An Unavoidable Dream Ch. 02


He had given it quite a lot of thought. The first time he would cum in her – what would it be like for her, as well as for him? He thought that if he were a normal lover of her age he would be slowly and methodically pushing his cock up inside her vagina and eventually cumming. To her, it might seem pleasant and the act of a peer validating her value and her womanhood. He didn’t want that. He didn’t want anything about their relationship to be “normal”. He wanted more intensity – more mystery and more dominance. He wanted her to realize they weren’t equals or sweet romantic lovers. They were animals. He was taking her in the way he preferred, without regard for her desires. And, in this way, he controlled her and hoped she would recognize how she could make him happy – how she could make him want to fuck her again and again. His way. He wanted her to want to do anything to please him, no matter how painful or demeaning to her.

They knew they would be alone in the house for several hours. They planned to use the bed he used with her mother. The risk of tell-tale detection was there, but it added to the excitement for both of them. He didn’t tell her how to make up or how to dress for him this time. He wanted her to figure it out on her own – or at least attempt to. He wanted to see what she thought was sexy. He expected her to be wrong. But it would give him a baseline for changing her. After today he would start telling her more of the things that excited him. There would be many ways she could please him, including her makeup and dress. After all, she didn’t have much experience in affecting men in subtle bursa eskort ways. He would be her mentor. Later they would experiment with men other than him. He would show her he knew what turned men on in general on and, specifically, him.

They had set a time to meet in his bed. About three minutes before she was due to arrive he stripped down and lay on top of the covers. He had time to stroke himself and get long and hard before she arrived. He wanted her to see his boner when she walked into the room. He enjoyed showing it to her. For so long he had to keep it hidden from her, in his pants and out of view. The freedom felt good. The lack of restraint and decorum was what he was looking for with her.

When she walked into his bedroom he couldn’t believe his eyes. She was wearing a white babydoll that he had given to her mother last year. It was sheer and full and hit her about two inches above her knees. The bodice was scooped and sheer and he could see her amazing nipples through the fabric. Her hair was loose and had a couple pink satin ribbons strung through it. Her eyes were deep and dark, mainly due to the gray eye shadow she was wearing . Her lips were pink and bright because she was wearing bubble-gum lipstick and a gloss over it. The shimmering of her lips made it apparent she wanted to please him in the same way she had previously. He might eventually want that. But his thoughts were on tasting her pussy – getting his head between her legs and loving her as he knew she had dreamed many times.

“I’ve missed you, Daddy,” she said. He wiggled his index finger at bursa merkez escort her, signaling her to approach him. The girl walked to the side of bed and stopped. She was looking down at him.

He pointed to his crotch and said to her, “Do you like that?”

“You know I love it, Daddy. I showed you how much the other night, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you did. And you’ll show me again and again, any time I tell you to, won’t you, Honey?”

The girl smiled and said to him, “It’s what I live for. You know that, don’t you?”

Just then the girl crawled up onto the bed and opened her legs and placed them on either side of his head. He could smell her panty-less crotch. She lowered her pussy to his face and mouth and eventually pressed it’s lips to his lips, placing all her weight on his face. He was completely intoxicated with the smell and taste of her cunt. He kissed it, licked it, sucked on her lips and her clit. He ate her out as if his life depended on his performance. But his passion was equal parts love for her and wanting to make her happy and his own selfish animal hunger needing to be sated.

He placed his hands under her ass cheeks and rocked her back and forth across his lips. He dug his tongue deeper inside her, trying to clean the walls of her vagina with it. The girl started making wonderful noises – sounds of feeling him inside her and wanting to cum. He rocked her ass back and forth so her cunt brushed violently across his mouth and nose, getting her more excited. She began to initiate the movement herself – wiping his face with her pussy. bursa sınırsız escort Her breathing became faster and harder until she spasmed into his mouth; she came with violent animal ferocity, feeding him her juices. She tumbled off him and lay on her back beside him. Her chest heaved in and out with heavy breathing.

He knew she thought she was done. But he would show her she wasn’t. While she was laying on her back, trying to recover from cumming, he lowered his head to resume licking and sucking her pussy. She opened her legs for him – so he could get more access to her cunt. He positioned himself so she could dig her heels into his back and caress his face with her thighs. He was ravenous. His tongue was so firm he lifted her ass off the ground by licking inside her. He kept at it, even though she was breathing and heaving so hard it sounded as if she might have a heart attack. She got into it – pushing her pussy into his face and mouth. He moved his effort to her clit and began sucking it and kissing it with great passion and force. This caused her to roll onto her side and put one leg to rest on his cheek and the other leg to rest on the bed. She squeezed his face between her legs and couldn’t help herself say, “Oh, fuck!. Oh, fuck! You are such a hungry boy, aren’t you?” His tongue remained on her clit and his lips were sucking her clit and she just rammed it into his mouth and attacked his face with it. He wrapped his hands around her legs and pulled her into him. He loved her legs – had admired them for so long without touching them. He needed to feel them and taste them. She knew it and gave them to him to worship.

They spent almost two hours with him eating her out. When he was done they were both exhausted. She made movements as if she wanted him to fuck her. But he rolled off the bed and went into the bathroom to shower. She’d have to wait for it. She’d have to suffer and beg for it. Not today.