An unexpected seduction 2

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“Well, well,” Jack said, leaning against the door frame. “This looks cosy.”
“Shhh,” Bobby murmured. “Don’t wake her. She had a rough session.”
“Yeah?” Jack said, surprised. “Didn’t figure her for the rough type.”
“She was wild, Jack. I’ve never been with somebody so…” he smirked. “So needy. Turned me on more than I can tell you. I’ve never came so hard before in my life. She’s so tight.”
Jack grinned. “I wouldn’t mind some tight.”
“Give her a few more minutes to rest, and then come join us for round two,” Bobby said as Jack started to unbutton his shirt. “Bring us something to drink, will you? I’m parched.”
“Wine’s good.”
Jack stared at Bobby, his eyes dilating with desire. “When I come back,” he said softly, “I’m going to suck your cum from her pussy. You know I love the taste of your salty cum.”
“I’d rather let you have it straight from the source,” Bobby answered seductively. “My cock’s already stirring again. I don’t know how many orgasms she had in the last hour, but I stopped after one to wait for you. Besides, I used some lube to make it easier for her.”
Jack shook his head as he laid his shirt neatly over the back of a chair. “Who would have thought that my sister’s prissy little kindergarten teacher would turn out to be so great in bed?”
“We’re gonna have to talk about Elizabeth,” Bobby said as he stroked a gentle finger over the ridges of her spine. “But not now. Later. Now bring the wine, will you? I’m seriously dehydrated.”
Jack leaned over to give him a long, lingering kiss, tangling their tongues expertly and tasting a hint of Amy’s girl juices in his mouth.
“You’re too damn hot,” he said, as he straightened up. “Gets me all worked up just looking at you like this.”
“Bring the wine and I’ll work you up some more,” Bobby promised.
He waited for Jack to leave before rolling Amy very gently off his chest to go to the bathroom. She murmured sleepily and tried to cling to him when he eased out of her embrace.

His cock was sensitive when he aimed it at the toilet and he remembered the feel of Amy’s hot, tight cunt squeezing him. It stirred in remembrance of her sleek, wet muscles. And the way she’d humped his thigh, so helpless against the tide of pleasure. He shook his head. Why was somebody so sexually responsive not chasing the guys away from her door? If the men of New York had any idea what lurked beneath her innocent, naïve little exterior, they’d be lining up outside her door for miles for a chance to have some of her. He felt a stirring of something inside him at the thought of other men discovering her body. Something like jealousy and anger. Even the thought of Jack pumping into her had him frowning. He wanted to be the only one to touch her, to taste her, to teach her. Somehow that air of complete innocence, her endearing inexperience had just made it so much better. “Shake it off,” he told himself. “This was supposed to be a one-time deal only, a pity fuck for Elizabeth’s shy friend.” Jack’s sister had come to them a week earlier, begging them to put the poor little thing out of her misery.
“She’s all work and no play,” Elizabeth had said. “She really needs a good boink-fest. I feel sorry for her. I’ll find a way to convince her to go along with it if you agree. The poor girl is miserable, even if she doesn’t know it something happened to her and she hasn’t been with a guy for years.”
She hadn’t looked very miserable when she’d knocked on Jack’s door a few hours ago, wearing that delectable excuse for an outfit, Bobby thought as he cleaned himself up. She’d looked damn hot.
He couldn’t wait to see what she was like after a few sessions with him and Jack. Together they could teach her everything she’d been missing for so long. He grinned at the thought and took the washcloth with him to his room.

Amy felt the hot caress of something between her legs and stirred lazily. Her body felt pliant, satisfied and wonderfully loose. All the tension that had been pulling at her muscles was gone. She sat up sleepily to see the man she’d had really great sex with earlier wipe at her again to clean up the mixture of their combined cum and the lubricant he’d used.

“Hi,” she said shyly, remembering the way he’d made her cum several times. So this was what it felt like to wake up after really good sex with a stranger, she realised. And then she grinned. It felt damn good. Nothing like that time she’d woken up all alone, scared and scarred for life.
“Hi yourself,” he replied. “Are you ok, darling?”
“Just fine,” she said and groaned as the cloth rubbed over her sensitive clit. “But I need to go the bathroom.”
“Through there,” he said, taking her hand and pulling her up easily. He steered her in the direction of the bathroom door, his hand lingering on that sweet little but. “There are clean towels in the cabinet if you want to take a shower,” he said. “Jack’s getting us wine and probably some food as well.”
“Thanks,” she said, feeling horribly shy and exposed as she crossed the room. She wasn’t used to men looking at her body with hot eyes that held the promise of more sex like that. In the bathroom she stood in front of the tall mirror, just staring at herself. Her body was flushed with that just-had-sex glow, her hair a mess as he’d run his fingers through it. She turned to the side and looked at the fullness of her 34C breasts, her flat belly and lean legs. She had a hot enough body, but she was by no means a sex bomb. Her hips weren’t curvy, and although she had a neat figure, she would never turn heads. Not with her nondescript hairstyle and face. Brown eyes, small nose. She’d always like her mouth, though, and thought her lips were just full enough to add something of interest to her features. It still felt weird having no pubic hair. She’d had to shave it all off to put on that excuse for an outfit, otherwise there would have been little brown curls sticking up all over the place.
She took a leisurely shower, using Jack’s shampoo and soap without any compunction, rubbing her hands all over her body, the water and soap slicking over her skin and running down her torso and legs. She pinched her sensitized nipple experimentally. Before today she’d only had sex with two men, and neither experiment had been successful. The first guy was in college – a typical wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am type who never called her after he’d taken her and the second one, a year later, was a guy she had hooked up with in a bar the first and last time she’d been drunk. She woke up the next morning with almost no recollection of what had happened, a raging headache and, as it turned out, strains of a date-rape drug in her bloodstream. It had put her off men for years, and she started hiding behind locked doors, conservative clothes and stacks of books.
“I used to be fun,” she thought almost sadly as she rinsed her hair. She’d lost herself that horrible morning when she woke up in her apartment with two used condoms on the floor next to her bed and her body so sore she couldn’t move without wincing for a week. But she couldn’t help feeling she’d gotten something of herself back last night when the hunk with the copper-coloured skin and tilted eyes had shown her passion like she’d never known it before. This had to be what Sleeping Beauty must have felt like after the prince kissed her. So alive, so grateful, so complete.

She finished up in the shower and towelled of quickly, feeling refreshed and clean as she bent over to wrap the towel over her head. She grabbed a dark blue terry-cloth robe hanging from a hook behind the door and kocaeli escort padded out barefoot into the hallway. Jack and Bobby were in the kitchen; she could hear the low murmur of their voices as she got closer. There was the smell of something delicious in the air and she realised that Jack was indeed cooking.

She paused, feeling suddenly too shy to go in wearing Jack’s robe and his friend’s love bite on her breast.
“… The deposition,” she heard Jack saying. She took a breath and stepped over the threshold into the kitchen. Jack saw her first, and the pleased smile on his face relaxed her a little. His Native American friend turned towards her and she felt overly aware of the fact that she was naked under the robe.
He pushed away from the counter he was leaning against and sneaked a hand around her waist. “You still ok?” he asked and she nodded, too shy to look him in the eyes. He cupped her cheek with one big hand and tilted her face up, giving her a long, leisurely kiss, his breath warm on her face.

“Have some wine,” he said, taking a glass from the table and handing it to her. She remembered the last time a man had given her a drink and hesitated before taking a sip. This wasn’t some random guy in a bar. True, she still didn’t know his name, but he was friends with her neighbour whom she saw every day. Besides, he’d already had her in bed, and he certainly hadn’t needed any drugs to get her there. He was the type of man who had to beat the girls off with a stick, not drug them to get their permission. Just take exhibit A.
But he’d seen the look cross her face and held the glass away from her mouth.
“What is it?” he asked intently.
“Nothing,” she said. “I’m just not used to this. Hi, Jack.”
“Hey, Amy,” Jack said comfortably, stirring something in a pot on the stove. “You’ve met my friend Bobby.”
Bobby. At least she had a name now. She took a sip from the white wine and found it cold and crisp, the taste on her tongue perfectly balanced between dry and sweet. She sipped again, hating the fact that she kept remembering that time in the bar.
Bobby had a slight frown as he looked at her face, and he took her hand to guide the glass to his lips. “There,” he said after a swallow. “All good.”
She smiled at him; ridiculously pleased that this man she’d only met a couple of hours ago knew exactly what to do to put her at ease. He put his arm around her shoulder and held her close to his body. He was wearing only a jean, the top button undone, and she had to resist the urge to try to take a peek inside.

“I guess I should head on home,” she said after a few minutes. Jack and Bobby were still talking about some deposition and from what she could make out, it sounded as if they worked for the same legal firm. Bobby’s arm tightened around her waist, holding her closer and squeezing her ass possessively.
“Not a chance, sweetheart,” he said. “Jack and I are in the mood to play, and you’re our new favourite toy.” He bent down and pressed a kiss in her neck, under the towel wrapped around her hair.
“Yeah,” Jack said. “Bobby told me how tight and sweet you are. I can’t believe I’ve been living right across the hall to a sex kitten for two years without knowing it. Looking at you now… girl, you are hot. I’m mostly gay, but damn, I want a piece of that sweet ass of yours right now.”
Amy felt deliciously flushed at the image of herself and Jack fucking on the kitchen table.
“Besides,” he said, looking at the pot on the stove. “I’m making pasta.”
Pasta and wine and two brutally hot men… oh, boy.
Bobby nuzzled her neck with his lips and she was already getting aroused again. They spoke about different things – a new movie they all wanted to see, some politics, a few racy jokes. Normal pre-dinner conversation between friends. She couldn’t stop staring at Jack’s naked back under his apron. His skin was smooth, with the exception of a scar on his shoulder; a thin jagged line about three inches long.
“What happened here?” she asked, touching the scar lightly. He glanced at her, his face impassive. “Fencing accident,’ he said with a smile.
“You fence?” she said surprised. Bobby moaned behind her.
“Come one, dude,” he said. “That joke was only funny the first seven times I heard it.”
“Yeah,” Jack said, “but the lady doesn’t know it.”
“What joke?” Amy asked curiously.
Bobby pulled her so that she was leaning against him, her back against his chest. He pulled the towel off her head and shot it out the door into the hallway. Immediately the smell of Jack’s shampoo and sweet, clean woman filled his nose. He breathed in deeply.
“It was in our third year at college,” Jack said. “I was busting tables at a small little Italian restaurant near campus. Bobby and I had the same classes, but we didn’t know each other well. He must have known I was gay, but he never said anything about it.”
“My gaydar picked it up immediately,” Bobby said, loving the feel of this girl in his arms. “You always dressed like you had your own personal stylist.”
“I am my own personal stylist,” Jack retorted. “Anyway, one evening after my shift was over, a few big, drunk jock-like thugs decided they didn’t like the gay boy in their neighbourhood and they waited in this little alley I had to walk past to get home. They were pissed at me because I had to ask them to leave the restaurant a few days ago when they started harassing the other patrons. The manager wasn’t there that night and I was next in charge at the time. Anyway, they called me a few names – you know, the typical things you’d expect from mindless, biased idiots – and started walking behind me, trying to scare me. They followed me for a block and I won’t lie, I was scared. I’m not a small guy – I worked out even more then, but I’ve never been in a fight and I didn’t particularly like the idea of being stabbed with a knife if they got mean. If there was only one or two of them, I might have tried to defend myself, but they were a group of eight really big bastards, and all of them looked armed in some way. So I started to run – I’m a fast guy; I still hold the record at my high school for sprinting. They couldn’t quite keep up. I took a shortcut between two buildings with the idea of disappearing in the next street, only I didn’t know about the fence that had been put up. I was cornered, so I tried to climb over. I felt like an idiot when I couldn’t get over.”
“It was a pretty high fence, though,” Bobby said, one hand absentmindedly cupping Amy’s breast through the material of the robe and kneading softly.
“Yeah, it was. Anyway, Bobby had been just across the street and saw the whole thing happening. He recognised me from class and rushed to help me. He helped me get over it with alarming ease and turned around to wait for the guys who were chasing me. I’ve never met somebody so strong – he held both hands and as I put a foot in his palms, he just threw me over as if I was a pillow. Unfortunately, I managed to rip my shoulder as I just flew over the fence, cutting my silk shirt and my skin.”
“And now he keeps referring to it as a fencing accident,’ Bobby said.
“What happened next?” Amy asked, basking in the feel of Bobby against her.
“Oh, Bobby beat them up,” Jack said. “He pulled out some impressive kickboxing karate shit and hardly broke a sweat doing it.”
“They did manage to break a few ribs, though,” Bobby said honestly. “’Hurt like a bitch. Jack took care of me out of guilt for two weeks.”
“And gave you numerous blowjobs out of gratitude,” Jack added with a grin. “Come sit your escort bayan sweet butt down, Amy. The food’s ready. I picked up a few tricks while I was working at the Italian restaurant. Hope you enjoy the meal.”
“Besides,” he whispered into her ear as he pulled out a chair. “You’re going to need the energy soon.”
The words sent a delicious thrill through her and she accepted the plate he put in front of her gracefully, only just realising how hungry she was after Bobby’s lovemaking.
The pasta was delicious, as she’d expected it to be. Jack was the perfect host: attentive to his guests, full of witty conversation and managing to put her at ease even as he heated her blood with suggestive looks and comments. Bobby kept a hand on her thigh throughout the entire meal, moving the fold of the robe away to feel her bare skin. His touch as he stroked her was making her squirm on the chair. They had more wine, opened a second bottle. Amy was feeling pleasantly mellow by the time they were done. She couldn’t believe what was happening to her – she was having pasta with two half-dressed men, wearing only a robe, and it was clear that they wanted to make love to her.
“Let’s move this to the bedroom, shall we?” Jack said. “I know I just ate, but I’m in the mood for an Amy-sandwich.”
Oh my… the picture that brought to mind had moisture leaking from Amy’s pussy. Was she really about to have sex with two men? At the same time? The idea of double penetration had always been a secret fantasy, one she never expected to fulfil.

Bobby carried her to the room, Jack leading the way. One of them had made the bed with clean sheets while she’d been in the shower, and the black satin looked sleek and inviting. Bobby put her down, his magic fingers deftly undoing the sash around her waist. She felt Jack moving in behind her, tugging on the shoulders of his robe. It slipped over her arms and he trailed his lips over her skin, tasting her shoulder blades. Jack kissed one side of her neck, and she arched her neck back when she felt Bobby’s mouth on the other side. There were hands caressing her everywhere at once, and she felt deliciously crowded. Was this really happening?
The robe slipped off her body completely and pooled around her feet. She was naked between them. Bobby’s hands went around her back, pulling her lower body against his as Jack cupped her breast and played with her nipples, pinching them and tugging lightly. She moaned and grew damper between her legs.
“Take off my pants,” Bobby whispered and pushed on her shoulders. She went willingly, suddenly hungry for his cock. She looked up at him as she took the zipper tag between her teeth and pulled it down. Jack moaned at the sight as Bobby’s thick cock sprang up. Amy couldn’t help smiling as she saw how eager he was. She took his cock in her hand, amazed at the size and girth of him, and still uncertain how he’d fit inside her earlier. The head was big and bulbous and she thought of long-stemmed mushrooms. There were thick veins on the underside and she could feel it pulsing in her hand. She put out her tongue and gave an experimental lick, only to hear Bobby groaning. She tried to remember what to do from the few porn videos she’d seen, but she knew there was no way she’d be able to fit this whole thing into her mouth and down the back of her throat with her first ever blowjob. So she settled for licking it all around, loving the satiny smooth feel on her tongue. She found a little ridge at the base, just beneath the head and tapped it with her tongue.
“Oh, yeah,” Bobby moaned as she bravely started cupping his balls with her other hand. She opened her mouth wider and took the head inside, swirling her tongue as much as possible. She sucked at him for a while, and his fingers tangled in her hair, holding her steady as he pushed a little with his hips to get more of him inside. She started jerking with her hand and he hissed.
“Gently, sweetheart, I don’t want to come yet. Don’t hold me so tight… yeah, that’s it…”
She settled into a rhythm, following her instincts and starting to bob her head up and down. She heard sucking noises above her head and lifted her eyes to see Jack kissing Bobby passionately, one hand behind his head and the other stroking the light smattering of hair on Bobby’s chest.

She upped the pace a little, taking more of him into her mouth with every bob of her head. Finally he hit the back of her throat and she gagged instinctively. She pulled back and kept pumping him with her hand. There were combined moans above her and she realised that Bobby had taken Jack’s cock out of his pants and was jerking him with the same rhythm as her sucking.
Jack’s cock was slightly smaller than Bobby’s, but just as thick. She pulled her face away from Bobby and nudged his hand out of the way as she took Jack into her mouth.
“Fuck!” he exploded as she suckled at him. He was not as gentle as Bobby, pumping his cock in and out of her mouth so fast she could hardly keep up. He kept her hand around Bobby and jerked him as the two men kissed each other. It was so hot, seeing their hard male bodies rub together.
They pulled her up and by unspoken consent started to work her over. Bobby took her left nipple in his mouth, suckling hard and rhythmically, while Jack teased the other one, making circles around it with his tongue without actually touching it.
“Please…!” she gasped and with practised experience Jack bit down on it, hard enough to make her cry out with pain. He kept his teeth there, only easing up after a few seconds. The flow of blood back into her nipple caused her to arch her back. It was exquisite.

Bobby slipped a finger into her pussy, gathering up some of the juices already pooled there on his finger. He rubbed it over her sensitive nipple and proceeded to lick it off. He dipped inside her for more juices and held his hand out to Jack.
“Taste,” he commanded. Jack sucked his finger clean and kissed Amy, letting her taste herself on his tongue. She moaned as he played with her lips, toying with her tongue, taking light bites at her.
“Lay down, sweetheart,” Jack rasped, and hooked a leg behind her knees, and pushing her so that she fell on the bed. He opened one leg, pulling it to the side as Bobby mimicked the movement on the other side. She was so wet, so ready, and they were just staring at her. Bobby got on the bed next to her, and she ran her hands over his tight hard butt. His buttocks clenched under her attention as he lowered his head and started to lick at her smooth, hairless mound. Jack was kissing the inside of her thigh, close to her core, his tongue almost raspy against her sensitized skin. His mouth met Bobby’s over her clit and she felt the rasp of a day old beard over her clitoris as they kissed, and then there was a tongue inside her pussy, sweeping, tasting, fucking. Jack lapped at her juices, stimulating her body to make more, while Bobby sucked her hard little nub between his lips and flicked it with his tongue. He bit down lightly on her and she bucked her hips up. But there were four hands holding her down, and the pressure was building inside her. Bobby shifted and then he was kneeling over her body, in the 69 position. He was much taller than her, and he had to hunch his back, but that didn’t matter as she took one of his balls into her mouth, sucking and licking. He moaned and the feeling of power coursing through her was like nothing she’d ever felt. He and Jack seemed to communicate without words, as the next second they were both lifting their heads away from her, izmit escort leaving her empty.
“No!” she gasped. “I’m so close…”
“We’ll take care of you,” Jack said before he kissed Bobby, both of their faces slick with her sweet nectar. They moaned and she pushed away to see them closer. Jack was more aggressive than Bobby, but it was clear that Bobby was the one in control. Watching the clash of male lips made her even wetter, and she was desperate for release. She slipped a finger inside herself to ease it off, but Bobby’s hand shot out and grabbed her wrist.
“None of that,” he said as Jack started suckling on his nipple. “We’ll pleasure you. Just be patient. The longer it takes, the better it will be.”
Jack pushed against his chest and then Bobby was lying next to her, their legs dangling over the edge of the bed. He kissed her as Jack eased down and took put his mouth on Bobby’s cock. Amy eased up, wanting to see an expert at work. Jack showed her how to grab the base to hold it steady. “Long, slow licks,” he said. “Like this. And when you take him in your throat, keep your jaw slack and figure out if it works better for you to breathe through your nose or your mouth. Some people find it easier to breath in with their noses, but I prefer using my mouth. Tilt your head a little… there!” he demonstrated again. “It makes the airflow easier,” he said and after a few fumbled attempts she realised he was right. She could take Bobby much deeper now, and it wasn’t long before he hit the back of her throat again. This time she resisted the urge to gag and swallowed around him, her throat muscles working him.
“Oh, yes,” Bobby gasped. “That’s it, honey, keep doing that. Fuck, it feels good!”
“Now moan,” Jack said and she followed his instruction. Bobby’s hips jerked up as the vibrations in her throat shivered over his cock55. “I’m going to cum,” he warned and Jack pulled her up. She breathed gratefully. Bobby was leaking pre-cum, and Jack bent down to lick it up.
“Stand up,” he said, and pulled Amy to her feet. She went willingly, her body so ready for whatever these two men had in store for her. Jack followed them, his eyes dark with desire.
“We’ll take it easy on you,” he said as Jack grabbed the bottle of lube from the bedside table. “This first time we’ll go in slow and separately, but next time we’re going to ram into you together. Are you ready to have both holes filled, sweetheart?”
Amy swallowed once. “I am,” she said.
Bobby hosted her up into his arms with ease, and slid her down while Jack held his cock steady. Her body stretched to accommodate him and she moaned, tightening her legs around his waist, crossing her ankles. ‘So good,” she sighed as he held perfectly still inside her.
“Jack’s gonna get you as ready in the back as you are in the front, okay?”
“Okay,” she said.
“Don’t clench up,” Jack said and she felt the cool moisture as he started rubbing the lubricant over her virgin rosebud. He slipped in one finger, and her muscles contracted against the invasion.
“Relax,” he said calmly and played around a little, sliding his finger in and out. She felt him slip another finger inside her, and her body clenched again.
“Push back against me,” he instructed. “That’s it, sweetheart, you’re doing fine. One more… yeah, that’s it. Hold steady now, you’re almost ready to take my cock.”
She pressed her face against Bobby’s neck as Jack pumped in and out, until he removed his fingers. The next second she felt him press the tip of his cock against her ass and he started pushing in.
“Press back,” he reminded her, his thumbs holding her cheeks open for his cock and his hands digging into her sign. “We’re going to make you feel so very, very good.”
The head of his cock slipped in past the tight ring of muscle and she jerked. Then he slid all the way inside with one smooth thrust.
“Oh!” she cried out. The pain and shock and feeling of fullness was bewildering. She moaned and both men held perfectly still, knowing she would need time to adjust. Finally the pain eased off and she could feel the pleasure seeping through.
“You’re so tight,” Jack moaned. “Baby, we need to move. Can you take it?”
“Yes,” she whimpered.

Bobby started pulling out slowly, until only his cock head was inside her. He pushed back in, and with that, Jack pulled out. They kept up the slow seesaw pace, feeling the tightness of her body grab onto them, holding them. Bobby could feel Jack’s cock through the thin membrane separating them and moaned. They went a little bit faster as Amy’s body grew used to them, in and out, in and out. Over and over again they pumped into her until she started panting.
“I’m going to come,” she whimpered and started to move herself to reach her goal. She groaned and pressed down, grinding her clit against Bobby’s pelvis, his pubic hair coarse against her smooth skin. She started moving in small circles as both men lost control and started pumping her faster and harder. The sound of wet, slapping flesh had them all moaning. Jack could feel his balls slapping against Bobby’s as they pistoned and it drove him wild.
“I’m gonna come,” Bobby gasped and lurched deep inside her, thrusting hard until he reached her cervix. She ground down on them both, and Jack slid one hand around her to start stroking her clit. She came hard and sudden, her muscles gripping Bobby’s cock almost painfully hard. The moist hole was convulsing around Bobby, milking him with hot tugs, almost sucking him in.
“Yes!” she moaned. “Oh yes! Give it to me, please… make me cum!” Jack felt Bobby jerk once, twice, and knew his friend was coming hard.
“Yeah, baby,” Bobby moaned, his hips shoving hard.
“Fuck me harder,” she begged. Jack grasped her hips and obliged, shoving himself into her butt. Amy’s ass clenched around him and he held perfectly still as she rode his gland, her ass muscles doing all the work for him, his hands on her hips steadying her. Bobby’s arms were around her chest and he held her up as Jack shot wad after wad of cum into her bowels, coating her with his juice.
“Fuck,” Jack moaned. “So fucking good… Take it, baby, take my cum inside you!” His mouth met Bobby’s over her shoulder and they groaned as she had another orgasm around their sensitive cocks. She moved her hips up and down almost desperately, trying to get a hold of her body, but failing as the feeling of their cum inside her triggered a third orgasm. They rode it out, helping her, keeping her steady as she cried out a last time, back arched, head thrown back, her ass and cunt gripping them and pulling liquidly on them. The muscles of her womb was spasming and the sensation was so new to her that she almost passed out. Finally it was over, and she shuddered in Bobby’s arms as her mind started clearing up. Her head dropped onto his strong shoulder and she gasped, her body quivering with the aftershocks of the intense pleasures. Jack pulled out first, wincing as his sensitive cock slipped out of her. Bobby lowered her and laid her back on the bed. She didn’t move, even when Jack brought a washcloth and cleaned her up again. She felt the bed dip as both of them lay down next to her, cuddling her close from both sides, and would have smiled if she’d had the energy to do so.
“We’ll have to tell her about Elizabeth,” she heard Bobby say.
“Time enough when she wakes up,” Jack murmured behind her.
Bobby made a sound in agreement, and she fell asleep before she could wonder what they were talking about. She had never felt so safe, so well-loved, as she did right at that moment. All the bad memories were seeping away, replaced by the love she was feeling for these two men. Especially Bobby, who was so attentive to her needs and feelings.

She couldn’t wait to see what they would do to her next!

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