Ananya Ch. 01


“Today is the day.” thought Ananya as she sat on the bed looking at herself in the mirror.

Ananya had just come out of the bath with the towel wrapped around her waist and white cotton t-shirt covering her torso. Outside the bedroom, her Mother was busy cooking in the kitchen while her younger brother was watching TV in the living room.

Ananya removed her t-shirt and the towel and reached for her panties. Unlike every other day, today she was going to wear her black lace panties and the black lace bra. The only pair of fashionable undies she owned. She had become conscious of her choice of inner wear only recently. Previously her choice of inners would be simple cotton panties and bra as she wasn’t concerned about how she would look wearing that, wearing just that. But in the last few months, things had changed. Life had taken a sweet turn.

Rohit had entered her life and recently his hands had explored a lot beneath her clothes. She paused as she thought of him. Leaving her panties on the bed, she stood in front of the mirror looking at her own nude image. At 5 feet, she wasn’t the tallest girl in her class but she was definitely the most sought after. Her fair complexion and well-developed breasts was what attracted most of the guys.

Rohit loved her breasts. He never missed an opportunity to touch them and fondle them through her dress. Recently she had even allowed his hand to enter her kurta (top) and feel her nipples. But today was the first time he will get to see them in full glory.

I hope he likes what he sees.

She caressed her breasts gently as she thought of Rohit. She had known Rohit for almost two years now but their affair had begun just a few months back.

Ananya came from a fairly conservative family. She was schooled bursa yabancı escort in an all-girls school. Her first interaction with the opposite sex was in junior college. However back then, she was too shy to even befriend any boys. The few boys she did interact with were friends of her friends. Some of them did try to court her but she was always too shy to respond. But now in graduation college, she was feeling more confident. The major confidence booster was turning eighteen. It was the year of firsts. First driver’s license, first blood donation, casting her first vote in the local election and the best of all – her first boyfriend.

In the beginning, her interaction with Rohit was no different than her interaction with any other boy in her neighborhood. Like all the other boys, he too was extra nice to her while she was cordial without being too friendly. While most boys would back off when she did not reciprocate their interest, Rohit was persistent. His charming style and boyish good looks eventually won her over. She soon found herself waiting for his call, looking forward to meeting him and now looking forward to feeling his touch all over her body.

The thought of making love for the first time sent a shiver of excitement through her body. She held her breast cupping them from the bottom. Her nipples responded to her touch. Nipple play always made her wet.

She had only discovered how sensitive her nipples were when Rohit had first touched them. Now, whenever she returned from their date she would stroke them herself reliving every moment of their date and imagining how it would feel when Rohit would finally make love to her.

She slowly removed her hands from her breasts.

Should not get carried bursa sınırsız escort away just yet.

Her fingers trailed down to her belly and traced around the navel gently caressing the skin. She ran her fingers through her pubic hair. She had considered shaving them completely just like the models in the X-art videos. But she had never gone bald before and was not sure if it would look good.

Maybe he will like it this way.

Her fingers were now lightly playing over her pussy lips. She realized she was very wet. She was suddenly very aware of her arousal. The excitement was there since morning but the intensity of that excitement was dawning on her now. Her pussy was literally dripping with her love juice.

It will stain my lace panties.

She grabbed her towel and tried to wipe herself dry. But the towel rubbing against the insides of her pussy lips only made it worse. Her pussy was now on fire. She needed relief now and her rendezvous with Rohit was still a few hours away.

I can’t stand it anymore.

She dropped the towel and rubbed her labia with her fingers. Her palm rising upwards till her nails raked her clitoris sending shivers down her body. She pinched her labia and walked towards the bathroom.

Inside, she ran the tap. A secret trick that she had discovered sometime back.

After making sure that the water is neither too hot nor too cold, she let go of her labia and proceeded to lie down below the tap. She pressed her feet against the wall for support and positioned her clitoris below the water jet.

Her body shivered as the water impinged on her sensitive bud.

The water jet fuelled the fires that were building up since the morning.

She closed her eyes görükle escort and pictured Rohit making vigorous love to her. His pelvic thrusts hitting her clit and causing her to squirm beneath him.

She felt her excitement grow. As the sensation grew stronger, she bit her fingers to keep herself from screaming. Orgasmic shivers ran across her spine causing her to arch her back thrusting her breasts in the air. The water teased her with a constant rhythm. The fire from her pussy was now spreading through her entire body. The flames licked at her soul and the lava poured down her veins. Her toes curled in the anticipation of the peak as her fingers tried to dig in the bathroom tiles.

Almost there!

With her free hand, she pinched her nipples hard. The sensations pushed her over the edge and she started cumming wildly beneath the tap. Her eyes rolled back as she tried to suppress a scream. This was her wildest orgasm yet. Her pussy burst with hot love juice. Slowly she started to feel light. Her body seemed to float as her pussy leaked warm nectar.

Ananya turned on her side to give her vagina some respite from the tap. The jet now fell on her hips. Feeling too weak to get up, she let it fall. She was still breathing heavily.

Just thinking about Rohit made me cum so hard.

As she recovered from her orgasm, she realized that she was all wet again.

Everyone must be wondering why I am taking so long.

Stepping out of the bathroom she tapped herself dry again with her towel. After surveying herself for the one last time she wore the lace panties and bra and reached out to get her favorite Kurti. The form-fitting dark orange short Kurti was held on her shoulders with two thick straps. The helm of the Kurti fell just above her and had two slits on either side riding all the way up to her hips. The Kurti was matched by light orange leggings.

I look radiant.

She quickly did her hair and stepped out of the bedroom. In the living room, she checked the clock. It was 10:00 a.m. Still two more hours before she met Rohit…

To be continued…