And Daughter Makes Three

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My name is Ron and like all men I have an almost uncontrollable urge for sex. It’s just the way we are built and just the way the chemicals in our minds work. At an experienced age of 41 my sex life has always been good. I tried marriage once for a few years, and battled with the whole settling down thing. However, my wife at the time didn’t understand my need for sexual adventures and things fizzled out. The only thing that came out of the marriage that I care about and love is my daughter Vanessa.

If I can remember that far back in my life, my interest in sex came about in my teenage years. My best friend Jewel and I had discovered some of my father’s dirty magazines hidden under his mattress one afternoon. Quickly retreating to our old childhood tree house in the woods, I remember how excited I became at seeing the naked flesh of the women, my cock tenting against my pants, my eyes nervously glancing over at Jewel. It was she who bravely took the first step between us, reaching out and running her fingers across my erection. Soon after, we would spend countless hours up in the tree house, looking through Dad’s magazines and exploring the art of mutual masturbation and other sexual activities. Jewel and I explored many firsts together in that old tree house. Oral, losing our virginities, anal, even Jewel’s first bisexual experience and consequently our first threesome experience happened within the erotic confines of those wooden walls.

Over the passing years into adulthood, Jewel and I stayed close friends. We went to the same college together, played matchmaker for each other (it was Jewel who first introduced me and my ex-wife, much to her chagrin), and we always continued to explore our sexual sides with each other. After I married, we remained friends, but the sex had ceased due to my attempt to settle down, but when the marriage started going south, Jewel was there to make sure my needs were always met with great pleasure. I remember one time this past winter that Jewel and I explored some taboo and extremely erotic territory together.

We live in a small town in New England, and this past winter was horrible with all the snow falling. One afternoon, I had been struggling with shoveling the last of the snow from my driveway and porch, when Jewel pulled up in her SUV. After catching my breath from shoveling, she suggested with a sly smile that we go inside and she’d help my muscles relax from all the work on the near 2 feet of snow. Knowing that my daughter was going to be out for the rest of the day, I smiled in agreement. Soon Jewel was undressing before my eyes in the living room, while I finished making the warm fire blaze.

Jewel is the same age as I am, 41, but could easily pass for a woman ten years her junior. Jewel is a petite woman, standing at 5’3”, with a perfect body, in my own eyes. She weighs 130 lbs, but most of that seems to fall into her beautiful 38d’s. Defying age, with little show of gravity’s work, Jewels tits are something I yearn for. They have very light colored areolas, with small, perky nipples. Her pussy has a trimmed patch of hair on it, much lighter than the darker brown hair that hangs about her shoulders. Her hips are curved like an hourglass, and her ass is full and round. Just perfect to me.

As Jewel stood before me naked, I quickly took off my own clothes. My 7” cock was already hard and throbbing for her touch, which it received as she wrapped her cool hand around it and pulled, leading me over the couch. Sitting me down on the couch, Jewel sinks to her knees before me, her tongue running along my cock, teasing, before she slides its length into her mouth. What a sight to see, this beautiful woman, naked and between my legs, her head moving up and down as her warm mouth sucks on my cock. My fingers wrapped around a handful of her brown hair, as my hips started to move in rhythm with her sucking mouth. Jewel took my cock slowly from her mouth and planted a soft kiss on its head.

“Ron, there’s something I want to talk to you about,” she said.

“Sure Jewel, what is it?” I asked, my hips trying to work my cock through her still hand.

“Well,” Jewel began hesitantly, her fingers running softly along the length of my member. “Ah forget it baby,” she finally said.

“Jewel, you know you can tell me anything. After everything we’ve done and been through together. You’re my best friend, so spill it babe.”

“Well, at night the past few months I’ve been masturbating…a lot Ron,” she said, gently cupping and playing with my balls. “That’s not unusual, but what’s been running through my mind when fingering myself is.” Jewel stopped and looked up at me. “I’ve been thinking about Vanessa.”

I was taken aback. “Vanessa!? My daughter Vanessa?”

“Yes,” she sighed. “I’m sorry Ron, but a few months ago when I was over here for dinner one night…the night we ended up fucking on the dinning room table. Remember?”

My cock jumped in her hand at the thought. bursa otele gelen escort “How could I forget?” I smiled.

“Well, before all that, I accidentally walked in on Vanessa in the bathroom. She was in the shower and I must not have heard it going, my mind thinking about your cock and all,” she smiled. “Anyway, I walked in and saw her. She was under the steamy water, but through the curtain, I could just make her out. She was…she was…”

“What?” I asked, my mind knowing full well what Jewel would next say, but oddly enough I was anxious to hear it from her lips.

“She was fingering herself,” she finally said. “She was moaning softly, her head thrown back, one hand holding her tiny tits, the other working over her pussy. I couldn’t help myself, so I stared at her. That’s why I was so wild that night, because I had her image in my mind Ron. I’ve had it in my mind for all these weeks, and it gets me so hot.” She sighed and laid her head on my thigh, her hand still absently stroking my length.

My daughter Vanessa was a beautiful 18 year old girl. My ex wife and I had her very early on in our young marriage, and she had lived with me since the divorce. Vanessa has long, thick dirty blonde hair, the color of mine, and hazel eyes like her mother. She is a tiny girl, only 5’3” and weighing 105 lbs. She had graduated from high school last year and had been attending the local community college this year trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life. Vanessa loves to run and has kept herself in shape, having a great body with a tight ass and tiny A-cup tits. Vanessa has had a few boyfriends over the years, but nothing too serious. She and I have always had an open relationship, since with her mother not here all the time, I was the one she turned to for advice about life. My mind quickly raced to the time she had confided in me about losing her virginity to a boy at a school dance on her eighteenth birthday. Vanessa had come to my room after coming home and getting ready for bed. She had been wearing a tight tank top, her small tits and hard nipples poking through, and a pair of sweat shorts that barely covered her ass. She sat on the end of my bed and told me all about her date who popped her cherry from behind in the back seat of his car after the dance.

As wrong as it might have been, my cock throbbed at her story that night, and upon hearing Jewel’s own story about catching my daughter fingering herself in the shower, my cock throbbed again. Jewel glanced up at the sudden tension in my cock and smiled. She sat up and lowered her lips to my cock, sucking it slowly. “You liked my story Ron?” she asked, licking my head, wet with pre-cum, with her tongue. I moaned in response. “You like the idea of Vanessa fingering her wet pussy?” Jewel asked, taking half of me into her warm mouth. Pulling off, she took my balls into her mouth, sucking on them gently while her hand stroked my hard member. “Your daughter turns you on doesn’t she baby? You want to fuck her? Think about how beautiful she is and about all of us together.”

I grabbed a handful of Jewel’s hair and lifted her head above my cock, pushing her down until she took it into her mouth once again. As Jewel sucked me off in earnest, I closed my eyes and imagined it was my daughter Vanessa sucking me. I imagined that is was her lips around my cock, her hands cupping my full balls, that the slurping and sucking noises I heard were coming from her blowjob, not Jewel’s, and I exploded sending ropes of thick cum into Jewel’s mouth and down her throat. I opened my eyes and could barely see Jewel’s arm between her legs, her fingers working over her wet pussy. As my cock finished shooting my cum in her mouth, Jewel shuddered and moaned loudly around my cock. “MMMMMMMMM,” she groaned, as my cock fell from her mouth, her body shaking with the effects of her own orgasm. Jewel returned her head to my thigh and smiled up at me. My cock soon sprang back to life and as I pushed her onto her back on the floor to fuck her, both Jewel and I were thinking about Vanessa.

* * * * *

Over the next week, Jewel had come over every day to see me. That afternoon we spent fucking and talking about my daughter Vanessa had sent both of us into sexual overdrive. When my daughter was at class in the evenings, Jewel would drive over and we would spend the next few hours fucking, kissing, sucking, and licking each other to incredible orgasms. All the while we would talk about how hot the thought of Vanessa being with us made us feel. In fact, I had been trying to spend some extra time with my daughter during this week. Late at night, when she was home from school, I would get her to come into my bedroom and talk about her day, all the while looking at her petite frame, her perky tits pressing against her t-shirts, her tight ass wiggling before me as she walked down the hallway. I had become totally enamored with Vanessa, and bursa eve gelen eskort my cock wanted to break the father/daughter bond and make her my lover, like Jewel. It was one evening that everything changed for all of us.

Jewel had come over at her normal time in the early evening, once Vanessa had left for her evening classes at the college. Jewel was particularly horny that night and had something special planned for us. She told me that she had thought about Vanessa all day and wanted to watch a lesbian porno while we fucked. I had no problems with a porno getting us in the mood, so while Jewel got ready upstairs, I put the tape in. The video started with a scene of two women licking each other’s pussies and sharing a dildo.

“Mmm, that’s what I would love to do with Vanessa,” Jewel mused from the stairs and I turned to look at her. She was dressed in a black, almost transparent lingerie, her hard nipples poking through the fabric. It was cinched at the waist, allowing her large tits to almost spill out completely. Her legs were covered in black stockings of the same fabric. As she moved towards me on the couch, I could tell that she wasn’t wearing any panties, as her pussy came into slight view.

Jewel sat down next to me on the couch and her eyes went to the television screen and the scene of the two women in a 69 position now. Her hand reached out to fondle my hard cock as I leaned in and began kissing her smooth neck. My hands moved aside her lingerie and grasped her tits, kneading the soft flesh, my fingers pulling at her nipples causing Jewel to gasp loudly. Soon we were locked in a groping embrace, kissing each other passionately, our hands exploring each other’s bodies. Jewel had just unzipped my pants and removed my cock into the air when we both heard the gasp.

As we looked up stunned we saw my daughter Vanessa standing only a few feet behind us, her eyes wide and moving from the porno on the television to the erotic scene unfolding live before her. I jumped back from Jewel’s embrace and nervously stammered at my daughter. “Vanessa, ah, what…what are you doing here? What happened to your class?”

Vanessa’s eyes locked onto my still exposed, and still throbbing cock, for more than a few seconds and she responded. “My class was canceled tonight Daddy. I…didn’t know you had company,” she said, her gaze moving from my cock to Jewel, whose tits were still visible.

I was just about to say something in explanation to Vanessa, when a loud moan sounded from the television. The scene had changed to a threesome, with a well-endowed man was fucking one woman doggie style, while that woman was licking the other’s pussy. Both mine and Vanessa’s eyes turned from each other to the screen. Jewel’s eyes, bright with desire focused on Vanessa, who was dressed in a light blue sweater and a pair of tight jeans that clung to her body.

“Do you like that Vanessa?” Jewel asked my daughter, smiling. “It’s pretty hot huh sweetie?”

Vanessa’s eyes did not leave the screen, but both Jewel and I could see her nipples harden and begin to show through the tight sweater she wore. “I guess,” Vanessa whispered.

I looked at Jewel, whose hand reached over and gave my cock a reassuring squeeze. “Were all adults here Vanessa,” Jewel said. “I’m sure you know that your father and I have been friends for years, since we’ve been your age. It’s only natural that adults get together and have some fun with each other.” Jewel moved away from me across the couch. “Come on over and sit down. You seem to like the movie, why not make yourself more comfortable.”

Vanessa hesitated for a moment, then she slowly moved over to the couch and sat down between Jewel and myself. My cock was still out and hard as a rock, and Jewel had made no move to cover herself. Vanessa sat and stared nervously at the screen. While one of women was getting fucked by the man, the other woman had begun fingering herself.

Jewel’s hand moved along her body until it came to her pussy, where her fingers played along it and began rubbing her clit. “Oh, I just love these movies,” she said. “Especially the girl on girl stuff.” My cock got even harder when I saw what Jewel was doing to her pussy, and right next to my own daughter! My own hand went involuntarily to my cock and started stroking it slowly.

“Don’t you think this is hot Vanessa?” Jewel asked, and Vanessa slowly nodded, as her body started fidgeting on the couch. She was watching a hot porno and sitting between two people masturbating, and it was getting to her. Jewel looked at me and smiled a little nervously as she leaned over to Vanessa, her tongue snaking out to lick my daughter’s ear. Vanessa moaned softly and Jewel moved against her, kissing her ear and the side of her face. I could see Jewel’s hand slowly work its way along Vanessa’s thighs and then up and under her sweater. Vanessa’s face turned towards Jewel as the older bayan escort bursa woman’s hand began fondling Vanessa’s small tits. Vanessa closed her eyes and Jewel leaned in kissing her soft at first, then harder when Vanessa responded with a moan and a kiss back.

I couldn’t believe this! Here was my beautiful 18 year old daughter kissing my 41 year old beautiful best friend! My cock twitched in my hands as Jewel pulled Vanessa’s sweater up and over her head, exposing her small, braless tits. They were perfect and the total opposite of Jewel’s. Where Jewel’s tits were large and full, Vanessa’s were small and slightly upturned. Jewel’s head kissed down and took one of Vanessa’s hard nipples into her mouth, while her hand returned to her wet pussy, fingering herself. Jewel pulled back from Vanessa’s tits and grinned at her. “Turn around Vanessa and see your daddy’s hard cock.”

Vanessa slowly turned and softly moaned when her eyes set sights on my member, which was slick in my hand from all the pre-cum that had been leaking out from the tip. “Touch it Vanessa,” Jewel commanded, as her hands worked on the button and zipper to Vanessa’s jeans.

“Oh yes,” Vanessa whispered almost too softly to hear, as she reached out nervously and replaced my hand with her own. As Vanessa’s hand slowly, nervously stroked my throbbing cock, Jewel moved off the couch and between Vanessa’s legs, removing her jeans and panties, exposing her wet pussy.

“You want your daddy’s cock don’t you Vanessa? You want it bad sweetie, want that big cock in your cute little pussy?” Jewel smiled, kissing the sides of Vanessa’s thighs.

“Yes, yes,” Vanessa whispered, looking into my eyes. “I want it in my pussy. I want your cock daddy. Please fuck me,” Vanessa pleaded and moaned loudly as Jewel’s kisses reached her pussy. Jewel’s tongue licked softly across Vanessa’s neatly trimmed pussy. “Ohhhh yessss,” Vanessa groaned and squeezed my cock hard, lowering her head and taking me into her mouth.

“Oh sweetie yes,” I cried as I felt the hot feeling of my daughter’s mouth surround and engulf my cock. She sucked like an inexperienced girl, which as a father made me happy that she wasn’t going around sucking every guy’s cock. It made me even harder to feel her tongue slurping around my length as she slid my cock in and out of her mouth. Looking down I could see Jewel’s face buried between Vanessa’s clenched thighs, and hear the sweet sounds of her eating out my little girl’s pussy. That sight combined with the feeling of Vanessa’s mouth sucking my cock, made me cum. Grabbing the back of Vanessa’s head I exploded into her mouth with a grunt. Wave after wave of salty cum shot into my baby’s mouth and she tried to swallow it all, but just couldn’t keep up, and most began to dribble from the corners of her mouth and drip down her chin and onto her small tits.

Jewel’s face emerged from between my daughter’s thighs, her mouth wet with Vanessa’s pussy juices. She licked my cum from Vanessa’s tits and chin, and the two engaged in a deep tongue kiss sharing my cum. Jewel pulled Vanessa down off the couch and onto the floor. “Just lay down there baby,” Jewel grinned, turning around above Vanessa and lowering her pussy to the girl’s mouth. “Just lick it like I was doing to yours,” Jewel said, her own mouth moving down to Vanessa’s pussy.

As I watched the two women go at it in the 69 position, my cock stirred back to life at their moans and the erotic sight. My older lover Jewel sliding two fingers into Vanessa’s cunt while her tongue flicked across her hard clit, and my daughter’s hands holding onto Jewel’s full ass as she frantically licked away at her. Jewel looked up and saw my renewed cock. She smiled at me and winked as she rolled off of Vanessa.

I got down on my knees and Jewel took hold of my cock, taking its length fully into her mouth before pressing it against Vanessa’s pussy. Vanessa’s eyes were closed and her hands clenched tightly around her tits as I slid my cock into her tight pussy. I was losing control as I felt the silk walls of my daughter’s cunt envelop my member, and placing my hands against her thighs, I started fucking her with long, hard strokes.

“Oh yes, uhhhhhhh,” Vanessa moaned as my cock sawed into her pussy. “Fuck me daddy, mmmmmm, fuck me hard.”

Jewel kissed her way up Vanessa’s body and began a deep french kiss, sharing the taste of each other’s pussies between them. My hands reached out and pushed Jewel onto her back, my cock leaving the warm feeling of Vanessa’s cunt and sliding into Jewel’s. “Oh yeah baby, fuck my pussy now, ohhhh,” Jewel grinned as I began fucking her hard and fast.

Soon I was alternating between Jewel and Vanessa’s pussies, fucking each of them hard and fast until my cock felt like it would explode. Both of the women were begging for my cum, but a father needs to play favorites. I moved my cock over Vanessa’s face and stroked it until I came, shooting it across my daughter’s cheeks, chin, and mouth. “Oh yeah,” Jewel said, grabbing a handful of Vanessa’s dirty blonde hair and pulling her into a hot kiss before they both licked my cock clean.

We spent the next days fucking and sucking each other in different places and positions. I knew that this was the beginning of a new and wonderful chapter in my relationship with both Jewel and Vanessa.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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