Anal Alison

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I bought a house and moved out of the apartment complex where I had been living when I first moved into the area. The house was in an established neighborhood which I bought from an older couple who were retiring to Florida. My name is Tom and, being 28, this is my first house of my own though I have had apartments since college. I moved my furniture with the help of friends and set up housekeeping in my new digs. It was nice to have a yard and, since it was late spring, plants were growing. I was roaming around in back and met one of my neighbors that Saturday. Alison is 20 and in college living with her mother and younger sister. I noted that she was nice looking with a tight body which was on some display in a scoop neck shirt and shorts both of which were tight. We talked a few minutes and then she went into her house. Other than enjoying the view, I thought little of the meeting.

Later that afternoon, my doorbell rang, it was Alison. She had changed clothes now in a halter top with no bra and a very short mini-skirt. “Hi, I need your help if you will,” she said.

“I’m not busy. What do you need?” I responded.

“A light went out in my house and I have to get up high to change the bulb. I have a fear of heights and would appreciate your holding me straight while I change the bulb.”

“Sure. I can come over now if you wish.”

“Please, I would be very grateful.”

With that exchange, I followed her over to her house ogling her ass in the short, tight skirt as we walked over. When I got there, I asked if her mother or sister were home. She said that they were at a volleyball game and wouldn’t be home for hours yet. As we talked, we walked through the house and went into a bedroom. She told me it was her room and flipped the light switch up and down demonstrating that the overhead light would not come on. She suggested that I sit on the bed and hold her legs as she stood on the bed and changed the bulb. I agreed and sat down. She got on the bed wiggling a lot like she was uncomfortable with her balance. She edged close to me and I gently took her legs. She continued to wiggle and I suggested that she straddle me to give a better balance. She moved to that position and I quickly realized that she wasn’t wearing panties either! I put a hand on each leg well above her knee and she steadied stretching to unfasten the fixture. With her legs straddling me, it was easy to see up her skirt and her shaved cunt. She wiggled a bit and I moved a hand up and cupped her cunt. She was already damp and didn’t seem to mind so I let my fingers push into her slit. She moaned a bit but didn’t try to stop me or say, “Don’t.” I pushed a finger into her cunt all the way to my knuckle. She moaned some more so I added second finger and probed her deeply. She was getting wet and moaned some more. I finally said, “Maybe you should rest a moment.” She looked down and smiled. Slowly and keeping her legs apart, she squatted down on the bed with my fingers deep in her cunt.

She said, “I like that. Keep pumping my hole.” I pulled her down on me twisting my hand and keeping both fingers in deeply. She moved her hand over my shorts and rubbed my cock which was pushing to pop a hole in my shorts. I moved my other hand under her halter and cupped a breast squeezing the nipple.

She said, “Let’s get these clothes out of the way.” I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and peeled off my shirt and shorts kicking sandals across the floor. She pulled her skirt Çankaya Escort down and off and, reaching behind her back, pulled the halter tie apart and removed it. We lay down together and picked up where we left off. I sent one hand back down to her cunt and shoved three fingers in her hole. She started pumping my cock which opened her eyes a bit when she saw it. It’s not a porn star cock but is bigger than average. What she didn’t know yet was that I can go three or four times before I have to rest. After a few minutes, I pushed her head down and her legs up around my head and we started a sixty-nine. Her mound was soaking wet and sweet to the taste. She must have liked my cock as she took it in her mouth and tried to deep throat it. I continued to eat her out and she kept pushing her mouth down until she finally took my cock all the way to the root. We continued in this manner for a few minutes but I wanted to penetrate her hole with more than my mouth and fingers. I rolled her over on her back pulling my cock from her mouth. I knelt between her legs and inserted my cock in her cunt and pushed slowly and steadily until I was buried to the root. She called out, “Fuck my hole deep! Oh, man, that feels soo good!” I started riding her harder and deeper pulling her legs on to my shoulders to enable deeper penetration on each thrust. She kept moaning and encouraging me and I pumped her harder slamming my cock into the depths of her cunt splashing her juices over us both and the bed. She started to moan even more and I could tell she was coming to her first orgasm of the afternoon. I continued to pump her hard and deep letting her muscles tighten and then loosen around me. Then she cried out and tightened her legs around my neck and I could feel the contractions inside her cunt as she creamed. I slowed and let her ease up. When I felt she had relaxed a little, I started to pump her again even harder as I now was going for my cum. Hard and deep, I pumped her little cunt as she started moaning again. Then I surged into her as she had her second orgasm and emptied my first load deep in her hole. I held her tightly while my balls pumped my jism into her body. Finally, I pulled back and rolled onto my back next to her.

“Wow, that was great! I’ve never cum as hard as I did with you.”

“I try to please when I have the chance.”

She said, “Any time you want me, I will be available.”

As my cock started to harden, I said, “That’s a nice offer. Mount up and ride my cock.” She looked down and saw my cock sticking up. She had a shocked look on her face but she rolled on top of me straddling my legs, rose up, took my again hard cock, centered it at her cunt and slowly impaled herself driving it to the hilt. Then she began to rock back and forth moving my cock in and out and rubbing it on her clit and taking it again and again as deep as it would go. I could tell she was a little sore but she didn’t stop continuing to move slowly and steadily.

“Alison, you seem to like to fuck, don’t you”

“Yeah, but I seem to have started with a real pro now. Does your cock ever go limp?”

“It takes a while, particularly when it’s in a pretty girl like you.”

“That’s a nice thing to say.”

“It’s easy to say when it’s true.” She started to move a bit harder and moaned. Then she moved to capture my full length and cried out her cum. She moved off me and settled between my legs touching my cock. Keçiören Escort “Suck me,” I asked and she took my cock with her juices into her mouth and began to suck. I lay there and let her mouth and tongue work me until I had to shoot. I held her head down on my cock and let my second cum go into her mouth and down her throat feeling her muscles contract as she swallowed my load. After sucking everything out of my balls, she moved up to lay beside me. “How do I taste?” I asked.

“I had never tasted that much cum before but it’s good and I could taste me on you, too,” she replied. “Do you have more?”

“Yes, just give me a few minutes,” I said as we both relaxed.

After a few minutes, I started massaging her breast tweaking the nipple. As it hardened, I lifted my head and sucked on it getting it fully hard and coaxing a moan from her. I moved my hand down between her legs while continuing to lick and suck her nipple. She opened her legs and my hand cupped her cunt. Then I entered her cunt with two fingers and started to stir her juices a bit. Her legs were as open as they could get to let me play. I rolled her on her side away from me using my underneath hand to work her other breast and brought my hand over her hip to reach her from behind. She was breathing rapidly now and her cunt was fully juiced with three fingers working her vagina. Then I took my fingers from her cunt and she whined. I put one finger over her asshole and started rubbing her star. She relaxed to the feeling and I pushed that finger into her ass very slowly spreading the muscle. She whined again but also pushed back against my finger so that it went further up her asshole. I started working that finger in and out and she continued to push back getting it into her asshole as far as it would go.

“Does that feel good?” I asked.

“Oh, it’s different but good. I feel full.”

I continued to pump her butt with my finger and then added a second finger coaxing another whine from her. During the whole time, I kept my other hand busy working her breast. After a few seconds, she pushed back to get more of the two fingers into her asshole. I asked her, “Have you ever been fucked in the ass?”

“Not yet, but it feels like that will change in a minute. Just be gentle.”

“Always, but thorough,” I assured her as I continued to open her butt. My cock was hardening again and pushing against her back as we spooned. I moved down a little and my cock found her cunt and entered it while continuing to work her asshole with my fingers. She was moaning more and more and then I pulled my cock from her cunt and my fingers from her ass.

“Don’t stop, it feels so good,” she groaned.

Then I took my cock and placed it at her asshole and gently pushed the head to her star. With my free hand, I lifted her ass cheek and pushed some more. She groaned and pushed back at me and the head of my cock went in with a slight pop. She whined and I stopped there to let her get used to having a cock in her butt. Then she pushed back and I went in further letting her decide how fast and deep I would go. It didn’t take long and she was all the way back and I was in her butt all the way. She said, “Pump it. Fuck my ass! I want to feel it doing my butt.”

I started a steady motion sort of rocking in and out and she responded by pushing back on the inward strokes. We sped up and I was really pounding her butt. “Harder, faster. Etimesgut Escort Oh, I love it! More! Fuck my ass! Fuck my ass hard!” She exclaimed.

Since I had cum twice, I knew it would take a while to blow my juice into her butt. She kept moaning and telling me to fuck her ass hard. I was going hard and finally rolled us over onto her stomach and gathered her up into a doggy position. Now, I could really slam her and did ignoring her cums as I worked to put a load in her final hole. Faster and deeper, I kept slamming into her butt holding her hips for leverage. Then I could feel it, my cum was starting to course through my cock and explode in her asshole. As it did, she could feel it, too, and came with me her ass tube contracting on my cock as I emptied my third load into her. After straining to push as much cock into her as I could along with her willing assistance, my cock finally began to shrink. When it fell out, I rolled over on my back. She stretched out still on her stomach shivering with the aftermath of her orgasm. After a minute or so, she lifted up and looked at me and said, “If I knew it would be that great, I would have done it sooner. Wow! That was the best cum I’ve ever had. Anytime you want my ass, just let me know.” Her butt cheeks were still quivering a little bit as she still was in that time when her body was happily telling her brain that this was really, really good!

She moved to her side so she could see me. When she looked down to my cock, it was starting to rise again. She moved to it and gently sucked it into her mouth tasting my cum and her butt. She released me and said, “That was good, too. I meant it when I said I wanted more.” My cock rose a little more. She asked me, “Can you do my ass again?”

“Yes,” I replied. “I can go again. Are you sure you want it in your butt?”

“I love it in my butt. I am going to become a butt queen, an anal addict. It felt better than anything I’ve ever done.”

“Then bend over and I’ll plug your happy hole!”

She got off the bed and bent over the side of it with her legs spread. Then she reached back and spread her butt cheeks with her hands and said, “Please, please, fuck my ass. Fuck me really long and hard.”

I got off the bed and came around behind her enjoying the view. Then moved in close and pushed my cock into her butt all the way without stopping. Alison groaned in pleasure and she felt herself being filled again. I started a steady thrusting movement using her hips again as leverage and pushing my cock as far into her asshole as I could with each thrust. Alison groaned and sighed, “Oh, yes! That’s the place! Fuck my ass! Keep fucking me! Uh! Oh! Pump me full of your jizz! Don’t ever stop! Oh! Oh! I’m cumming! More, don’t ever stop! Ream my asshole! Fill me! Oh! Oh! Now!”

I kept pushing into her asshole and she was pushing back slamming into each other and making her cheeks ripple. She kept ramming back at me trying to get more of my cock into her butt with every thrust. She started to cum again and her butt tightened up with me inside her bringing me to another cum. We came together hard. When I pulled out, I turned her around and pushed my cock, wet with my cum and her ass juices, into her mouth. She sucked and swallowed until my cock was clean and half hard. She turned around and said, “More. Do my ass again.”

I pushed my cock back into her butt again. She slammed back into me again and again until she came again. I pulled out and she turned around to suck my cock clean again. When I was clean, she lay back on the bed and said, “That was great! Any time you want me, just call.”

“And any time you want your butt plugged, just come over, strip and bend over a chair arm and I will fill your ass,” I replied.

I limped back to my place. We never did change the light bulb!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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