An Understanding Aunt

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Julia Stirling was still regularly strutting the cat-walks, still in demand even at the advanced age of thirty seven. At one time she had been an internationally renowned supermodel but her earlier notoriety had been overtaken by younger and more way out women. Not that Julia was concerned for she was now very comfortably off and boss of her own agency, although thanks mainly to a ‘silent’ and rich guarantor.

At 6ft tall in her stocking feet and with a shapely UK size 12 body she could still pick and choose her appearances but on this particular day she was not working. Having been swept in quiet luxury to a large stately home somewhere south of London, Julia was now taking tea with her elder sister Jennifer.

“I hear she’s clinically depressed?”

“Apparently, although I haven’t met the psychiatrist. Anyway Annabelle is now in hospital after trying to commit suicide. Her maid thankfully discovered Belle before she could bleed to death.”

“What had she done?”

“Cut both her wrists. The maid found Belle in the bath.”

“Oh that’s dreadful…but how is Alex coping?”

Julia had good reason for asking. She had secretly loved her nephew Alex for many years and they had even enjoyed a brief but secretive affair shortly before he had married Annabelle. Alex’s mother merely shrugged expressively before replying.

“I think it’s only the continuous pressure of work which keeps my boy sane.”

Jennifer was (to the surprise of their parents) fifteen years older than her supermodel sister and the short affair between aunt and nephew had taken place much earlier, in fact when Julia was twenty five and Alex was still a naive eighteen year old.

Now back in London Julia answered her mobile phone. It was Alex and he was straight to the point, as usual.

“Can we bring forward our next meeting?”

“Of course.”

However she was super-tuned to his voice patterns and could immediately detect the hurt under which he was labouring.

“Tonight at your place, if that’s convenient?”

“Okay, I’ll get food sent in.”

Alex then shouted for Jilly who arrived in his office with an angry face.

“Use the intercom Alex, for heavens sake. That’s what it’s for.”

He smiled apologetically at his PA knowing he was in the wrong, before speaking.

“Are we finished for the day?”

“If you’ve signed that last letter then yes.”

She appeared to have forgiven him for the moment of thoughtlessness so Alex pushed the document in her direction and rose quickly to his feet.

“Tokyo tomorrow. I’ll ring you when I arrive.”

“Fine sir. Have a good flight.”

But first Alex went up to his empty penthouse apartment where he showered and changed into casual wear. He missed terribly the presence of his wife Annabelle and was actually pleased to eventually exit the place which now, so effortlessly, reminded him of their good times together.

His chauffeur then dropped him off in Docklands, right outside his aunt’s property and she buzzed him in. When embracing they appeared pretty much the same height but only because Julia was wearing high heels.

At the age of thirty Alex had taken over as CPO of a global company but was also his aunt’s secret financial backer. Hence the reason for this hastily rearranged meeting.

Alex was thrilled as always by that first sensual moment of contact. In fact Julia’s body had once upon a time been the subject of his youthful sexual fantasies. He had often masturbated while gazing intently at her picture, at the swell of her ass, at her velvet smooth flanks, and at her perky rose tipped breasts which, incidentally, were now being pressed against his arm.

Over an Italian meal, sent in from a local 2-star Michelin Restaurant, they settled a number of minor matters before Alex came to a previous sticking point.

“Listen Jules, I didn’t actually get time to read that last forecast of profits which was biked round to my office but it has completely convinced Jilly, therefore I will go along with her recommendation.”

“Then I can start searching for a Beijing office?”

“Yup. You have the green light.”

“Good. So with that settled you can open this bottle of champagne in celebration while I get more comfortable.”

She disappeared for all of a minute and reappeared in a dressing gown which fell only to mid thigh and on the way down hardly covered her splendid body.

‘Nice thighs my darling.’

Mark was awed into this comment, he always forgot how statuesque she could appear, but although flattered Julia would not be diverted.

“Now tell me about Annabelle.”

“There’s nothing much to tell.”

“Come off it sweetie. Just start at the beginning.”

He sighed and Giresun Escort gave in. Julia was probably the only person in the world, apart from his wife, who could break down his reserve.

“You know that we are now legally separated because she can’t cope with my lifestyle, and that was made even worse by her inability to conceive.”

“But why try to kill herself?”

“I reckon the feeling of despair has been building up for some time and I’m told suicide is a by product of her clinical depression. In fact she may try again.”

“Has the specialist given you any time forecast?”

“Originally he thought six to nine months of treatment but that’s all up in the air now.”

Julia moved closer and linked an arm in his. Should she offer him a shoulder to cry on? If she did then would he accept? And what might that lead to? But suddenly Julia found that she didn’t care one way or the other. The man she had loved for ever was hurting and needed succour.

“How long is it since you’ve had sex with a woman?”

He took a moment to consider, obviously not having a clue.

“I’ve no idea, a year, maybe two?”

“Then come to my bed.”

She could see the temptation cross his face but it was followed by a determination to control his baser instincts.

“Thanks for the offer but that’s not a good idea.”

“Listen Alex, don’t think of it as a betrayal of your values. Just look upon it as a needy therapy.”

Later she led his now unresisting body to her bedroom and lovingly stripped him naked. She then stood over him and slowly removed the dressing gown while Alex watched mesmerised. Julia soon saw his penis twitch when her hands brushed across his chest then become partially erect when she kicked off her panties. But when she finally revealed the famous breasts to his view his organ sprang fully erect.

Julia then simply climbed over him and settled onto his erection. She had been moist and ready ever since his arrival so she effortlessly sank down until he was fully home then sighed with contentment.

How long had she waited for this moment? Now she was free to seek her own pleasure. But no, Julia suddenly remembered her noble intention to merely administer relief to Alex and ignore her own desires. Maybe later would be her time, but now everything she did must cater to his need.

But in the event she had scarcely activated her pelvic floor muscles to grip his erection when Alex came with a jerk and a whoosh of release. Then, as he began to soften, she merely disengaged and they spooned together.

“I think you really needed that my darling.”

He reached around and ran his hand sensually along her pelvic bone before lazily replying.

“You used to be rail thin. When we were in Egypt I was permanently bruised when we made love so often.”

He yawned and then fell on his back before dozing off but leaving Julia now thoroughly aroused so, as a distraction, she slipped from her bed and in her bathroom sponged away his discharge.

Later and almost at the point when Julia had decided to wake Alex he surfaced with a broad smile and reached for her body.

“Can we do it again?”

“Oh yes please.”

But this time he was in charge. He felt invigorated, released from some terrible weight and Julia soon became enraptured.

She came almost silently when he first sucked her throbbing clitoris into his mouth, then again when his tongue began to lap at the entrance to her vagina, but the third orgasm as his middle finger nudged into her anus was altogether more noisy.

“I’d forgotten how much you like that.”

His voice was triumphal as she groaned in ecstasy and writhed on his finger, but even while so far gone Julia retained enough sense not to declare her love. It was a close run thing but she said nothing even when his erection entered her sopping wet vagina.

“Can you come again?” He murmured into her ear.

“Try and stop me.”

So he began driving ever deeper, his movements at first slow but then, after she wrapped her long supple legs around his waist so raising her hips, he began moving faster.

“See, I’m cumming again Alex, but don’t you dare stop.”

But eventually he did spend, tumultuously firing his cum into her receptive body, then gradually relaxed as his heart beat slowed to normal.

“And I’d forgotten that you have multiple orgasms.”

She giggled like a young girl and stretched out luxuriously beside him.

“Well I can with you but not with other men.”

“That’s such complete crap!”

But there was no edge to his voice, they knew each other so well, although in fact Julia had spoken nothing but the unvarnished truth. Alex was the only one who could make Giresun Escort Bayan her body respond like a musical instrument, he was the only one who could tune the strings so successfully. She had periodically tried other men but without the same success. Alright, it was good to be filled with a virile cock but always disappointing in comparison with Alex. In fact if she couldn’t have this man then she was content with her magic wand and the multiple orgasms it always provided.

But then she could wait no longer, couldn’t hold back her feelings. Whatever the reaction then she would have to live with it.

“Listen Alex, I have a confession to make.”

He made to interrupt but she put an imperious finger to his lips.

“I have loved you for ever, at least since your eighteenth birthday and I’m not talking about familial love, I mean full on sexual love.”

She searched his eyes, but the words which followed were a complete surprise.

“I know.”

“You knew?”

“Of course…But I also knew there was no future in your love. Okay, I was amazingly flattered to find that a gorgeous young women rated me so highly, but imagine the reaction in our family if we had got together in public.”

“But we did, twice. Once in the Caribbean and then a lot more in Egypt.”

“They didn’t know and anyway those were ‘one off’ occasions when, believe me, I was very grateful to be so expertly taught…but why my eighteenth birthday of all things?”

Julia smiled secretly before replying.

“We had next door bedrooms and a joint bathroom if you remember and that’s when I first saw your beautiful cock fully erect. I actually saw you wanking off after your birthday bash but is was only later that I became totally smitten…but now you must come and shower before we ring your driver.”

He was back from a global trip and in his lonely penthouse bed. It seemed that the whole apartment was redolent of his estranged wife’s scent, of Annabelle’s presence, but also of a woman who hadn’t even recognised him on his last visit to her hospital room.

Alex was now merely going through the motions of a normal life, he was coping well with his duties as a CEO but underneath there was a yawning gulf. Since the bout with Julia he had tried relieving his sexual needs with a variety of women including the discontented wife of a US congressman, a Russian prima-ballerina, even an Italian Opera singer, but somehow the aftermath was always unsatisfactory.

Months later he was in his office and had caught up with the seemingly inevitable backlog of business.

“So what’s top of the pile today?”

Jilly was perched on a chair at the side of his desk and consulted her notes.

“You have a stockholder’s meeting tomorrow at 10 for which I’ve prepared notes based on the agenda…” She proffered a folder which he accepted but would only open later…”And Julia Stirling has found a premises in Beijing for your approval.”

“Are there any details?”

“None but I have seen the projected figures.”

“Is it a goer?”

“I think it’s a perfect opportunity.”

“Then I’ll abide by your decision and instruct her go ahead.”

“Fine but I think she needs to see you a.s.a.p.”

“Okay. I’ll ring Julia later.”

It had been a bruising stock holders meeting although the malice was not particularly directed in Alex’s direction, but there had been a lot of anger in the room so he was delighted to be on his way to Dockland’s. It had also been a baking hot day and Julia greeted him at her front door wearing a wrap over silk top through which her erect nipples were clear to see, and a short filmy skirt which billowed in the air currents from the ceiling fan.

“Seeing you always takes my breath away.”

This was his star struck greeting as they kissed cheeks.

“It’s nice to feel that I can still have that effect on a sophisticated man.”

She then knocked the tops off a couple of cold beers and took him through to the terrace overlooking the river. There they ate and he drank deeply while dusk turned into night before she eventually provided computer generated illustrations of the proposed Chinese premises.

“Very nice, I wholly approve, but have you got a stable of models already lined up?”

“No, although we’ll be first in the field and so I’ll get the best. But do you want prior approval?”

“Have I ever? Just go for it.”

“You’re sure?”

“Of course. You know I’d be hopeless at making that sort of decision, I couldn’t pick out a likely super-model if my life depended on it.”

“Okay but I will insist on you attending the first show.”

“That’s a done deal. But now can we retreat to your air-con Escort Giresun and get away from these persistent insects.”

Alex spent that night wrapped in Julia’s arms, that is except when they were showering away the by-products of sex, but in the pale light of a Friday morning Julia persuaded him to return for the weekend.

“It will do you good my darling.”

She was at her wheedling best as her fingers fastened around his morning erection.

“And you can have a lot more of this very essential R&R.”

Alex, for reasons already explained, had no wish to return to his penthouse but gasped as her hand speeded up and his voice was understandably shaky when he eventually replied.

“But I’ll have to let Jilly know where I am.”

“Fine. We both know that she would die before repeating anything confidential, particularly concerning her lord and master.”

Annabelle was sat out in the sun while Alex was indoors being updated by the specialist. Nine months of therapy had, it appeared, worked their magic.

Later he joined his separated wife but was unsure of the reception he might receive. However her first greeting was totally unselfish.

“How are you my darling?”

He then examined Annabelle intently while they made inconsequential conversation. Her incomparable beauty was now back to its full glory, her long copper coloured hair shone with renewed health but sadly her slender wrists were still covered by bandages. She saw his eyes focus briefly on the dressings.

“They are still carrying out plastic surgery but the surgeon seems confident that the scars will not be visible when he’s finished.”

Her voice had remained strong as she referred to the damage and there was no self pity evident, at least none which Alex could discern, so he was encouraged when she continued.

“They, I mean the psychologists, want me to take up a physical occupation or, better still, a strenuous hobby. So I’ve been giving it some thought.”

“That sounds like an excellent idea.”

“I finally decided to take up sailing again.”

The couple had met for the first time on her father’s racing yacht and he knew that she had sailed dinghies since she was a child, so this was an understandable decision.

“That’s an ideal solution. Do you want me to buy you something suitable?”

“Not yet awhile. I hoped you would let me use your boat?”

“Of course. It’s a perfect size and it lies idle for three quarters of the year merely on the off chance that I’ll get some time off. But surely you’ll need help?”

“Your skipper and his wife will be all that I need.”

He relaxed then, knowing she would be in good hands, but Annabelle immediately changed the subject and caught Alex totally off guard.

“Julia and your mother came by last week. She updated me on your joint venture in Beijing.”

“Oh yes. What’s your opinion?”

“I think it’s a great scheme. But that’s not why I raised the subject of Julia’s visit.”

“Then why?”

“If she has already taken you into her bed then good, and if she hasn’t then I think you must insist.”

Now the roles were completely reversed as Belle watched Alex closely, but seeing the truth written large on his face she continued quietly.

“Listen Alex. I’ve known for ever that Julia loves you to distraction and now that I have no right to any part of your life I would rather know that you were happy with someone like her rather than some unknown woman who might ultimately do you harm.”

Julia was tender and thoughtful when he returned to London and had reported on the visit. They were in her bed and his Aunt was now totally relaxed after a virtually continuous succession of satisfying orgasms.

“That all sounds pretty hopeful Alex.”

“It is, but there’s…more.”

Julia picked up straightway on the hesitation.

“How much more?”

“I just find it difficult to come to terms with what she said.”

“You, finding something difficult? That’s a first.”

He smiled and absent mindedly caressed her softening nipple.

“Annabelle is worried about me! Think of it, she’s worried about me with all that confusion already filling her head.”

“That’s women for you.”

“And she obviously believes that I need regular sex! But not with anyone who might make complications, but with someone she trusts.”

“Okay, I see where this is going. But has Annabelle thought this through?”

“Oh I think we can take that as read.”

“So does she offer a magical solution to our problems.”

“No, not as such, but she did consider that we would have far greater freedom than most given our close relationship and also from us also being business partners.”

“Interesting? She’s probably absolutely correct, although I reckon your PA already suspects. But as long as your mother is kept in the dark then we are home free.”

“So this calls for a celebration, but first I seem to have something down here which needs a temporary home.”

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