An Open Book


Erin Redburn was every college boy’s fantasy: a hot, sexy young teaching assistant with big tits, a tight athletic body, and soft, shoulder-length blonde hair. All the guys in her discussion section drooled all over themselves every time she walked in, and had to keep their legs crossed just to hide the hard-ons that she inspired whenever she flashed that big pretty smile at them. She dressed conservatively, but she couldn’t hide her nice curves and toned body under any amount of clothing. Jack was especially smitten, and he couldn’t help imagining himself behind her desk, down on his knees, face buried between her legs, eating that warm wet PhD pussy! He could almost feel his hands exploring her body, fingering that tight twat and teasing her little clit with his tongue til she begged him…



“Did you have your hand up?”

Jack realized that he did. In fact, he had both of them up, beside his head and a little forward—as if he were holding the outside of her thighs while he lapped away at her snatch! He also had his mouth partly open and his tongue sliding in and out just a little, like a snake in slow motion. He must have either looked deep in concentration or like some drooling retard at the moment. And there she was—big beautiful blue eyes and that quizzical look on her face that she always seemed to have when she called on him, as if she was eternally confused by his presence. He felt his face go red with embarrassment.

“Uh…no. No question.”

“Mm…okay! Just let me know if you change your mind, m’kay?”

There it was again. The smile. And that playful condescension that she offered every time he made a fool of himself. Like he was some fucking kindergartener who didn’t know what “raising your hand” meant. Bitch! As much as he wanted to fuck her, he also wanted to smack that smug look off her face. Why’d she have to mess with him? Just because he was always staring at her chest or down between her legs, maybe? Did she notice that? Was she trying to get even with him—or worse, “discipline” him! Not that he’d mind a little one-on-one discipline in her office…but no. If Jack ever got her alone anywhere, she’d be the one on her knees, and he’d be doing the disciplining! God, what he wouldn’t give to make this smart, beautiful, only slightly older woman (what was she, 24? 25?) service him like a slut someday. Go down and suck his dick nice and slow; then let him pop a big load all over her contemptuous face…


“Hrunh? What?”

“I asked if you could read the passage on page 35 and tell us what you think. Is that okay?”

“Uh, yeah. Sure…er…can I borrow someone’s book?”

Now she was really pissing him off. Calling him out twice in one day, and making him look like an idiot! Not that he was a particularly great student. He didn’t care much about American literature or reading in general. He just needed to fill a distro requirement, and he heard that this class was easy and some of the TAs were hot. He’d lucked out in that last regard, but he found that it wasn’t really all that easy for someone whose only real interests were frat parties and maybe a business degree. But he wasn’t stupid, and he resented being made to look that way in front of everyone. He was gonna have to get her back somehow. Make the bitch pay! Make her face turn red with embarrassment when he ripped her panties off and threw her over her desk and rammed his dick up her tight white ass…

“You know you’re supposed to bring your book, right?”

“Um, yeah. I just forgot…” Shit.

“Well, come sit over here and look on with me.” Holy shit. No way.

“Uh, okay…I just…I need my jacket…”

God. Damn. Her! Jack had to fumble out of his seat, making sure to hide his growing erection with his jacket carried in front of him. He didn’t think anyone noticed, but she was still looking at him like some monkey that just climbed down out of a tree and came begging for a banana. And now he had to sit right next to her! Any other time, that would have been a dream come true—to sit close enough to feel her warmth, smell her perfume, maybe even put his leg next to hers. But now he was the center of attention, all eyes on him, and already feeling like a chump. Plus, he couldn’t make his dick sit down and behave!

She was a tall woman, athletic and strong, but not manly. He thought she said she’d played basketball or field hockey or something in college. She definitely had the bod for it. And man, to imagine her all hot and sweaty and grunting…stop it! Not now! He had to stop thinking about her, just for a little while. But how could he? She was so close…Anyway, she was tall, and when he sat down next to her, he realized she was even a little taller than him—maybe because she sat up all straight and proper and he kind of slouched. But he couldn’t help but feel like a little boy sitting next to his nanny or something. She was warm, and did smell nice. Not sweet and flowery, but kind of…clean. Betturkey Like someone fresh from the shower…with a warm towel wrapped around her…her nipples dripping with…Jesus! Why couldn’t he make it stop! His dick was twitching like a live wire now, and it hurt to sit and let his pants press it down into submission. He kept the jacket in his lap, and thankfully, she didn’t say anything.

She did make him read, though. And discuss. And try to think, even though his mind was racing with humiliation and desire. Jack thought he might faint from the excitement and adrenaline—especially when her arm brushed his as she took the book back from him and gave him that sweet “good boy” smile that said, “You’re an idiot, but at least you can follow instructions.”

That’s when Jack knew that he was going to have to take her. Take her and use her and release all that raging lust in his pants—preferably all over her back and ass after he finished using her! He might get caught and sent to jail and disgraced forever, but he was going to take that ass if it was the last thing he did. He just had to find the right time…

That weekend, Jack got drunk and told some of his frat brothers about his fantasies of fucking the snot out of his hot TA—Erin “Miss Tightass” Redburn. Some of them had been in her class before, so they knew exactly what he was talking about. They joined right in, offering their own suggestions on how they’d like to use and abuse the lovely young grad student. Tie her up in the frat house and let all the brothers take turns. Make her pull a train. Get some of their drunk, horny little girlfriends to make out with her in front of them. Maybe put some pics up on, and call them “the dirtiest TA in America.” That would teach her a little lesson in humility! It was a good plan—but mostly they were just joking. Blowing off some steam and imagining being nastier and more brutal than they really were.

All except Jack. He was serious. He was gonna do it. Maybe not in front of everyone, and not on the internet. But somewhere, sometime—in her office, or her apartment, or out in the woods near the lake. Maybe when she went out jogging or when she came home late from the library. He’d jump her, drag her back into some dark corner and have his way with her just like he’d always wanted to. Grope her. Fuck her. Suck those big, gorgeous tits. Finger that tight pussy and asshole. Maybe make her recite some poetry while he came all over her face! The thought got him so hot that he had to go out for a walk, get away from the guys and the booze for a little while.

Jack wandered around the campus, past the dorms, and around by the academic buildings. By instinct or impulse he decided to walk by the English department and see if he could peek into the TA offices. He’d been by Erin’s office a couple of times to go over papers and let her ask him infantile questions and tell him what all he was doing wrong and how he needed to pay more attention, blah, blah, blah. He’d never really paid attention to anything except her lips moving and her breasts heaving when she sighed and repeated herself. Still, he liked being along with her in her office rather than in class where she could humiliate him so easily. In there, he felt more in control, and he could tell that she was a little more uncomfortable when she noticed him gazing at her or licking his lips while she spoke. That’s what he wanted—to make her nervous and uncomfortable for a while, and hopefully, to get a little pleasure of his own from it!

When he got near the window that he knew belonged to Erin, Jack was surprised to notice a small ray of light coming from between two slightly parted curtains. It wasn’t the bright overhead lights, but maybe a little desk-lamp or nightlight. Did she leave it on by accident? Or could someone really be in there? He crept over to the window quietly and knelt down so that he could peek inside. At first, he didn’t notice anything, but what he expected: a dark office with a small reading light illuminating the top of her desk, which was neatly organized with just a few books and papers. But as his eyes grew accustomed to the light, he noticed something else. Just on the other side of the desk, where Erin kept the “interrogation seat,” as he called it, there was a large, shadowed form sitting, almost still, but obviously breathing heavily. It was a man, definitely a man—too big and bulky to be Erin or any other woman—and from the darkness of the shadows, Jack guessed that he was black. Maybe one of the maintenance staff or groundskeepers? What would he be doing in there? Then he noticed something else. Just over the far edge of the desk, he saw a shock of blonde hair rising and falling in the man’s lap! Holy shit! It’s her!

Jack adjusted his position so he could see a little more. Sure enough, sprawled out in front of the interrogation seat was the kneeling body that he knew so well—tall, curvaceous, but this time, almost naked! She Betturkey Giriş clearly had a bra and panties on, but that was it. But even the pink, girlish panties were slung low and he could see a few inches of that gorgeous ass-crack that he’d fantasized about for so long! Her head and shoulders were still hidden behind the desk, but he could definitely tell that she had her head in the guy’s lap, and was sucking away like a hungry whore. Son of a bitch! Miss Smartass who looked down on all the guys with something like pity and disdain was here after hours, on her knees, sucking off some black guy in the dark! If only he had a camera. The idea hit him like a bolt—yeah, a digital camera! He could film her doing the nasty and then blackmail her with it! Threaten to put the dirty shots up on the internet if she didn’t give him the same treatment—maybe even a good grade thrown in! He’d have his fantasy fuck yet!

As Jack started to rise from his hiding place, with the intention of running back to his dorm for a camera, he suddenly felt a large hand gripping the back of his neck. No sooner was he aware of the hand than his face was being slammed up against the window that he’d been peeking into so carefully.


“What you doin’ out here white boy? Spyin’ on folks?”

“!..I jss…”

That’s when Jack realized that the commotion had caught the attention of the two lovers inside the office. As he stood crouched over with his nose smashed almost flat against the pane, he could see that Erin had leaped up from her position between the guy’s legs and was staring shocked and angry at the ridiculous face in her window. A long strand of cum or spit was dangling from her chin and her hair was a wild tangle of dirty-blonde that somehow looked…really hot. She was still in her bra and panties, though she clutched a rumpled blouse to her chest as she half-heartedly attempted to cover herself. The guy, on the other hand, made no attempt at all. He was on his feet and storming towards the window, completely naked, with a large black cock pointed straight out and glistening with sticky cum. Jack saw the rage in his eyes and tried to wriggle free of his captor and get the hell out of there. No such luck.

“Where the hell you think you’re going frat-boy? Think you can just go peekin’ around people’s windows and walk away? Shit…yer gonna get yours when Marcus gets over here!”

Marcus. Marcus Higgins! That’s who was in there! Jack recognized him now—the big linebacker and defensive captain of the school’s varsity football team. Shit! He was dead! Marcus would rip his head off! Jack began thrashing and squealing, desperate to get away.

“C’mon man! Let me go! I wasn’t doing anything, I swear!”

Jack’s pleas fell on deaf ears as the unknown stranger jerked him back into a headlock, crushing his throat and holding him almost up off the ground. Whoever the guy was, he was big, and strong. Jack had no chance. Suddenly, the window was sliding upward with a loud creak, and he looked forward to see the massive and muscular shape of Marcus Higgins peering out at him with bloody murder in his eyes.

“What the fuck’s goin’ on out here?! Anthony! Who’s that? What you doin?”

“Yo man, I caught this white-ass piece of shit standin’ out here watchin’ you and Miss Redburn. Looks like a little peepin’ Tom to me!”

Anthony? Could it be Anthony Adams, the giant offensive tackle from the same football team? Most likely. Between the two of them, Jack realized he was outweighed and out-muscled several times over. They could both snap him in half like a twig! What were they going to do? How could he save his ass from the beating he knew he was about to take?

“Gimme that little punk! I’m gonna rip his dick off and make him eat it!”

“No! Wait a minute. Bring him inside.”

It was Erin’s voice. Jack saw that she was peeking over the side of one of Marcus’s massive shoulders now, and she looked angry too. But worse, she was smiling! That couldn’t be a good sign…

“What? Why? Let me go out and kick his ass! Teach him to spy on me!”

“Marcus, you’re completely naked! And someone might see you out there. Bring him in here and we can settle this…my way.”

“Awright…give him here, Anthony.”

Anthony released his choke hold and took Jack by the shoulders, pushing him forward into Marcus’s grasp like he was handing over a bag of groceries.

“Sorry to bother you, Miss Redburn—but I was coming by for my tutoring like you said and I saw this guy standin’ out here. I could tell he was up to no good, so I grabbed him for you. I didn’t mean to interrupt or anything…”

“It’s okay, Anthony. You’re a little early, but I’m glad you came by. Come on around to the door and I’ll let you in. You can help us ‘talk’ to Jack.”

Oh shit. What was she up to? Was she just going to let these guys beat him senseless in her office? Or was she just going to make them hold him while she called Betturkey Güncel Giriş the police? What would she tell them—that she was sucking off a football player (and waiting for another!), and caught him watching? Not likely. So what then? Some kind of punishment or humiliation? Some kind of revenge? Jack didn’t have time to think it through before he was being dragged in the window by Marcus’s strong hands, with a rough kick from Anthony to help him up and in. Soon he was lying on the floor of Erin’s office, curled up in a fetal position, and waiting for the blows that he expected at any second.

Marcus stood over him, glaring and almost growling. It looked like he wanted nothing more than to pounce on Jack like a wildcat on a rabbit. To make matters worse, Marcus was still naked and glistening with sweat, making him look all the more animalistic. His dick wasn’t hard anymore, but it was still dangling, huge and wet between his legs, dripping with pre-cum and looking almost as threatening as the man’s massive hands. Erin was there too—calmly sliding her long, toned arms back into her blouse and then buttoning it decently in front of her. She still wore her panties beneath, and her “fuck-hair” was still thrown around her head and shoulders in an almost fierce-looking mass. She didn’t bother to put on any more clothes, but she did wipe her hand across her chin to catch up any further evidence of her earlier activity. She glared at him with a look that said, “Now you’ve done it, idiot. You’ve finally made the dumbest mistake of your life!”

Jack knew it was true when he heard the knock at the door, and Erin opened it to let big Anthony in from the hallway. Between the three of them, Jack knew he was in deep shit, whatever they had in mind.

“You interrupted me, Jack. I don’t appreciate that. I always knew you were a skeevy little perv just from the way you look at me in class, and I’ve caught you trying to make me uncomfortable here in my office when we’re alone. Well, aren’t you feeling a little uncomfortable now?”

“Y-yeah…listen, I’m sorry…I didn’t know…Ungh!”

Marcus sent a firm kick to his gut that took his breath away and left him cringing back into a ball.

“Marcus, no…don’t beat him up. He’s not going anywhere, and he’s going to apologize. Aren’t you Jack?”

“Nngh…y-yes…whatever you say!…I’m sorry, I apologize…”

“Shut up, Jack—or I will let these guys take you out and give you what you deserve. Filthy little jerk! You come to my class and stare at my tits and don’t do any work and don’t even have the decency to pretend like you’re interested—and now this! I ought to just flunk you in the class and let your GPA go down the toilet. Would you like that?”

“N-no?…I mean, no, of course not…I was just…I mean…”

“I said shut up, Jack. I think failing you would be too easy. You’ll probably do that all by yourself. No, I have a better idea…take off your clothes!”

“W-what? Why?”

Marcus gave him another swift kick and Jack yelped.

“You heard her, bitch! Take ’em off! Don’t make me tell you again!”

Jack stared at them all with a look of disbelief, but he didn’t hesitate to start untying his shoes and unbuttoning his shirt. He didn’t like the direction this was going, but what could he do? Scream for help? Try to run? He wouldn’t get far doing either, and whatever Erin had in mind, these guys were clearly going to enforce her will. Best to go along and not get hurt. In a few seconds, he was standing there, completely naked, with two big black men and a hot, blonde teacher looking at him like he was the most pathetic thing they’d seen all day. He probably was. His body wasn’t terrible, but he didn’t even compare to Marcus. Hell, even Erin was in better shape, and definitely more pleasing to look at—almost as white as him, but soft and supple and firm in all the right places. Jack, on the other hand, was anything but firm in the one place that mattered—his six-inch dick was shriveled into a tiny terrified nub, as if it had tried to retreat back into his crotch when faced with Erin’s scornful smirk and Marcus’s massive black meat just a couple of feet away. Even Anthony was barely suppressing his laughter as Jack stood there trembling like a frightened kitten.

“Damn, boy—is that all you got to work with? No wonder you just standin’ around peekin’ on a Friday night!”

“Aww, don’t be cruel, Anthony…he can’t help how he’s ‘endowed.’ Not everybody is as lucky as you!”

Erin’s playful flirting made the big lineman grin and duck his head a little, obviously pleased but embarrassed by the praise. Marcus just looked at Jack with a scornful grimace and shook his head with pity.

“Now, Jack…what have you done wrong?”

“Uh…I…well, I…I was watching…spying?”

“No Jack. You interrupted me! And what’s worse, you interrupted Marcus just when he was getting close. Isn’t that right, Marcus?”


“Now I think you owe Marcus an apology. No. I think you owe him more than that…I think you owe Marcus a happy ending!”

No way. No way she was saying what he thought she was! But the way Marcus and Anthony were both grinning, Jack knew he hadn’t misheard. She really meant it!