Anal Trio Ch. 06


Clara and her daughter spend some “quality time” together without any of the usual multiple partners.

Clara is seated on the edge of her bed, her small fist wrapped around the thick girth of the man-made doodle strapped-about her daughter’s waist. She allows some spittle to dribble onto the mighty fuck-pole and smears it onto the impressive staff, then leans forward and swirls her tongue about and around the tip, slithering her pink, pointy tongue up and down the shaft.

Cradling the fake ball-sack in one hand, the shameless mother closes her whore-red lips around the fat tip in a tight seal. Slicking her mouth up and down the veiny length, she murmurs approval as Melanie cups her massive, braless knockers, fiddling with the blunt, resurgent nipples while enjoying the expert cock-sucking.

After a few moments of this, the women change positions. Clara arranges herself on all fours, and Melanie takes a moment to admire the lush, abundant curves of her sexy mother, clad in naughty lingerie, as usual. Clara has on the same Underwear she’d worn to work: a fancy black lace suspender belt, festooned with strategic pink roses, sheer black stockings, and four inch pumps. Her bra and thong had been discarded earlier, after she’d arrived home and Mel had immediately began feeling her up.

Taking position behind her, Melanie gives her randy mom a nice going-over, paying particular attention to her shop-worn anal entrance. She didn’t neglect the older woman’s over-heated fanny, though: by the time she’s finished snaking her experienced tongue into and around both orifices, clear, viscous drops of female arousal is dripping freely from the mature Hatay Escort mother’s pink folds.

Melanie is ready for some far kinkier action after her oral preparations. “How about it Mum? Fancy this big rodger o’ mine in that saucy bottom, I’ll bet”

Clara couldn’t deny that her `saucy bottom’ was EXACTLY where she wanted her daughter’s big lovely prick.

No one would’ve believed a word, anyway…

Guiding the broad tip of her dong to the slack opening, the young woman paused for the briefest moment before pushing forward with her lean muscular hips. In response, the depraved mother arches her back and lifts her ass higher, pushing back to meet Melanie’s determined initial thrust.

Clara’s eyelids droop and she licks her lips lasciviously as the greased prodder lodges deep in her welcoming bowels.

The lush-bodied mother’s asshole is fully-expanded, quivering just the tiniest bit around the thick girl-staff plugged within it.

The mature, massively-endowed wench is in heaven as the thick, forceful cock slides in and Out of her helplessly speared anus. The huge balls dangling beneath the huge fuck-rod Bounce heavily as they swing back and forth. As oiled and loose as it is, the mammoth tool is inflicting some heavy damage on Clara’s experienced anal tract.

The beleaguered mother reaches between her cunt-juice slickened thighs and grips her up-standing clit between the forefinger and thumb of her left hand, heightening her already immense pleasure. Her horribly-stretched rectum tries to expel the invader for one brief, bowel-cramping instant, then the insistently-probing strap-on puts down the Hatay Escort Bayan rebellion and forcefully, COMPLETELY, occupies the inner recesses of her interior ass.

Melanie continues stabbing forward for a few minutes, then withdraws to inspect her handiwork. Her mom’s sigh of relief indicates she thinks that her anal ordeal is over, but Melanie has other ideas…

Clara’s anus resembles a dark, pink-tinged crater, so thoroughly ravaged that it doesn’t even try to close. Melanie doesn’t pass up the opportunity to sample the widely-gaping interior, savoring the tangy, earthy taste of the moaning Clara’s inner asshole.

“That was just the preliminary, mum…now I’ll give a you a proper seeing-to” The insatiable off-spring’s hips flex powerfully as she grips her mom’s meaty hips and with a quick, brisk jerk, delivers on her promise: while rotating her own ass in short, tight circles, she bounces Clara’s pillowy cheeks up and down. Clara lets out a “huufff” in response, her toes curling within her high-heels as the hard anal pounding picks-up in intensity and her big, pliable buttocks are squeezed and manipulated into gratuitous shapes.

As the savage buggery continues, Mel moves her hands from Clara’s hips to grip the waistband of her suspender belt and using it as a lever, ceases her circling motions and drives straight in, marveling, as always, just how much “cock” her sluttish mother’s talented back-door can accommodate….by her estimation, she’s bum-fucked her mother hundreds of times, and her capacity for the biggest, thickest dildos is still somewhat of a shock, though a pleasant one…

“Ahhhhhgawwwd!” Clara Escort Hatay squeals, after a particularly mighty shove of the ass-taming strap-on. The rhythmic pounding is taking its toll, and all coherent thought evaporates from the submissive dyke’s mind, driven from it by the athletic thrusts of her daughter’s “bitch-tamer”.

Melanie is panting with exertion, perspiring freely as she rides into her mother with relentless abandon. “You’re MY BITCH, Mum…I don’t care how many times you bend-over for Aunt Kath, or Pilar, or whomever, I OWN YOUR ARSE-HOLE , now and always…say it…say you are my bitch!”

“Y-Y-Yessss, oh yes, my darling”, Clara groans in surrender, totally caught-up in her perverse desire. She meets the ceaseless cock-thrusts by rocking backwards each time Mel surges forward, her lush, milky-white buttocks shimmying and wobbling gelatinously each time they connected with the fronts of her daughter’s thighs.

Each time the oily prong pistons into her inner bowels the horny slut flexes her asshole around it, gripping it, delighting in the nasty, taboo act of having her colon battered by her own daughter…Both woman shudder and tremble with the force of the orgasm that over-takes them almost at the same instant.

Melanie rests against her mother’s clammy, sweaty back as the last throes of her climax abate, her huge strapon still buried completely in Clara’s rectum.

Melanie withdraws suddenly, noting that the pink interior of her mom’s ass is now fully visible, gaping like a dark cave. She knee-walks around to where her parent’s open, lipstick smeared mouth awaits its prize.

“That’s right, you dirty cow, feast on this” Clara does, wrapping her slutty lips around the tainted rubber shaft and allowing it access to her hungry throat.

“What a perverted slag you are, noshing on your own daughter’s dirty cock, fresh from the oven”

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