An Indian Family Story Ch. 06


So it went on. Ponni and Selvi were the two most sex craved women Ramu or Muthu had heard of. They took any opportunity to have sex. Lucky their house was far away from the other neighbours, otherwise they could have easily tumbled on to their group orgies. It was the same. Muthusamy could only achieve an erection when he saw Ramu fucking Ponni or Selvi. When his erection was sufficiently hard, he would fuck whichever woman was available. The women did not mind any one of them fucking them.

Selvi soon became pregnant. They still enjoyed sex together. As her pregnancy advanced, she would be contented with sucking Ramu or Muthu only. And they both in turn would lick her cunt for her. Ponni would take care of both the men and Selvi would become jealous and tease her sister. Their mother, Kamala, came to look after her during the last few weeks of her pregnancy. Things became quiet then, till one evening, Selvi felt pain and was taken to the town hospital for delivery. They admitted her for the night and observed her. They all stayed with her till the morning when the doctor told them that she might take some time to deliver. It was decided for Ponni to stay back and look after her sister and their mother to go back home. Muthu volunteered to stay with Ponni, and so Ramu took his mother in law home so that she could rest.

They reached home about ten in the morning. Ramu stopped in a tea-stall on the way and bought some thosais for breakfast. He took his bath and was sitting in the hall reading the newspaper. His mother in law, Kamala, was in her room getting ready for her bath.

“Let me finish my bath Ramu, then I will make some coffee for you,” he heard her say. Looking up, he had a shock. She was in her inner-skirt, which she had raised and tied it up to her chest, exposing more than half of her thick rounded thighs. Her breasts could be seen to protrude under the skirt. She was holding her clean clothes in one arm. As she stood at the doorway, light from the morning sun streamed through her skirt, clearly outlining her thighs and buttocks. He could feel his prick rising slowly. Ramu quickly looked away and nodded his agreement.

Kamala finished her bath and came back. He dared not look at her, but could not avoid it. She was wearing a white blouse, but a few wet patches revealed that there was little else beneath it. Her skirt was now tied to her hips and he was equally sure that there was nothing else underneath. As she walked back to her room, she gave him a smile. He could not but admire her bouncing backsides.

He pretended to read his papers, while waiting for her to come back. She came back in the same state, and went straight to the kitchen to prepare coffee. Soon she emerged with the coffee Eskort Kız and the breakfast he had bought. She placed them on the floor and placing two plates for both of them opposite each other, invited him to take breakfast. He sat crossed legged before her and let her serve him food. Then she sat half cross-legged in front of him. With the hem of her skirt high up on her thighs, he had a beautiful view of her fair silky smooth fleshy thighs. She helped herself to some thosais and invited her son in law to eat. As Ramu ate the thosais bit by bit, his eyes were on her thighs. When she moved them, he could see her fleshy, shaven cunt. As they ate, his mother in law engaged in some small talk on which Ramu could not concentrate. She had spread her leg wider and her cunt was now completely visible from where he was sitting. He found it impossible to take his eyes from it. His penis was now embarrassingly erect. He made futile attempts to cover it with one hand.

“Do you like it?” his mother in law asked.

“Uh… uh…. What did you ask?” Ramu stammered.

“I think you like what you see. That prick of yours is proof of it,” she said.

Ramu tried harder to hide it. His mother in law laughed. “Ramu, don’t be silly. It is difficult to hide that long prick of yours. Don’t worry, my daughters have told me all about it. To tell you frankly, I need to taste it. I have been without sex for more than a week now, and for a woman who gets fucked by two men at least twice a day, that is unbearable. My cunt has been itchy for many days now. Come finish your breakfast fast, I need to be fucked now.”

“If that is what you want, I cannot refuse you,” Ramu said, getting up to wash his hands. Kamala too finished her breakfast and closing the doors, came to him.

Seeing his erect penis protruding under his dhoti, she caught it with her hands and stroked it lightly.

“My, you have a long and big one don’t you, my daughters are lucky to have you. Oh! How strong it is! Come fuck me,” so saying she led Ramu to the bedroom. She untied her under skirt and let it drop to the floor. Ramu couldn’t but admire her well-fleshed rounded shapely figure. She turned round and asked him to unhook her blouse. As he removed the hooks one after another, his stiff prick knocked against his mother in law’s backside. Sensing it, she pressed her buttocks harder against it. He removed her blouse and rubbed her naked back. He brought his hands to the front and started playing with her large hanging breasts. He pushed his penis between the cleavage of Kamala’s rounded buttocks. She ground her buttocks harder against his prick.

She turned around. “Give me your prick! Let me suck it for you! It has been so long since I tasted a penis!” kneeling in front of Ramu and pushing back his foreskin, took his prick in her mouth and began sucking it like a child who had been long deprived of a lollipop. Her mouth was dripping with saliva. She took as much as Ramu’s long prick into her mouth and gently sucked it. He felt her soft tongue teasing his penis head. It gave him a wonderful feeling. She moved her head in and out slowly, using her lips to caress his prick. Her breath was warm and stimulating. His prick twitched. His mother in law really knew how to suck a prick.

“That is nice Maami (mother in law), oohhh! …… That is really nice. You are sooo good.” Ramu began to loosen up. “Suck harder Maami, suck harder,” he encouraged.

But Kamala had her own way of doing it. She was just not going to hurry it. She laid down on the mattress on the floor and spread her thighs.

“Come my son in law, come taste my cunt. Taste the honey that comes from it. Lick my cunt hard and deep. Come quickly”

Ramu was highly excited. He really wanted to see his Maami’s hairless cunt and taste it. He got on top of her and reached for her cunt between her spread out thighs. It was a stimulating sight to see a clean-shaven cunt. The thick fleshy cunt lips were clearly visible. Her prominent love-bud was protruding at the top. He spread the lips and looked at the refreshing red interior. He licked it with his tongue. The sweet taste of her cut juice made him intoxicated. He licked Kamala’s cunt from the tip to the base. He inserted his pointed tongue between her cunt lips and probed her love canal. He loved its strong aroma. He loved the sweet taste of the cunt juice that was flowing freely. He licked it up with relish. Each lick of his tongue caused his mother in law, Kamala to groan and suck his ten-inch tool with more vigor.

Kamala took her son in law’s long thick prick, which was hanging in front of her mouth and teased it with her tongue. She held the tip with two fingers and ran her tongue through the length of it. She engulfed it in her mouth and started moving her head u and down while applying strong suction to it. She felt his prick throb in her mouth under her stimulation. Ramu probed deeper and deeper in to Kamala’s cunt. His face was all covered with her sweet sticky cunt honey. The harder he licked the more she pushed her hips to his face. She too was sucking his prick with such vigour that he was about to shoot his load at any time. He too moved his hips up and down fucking her mouth till he shot stream after stream of his juice without any warning into his mother in law’s mouth. Just about the same time she reached her own climax and gripped his head between her thighs and violently jerked her whole lower body. She continued sucking Ramu’s penis till he had drained the last drop of his juice. She had swallowed all of his juice and was licking her lips when he rolled over to regain his breath.

“That was really good after two weeks of going without sex. You are really good and I know I am going to enjoy you during my stay here.”

She saw his semi erect penis and took it in her hands and began squeezing it. She kissed its head and licked the small piss hole at the tip. She massaged the shaft and soon had blood flowing into it. Ramu’s penis regained its majesty again. She kissed it tenderly saying “My daughters are really lucky. I am going to fuck you now and I am going to fuck you hard!” Kamala said.

She got up and squatted astride Ramu’s groin. Taking his tool in one hand, she directed it to the entrance of her cunt and slowly sat on it. Ramu saw her cunt swallowing up his long thick rod quite easily. He was surprised that she could take his entire penis without any difficulty. Her cunt was however not loose but tight enough to give a pleasurable sensation. She closed her eyes and planting both her hands on Ramu’s firm abdomen, she raised and lowered herself on his penis. Ramu had a clear view of the hairless cunt moving on his prick. Its thick lips opened and closed over his big rod. Ramu stretched out and reached for her breasts. He pulled at the nipples and rubbed the large lumps of sensual flesh with both his hands.

“Squeeze them! Squeeze them hard,” she murmured. Ramu squeezed them till his fingers pained. She leaned forward and gave them to him to suck. Ramu held the bouncing breasts as best as he could with his hands and started to suck them. He sucked them like he was sucking the life out of them. The harder he sucked the more his mother in law screamed and the faster she bounced on his prick. She was sweating profusely adding a salty taste to her breasts. Worn out, she rolled over and went on all fours. Ramu kneeled behind her and spreading her cunt lips with both hands, pushed his prick all the way in with one thrust and began screwing her.

“Oh! Maami! Your …. cunt …. is like heaven. It is a pleasure to fuck you. Your cunt is so warm and so tight. And its baldness is so sexy!” Ramu was saying and poking her hard.

“Faster! Faster!” his mother in law Kamala urged him. “I can’t take it any more, my son in law. Please fuck me faster! Fuck me harder!”

She rocked her backsides to and fro countering Ramu’s movements. As she banged her backside against his groin he could feel his prick knocking her uterus. Faster and faster they fucked till Ramu shot another load again this time into Kamala’s cunt. Kamala shrieked and groaned as she felt each spurt, hitting deep inside her cunt. Ramu held her tightly till his last spurt of his juice was out. Overflowing semen dripped all along both of their thighs.