An Unexpected Desire Ch. 01


If you haven’t done so, please read “An Unexpected Desire – The Prequel” first as it forms the basis of this whole series.


I awoke the next morning, the soreness I still felt in my cock reminding me of the workout I gave it the previous night. I smiled and thought, “That’s what happens when your niece looks like that!” I still couldn’t believe the images I saw of her and how years before I only saw a young and awkward teen. Now, she was definitively anything but that.

I quickly jumped up out of my bed, walked over to my desk, sat down and turned on my laptop. I turned on my Wi-Fi and smiled. You have to love the amenities that come with being deployed in the military, one of them being able to get Wi-Fi access with no problem. Quickly I went online and checked my email hoping for news about what was going on back home. As I sifted through my mail I noticed I had some Facebook messages from friends and decided to go check my account as well.

I opened my Facebook account and began reading my messages when a sudden thought hit me – I wonder if my niece ever gets on her Facebook messenger? It was early in the morning in Afghanistan so it had to be around 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. back on the East Coast. I looked at my friends listing and felt a wave of excitement when I saw the green icon next to my niece’s name indicating she was online. My heart began to race a little bit as I contemplated messaging her. She knew I was deployed and I remember my sister asking me for my address so they could send me care packages and letters. I hadn’t talked to either of them since I arrived although I did email both of them my address. Taking a deep breath I clicked on her name and began typing:

Patrick: Pssttt

Nic: OMG! Hey Uncle Pat! *hugs*

Patrick: Hiya Nic 🙂 how’s my favorite Niece

Nic: Great! What time’s it over there

Patrick: early morning … 0600

Patrick: Already missing bed *yawn*

Nic: lol that means 6a.m right?

Patrick: Wow you remember what I taught you about military time

Nic: Yep! I pay attention … I’m an eager learner 😉

My cock tingled and twitched at the comment she made. I knew I wouldn’t have thought anything of it until now. But now, after last night, I found myself hanging on her every word!

Patrick: what time is it there?

Nic: only 2000 hrs

Nic: u know what time that is right? 😉

Patrick: lol smart ass 😛

Nic: I take after mom

Patrick: I know that all 2 well!

Nic: lol

And truly I did. My older sister, now 46, was always a smartass but in a teasing, funny kind of way. She was also very easy on the eyes, very outgoing – to put it mildly, looked great in and out of her clothes (another story for another time) and always had a habit of rotating boyfriends in and out of her life, not by their choosing but her own. No one was ever able to tie her down, so to speak, and I always wondered what it was about her that made guys fight to be with her. As I talked to my niece, I was beginning to see the same dynamic personality, something she definitely inherited from my sister. Now as I thought about it, my niece seemed to change boyfriends pretty frequently too. Yet another thing Facebook was GREAT for notifying me of!

Nic: Uncle Pat?!? U there or did my mom reference scare u off

Patrick: lol I was thinking

Patrick: and NO ur mom doesn’t scare me

Nic: thinking about what

Patrick: how alike u 2 r

Nic: Ahhh

Nic: that a good or bad thing?

Patrick: both lol

Nic: go on…

I began asking myself, ok why is she making me nervous all of a sudden? I felt like I was on a date for crying out loud! “It’s your niece Pat, don’t start overanalyzing things!” I took a deep breath and smiled, I was enjoying the way she was making me feel – happy, alive!

Patrick: Well … ur mom was always good

Patrick: but she was better at being bad

Nic: Oh do tell! *Leans forward and rests my chin on hand*

Patrick: lol ur 2much … I swear you 2 are just alike

Nic: Come on Uncle Pat

Nic: don’t make me beg *pouts*

Those words sent tingles straight through my cock and immediately it began to grow in my boxers; in a matter of seconds, the full 8″ strained for release. I took a VERY long deep breath. “She has no idea what she’s doing to me,” I thought in wonderment.

Patrick: Ok ok … don’t beg and pout

Patrick: bursa eskort bayan that makes me give in

Nic: a weakness!

Nic: I’m gonna use that 2 my advantage from now on *laughs evilly*

I swear if I touched my cock right now I knew I’d cum hard all over the place, despite her silly teasing. Was she starting to flirt with me or was I reading more into this than I thought?

Deciding to pass it off as her personality, I pressed on.

Patrick: Exploitation … something my SISTER would do *narrows eyes*

Nic: *grins* … ok now tell me or I’ll pout again

Patrick: Ok Nic I give in!

Patrick: ur mom was a pretty wild when she was ur age…

Nic: I kinda guessed that she still acts like she’s in her 20’s now

Patrick: yeah well she’s toned it down a bit. back then she went through more than her share of bfs… and a few gfs 2

Nic: Oh… I guess u WERE right.

Nic: ive had a lot of bfs and a fooled around with some girls 2

She had me hooked and I knew it. Whatever need, want, or desire was there before was now magnified a hundred times over. Did I just read that right? I re-read her response over again and I felt like a horny teenage boy all over again. I was really beginning to enjoying this! I found myself wanting to know more about my niece as the minutes passed.

Patrick: just like ur mom huh? lol

Nic: Shup!

Nic: i can’t help if i can’t find the right guy

Patrick: Or girl huh? lmao

Nic: ugh … Uncle Pat *sad face*

Patrick: Awww

Patrick: im sorry princess

Oh shit … did I just type that? I realized I called my niece a pet name I had for a “friend” of mine. We had a unique relationship based on the Daddy/daughter taboo and it just came as a natural response. If my foot could reach my mouth it would have been inserted just then. Now I sat there trying to figure out what she was going to say. After what seemed like an eternity of silence on her end, I quickly began typing.

Patrick: Oops sorry Nic! I didn’t mean 2 call u that … it used to be a pet name I called an ex 😐

Patrick: i got distracted

Nic: hmmm distracted?

Nic: by what

Patrick: when you did the sad face

Nic: that got you distracted?

Patrick: yeah she did stuff like that all the time

Patrick: very distracting lol

Nic: Oh?

Nic: ill forgive u… if u tell me about that relationship *grins*

Patrick: now why would i do that?

Patrick: im sure ud forgive me anyway *insert charming face here*

Nic: lol

Nic: b/c if u dont I’ll pout *sad face*

Patrick: Did u control ur ex’s like this 2?

Nic: Nope! lol

Nic: it never had an effect on them

Patrick: So now ur taking advantage cuz it works on me

Patrick: Im ur new guinea pig huh?

Nic: Yes!!! *big grin*

I stared at the screen and with each passing second, I knew I was done. She seemed to know she was exposing my weaknesses and using them for her benefit. And I was getting turned on by it! Did she know she was doing that or was it my imagination? Apparently, her ex’s were never affected by this and she loved the reaction it was having on me. Maybe I could use this to my advantage… or was she using it to her advantage?

Patrick: um ok so where were we

Nic: i was flustering u Uncle Pat

Patrick: Yeah yeah

Oh yeah, she knew what she was doing, big time. And I knew it, craved it and wanted more. If she only knew how hard she was making me, I thought. “Was this the effect my sister had on guys?” I wondered.

Nic: so tell me about this “friend” of urs

Patrick: i thought we were talking about u and ur mom

Nic: Yea but this is more interesting *grins*

Patrick: ok well… we met a long time ago and she was really in 2 taboo stuff

Nic: so she was a kinky fuck buddy

Patrick: lmao

Patrick: basically

Seeing her use profanity like that sent shocks through my hardened cock and I had to readjust my boxers once more.

Patrick: and here i thought u were all innocent and sweet

Nic: Oh i am

Nic: every angel has an dark side *evil grin*

“Mmmmm damn a bad side”, I said to myself. I was beginning to realize she definitely had no worries about speaking her mind and I loved it. The more we talked the more it seemed I was peeling back layers and I knew I bursa otele gelen eskort bayan wanted to know more, no wait, make that I HAD to know more.

Patrick: oh? Note 2 self — meet Nic’s bad side…

Patrick: soon

Nic: lmao

Nic: so tell me more about this taboo stuff

Patrick: u know what taboo is right

Nic: i think so…

Patrick: well if it wigs u out just tell me…

Nic: imma big girl Uncle Pat i can handle it

Patrick: lol ok

Patrick: so u know role-play right

Nic: Mhmmm

Patrick: like the Daddy/daughter role play … dom/sub … bro/sis…

Nic: Ahhhh ok i get it

Patrick: she was into the daddy/daughter thing

Patrick: I’d never even thought about it b4 then

Patrick: so she introduced me to the idea of it all… and I figured I’d give it a try

Nic: it sounds kinda weird

Nic: how was it?

Patrick: well… from then on we never left that rp mode

Nic: Wow! 4 real?

Patrick: lol yep. i never thought it would be hot but i was beyond wrong

Nic: huh… i bet… considering u did it so much

Nic: wut did u guys do

Patrick: wherever we went she’d play the daughter act to a T

Patrick: she’d cling to me and call me Daddy. It came natural for her – which was a turn on.

Nic: mhmmm… and?

Patrick: she naturally played innocent and shy … another turn on

Nic: and pout and frown?

Patrick: Yes that too lol

Nic: did she end up getting her way

Patrick: easily … it was hard to say no

Nic: Hehe … now I know why it works on u *grins*

Patrick: lol yes

Nic: how was the sex?

My cock almost came; I could practically hear her ask the question. She wanted to know how the sex was with my “daughter”. It was then I knew I could push my boundaries further than I originally dared. She wasn’t bothered by anything I’ve told her about so far, so I won’t hold back


Patrick: the most amazing ive ever had

Nic: Wow that good?!

Patrick: hell yeah it was

Nic: just wat made it so good

Patrick: the whole taboo thing I guess

Nic: would she call you Daddy and things like that

Patrick: mhmm she said things like Fuck me Daddy and i love you Daddy

Nic: wow … that does sound pretty hot

Patrick: it was … it drove me crazy every time

Patrick: especially when I was on top and she’d look in my eyes

Patrick: And say i love you Daddy … cum in me please?

A few minutes had passed and no response came back. “She must be shocked,” I said to myself.

Patrick: u didn’t faint did you? lol

Her reply quickly came instantly.

Nic: lol no i was just thinking that I feel guilty for thinking thats fckng hot…

Patrick: u had me worried for a sec Nic!

Nic: lol … uh uh, no worries *winks*

Patrick: dont tell ur mom bout this… shed kill me *pretends 2 look 4 her over shoulder*

Nic: of course — itll be our lil secret

I could almost picture her sitting there at her computer desk reading the details; her pussy tingling and sweet moisture forming on her lips, her legs slowly opening and closing with her thighs pressing firmly against her pussy. I imagined her nipples hardening and pressing against her shirt with her tongue slowly darting out to lick her lips, clenching her bottom lip between her teeth. “Damn I wish I could see her right now,” I thought to myself. I snapped myself back to attention and had an idea.

Patrick: I tell u wut, visit and look at taboo stories

Nic: Ohh … ima do that!

Patrick: trust me, you’ll luv it!

Patrick: they have some hot stories in there I read all the time 😉

Nic: Do they just have taboo stuff?

Patrick: Nope .. bi, lesbian, gay, erotic couples

Nic: Ohhh yummy … what other ones do u read? *grins*

Patrick: lol mostly taboo but bi-curious ones 2

Nic: omg really!?

Patrick: Didn’t know your Uncle had a dark side huh?

Nic: uh uh … that’s kinda hot

Patrick: maybe I’ll tell u about it someday 😉

Nic: oh u will I’ll make sure of it *begins plotting*

Patrick: lmao

I actually started to like the idea of her discovering things about me. Actually, it was quite arousing to be honest. There were a lot of “hidden bursa eve gelen escort desires” and “dark secrets” I had but no one to tell them to. Maybe she could be my “mental diary” I thought to myself. I was thinking about opening this new “bi-curious” dialog when her message came across the screen.

Nic: Ugh!

Patrick: What’s up?

Nic: I g2g *pouts*

“Damn that weakens me completely when she pouts,” I thought. The idea of being wrapped around her finger was driving me crazy.

Patrick: aww so soon

Nic: yeah *frowns* im going out in a few hrs and im not even dressed

Patrick: uh oh still have 2 shower and everything

Nic: no I showerd b4

Nic: im still in my towel tho…

If she could have seen the dirty thoughts in my head she would have blushed I’m sure. I pictured her sitting at her computer with her towel wrapped around her, her hair and skin wet, her feet folded under her chair seductively while she messaged me. My mind was wandering when she messaged me and woke me up from my budding fantasy.

Nic: get ur mind out of the gutter

Patrick: it wasn’t *looks innocent*

Nic: Mhmm I find that hard to believe

Nic: I bet ur hard 😉

Fuck if she only knew just how hard she was already making me. I wanted to say you make my cock hard as hell Nic and I’m stroking it right now but common sense won and I calmed myself down.

Patrick: omg ur bad!

Nic: So are u? *evil grin*

Patrick: Possibly lol

Nic: Oh im going to enjoy these conversations *winks*

Patrick: lmao u love torturing me huh?

Nic: Mhmmm

Nic: i told u i have a bad side *wicked grin*

Patrick: Im in serious trouble lol

Nic: Mmhmmm now u are

Patrick: *shudders*

Nic: r u online @ this time every day

Patrick: Yea I work nights so I get off in the morning

Nic: u only get off in the morning huh?

Patrick: Haha funny

Patrick: I’m not THAT old

Nic: u sure?

Patrick: yes! Im not a one-shot wonder 😛

Nic: *makes mental note*

Nic: I should be on when u “get off” most mornings

Patrick: lol I’ll remember that

Nic: Byessssssss Uncle Pat … go take care of that “problem” *winks*

Patrick: lmao ur bad Nic … bye!

I couldn’t take much more – my cock was already in my hand and pumping slowly. All I had do was open up the folder of her photos I’d saved on my laptop and go back and forth between looking at them and looking back over our conversation. I imagined her sitting there at her desk, fresh from her shower with the towel wrapped around her, being turned on from our conversation. I pictured her reading my words in messenger and her pussy slowly beginning to moisten, her legs opening and closing as she was getting turned on by what I was describing. Slowly biting her lip as she read the words, “Fuck me Daddy”, her pussy starting to throb as she gave in to her lust and let her fingers slip down between her soft thighs, her legs slowly parting. I could vividly see her fingers slipping between her wet lips as they pressed up inside of her opening, her muscles gently sucking them deep inside and milking them as if it were a hard cock. I imagined her leaning back in her chair, biting her lip, her back arching as her pussy began to cum hard, sucking her fingers inside of her and refusing to let go.

My cock began to throb as my balls tightened. My hand slipping along the tight skin of my cock as precum poured from the tip, creating sheen along the shaft. I opened my eyes and focused on her picture, the one with her pressed against the wall as cum shot from inside my tight balls and erupted through the hard shaft and shot up against my stomach in waves. My back arched in the seat as I pumped my fist faster and harder, my mind flashing with images of my hot niece, our conversation, her control over me. My mind and body were lost in complete bliss. As the last vestiges of cum finally left my swollen and throbbing shaft, I began to come back down to earth, my hand idly stroking my cock slowly as if it were alive, caressing it softly for bringing me such euphoria.

I smiled to myself. This was all working out too perfectly. I was able to talk to my niece now, hopefully, on a daily basis. I was actually enjoying this little game of discovery, finding out little things I never knew about her that blew me away. And if I was reading things correctly, it seemed she was enjoying flirting with me and controlling me through her submissive actions to a point. Did I enjoy it? Hell yes I did! Was this beginning to be more than just pure lust for her? No, it can’t be. Yet a nagging sensation was telling me I saw her more than just lust, I wanted her for my own, and in every other way.

CHAPTER 2 Coming soon!