey’s in a little bit.”

“What’s a little bit? Shouldn’t we be getting up and going then?”

“No not now, we still have upwards of an hour before we have to go.”

“Oh, ok. You still think we should go to Ashley’s and stay?”

“At this point, I don’t know. The whole reason for doing that was so dad wouldn’t come altıparmak eskort bayan over and make a scene, but he hasn’t shown his face in a week, so that cancels it out.”

“It does feel like we’re overstaying our welcome like you said before.”

“Yeah that was the other thing. They may not show it but us being here so long has to bother them somehow. They can’t be as free as they would be if we weren’t here.”

“So is that a yes or no for Ashley’s? It sounds like we’re still at a standstill.”

“I still don’t know. We could let mom and Aunt Lisa decide for us when we talk to them later?”

“I’m ok with that. She’s probably been dying to get us alone again anyways.”

“Well you more than me. I was just there for show last time. She knows we’re a package deal.”

“Show? Her face was inches away from your balls! You basically came on her! For someone who needs to get used to guys again she got awfully close to you in no time.”

“It’s Ashley. She’s unpredictable. We used to be like that, actually we still kinda are.”

“Remember the time at the movie theatre when that lady was trying to get in the stall?”

“That was funny. Remember in the dressing room with all those people walking by?”

“Neither one of those beat the time we were at Cedar Point in the woods.”

I sighed. “Things were much simpler then. Why can’t we go back to any of those times.”

Before Rita could answer Jim and Marie knocked on the door and pushed it the rest of the way open. They were dressed like they were about to go on a hiking trip.

“Oh, Chris and Stephanie are in her room laying the same way. This is gonna take a little more getting used to,” Jim said. “Anyways, we’re headed out to the woods to go canoeing, we’d invite you but we know how you kids are about nature and stuff. We’ll be back around dinnertime with some takeout Chinese so don’t get too full.”

“Ok. We’re getting pizza at Mikey’s but it’ll be digested long before dinner,” Rita said.

“If you all go anywhere make sure you lock up the house, and make sure everything is off and cleaned up. I don’t plan on coming back and doing anything but eating,” Marie said.

“We will. Have a nice time, and wear waterproof makeup and a hair net.”

“I’m going butch today. It won’t be any fun if I’m constantly worrying about looking pretty.”

“That actually kinda sounds fun. We might have to come with you next time,” I said.

“Really? I’ll hold you to that. Ok we’re leaving, just wanted to let you guys know. Try not to destroy the house while we’re gone, and if you do, only destroy Marie’s stuff,” Jim laughed and immediately received a punch in the arm. “What! You have two of everything, you won’t miss it! Ok, we’re really leaving now. Be good. THAT GOES FOR YOU TWO IN THERE TOO!”


“IT IS UNDER THESE CIRCUMSTANCES! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

They left downstairs and out the door in a matter of seconds, and it only took that long for us to hear moaning noises coming from Stephanie’s room. We went to see exactly what was going on and wasn’t surprised to see Stephanie laid out on the bed with Chris’ head between her legs.

“Yeah, that only took, half a second after they were out the door?” Rita joked.

“We’ve been waiting on them to leave all morning. We had to pass up canoeing just to be able to get some, we love canoeing! We’re taking advantage of every second they’re gone, well more like Chris is taking advantage of every second, but I’m not arguing,” Steph said.

“You were so anxious you couldn’t even get her panties all the way off? You just hiked them to the side and dove right in without a life jacket huh?” I teased.

“Don’t give me that Randy I’ve seen you do much worse,” Chris said back.

“When? If I did there’s no way you should know about it, so either Rita spilled all the details, which I don’t think happened, or you were spying on us. Peeping ass tom ass voyeur ass…”

“Well you’re watching us now so we’re even. Are you two just gonna stand there?”

“For the first time in probably ever, we don’t feel like doing anything,” Rita said.

That comment was enough for Stephanie to turn to us with her mouth wide open and Chris lift his head from between Stephanie’s legs. They made the moment even more awkward by not saying anything. They just looked at us with those same expressions on their face.

“Ummm, if I recall correctly, you two were handling some business,” Rita said.

“What do you mean you don’t feel like doing anything? Is something wrong?” Stephanie asked.

“Physically, no, every other possible way, yes. It’s hard to think about sex when everything else is coming down around you because of one little situation you can’t control.”

“Man. I knew it was bad, but I didn’t know it was ‘stop having sex’ bad,” Chris said.

“Nothing’s ever gotten nilüfer eskort bayan this bad before. No matter what we choose to do we lose something. You don’t have to let us stop you, you can go back to fucking each other,” I said to Chris as he kept rubbing Stephanie’s pussy while we were talking.

“Well as long as you don’t care,” Chris replied as he pulled off Stephanie’s panties and pulled her to his face by her legs. “Like we said, we’ve been waiting.

We watched as Chris gobbled her up like he was eating Thanksgiving dinner. Stephanie couldn’t keep her body from shaking as he no doubt kept teasing her clit. She ran her hands across the bed for anything to grab but couldn’t find anything, so she planted them both firmly on the back of his head. Whenever he came up for air, she was right there to send him back under.

“Oh my fucking god Chris! You got so good at eating my pussy! Seriously guys, this doesn’t do anything for you? I feel like I’m gonna cum on his face any second!” Stephanie moaned.

“Seeing him eat you out is definitely making me horny, but then I start thinking about other stuff, and it goes away. It’s been happening for the last week,” Rita said.

“Ugh, yeah Chris right there right there! Whenever you start to think about other stuff just, ugh, think about something like this right here, but imagine, oh god! Imagine Randy giving you one of those body rocking, toe curling, mind blowing orgasms we know he’s good for, FUCK!”

Chris picked his head up. “It’s worth a shot. Your parents aren’t here to get mad so…”

“Don’t stop right when I’m nearing an orgasm, that’s the matter with you?” Stephanie whined as she pushed Chris’ head back down. “Now you have to build it back up!”

“Yeah seriously Chris, you don’t do that. But yeah, it’s to the point where I’d rather dad be mad and talking to us than this situation now. You dad is completely fine with it. You basically just have to not let him see it. Our dad doesn’t even wanna SEE us,” I said.

“It could be my scrambled brain talking, but maybe this is what everybody needs, your dad time to process everything, and you guys to stay close. If you let this affect you, yeah baby right there, keep doing that, push your fingers inside me! If you let this affect you now, it’ll keep on popping up down the line and ruin your moods plenty more times, that’s it baby!”

I paused for a moment to try and search for a message in Stephanie’s statement. “Somewhere in there something made sense, but I can’t figure out what,” I said.

“I get what she’s trying to say, and she’s right. We can’t let it bother us too much or…”


“Yeah. We can’t let it bother us or…”


“Wecantletitbotherustoomuchorwe’llnevergetoverit!” Rita rushed it in one breath.

When I was done laughing at Rita I looked over at Stephanie and Chris post orgasm. Stephanie had finally released her grip on Chris’ head but she was still jittery as Chris kneeled over her. She pulled him down and stuck her tongue right into his mouth, wrapping her legs around him as he struggled trying to get his pants off.

“So I take it you guys aren’t anywhere close to being done?” I asked.

“Not even in the same ball park. I’m about to fuck the shit out of her,” Chris said.

“Oooh fuck Chris! you got me tingling all over again,” Stephanie said.

“You’re gonna be more than tingling when I’m done,” he said as he threw the rest of his clothes off while keeping serious direct eye contact with Stephanie.

Steph threw her shirt over her head and rubbed her pussy. “She’s all yours.”

He wasted no time pinning his body to hers and pushing his cock into her, letting out what sounded out a long overdue groan from his and an on top of the world moan from her.

“So I guess we’re no longer here? You two want some privacy,” Rita asked sarcastically.

“Pull up a chair or join in, whatever you wanna do, but we’re not stopping,” Chris said as he started pounding furiously into Stephanie to her complete enjoyment.

“As much as I hate to turn down an invitation like that, we have to be somewhere in a little bit, but you can set up a camera and record this for us later,” Rita said.

“Nope, ugh, if you leave, you miss out, fuck yeah Chris take that pussy!” Stephanie moaned.

“We can go and come back. Odds are as wound up as they’ve been we’ll come back and they’ll still be fucking just as hard as they are now,” I said.

“True, unless Jim and Marie walk in on them first, but then again they’re cool with it, so yeah. We should be back in somewhere around two hours, don’t fuck each other to death,” Rita said.

“I make no promises. I’m on auto-pilot, whatever happens, happens,” Chris said.

We glanced back one more time before we headed out the door. Stephanie pushed Chris on his back and slid on top of him just as smooth as she slid his cock back into her pussy. They could both be porn stars the way the fucked each other without caring who was watching, or maybe it was the fact that it was us watching that riled them up even more, who knows.

“FUCK THAT’S SO GOOD! I thought you guys were leaving?” Steph said leaning around.