And Joshua Came Down to Jericho Ch. 02


(Note, I revised and resubmitted Chapter 1, coz I didn’t like it.)

Chapter 1

Josh took Rachel’s advice to heart. He buried his fiery anger and outrage at the abominable situation in Jericho deep in his chest and let it smolder silently, as he made an effort to look at things and positively. It was like a mental switch, and life looked brighter.

He liked working with plants, and the physical labor was more fun than working out in a gym. Another plus was that he was out in the open all day, feeling the sun on his back, breathing in the fresh air.

And the Prof had been right, the women of Jericho were not bad at all. Most of the white women looked like they had just jumped out of a daily soap, in the mold of “The Bold and the Beautiful” and whatnot. The mature white mamas especially, had it going on player! They had smooth, youthful and symmetrical faces, fine, glowing hair, and their bodies were super fine; trim, with thick, ripe breasts, accommodating hips to rock and roll in, and all the curves in the right places. Rachel told him that most had regular liposuction and cosmetic surgery, Jericho had two surgeons, who were always fully booked. Even though their beauty could or might have been artificial, Josh knew that his dick couldn’t tell. Anyway, rather artificial beauty than genuine, certified ugliness, right?

They wore the finest of clothes, and were decorated with silver, gold, pearls and diamonds as if the expensive shit grew on trees or lay on the streets for the picking.

The white women were generally kept out of office and business by their men, and lived a lazy, decadent life of leisure and luxury. If they were not taking trips to other cities or overseas, you could bet they were relaxing by their pools, in bathing suits, sipping cocktails served by black maids in uniforms, while they chatted and laughed gaily. They left the raising of their kids and household chores to cheap black labor. Josh regularly heard most of them snapping at the black maids rudely, like they had just come off the slave ship.

Most of the white housewives were customers in Abe’s sideline business, which was dealing weed and blunts. Josh was now supplying several of them, so “they lazy ass” could get stoned immaculate.

Josh didn’t think much of the men of Jericho. They were like slave drivers and vassal lords that lorded it over all and sundry with impunity. But they were not all that manly. Most were obese, unfit gluttons. He was sure they couldn’t fuck good and hard and last, with all that flab. And most of them didn’t have this aura of virility, where you would think, “Damn! That guy there is probably a champion dick swinger!” They looked bland at the most, no soul, no flavor no action, son.

Well, of course, they didn’t need to fuck their women good to impress them, they had all the money and power. Abe told him that when a rich white man of Jericho got tired of his wife, he would just put her out, fast track the divorce, and get himself a newer, younger, hotter, tighter replacement, and the spurned wife would just get some cash, but definitely not half, and forever hold her peace. Yep, the white guys in Jericho had shit sewn up like a pillow, and Josh couldn’t wait to rip it open and make them choke on the feathers.

Josh could just imagine there were a lot of under fucked white women in Jericho, who could use a good, big, fat, black, long lasting erection, like his. He just had to make them aware of it, legalize IT, advertise IT and make them realize IT was within reach. And he already had a few nasty plans, to get up in them panties. He was going to bait them and catch them in the black cock trap.

Chapter 2

However, Josh had one pressing matter. The white trash deputy Sheriffs, especially Deputy Tim and Deputy James, were bashing him on the regular. They would just pull him over, or they would even wait for him at Abe’s, when he came from work, so they could take him to the side and thrash him, for being a handsome, young black man. And they were jealous he was from the Big Apple as well. Sometimes they would drag him to the Sheriff’s office, to practice wrestling moves on him, or they would take him to the gym, so Carrie and her class of white women could practice self defense moves on him. Josh wanted that shit to stop in a hurry. So, he made a plan.

After another beating, Josh turned up for work at Sheriff Gray’s spacious abode, with his arm in a sling, and his head bandaged, with a little ketchup to make it look bloody. The Sheriff’s wife, a thick, jowly, red faced heifer, who wore a permanent scowl, rushed out to eagerly give him orders for the day, but he shrugged and showed her his bandaged arm.

“Eh, I am afraid I cant do any work today, ma’am.”

“You stupid? How can you hurt yourself when you know I want my daisies planted today!” she barked at him, like she always did anyway. “How did you hurt yourself, you moron!”

“Well, I was helping Deputies Tim and James practice some wrestling moves yetişkin porno on me, and they didn’t mean for it to happen, but… I will need three to five days. And its really inconvenient, for I am supposed to do the Mayor’s garden tomorrow! Now, Mrs Mayor really loves her garden, so she is going to be mad. But…”

“Martin! Martin! Come here at once!” the furious woman screamed.

Sheriff Gray ran out, dressed in his uniform longs and an under size, off white wife beater, which left his big gut hanging out.

“What the hell you done to upset her, boy? You gonna git it now! I’m gonna whoop your black ass to death. Boy oh boy..” the Sheriff was already balling his hands into meaty, red fists, to bash and thrash his black ass no doubt.

“Martin you asshole!” his wife shouted hysterically, shoving him back. “Are you trying to get yourself fired? You know how much Mrs Mayor Richards loves her garden. And you and your boys, is that what you do is cripple her new gardener? Are you out your dumb mind!” she screamed hysterical at the fat slob.

Josh had to bite his lip to stop himself from laughing as the Sheriff stood there, gulping like a fish but saying nothing. In fact, the fat white Sheriff looked like a stupid little boy caught jerking off by his domineering mom.

“Martin, your so fucking dumb! You know many voices have been asking for you to be sacked. You and your boys are to lay off him. Leave the nigger in peace!” the heifer sneered and the fat slob nodded.

Phylis stomped off.

“I am sorry sir, Mr Sheriff sir, I didn’t mean for that to happen…” Josh said in a meek voice, as he laughed himself to death inside.

“The hell you didn’t. Don’t think this lets you off, ass hole. Give us just one little reason and you’re hanging from a tree, boy…” he lowered his voice and the threat rose a thousand fold, “And if you don’t go to work the Mayor’s garden tomorrow, you will have a nasty little accident,” the sheriff growled, with alcohol on his breath, his blood shot eyes blazing at Josh.

Then he switched his mode and jumped after his wife like a kangaroo, shouting, in a sweet voice, “Hey Phylis ma baby.. Oh come on honey… Darling, where are you? Oh don’t you fret now, love…”

Josh chuckled under his breath as he looked at the sheriff’s buffalo butt disappearing into the house. He climbed into the truck, pretending to limp and hurt badly.

Josh recovered miraculously and went to work the Mayor’s garden the following day, and the beatings stopped like a miracle. Deputies Tim and James took to insulting him or showing him their fists, promising to fist fuck his black ass, but they didn’t invite him to “Wrestle mania” no more, and that was so cool.

Chapter 3

Had he been in Jericho for pleasure, Josh would have just stayed on the black side of the tracks, shooting game at the sisters, trying to lease the pussy with an option to buy, for the southern black women were hot. He was developing an ache in his neck, from turning around and looking after the sisters on the street, for he constantly met gorgeous black women that looked like Janet, Adina, Jada, Jacme, Super Head, Hoops and Toni Braxton (and all her fuck-able sisters (The Braxtons) too) in their hey days. A couple even looked like Serena, before she started slacking and munching too many burgers instead of practicing and keeping that big, beautiful, round, brown ass tight.

However, Josh was in town on business, and white pussy could prove a lucrative investment area, for his line of business, that was. So, though Josh had always sworn back in college that he never would fuck a white ho (as in, the one you use to dig in your garden). the former white chick detractor now had wicked plans for the fine white ladies of Jericho. Simply put, he wanted to lasso them with his long black cock, wrestle them to the ground, brand their neglected white pussies BBC, stretch them, crack their legs out of formation and make them scream with the pain of pleasure. He could just see it in his mind, and shit was like a 3d motion picture in Dolby surround.

But he wouldn’t just be fucking that white twat for the fuck of it, he would be hitting it with intent to get the WW addicted to his black meat, so he could use them to achieve his aim, the downfall of their privileged, bigoted society. He wondered if Malcolm X or Martin Luther or Mandela would have approved of such a strategy, but desperate times called for desperate measures. He wouldn’t be out there demonstrating and marching, no son, he’d be looking for a Jezebel to assist against the evil Pharaoh.

He was confident he would succeed. With his dark, handsome face, and his muscular, sexy body, and his confidence, charisma and positive aura, the local, boring, arrogant, charmless, flabby white guys couldn’t even hold a torch to him. Black women loved him like kids loved candy, why shouldn’t white women? They were of flesh, bone and blood, with pussies that swelled youjizz porno and got wet when aroused, right? So, why the fuck not arouse them, and interest them in his top quality big, black goodies.

It was time to lay the bait out for the white women and make them bite and swallow, hook, line and sinker, or dick, balls and cum, whatever.

If he had had the time, Josh would have loved to seduce and fuck every single one of them to death. However, as time was of essence, he decided not to waste his precious black cock on the undeserving, and shortlisted the white mamas that it would be of benefit to seduce.

These included the Mayor’s wife, Rosemary and his 19 year old daughter, Sheriff Gray’s heifer of a wife, Phylis. Then there was Yvonne and Svenia, the wife and daughter of Steve, the legal and financial brains in Jericho. Last and definitely least was Carrie, the sadistic redhead sheriff’s secretary on his list. She could help him by spying on the Sheriff’s department for him. However, the main reason why he put her on his shit list was because he wanted revenge. He wanted to pay her back, or rather paint her white ass black. But he was in no hurry, he’d catch that ass all in his good time.

Josh’s first choice of target was Yvonne, the wife of Steve, the guy in charge of Jericho’s financial and legal affairs, for several reasons. First, her husband knew everything that went on in Jericho, he had all the info to bring down Jericho. Second, Josh found Yvonne attractive. The mature white mom was bootylicious. And she seemed a nice person, she did not have a black maid, and she was polite to him. And, call it a player’s instinct, but Josh could sense something wild and unbridled beneath her smooth, good, clean and wholesome veneer; like she could go real crazy, if turned out real properly, and fucked out of her mind, with a nice, big, black cock. And that was what he intended to do.

Yvonne lived with Steve, her husband, and their three kids in a big, two story mansion with a huge garden and a sparkling, aqua blue pool. The abode was a bit detached, and was surrounded by a high, tall wall. When Josh went to work at Steve’s house, which was on Fridays, Yvonne would discuss with him briefly but politely, what she wanted done. She was one of the few women of Jericho who gave him the feeling that he was a human being.

Josh usually wore the usual, drab, over sized overalls that the black workers were made to wear in the white areas, and when he worked, he would blend into the background, like the black men of Jericho were conditioned to do.

However, on his next visit to Steve’s mansion, the nice young black man added a new twist to his mode of operation. As soon as Steve drove off in the morning with the kids, chauffeured by a black driver, leaving his wife alone at home, Josh removed his overalls and was left in a thin, white wife beater that showed off his muscular, well sculpted torso, and a pair of cut off denim shorts that looked like they had been torn by his big, dark bulging thighs, and cupped a thick, prominent bulge, leaving no doubt that he was armed and dangerous. He completed his outfit with a baseball cap and a pair of gardening boots.

He started working in the garden, digging, and whistling happily. Soon, his body was drenched in sweat, making his dark muscles gleam.

Yvonne, the thirty six year old white mom was going to get something from her car when she saw Josh and stopped dead in her tracks, gazing at the muscular, dark, skimpily dressed black man in her garden. She had always seen him in his oversize overalls and never taken much note of him. Now, she did a sharp intake of breath, for he looked like a hot, virile, young, attractive black man in his prime. He hadn’t seen her, and so she just stood there gazing at him, as he whistled happily, and dug in the garden, his powerful, sweaty muscles flexing so alluringly.

Josh smiled to himself as he saw the white mom gazing at him from the corners of his eyes. Encouragement sweetened the labor, therefore he dug away lustily, now singing in his deep voice like some field hollering black man,.

“That old high sheriff, He told the deputy, He said to go out and bring me Lazarus. To bring him dead or alive, Lord, Bring him dead or alive! That old deputy, he told the high Sheriff, He said I don’t wanna mess with Lazarus, For he’s a dangerous man, Lord, he’s a dangerous man…”

The white mom silently went, “Mmmm!” and continued to her car with a naughty smile on her face, as she heard his deep, dark, singing voice in her ear.

As the white mom went about her housework, she founding herself humming happily. She kept stealing looks out of the window, to see where Josh was working, and how his sweaty, dark muscles were doing. When she was finished, she made herself a glass of lemonade, laced with Vodka, and fired up one of the fat blunts that Abe and now Josh supplied her with. She went and stood behind a curtain, peeping youporn porno out at the black man as she puffed and sipped casually.

Her husband had informed her that the new gardener came from New York, and he was impotent. The “eunuch gangster”, he called him. However, as she looked at Josh, she couldn’t really believe he was impotent. He just seemed to have this aura of virility. In fact, her skin got all tingly.

Josh saw the telltale movements behind a curtain. The fish was biting. He smiled naughtily to himself, wondering if she had a couple of digits buried in her pink, wet, dripping goodies as she gazed at his sweaty, dark goodies.

He decided he might as well lend a kind, helping hand, and put on a show for her, exclusively. He stretched his muscles languidly, and slowly wiped the sweat from his brow. Then he threw his head back and took a long, deep sip from his water bottle. Then he raised the half empty bottle and slowly tipped it over his head, leaving his head dripping, and his white wife beater plastered to his awesome torso like a wet t-shirt contest.

Yvonne rasped behind the curtains. The hot blooded woman’s nipples were getting all hard. As the blunt roached, she decided she had to go and talk to Josh, about the garden, the flowers, whatever.

She removed the plain dress she was wearing and slipped into a short, sleeveless, thin summer dress with flowery embroidery. She looked at herself in the mirror, and made sure her dress sat well. She applied light pink gloss to her lips and combed her hair. Then she put on a cool sun hat and flat sandals.

Yvonne felt funny. She had never in her life made herself look alluring for a black man.

“Oh, he is impotent, anyway. So there is no harm in that,” she giggled to herself, secretly hoping that he would find a cure for his impotence, and make some woman happy with that sexy, dark, alluring body.

Josh heard her approaching and gave her his most disarming, warmest smile. He found himself looking at an alluring woman of about 36, who had a golden tan that made her look like fine, tasty, well grilled chicken. She had straight, dark blond hair that went down to her shoulders, framing a pretty, warm, heart shaped face. Her shiny, glassy eyes were the color of honey and they seemed to sparkle with life, something that let him know she was or could be a grenade in bed, with the right man. Her luscious lips were a glossy pink.

The white mom was of medium height, and very curvaceous. She wore a pretty, short, summer dress, with spaghetti shoulder straps, that did her curvy, hour glass shaped body justice. She had proud, full, ripe breasts, a slim waist, curvy hips and a thick ass booty. Her thighs were crispy and juicy, her legs shapely. She was wearing no bra, leaving a pair of large nipples poking out through the thin material.

As he eyed her, he noticed she was eying him. Yvonne also noticed the black youngster was eying her curves, with appreciation. Her heart started fluttering, and she felt young and alive.

She smiled sweetly, holding a glass of lemonade to Josh.

“Hi there. Thought you might like something to drink, in the hot sun.”

“Thanks a lot Mrs Earl,” he said, taking the glass. He threw his head back and downed it, taking his time, aware of her eyes on him.

“Call me Yvonne. What’s your name again?”

“Josh ma’am,” he said in a deep, dark drawl, his dark eyes looking levelly into hers. Yvonne felt for a second like she was drowning. She hastily wiped a strand of hair from her face.

“Nice dress you are wearing ma’am,” he drawled, and gave her a flirtatious smile. “Fits you very well.”

“Thanks,” she said, smiling back, blushing just a little bit. “Say, I wanted to talk to you about a couple of ideas I have for the garden…”

Yvonne led him around the garden, walking ahead, with a sexy swing to her curvy hips. They talked about the flowers and vegetables, but they kept smiling at each other, and flirting lightly. Josh had a feeling she had suddenly noticed he was a man, an attractive man. And it was so much fun to catch her casting his dark, muscular body furtive glances, and see her blush like a sweet girl.

When she finally walked back into the house, he watched her walk with a bounce to her step, and a sexy roll to her her fine, round ass globes. Damn! Mama had booty alright. That thick, round white ass made his mouth water. As she drove off to pick her kids, she waved cheerily at him.

Chapter 4

That evening, Yvonne found herself looking forward to Josh’s next visit, as she fed her family. The young black man definitely added excitement to the white mom’s routine life. Yvonne had married young, at 18, after she fell pregnant from her husband, Steve. Since returning to Jericho five years earlier, her life consisted mainly of being a house wife. She worked in the Kindergarten her son went a couple of mornings a week, and would meet friends for drinks, or do this and that with the kids, but for the most, it was housework. Unlike most of the wives in Jericho, she did not want to have a maid. She found it decadent, and she enjoyed taking care of her home, anyway. And she did not like the way most of her friends treated their black workers. They just had to be so mean and rude, didn’t they?