And Mother Makes 3 (Becky , Cindy)


This story is really a last chapter in the works of a much longer story that I have written bits and pieces of but which I do not know if I will ever get around to actually finishing. This chapter was written specifically for a mother and daughter from New Zealand. I used to talk with them and some other (female) members of their family a lot on IRC several years ago. I lost contact with them when another member of their family tried to start a pro-incest website and got the whole family kicked off-line by their service. I still go onto IRC every now and then to see if I can find them again, but it seems like I will never be able to talk to again… oh well… I still have them in my thoughts.

Cindy, Becks, Maria, Tonia (and Vanessa), this story is for y’all


As Becky sat on the edge of her bed remembering what she and her son had done with each other the night before she heard a soft knocking on her door. She looked up to see Cindy standing there looking at her.

“Hi. Mom. You OK?”

“Hi. Yes, Cindy. I’m fine. I didn’t hear you come in.”

“I just got home.”

Cindy walked across the room and sat down on the bed next to her mother. Becky looked over at her daughter and smiled but didn’t say anything. Her mind was still focused on thoughts about her son… her new lover. Her whole body seemed to still be tingling from what they had done in this very bed just a few hours earlier.

“Are you sure you’re alright, Mom? You seemed kind of pre-occupied.”

“I guess I am, but I’m Ok. I just have a few things on my mind, that’s all.”

“Hmmmm. Well maybe I can help you relax a bit.”

Cindy moved around on the bed until she was kneeling behind her mother. She began to softly massage Becky’s neck.

“How’s that, Mom?”

“Yes. That feels good, Cindy… hmmmm… yes, that’s very good.”

Becky’s mind started to drift as her daughter’s massage soothed her muscles. She noticed that Cindy seemed to be dressed rather sexily. She had on an extremely tight pair of short shorts and her shirt was unbuttoned, just tied under her breast line. It was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra. She also had on a pair of knee boots. She looked very attractive, very alluring, but Becky thought it was an odd way for Cindy to be dressed, especially at home early in the afternoon. Cindy’s massage had moved over to Becky’s shoulders and worked partway down her back and along her sides. Just about this time, Becky caught a whiff of her daughter’s perfume. She found it very pleasing and strangely arousing.

“You know, Mom… I know what you and Chris were doing last night.”

Becky stiffened as if she had just been shot with a massive bolt of electricity. She thought her shame was now complete. Her daughter knew all about her incestuous affair with her son.

“Don’t worry about it. It’s cool. I won’t tell anyone. I wouldn’t do anything that would hurt you.”

“Oh, Cindy. I still don’t know how it all happened. I’m so ashamed of myself.”

“Don’t be. Do you realize that Chris and I have fucked each other, also.”

Becky hesitated to admit the truth, but then, there was no point in keeping any secrets from either of her children now.

“Yes, I knew. I… I saw you yesterday as you were…”

“I thought so. Well, you see… everything is OK. Just relax and enjoy it all.”

Becky saw the wisdom in what Cindy was saying. Closing her eyes she let all of her muscles go loose under her daughter’s skillful hands. Almost absentmindedly she thought about Cindy’s breasts. She could feel them as they occasionally brushed up against her back and her neck. Cindy had definitely inherited her looks, and her body. Becky was proud to have her daughter look like her… and to know that her son was attracted to their so similar bodies. Maybe it wouldn’t be so difficult to accept things as they were.

Cindy could tell how relaxed and comfortable her mother was. She knew that now was the time for her to try to get Casibom Becky to open up to her as she had to Chris. Slowly Cindy worked her hands around to her mother’s sides and then brought them up to gently brush against the edge of her tits. Becky sucked her breath ever so slightly, but didn’t say or do anything to indicate to Cindy that she objected. After rubbing her hands back around Becky’s shoulders and down her arms, Cindy brought them up to caress her mother’s tits. Becky leaned back into her daughter’s body.

“Cindy, I…”

“Shhhh. Don’t say anything, Mom… Just lie back… enjoy it.”

“Oh, Cindy… but… oh god…”

Cindy brought her hands around to fully cup Becky’s firm tits. As she felt her mother’s nipples harden under her palms, she leaned forward and kissed her mother’s neck, flicking out with her tongue to lick it slightly. Cindy moved her face up and took Becky’s earlobe into her mouth, sucking and licking it with great care. Becky felt a jolt of lightning course through her as her daughter stuck her tongue in her ear. The warm, wet invader licked around the inside of her ear and then gently began to fuck itself in and out of her ear canal. Becky let out a soft, deep moan of desire.

Becky didn’t know what to do. She had fucked her own son just last night and now her daughter was seducing her… and she wanted her to.

“Oh, Cindy… that’s feels so good… mmmm, yes…”

Cindy moved her face around to met Becky’s as it turned back to her. As Mother and daughter kissed each other passionately, Cindy unbuttoned Becky’s blouse and moved her hands inside of it. Ever so lightly Cindy cupped he Mother’s tits, feeling the rock hardness of her nipples through the bra’s sheer fabric. She traced around the lacy edge of her mother’s bra with her fingers, feeling the firm roundness of her tits as her hands ran down into her cleavage. Noticing that her mother’s bra snapped in the front, she expertly unsnapped it. As it opened to expose Becky’s tit’s, Cindy caressed them with more pressure. Becky gasped into her daughter’s mouth as Cindy’s hands cupped her bare tits as they began to kiss her with more abandon. She was now as fully committed to this as she had been to fuck her son last night.

After removing her mother’s blouse and bra, Cindy gently pulled Becky back onto the bed and slid around to face her mother. Becky came as her daughter climbed on top of her and straddled her hips. Still kissing each other, Becky let her own hands roam over her daughter’s body. She ran her hands under the back of Cindy’s shirt and felt the muscles of her back. Cindy began to move her hips around to dry hump her mother as Becky untied Cindy’s shirt and exposed her own tit’s. She pulled her daughter down on top of her body so that their tits could rub fully against each other.

“God, Mom… you’re so beautiful…”

“Oh, Cindy… so are you… oh yes, more.”

Becky had never made love with a woman before. She wondered if her daughter had. She briefly thought back to that night in college when she and her roommate had drunk too much while complaining about their boyfriends. They had kissed each other a little and fondled each other’s tits some, but she had never done anything like this before. She found herself wanting her daughter as much as she had wanted her son earlier.

Cindy began to kiss her way down her mother’s body. First stopping to love Becky’s tits, she sucked and licked and bit at them as only another woman can know how to do. Becky wanted Cindy to continue but felt an even more urgent desire growing within the thick bush between her legs. Wrapping her legs around Cindy’s hip and grinding their pussies together. Cindy understood and moved on down, stopping only briefly to tongue Becky’s navel. It flicking in and out sent a shiver of pleasure through Becky’s body, but she still needed to have her tongue licking through her by now dripping cunt. Reluctantly she urged Cindy down farther.

As Cindy reached Becky’s pants, she unbuttoned them and Casibom Giriş slowly eased them off of her mother. She showered Becky’s thighs with kisses and licks as she removed them and then went back to get her panties off of her, kissing along where the panty tops rested against her stomach. Cindy kissed along that line as she worked her mother’s panties off and threw them aside to rest with the discarded pants.

As she moved towards her mother’s love nest, Cindy took a deep breath of the aroma filling the air. She looked up and met Becky’s eyes. After giving her mother a wicked smile that showed Becky the depth of her lust, Cindy dove into her mother’s pussy. Becky screamed with pleasure, not caring who heard her.

“Oh god, yes… oh, that feels so good… oh god, Cindy… don’t stop… more… fuck me with your tongue, baby… oh god… harder… yes, more… you’re such a good daughter… god, yes, yes, yes…”

Becky caressed her own tits as her daughter tongue-fucked her like an expert. She moved her hands down and, as she had done with Chris, pulled Cindy’s head into her bush as she ground it hard into her daughter’s face. Becky was like a woman possessed. She knew that she was now destined to commit every sexual act imaginable with both of her children… and she couldn’t feel better about it if she tried.


As Becky recovered, she knew that she wanted to taste Cindy’s juices in her mouth. She wanted to give her daughter as much pleasure as Cindy had given her. She knew how to do it too. Without disturbing her, Becky lay Cindy down on the bed she reached inside her nightstand to bring out the huge dildo that, until yesterday, had been her only lover for almost five years.

As Cindy lay with her mother’s arm around her and her head nestled on her tits, Becky eased her body out from under her daughter. Cindy felt her mother moving around and heard her getting something out of her bed table drawer but she couldn’t see what it was and she didn’t want to expend the energy it would take to look. She felt Becky’s full lips as they sucked her tits. One at a time, Becky tenderly took her daughter’s nipples between her teeth and pulled at them ever so lightly as she flicked her tongue across them to bring each of them to full hardness.

“Oh, Mom… that’s feels good… mmmmm, suck my tits…. yes, like that… oh, yessss…”

At first, Becky fucked herself with the dildo while she sucked Cindy’s tits. She wanted to coat it in her own juices, wanted to warm it up with her body’s burning heat. Then Becky began to rub the massive rubber cock over her daughter’s tits. Cindy didn’t know what it was, just that it felt wonderful. Becky began to kiss her way down her daughter’s stomach while her favorite play toy continued to run around her tits.

Cindy reached between her tits to feel what it was. As her palms lay on top of it she understood and wrapped her hands around it to feel its firmness. The rubber fuck toy was indeed a giant, even bigger that Chris’s huge tool. Cindy pressed her tits around it while her mother fucked it in and out of her cleavage. Cindy took hold of the dildo herself. She brought it up and rubbed it over her lips, tasting her mother’s cunt juices on it. She sucked the rubber cock into her mouth and stroked it back and forth over her lips as she strained to lick all of the delicious fluid off of it.

By now Becky had reached Cindy’s cunt. It’s musky aroma was affecting her like a drug. She felt she could get drunk just smelling her daughter’s pussy.

Becky started kissing and licking the inside of Cindy’s thighs. She used her extra-long tongue to draw long wet lines from her knees up to her think wiry bush. With each lick she moved a little deeper into her daughter’s jungle of love. She rooted around in the depths of her mound like a pig digging for truffles.

Becky finally decided that it was time to stop teasing Cindy. She licked her tongue up the full length of her daughter’s Casibom Güncel Giriş aching cunt. As her tongue licked over Cindy’s clit, her body shot bolt stiff. Becky took Cindy’s love button between her swollen lips to suck and nibble it as she had her daughter’s nipples.

“Oh, Mom… yes… that’s it… oh god, yes… lick me, lover… god, your tongue is so long… so long… so good… more… god, don’t stop, please don’t stop.”

Becky stuck the full length of her tongue up into Cindy’s pussy and lapped at her juices as fast and as hard as she could. She took the dildo from Cindy’s hands and brought it down to run it over her daughter’s clit. Cindy was going mad. She was tossing her head around as she moaned and groaned like a woman possessed. Sweat was pouring off of her body. She began a series of multiple orgasms she thought would never end. She felt like she was coming with every one of her mother’s licks.

Becky wanted to fill every inch of her daughter’s cunt. As she played with Cindy’s clit she parted her pussy lips and eased the dildo into Cindy’s cunt. She wished that the dildo was really a part of her so she really could fuck her daughter.

“How’s that, baby?… Is that good?… Is this what you want, lover?… Let Mommy fuck you with this big hard cock… Do you like that, honey?”

“Yes… fuck me with it, Mom… mmmm… oh god, fuck me with your big dick…. fuck me… fuck meeee… god Mom, yes, god yes… deep-deeper-deeper… harder… more, more… fuck me…”

Becky was ramming the dildo in and out of Cindy’s pussy as fast as she could as she tried to give her daughter the best fucking she could. She couldn’t believe how excited she was getting as she watched the fake cock slide in and out of her daughter as she listened to Cindy’s lustful cries.

Becky wasn’t the only one who was hearing Cindy. Chris heard her as soon as he entered the house. As quietly as he could he walked upstairs and went over to the door of his mother’s room. What he saw almost made him shoot his load in his pants. Seeing his mother on her knees with her face buried in his sister’s cunt as she fucked Cindy with the dildo was too much for Chris to resist. He opened his pants and took out his dick as he walked over to the bed. Without saying anything, without any preliminaries, Chris grabbed his mother’s hips and shoved his cock into her pussy as far as he could.

Caught by surprise, Becky had to take her face out of Cindy’s bush to take the breath of air she urgently needed due to her lung’s instinctive in breath. Becky’s arms couldn’t support her weight and she dropped to lay her face on her daughter’s thigh. She knew that it had to be her son fucking her now. Could this really be happening to her? Yes, it could… and it was.

“Oh god, yes… yes… fuck me deeper, baby… god, oh my god, oh my god, Chris… oh, fuck me…”

Cindy opened her eyes to see her brother fucking their mother doggie style right before her. Her eyes met Chris’s and they both smiled at each other. Cindy reached down to run her fingers through Becky’s hair. Becky barely noticed as she became racked with a string of orgasms that felt like explosions tearing through her body.

“I’m comming, baby… I’m comming… oh god, oh god, oh god… that’s so good… oh god… don’t stop, don’t stop… harder, Chris… more… deeper… oh god, again, god, yes… oh I… I… yes… god, I’ve never cum like that before… oh fuck me, please fuck me… fuck Mommy, lover… yes, lover… god, yes… fuck Mommy… yessss, yessss… that’s… yessss…”

Becky’s orgasms seemed to give her a new found strength. She started licking Cindy and fucking her with the dildo again. Becky knew she was in her own bed with both of her children in a delicious incestuous menage-et-trois. She didn’t think she had ever felt more alive than she did at this moment. With her son fucking her and himself to orgasm after orgasm and her getting her daughter off by eating her out and fucking her with the dildo, she wished that time would get stuck here so that this would never end. She wanted nothing more than to lay in her bed with them forever, fucking and sucking each other to orgasm after orgasm. She knew that they couldn’t do that… but there was nothing wrong with trying.