An Old Lady Visits Ch. 03

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Muscular futa mom fucking her son; if any of those words ring any alarms for you – RUN!! though, to be completely truthful: not a lot of fucking in this chapter… bummer.

Hellen smiled at the young woman’s reaction. She had always been quite beautiful, and was used to people’s reaction to her. But over the last few years – as she started working out and developed that preposterous body – people started reacting differently. At first she hid her body in large, very loose-fitting clothing – which she had always preferred, anyway, the better to hide her cock in; however, ever since “sex camp” – those 3 wild weeks she spent fucking her son, last winter – she had grown much bolder, flaunting her ultra-muscular body whenever she could. And people noticed. Some were put off by it, some were visibly attracted – and some made a show of being disgusted by it, but somehow couldn’t take their eyes off of her…

Kelly very noticeably fell in that second group. She stood there, mouth slightly agape, eyes open wide, taking her in. And she was in that giant football shirt – what would she say when she saw her in her bathing suit?! She noticed her eyes wandering down, searching. Her cock was hanging loose, thick against her thighs, hidden by the shirt. Helen felt it twitch in excitement – this would be fun… She asked innocently, pretending not to notice Kelly’s overt gaze: “Do you need help with that bag?” Gesturing at the large bag she was holding.

Kelly shook her head, coming out of her trance. “No, it’s OK…” she smiled, embarrassed. “I’m sorry… Jake said you were big, but I never imagined just HOW big!”

Helen nodded, smiling. The girl was pretty straightforward, like Jake said. She liked that. “Yeah, I get that a lot. Come on in, Jake is in the shower, he should be out in a few minutes.”

She watched the young woman’s back as she walked past her, going to the living room. She was about 5’7″, shorter than Jake and herself, but had an athletic look about her – probably a jogger? Maybe some weights? Her shoulders were nice and somewhat wide underneath the t-shirt, her half-exposed butt very firm and round, the legs nice and toned. And she WAS rather pretty – IF you liked that corn-fed, Iowa farm-girl type… Helen sighed inwardly. What WAS it about nice Jewish boys and the blonde, blue-eyed ‘shikses’? Well, she had bigger tits, bigger muscles, definitely a bigger cock! Let her try and beat THAT!

She smiled politely as Kelly put her bag down and turned to her. “Would you like something to drink, or…” Kelly shook her head. “Nah, I’m good. Did you guys have breakfast?” Helen’s smile stayed fixed. “Well, Jake has had his, I’m not particularly big on breakfast…”

Kelly nodded. “Great! I brought a ton of food, we’ll eat down at the beach. Will we be going soon? I have a lot planned for the afternoon, I want to take you shopping, clothes are just crazy cheap, here…!”

Ooh, a LOT could happen until the afternoon, Helen thought. Wouldn’t make any plans if I were you… Out loud she said: “well, I’d better go change…” she noticed Kelly’s sudden interest. She wondered if she should address the elephant in the room – well, more like a python, really… but Kelly didn’t wait for her to initiate ‘The Talk’.

“Is it comfortable for you? I mean – people being able to see your dick?”

Wow. This girl doesn’t beat around the bush…! Yeah, she was OK.

“Well, I don’t show it off when in public. Actually, I haven’t been to the beach – or a swimming pool – yeah, haven’t been in public in a bathing suit since high school.” And that one did NOT end well, she thought, a quick flash of the old pain hitting her. Oh, well, life really begins at 40, right?

Kelly looked at her in amazement. “Oh, wow… this is, like, a really important day, then, right?”

Helen smiled at her. “Yes, I guess it is…” Yeah, it’s the day I get my boy back for good, she thought without malice. Sorry, kid – his ass is MINE.


Jake bursa bayan eskort looked up as the bathroom door opened and Kelly slipped in. He had managed to wash most of the mess away – the sewers were now overflowing with his mother’s cum! – but he still felt a bit uncomfortable at seeing his girlfriend.

“Hi, babe. I thought you were coming at 10…?”

She moved up to him, pressing against his naked, wet body and kissing him passionately. She broke after a moment and stepped back, her hand grabbing his hardening dick.

“Well, I don’t see the little guy complaining!”

He smiled at her, his nervousness almost dissipating. Kelly had this thing about her – she saw what she wanted and she went for it, no coyness, no beating about the bush… a bit like his mom, really. But his mom’s forwardness was very much predatory, she sometimes scared him, her size and immense strength a turn-on for him, but sometimes just plain terrifying. And with the immense pleasure she and her monstrous girl-cock gave him there was always pain – a lot of pain – and real danger to his life… he thought of those horrifying moments,less than an hour ago: his mom’s cock filling his mouth all the way down his gullet, pumping insane amounts of cum into his stomach as her mammoth thighs held his head in an immovable vice… had she taken a moment or two longer to cum, he would probably have died right then and there!

He shuddered as he imagined his mom, head thrown back in rupture, heavy breasts swinging as her body bucked, her giant rod pumping her seed into his broken, lifeless body…

Kelly slapped him lightly on his cheek, the hand holding his cock giving it a light squeeze. “Yo, Prince Charming! Snap out of it! I’m not going to suck you off now, we need to get going!”

He looked down at her and smiled. Yup – this girl could be pretty brusque, but she knew how to press his buttons, how to make him feel wanted, how to make him feel like a MAN! “Sorry… so, you’ve met my mom?” A tingle of apprehension running down his spine at the thought. No telling what his mom was gonna do, he should be there…

Kelly stepped back, leaning on the wall, a tan, toned thigh raised to support herself. She really did look amazing… she had picked up a nice tan those last 6 months to go with her blonde hair and blue eyes, and those tits looked really nice inside that tight t-shirt… “Dude, you were NOT kidding about her size… this woman is HUGE! Those muscles… damn!”

“You don’t think it’s… well, too much?”

She guffawed. “You bet your sweet little ass it’s too much! This woman is like something out of a comic book! I bet she could hand Captain America his ass on a plate… and to think that on top of this she’s also packing… “

He looked at her sharply. “Did you see it? Was it showing?”

She shook her head. “No, not really. You could see a bit of a bulge, going down, but I couldn’t really tell.”

He sighed. “Well, you’re in for a treat. Listen, I wanna shave, I’ll be out in five minutes, go see what she’s up to.”

Kelly laughed. “Oh, I’m looking forward to this. Don’t hurry, I want some quality time with her.”

Jake watched her leave. He should go with her, he should be OUT there – who knows what his mom would say to her… but he just couldn’t bring himself to do it. He was torn, he just couldn’t make his mind up. His mom had him under her spell – her beauty, her body, her cock… he lusted after her, he wanted her to fuck his brain out, he needed it – but he also craved the normalcy that Kelly offered, the easy flirting, being her equal, being appreciated for more than his butt’s tightness and cum-holding capacity… as if to drive the point home, he felt a familiar trickle coming out of his butthole, running down his thigh, cold and clammy… god DAMN it, just how much of that stuff did she PUT in him?!


Kelly walked into bursa evi olan escort the living room to be greeted by a sight like nothing she had ever seen. Helen was standing in the middle of the room, her back turned to her, dressed in a ‘Baywatch’-style red swimming suit. She knew the giant MILF was wide, she just didn’t grasp the scope of it when she was dressed in that shapeless football shirt. Kelly’s eyes fixed on the ass, which was completely exposed as her bathing suit disappeared into the crack high above it. Her ass cheeks were large – very large – and perfectly round, the muscles underneath moving slowly as she adjusted the front of her bathing suit. The waist was narrow – almost comically so – only to flare out with insanely wide lats, muscles dancing all over her back. Her trapezius was more like a curved hill, tapering to a thick, majestic neck, capped on both sides by beach-ball sized deltoids. Kelly’s eyes plunged down, taking in her thick, bulging thighs. Standing still, this Wonder Woman exuded power like she had never felt before.

Helen half-turned, her beautiful face smiling behind the messy blonde locks. “There you are. Ready for the big reveal?”

Kelly laughed. “Your body looks just insane, from the back… can’t wait to see more!” She felt giddy with anticipation. Jake has tried for weeks to prepare her, but she thought he was just exaggerating; she now realized that, if anything, he had actually downplayed things…

Helen smirked. “Be careful what you wish for…” she turned around, slowly. Kelly’s mouth dropped open as the older woman’s tits came into view – round and pretty large, though with just enough of a droop to indicate that they were the real deal. The low cut of her bathing suit did a good job of flaunting them – and the thick slabs of muscle they were sitting on. And her arms…! They were thick with muscle, a fat bulging vein running down her beefy biceps, branching down onto her forearms. Kelly tried to speak, say something – she felt like she did at that Bruce Springsteen concert she went to when she was 18, needing to “Whooo!” every few minutes, just to express her sense of joy and wonder… she had to stop herself from whooping – and she was just now getting to the main attraction…

The bottom front of the bathing suit did a valiant job at holding what looked like a pair of tennis balls tucked in into her body. The material seemed very sturdy – it had to be, as it held tight onto a large rod, laying flat against her stomach – were those things her ABS? Jesus… The bulge was huge. Thick and round, it reached almost up to the bottom of her tits. Did she have a hard on? Because, if not, Kelly felt sorry for the poor bastard who had to take this in… She walked up to the towering MILF, unable to resist herself.

“OK, this is insane, all right?”

Helen looked at her, uncertain. “THIS being…”

Kelly made an up-and-down motion with her hand. “THIS. This body. It’s just ridiculous, OK?” She gestured at the older woman’s giant girl-cock, secured against her body by the tight suit. “And I’m not even talking about this guy, here, OK? You’re like something Arnold Schwarzenegger would want to look like when he grows up!”

Helen felt an unfamiliar emotion. She was used to men worshiping her body, her cock – she has had sex with over 20 people, men and some women, in the last seven months, and all of them were reduced to a blabbering mess at the mere sight of her body in all of its naked glory, and of her ‘love rod’… This young woman was something else. She seemed to be having the right reaction – but she was not turning into a puddle at her feet. She was… something else.

Kelly reached out with her hand. “May I…?”

Helen nodded, and the younger woman put her hand on a bulging bicep, trying to squeeze it. “Damn, it’s like squeezing a fully-pumped tire, you know? How big is it?”

Helen raised her hand , making bursa rus escort a fist, the huge bicep growing into a round melon. She looked at Kelly, watching her reaction. “It’s about 18″, fully pumped.”

Kelly seemed suitably impressed. She put both hands on the bulging bicep, trying to make a dent – to no avail. She laughed, incredulous. “HOT damn… how long did it take you to build this up? Is it genetics? Because Jake is not particularly buff…” OR this big downstairs, she thought.

Helen smirked, lowering her arm, pumping her fist to make her bicep jump out. “Well, sure, genetics has a lot to do with it, but I worked like crazy for 3 years to get to THIS!”

Kelly nodded, stepping back. “3 Years… damn. Never thought I would, but I actually LIKE this. I do aerobics, light weights – maybe I should step it up… this is HOT!” she looked wistfully at Helen’s giant bulge. “Fuck, it’s seems like such a shame you have to hide this… body like yours should be in a bikini, 24/7!”

Helen laughed, feeling strangely proud. “Well, I don’t want to be scaring the natives…”

Kelly looked up at her, suddenly excited. “You know, most of the neighborhood is away this month, there won’t be that many people at the beach. And we’ll be sitting in one of the nooks, it’s pretty secluded… and it’s not like this thing is doing much to hide THIS baby, anyway!”

Helen waved her hand. “No, this is ridiculous. And, anyway, I don’t HAVE a bikini…”

Kelly waved her objections away. “Come on, you know you want to do it, right? Why shouldn’t you? You’ve got the most amazing body, the biggest cock – fuck, why wouldn’t you show it off?!” She moved in closer, taking Helen’s hand in hers, looking up at her, her eyes shining. “I have some spares I keep here – I’m sure we could match something up…”

Helen smiled, caught up in the younger woman’s enthusiasm in spite of herself. “Com’n, you’re half my size…”

Kelly smiled with glee. “Exactly! This will be so rad!”


Sitting in the bathroom , trying to reach a decision , Jake heard them coming into the bedroom. They were talking, sounding enthusiastic. Was that… giggling? Oh, great. Now they are buddies. Perfect. What the fuck kind of game was his mom playing? In his mind’s eyes she now seemed like some sort of mythical, all-powerful vengeful goddess. She could do whatever she wanted – and he was pretty sure her intentions were in no way benevolent. Was she trying to seduce Kerry? Prove to him that she could do it? Or would she just expose him? Fuck, he was pretty sure that if she told him to suck her off when they were at the beach, he would not be able to resist – not even if Kelly was sitting right there, watching…

He sat on the toilet, holding his head in his hands. What the fuck was he going to DO?! He loved Kelly, right? He wanted to have a life with her, right? He should be out there, fighting for her!

He sighed heavily. OK, let’s DO this! He stood up, put on his beach shorts and went out of the bathroom. And then he froze in his tracks.

They were standing in the middle of the room, in front of the wall mirror. His mother was facing him, Kelly busy behind her. His mom was wearing a tiny, yellow bikini top, her generous breasts barely contained by the two small triangles, her nipples straining against the thin material. The bottom was black, slightly larger, holding her balls securely, her girl-dick pushed up against the thick abs, the large vein that his tongue knew so well running all the way from the bottom to the dark crown on top.

She smiled as she saw him, looking almost… embarrassed?

“What do you think, baby?”

Kelly peeked from behind her wide back, her hands busy with the bra strings. “Your mom is so hot, I just had to…” her smile died as she saw his expression, replaced by apprehension. “Oh… you don’t have a problem with… I mean, you’re OK with your mom’s schlong being out, right?”

They both looked at him expectantly. After a moment he nodded, swallowed and smiled weakly. “It’s… it’s OK. Fine. Good.” He turned around, hoping to god the loose trunks were hiding his raging erection. “I… I gotta take a dump. I’ll be a few minutes…”

His hand was yanking at his dick before the door closed behind him.

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